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Astro-review of 2021 -Disconnect to connect

Each year is the result of previous actions from whatever time they originate. This year begins with a great energy change that each of us will feel. After a six-month transit in Aries, where it was also retrograde during the fall, Mars finally goes to Taurus on the 7th of January. There it will stay until the 4th of March. Mars in Aries had the goal to activate and launch. In Taurus it seeks consolidation and can be very inflexible and rigid. That could bring him a lot of problems.

When energy is converted from earth to air, the solutions are never practical. They are reduced to the use of the mind and beliefs we have. Mars in Taurus will want to prove that there is a mistake. It does not see the “final product” at the beginning.

Another important cosmic-energy event consists of Jupiter and Saturn, which are in the air sign of Aquarius. It is a change in relation to the great emphasis on earth energy and the sign of Capricorn that marked last year. Saturn will limit the influence of Jupiter and sanction the unusual manifestation of principles. Jupiter will increase the lessons of Saturn during January as long as their conjunction still lasts so that everyone can see and understand them.

Beginning of the year

January and February with the stellium of the planets in Aquarius could bring stress and pressure to many. We could be made upset, rebellious and under great tension due to the amount of uncertainty in the world. It is crucial to remember that nature is healing. Especially combined with the time when we are not sitting at the computer or holding a mobile phone in our hands.

For those who know how to disconnect and connect with the Cosmos, this will be much easier. If you do not do that you might risk a nervous breakdown You could feel very anxious and neurotic. If you feel alone and lonely remember that the Universe has got your back.

At the very beginning of the year, the question arises whether rebellion breeds unity or not. Are we rebellious because someone is provoking us? Can we use that energy for creative expression and inspired action? What can inner resistance teach us?

The square of Saturn and Uranus

Saturn (and Jupiter on the 15th of January at the moment when Uranus moves directly) will form a square with Uranus. It will be activated from 16th to 2th of February. 7th degree puts relationships with others in focus. Intimate partnerships can change in unexpected ways. This may not be pleasant for everyone. It is necessary to open up to new understandings. Try to see the problem from a different angle. This problem is connected with the alienation of man and detachment from nature.

On the 20th and 21st of January Mars in Taurus will join this square. It could provoke a strong rebellion against the established codes. This is all related to the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 27st of April. At that time this situation could culminate and reach its end point. (I write about all lunar events in detail on Quora)

Square of Uranus and Saturn will be repeated on June 13th until the 17th.  This time at the 13th degree it has an Aries-like character. There is a huge need to fight for our rights and be first in something. We need to understand that every conflict exists on the internal level. It is thus transmitted to the outside, This is especially true for those with planets in fixed signs. Now Saturn will be retrograde, but Uranus is getting stronger. An over-emphasized reaction that is not appropriate is possible and potentially very dangerous.

Final catharsis

Finally, during 24th until the 29th of December the last square of Saturn and Uranus on the 11th degree takes place. This contains the energy of innovation. It will be especially important to find flexibility in thinking, to see a broader perspective and try an “out of the box” solutions. Change on the individual level opens humanity to the progress that inevitably comes, but only after the change of consciousness has taken place on a collective level.

We can see the light in hopeless situations only if we get rid of anger. Joy of those who are at peace will now inspire action that is only right This is related to the period during retrograde Mercury in the last days of February, which is going to be an initiation for everyone.

Lunar nodes

Nodes of the Moon are on the Gemini / Sagittarius axis throughout the year and emphasize the importance of open and clear communication with yourself and others. Words and thoughts manifest our reality. That is what is more and more obvious. It is time to recognize what it is that has been bothering us for so long. We must verbalize it by connecting the words with letting us once again feel the uncomfortable emotion in full force.

Eclipses will help us explore ways in which the problem can be solved, because otherwise it will escalate. The goal is to become aware of our true nature. That is always noticeable in vocabulary and thoughts. Words now manifest our life and this becomes more and more prominent. It will become clear to many who have planets in Aquarius that it is their thoughts that keep them stuck all the time.

When Mars enters the sign of Leo on the 12th of June and in the sign of Scorpio on the 3st of October it will become clear to us that change is difficult at the beginning. If we are productive in what makes us authentic, it will be clear that by helping ourselves and when we feel good, we also help others. It will be clear to us that the astrological square does not mean a problem. It comes from the need for a change that would not be possible without it. Without that pressure and dissatisfaction, civilization would never have progressed if it were not for such squares.

Four eclipses await us this year:

Lunar eclipse on the 26th of May on the 5th degree of Sagittarius squared with Jupiter in Pisces puts the emphasis on trust. It could open up a totally new approach in the field of education and tourism, but also the need to reconcile beliefs and faith.

Solar eclipse on the 10th of June at the 19th degree in Gemini and in conjunction with retrograde Mercury brings the need to form a completely different way of communicating with ourselves and others. As this will activate a strong square with Neptune, it will be difficult for many to find a way out in the current situation. There could be various misinformation present. Trine with Saturn should help us see what is real and what we have misunderstood, unprepared to hear the other side.

Lunar eclipse on the 19th of November at the 27th degree Taurus comes in opposition to Mercury. It is  bringing a rift between beliefs and facts and increased doubt. Sextile with Neptune, however, helps to see collective healing as a possibility. What is a challenge is the square with Jupiter and the mismatch of goals present in the society. At the same time, trine with Pluto gives a chance for a great transformation to take place. This will be evident in the spring of next year.

Solar eclipse on the 4th of December at the 12th degree Sagittarius represents the end of a life philosophy that was not in favor of man. Mercury in conjunction brings the need for justifications and explanations. Sextile with Saturn only further makes us realistically see what is strong and enduring. Square with Neptune can bring disappointment and awareness to some people that they have been deceived because they trusted the wrong person or organization.

Some other significant astro-events are:

14th of May until 29th of June brings Jupiter in Pisces when we realize that we desperately need healing, but that it must contain faith and hope.

Mercury will be retrograde in air signs where it emphasizes the need for cooperation and collaboration:

From 30th of January until the 21st of February in the sign of Aquarius may cause a change in how we use technology and what we publish on social networks. Many will ask themselves whether the Internet connects them or further distances them from the much-needed intimacy they want to feel.

From the 29th of May until the 22nd of June in the sign of Gemini can bring new possibilities of communication. We were not aware of that until now. The increased need for talking, writing and explaining and quarrels are possible. Seek the truth and it is always found in silence.

On the 27th of September until the 18th of October in the sign of Libra, it helps us to harmonize and find equality in love and business relationships with the instability that life brings. The pursuit of harmony will be necessary because we will be hurt if we do not maintain it.

Venus retrograde again

Year ends with a retrograde Venus in the sign of Capricorn from the 19th of December until the 29th of January, 2022. It will during the period from 25th until the 27th of December join a strong and intense conjunction with Pluto. Karmic relationships will be at the point when many breakups are possible, but also the return of ex-lovers that we still love.

Of course, it is up to you to create the best year out of 2021 by being flexible and open to risk, but also have more understanding of others who seem different from you. Depending on your natal chart, but also on the astrological cycles you are going through each of you will have a unique year, hopefully less stressful than 2020.

The way I can help you more easily achieve a cheerful and energetic year where the authentic you shine is through consultations. My experience in astrology will give you insights on success, health and happiness and the magic of 2021.

Let us design together a plan for the most abundant year of your life where everything is possible!

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