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Hi, my name is Maja Lazić and I am the creator of Astrodetoks concept. It is a modern holistic astrology with the emphasis on the spiritual evolution of the individual with contemporary energy techniques of activating your natal chart.

  • BA & MA English Language, Literature & Philology, University of Belgrade Faculty of Serbia
  • consultant in modern holistic & energy astrology
  • professional astrologer specialized in personal growth
  • certified reconnective healing & regression practitioner
My Quora profile (access more then 600 astrology answers)

I have started learning astrology in 2007 not with a goal to become an astrologer, but to gain better understanding of myself. Even though I am mainly self-thought, more then 200 astrology books have helped me polish my expertise. I have also atteneded many astrology courses, seminars and lectures and studied individually with professional astrologers in order to learn not just theory but practice. In 2015 I have started writing for Astroportal as well as entering into the world of reconnective healing and past life regression as a practitioner. Since 2018 I have been writing for Quora which opened doors to working with international clients and getting to know world-famous astrologers. Astrology is something you learn your whole life and if you really want to deeply understand  its principles nothing must be more important. Learning astrology is something that has been my main activity and my world. And even though I didn’t know it at first, it is also my life purpose. I am deeply grateful for my ‘astro-family’, to those whose life path has crossed with mine, allowing me to do what I love. Astrology leads to freedom when you learn how to use it! 🙂

‘Astrodetoks’ is an unique concept using modern astrology with a goal to help you become stronger and authentic. I am here to help you activate the positive use of your natal chart through high-quality astrology consultations.

My goal is to help you:

  • transform the energy of planets
  • cleanse/heal challenging aspects/natal planets
  •  learn how to cooperate with transits

If you have always wanted to learn how to become the best version of yourself and live that every day, this is the place for you!

Planets in the natal chart show the possibilities on how to design your life path with ease and happiness and get over difficult times. Astrology in combination with energy techniques is an efficient way to get the answers and identify the root problems. Connecting and balancing the energy of the planets provides you with the peace and safety. It will give you confidence and deeper understanding of your life purpose. This concept is a special approach to the analysis of the natal chart. It has been made as a need to combine astrology and energy techniques to get the answers on the key questions Why and How.

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