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Astro-review of 2022: Past was great, Future is better

Key dates-guide through 2022

A couple of years ago, when I wrote an annual guide, I told you that what your year will be like is not written anywhere. You are always the one writing your life, whether you are aware of it or not. This rule applies to every year. What will happen does not depend on transits, but on your beliefs and emotions that create conditions for the annual climate.

Difficult years also have nothing to do with aspects, but with the mismatch of one’s own energy and the Time. We experience difficult years because there is a quantum leap required of us, which we are usually not ready for. What is it that you want to achieve in 2022? Where are you holding yourself back and you need to work harder and finally turn over a new leaf? What could you enjoy more by bringing lightness and love? Let’s see how to use cosmic energies of 2022 to create a phenomenal year!

The following transits will create questions, and it is up to you to create the answers:

Jupiter in Pisces (30th of December, 2021 – 10th of May, 2022 and 29th of October,-20th of December, 2022)

During its first transit, Jupiter will not be retrograde. However, there may be a recurring need for some form of healing that began between mid-May and the end of July 2021. What was going on in your life at that time and what area of ​​life was going through a cycle of forgiveness and surrender?

Where did you need to let go? Jupiter will form a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces on the 23rd/24th degree during 9th-17th of April. If you have personal planets in mutable signs that are activated by this aspect, a greater combination of faith and trust will be needed. Only then are miracles possible! During fall, Jupiter will return to Pisces once again for a short time to finally finish and establish lessons of the 12-year cycle.

This will happen to some of you when Jupiter moves directly from the 28th degree of Pisces on November 23rd. Then Jupiter brings an opportunity for inspiration to be our guide and to magically turn what was invisible and intangible into something material that will resist time. Jupiter will bring magical moments to those who have forgiven and who believe in a better tomorrow. Water signs will experience this transit as a consolation after a storm.

Jupiter in Aries (11th of May-28th of October, 2022)

This transit will be a test of patience and harmonizing with the environment. This test lasts until Jupiter moves retrograde, which will happen on the eighth degree on July 28th. At that moment, it may seem to us that we have to again postpone or pause something we really want. However, it is a time of energy recharging. Learn to reduce daily stress, be less reactive and realize what is worth the effort. For many, this transit will be a time to learn patience while others will learn assertiveness and direct communication.

What had to wait can move forward at full speed from 21th of December. This will depend on the natal house Jupiter is transiting once again. It will be a central place on the stage of your life for about six months in 2023, too. This swift energy may want to fight against everything that was deprived of in the second half of 2020. Individual is waking up and finally realizing his strength! If you are stressed, channel excess energy into sport activities and smaller goals. Cardinal signs finally understand what they want to initiate and invest their time and resources.

Longer transits and retrograde cycles

Saturn in Aquarius (read more on this link)

Saturn usually asks us to take responsibility for our lives and energy. We need to learn that this is exactly what allows us to have more freedom. We need authenticity and originality as oxygen. At the same time there is risk that we will act as individuals who only care for themselves. Saturn will move retrograde from the 25th degree on the 4th of June. It will be a time when we learn how to communicate better with ourselves and environment. Nerve cells can be facing a burnout if we don’t learn to disconnect from social media and the Internet. We should build our own support network in our family and at work.

Saturn will go direct from the 18th degree of Aquarius on October 23rd and bring us back to rework some of the events during February-March. With Saturn, we always learn to incorporate into our lives what we don’t like or care enough about before “crucial mistakes” result in punishment and exclusion. Now the biggest fear is to be yourself. That is what you have been waiting for and wanting for so long.

It’s time to do exactly what you’re afraid of and be an original person from head to toe. Don’t diminish your uniqueness to fit in and be in relationships that are neither on your spiritual level nor benefit you in the long run. Aquarius, especially if they are going through Saturn’s return or Saturn is transiting through your first house or has aspects with personal planets, have to learn to save time and energy and stand up for what is right.

Uranus in Taurus (read more on this link)

Issues of property, money and everything we materially identify with as well as what we have created in last three years are becoming primary. This will be particularly emphasized on the 18th of January when Uranus moves direct from the 10th degree of Taurus. What habits should be replaced by conscious rituals that will improve our life quality? Where do you need to find a pace that is more in line with your psycho-physical needs? Where can you simply no longer live in the old way?

Introducing new habits will be easy until 24th of August when Uranus moves retrograde again and activates the 18th degree, which is very important for several reasons. Some astrologers even call it a fated degree because it has a karmic and occult character. If you have fixed planets at this degree (plus or minus 2-3 degrees), retrograde cycle could bring concrete lessons on how to change your life through grounding habits.

Where have we started flying too high still not having yet learned to walk on the ground? What do we ask for in order to be absolutely our own, but we do not see that others also have the right to have their own will? What could give you more freedom and stability? Fixed signs feel that the breath of the new age is taking over their lives, but they are still struggling with their battle with stress.

Saturn square Uranus (1th-12th October, 2022) (read about this aspect in my 2021 post)

This aspect is certainly well known to you because it happened three times last year. As the square is formed now on the 18th degree, everything that happened at the end of August can be starting a fight in us. This is what suffocates and threatens us so we stand at the verge of falling apart. Because every aspect is a sort of struggle or integration of energies. We experience it negatively when we follow a path that opposes the Cosmic Order.

Saturn effect will be realistically sober. Uranus is more a rebellious need for freedom and defiance. However, their common denominator can be individuality and uniqueness. Where do you really have to release fresh energy so that everything you have built over the years is not destroyed in one go like a tower of cards? Saturn in Aquarius has Uranus as its ruler, so our habits will decide what we do with our energy on a daily level. How restricted we feel?

These habits form neural connections that create an autopilot of behavior that often hurts us on an unconscious level. This transit destroys a rigid form of belief that does not serve us, but to which we are attached and committed, legally, emotionally, mentally or simply just at the level of our energy. Break with the past or a reconstruction of the old and the familiar? It’s up to you to choose. Paths worth exploring are never linear and require frequent rest.

Neptune in Pisces

This transit still invites us to immerse ourselves in the deep sea of emotions. It is as if hesitation and disbelief still guide us. Some dreams have become reality. Some desires only make us let go of dreams leading to disappointments. It turned out that we wanted in reality is no longer as beautiful as it was in a dream. However, Neptune brings a wave of faith for all of you, which requires ease and an artistic approach. Taking off pink glasses is painful only for the first few seconds. But truth, whatever it is, is always more beautiful than lies.

Neptune will move retrograde on the 2th of June on 25th degrees of Pisces. Again, the anchor from the past or wounded emotions will begin to pull us down. Tears heal, as does holistic care for your being, but love still seems to be the answer. Where did it disappear and why don’t we see it clearly? Why is that connection constantly lost and fading? However, this love is free of passion and has a religious character.

Issues reapearing

That is why it easily disappears if faced with doubts and too many questions. Neptune will go direct on 3rd of December from the 22nd degree. It could bring healing to a situation that could have marked March. However, for many of you, just analysis will not be the right way for healing to happen. Just trying to understand what is bigger than us, to understand that which will forever resist clarity, can take you to more self-denial and make you want to escape reality.

Neptune is blurry and often deceptive, always ready for a pun in which only a sincere heart cannot be wounded and broken. Like a rose petal, it has a gorgeous scent, but does not last forever and lives mostly in memories. Which memory is painful for you, but you keep coming back to it? Mutable signs could especially feel confusing and unclear.

Pluto in Capricorn

This transit culminates as Pluto approaches the last degrees of Capricorn. Regular retrograde cycle will begin on 29th of April on the 28th degree. It could remind us of something that represents a toxic puzzle of life. This is located in natal house where Pluto transits. Pluto will go direct on the 8th of October on the 26th degree and activate events stemming from retrograde Venus during January. Pluto teaches us to be bold for great personal transformation. In order to achieve what we want, we must be aware of where our power is wasted in vain.

Where are we so firmly in control and guided by ego, that we do not see how we are slowly losing our balance? Where do we desperately need transformation and complete surrender? Where should we lose control and allow something much bigger than ourselves to completely permeate us and lead us into the light? Pluto is not always visible, but through it we can understand better psychological root of the problem we are facing now.

Some of you will therefore find themselves in a tunnel of darkness that initiates crises whose fragments threaten to destroy everything. It is said that in complete darkness, when eyes get used to it, light begins to appear. However, that is possible only if we maintain inner peace and steady breath. Thus, this transit is about the need to wake up. Practice connecting to that light in order to benefit in all life areas, especially when you are facing a challenge that you thought you had overcome a long time ago. Capricorns especially now understand what is truly valuable in their lives.

Retrograde planets

Retrograde Venus in Capricorn (20th of December, 2021-29th of January.2022)

(read extensive post on this link)

Venus will go direct from the 11th degree, wanting freedom, but also clarity regarding life priorities. Although coming out of the shadow on 2nd of March on the 26th degree of Capricorn, we could still not be ready to remove from our life what does not serve us and what we do not need anymore. Fear has crept into our bones, but then there is no love.

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto on the 3rd of March is all or nothing. Love will either break us apart to see where we sold our goals and beliefs for a handful of love or professional reputation. However, Pluto is not destructive when we are honest. It is destructive only when we choose the line of least resistance. Then it brings radical change which hurts like a live operation. Venus want to win no matter what, but how it will all play out depends on what natal energy this transit meets you in.


For most of you if you used the retrograde cycle well, love may be finally regenerated, although through severe pain and taking responsibility. In some cases this regeneration will also mean pregnancy, rebirth and preservation of the family ties. If we used about four months of Venus in Capricorn to decide not to sit on more than one chair at a time and learn to love responsibly, some old love finally, after so many years, moves out of our energetic body.

Thus, there is an opportunity for that one relationship, which is the most important, and that is the relationship with ourselves, but which we see through the relationship with our partner, to balance and come into its place. What does it take to conceive in your life? What wants to be born? Those who have cardinal planets activated by this transit will make concrete move to maintain, secure and defend their love life.

Retrograde Mars in Gemini (30th of October, 2022-12th of January, 2023)

Mars will on the 21st of August enter sign of Gemini where it will spend a very long time compared to usual two months it normally transits in one sign. Until 26th of March, 2023, it can emphasize greater possibility for quarrels and arguments. There is a noticeable increase in stress in conversations, especially when it comes to contracts/exams/agreements and lack of understanding of the environment.

Mars moves retrograde on the 25th degrees when remaining non-integrated verbal/mental energy was being cleared during retrograde Venus in spring of 2020. Now it will be activated in some form again. Relationship that was then going through a critical phase might have to finally decide its course.

These couples may have a similar situation or another person who will appear between them instead. Retrograde time indicates possible greater need for violent responses, destructive quarrels and quick reactions. We are impatient, but still indecisive and going towards many turbulent resolutions and quarrels with a partner.

Words of caution

Anger will be manifested through words, but also our helplessness. Not everything depends only on us and there are always two sides, yin and yang, black and white. Mars moves direct on the 8th degree of Gemini, where we had a Lunar eclipse on the last day of November 2020, so remember that time. Did you possibly miss to do something and learn from that experience? That situation could now put pressure on you again.

This transit will therefore hit communication the hardest. As there will be more of it, but it will not necessarily be of better quality, it is important that you introduce regular physical activities and that meditation becomes part of your routine. Gemini and Sagittarius get the opportunity to implement everything that appeared as an idea or indication of their life philosophy during 2021. First they have to decide what is really important!

Retrograde Mercury cycles

In four cycles, which especially emphasize natal houses with cusp in Virgo and Gemini:

14th of January -4th of February in Aquarius/Capricorn

Mercury starts retrograde on the 10th degree of Aquarius and repeats something you have already gone through during February 2021. Mercury will from Aquarius and the need for freedom of thought and individuality return to Capricorn on the 27th of January.

This could remind you of the decisions you made on the New Year’s Eve. Mercury will then move direct from the 24th degree of Capricorn, reactivating the degree that was emphasized during Venus retrograde transit during January. It should also be linked to situations that were important at the end of 2020, concerning values, choices and decisions.

10th of May -3th of June in Gemini/Taurus

Mercury starts retrograde on the 4th degree of Gemini. It emphasizes issues in relationships to others and especially with those with whom we live or who are like family to us. Mercury returns to sign of Taurus on the 24th of May bringing a situation you thought you had already overcome in the last days of April.

Mercury will go direct on the 26th degree of Taurus, where there was an eclipse in November 2021. Two choices will be reduced to one that may be uncomfortable for us or ask us for more flexibility. In any case, it is important to listen to what your body offers through sensation as a confirmation that what you are saying is your truth. Forget old stories and don’t keep repeating what you don’t like.

10th of September- 2nd of October in Libra/Virgo

Mercury starts retrograde on the 8th degree of Libra. It reactivates a question of how much we give and how much we receive in a relationship or business situation. Mercury will return to Virgo on the 24th of September and bring a problem that arose around 25th of August.

Now an analytical approach and desire to find a solution will be helpful. Mercury goes direct on the 24th degree of Virgo. For most of you it will be clear enough whether this solution is just to remove the stain and forget about the problem or is it better to save energy to fix a real problem. Yet, it is not visible to the eye or easily measurable.

29th of December, 2022-18th of January, 2023 in Capricorn

The last days of 2022 will remind us of a problem that persistently remains unsolvable. Mercury will start retrograde on the 24th degree of Capricorn, where retrograde Venus has already passed and determined its foundations, during beginning of the year. There will again be an opportunity to make new decisions that will be much more in line with your values.

In Cosmos, there is always a return to the past where we did not say NO clearly and loudly. Now is the time to set boundaries. It is time to redefine your priorities and check what you managed to achieve and what you were not zealous and disciplined enough.


Four eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis trigger karmic events (especially if they form aspects to natal planets). This will lead you to pay attention to which areas you are stuck in the comfort zone. What in your life needs to be removed? The following dates will help you do just that:

30th of April Solar eclipse on 10th degree Taurus

As Mercury will be at the zero degree of Gemini, there will be a need to say something. Start a dialogue that will lead you to the desired materialization. However, it is as if we still don’t even know what we want. Setting priorities is crucial at this moment. It is not worth talking about it if there is no strategic plan.

This is an ideal time for reconnective healing, as the exalted Venus in Pisces and Jupiter will help us reap the fruits of love and gentleness. However, just as Pluto will start retrograde the day before, something unexpected will have to be released because of Uranus, which is still close to the eclipse point. The body will now be a guide for many of you. If it hurts, if there is pressure and a feeling of burden, let go of what has not been serving you for a long time.

16th of May Lunar eclipse at the 25th degree of Scorpio

Karmic connections knock on the door again. Together with retrograde Mercury they bring back some old stories, unrequited love and vengeful tones. Based on experience, we know what can await us in the future of a certain relationship. Signs are already around us when we are open to such insights.

Jupiter in Aries increases impatience as does Venus which will have to choose whether she loves herself more or her freedom. Certainly, square with Saturn will put an end to relationships that have survived, but that have proven to be empty, painful and cruel. Pluto in Capricorn will still give you courage when you see that the end is always followed by the beginning, even if it means loneliness first.

25th of October Solar eclipse on the 2nd degree of Scorpio

Conjunction to Venus in Scorpio promises regeneration of partnerships and great changes related to emotional and family relationships. Mercury, which will enter Scorpio, will additionally contribute to this. It turns communication to face challenges that can be successfully solved if we invest necessary effort and change ourselves first.

Sexual energy is healing, rejuvenating and potent, but only if it is freed from the residue of dark and obsessive hatred, jealousy and sin. Question is how much we are worth and how much we think we deserve everything our heart desires. This is always seen in how much we allow others to love and please us.

8th of November Solar eclipse at the 16th degree of the sign of Taurus

Mercury and Venus in conjunction in Scorpio, but in opposition to New Moon, seem to have clouded our minds. It seems that only a decision or a conversation separates us from a new beginning that we know must happen. New love enters our life or pregnancy, but certainly only if we are sure that it is 100% what we want. As Saturn will form a square what happens then will only be a consequence of what we have done in the past.

Karma serves not to punish us, but to give us balance. It restores energy that has been wasted and pushes us in the only direction we have chosen, as well as passion, power or magnetic attraction in those brown or green eyes. Maybe this time we really have to forget them and break the chains that prevent us from loving and being loved.

Last day of 2022

Last day of 2022 is marked by Venus on the 26th degree of Capricorn. It brings us back to the beginning again. Life is a circle that is constantly spinning even when we are standing still. What has happened in the last two years of your life, especially at the end of 2021? Life is always a kind of repetition of the transiting cycles, but we can never get what we failed to give in the past.

Remember to give more throughout the year, not just on the last day or when it is expected. Do your best, in love, at work, in friendships, in health – and live life to the fullest. Your lungs, that inhale and exhale shape and move your life much more than transits!

Author: astrologer Maja Lazić

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