2023 ASTRO-GUIDE: Secret Connection

Maja Lazić
December 19, 2022

2023 ASTRO-GUIDE: Secret Connection

What will your life be like? What will 2023 bring? Many of you will be surprised, but that question cannot completely be answered by transiting planets. It is answered according to how you relate to zodiac energy and your natal chart at every moment of your life. If you want to make the most of 2023, you’ll need to be willing to turn off existing autopilot and take life into your own hands.

How it’s inside will always be visible outside. Stability, peace and quiet is a path that will need to be followed. High frequency energy requires stable and healthy body as a conductor. Many of you will begin to contemplate about what you are creating with continuous action and stirring emotions. You might reconsider what you want to be associated with and how to make dreams come true on a practical level.

Energetically and unconsciously you have already programmed 2023 in earlier years of your life. Maybe in past life, too. 2023 certainly provides a chance for us to break Soul contracts that are holding us back. Path to it will be lit by stars. We just need to be awake enough, open our senses and breathe deeply. Every beginning begins with a breath of relief, happiness and joy!

Cosmic atmosphere until spring

Jupiter in Aries at the 1st degree on 1st of January until the 16th of May brings need for assertive initiation. Everything that you didn’t manage to start in 2022 for which you ran out of patience and motivation is now getting a second chance. People with ascendant or planets in Aries may get a chance to show their strength!

Full Moon in Cancer at the 16th degree on 6th of January is time to focus on family and inherited attitudes from parents or grandparents. Possibly even several generations back! Mars is retrograde in Gemini until the 12th of January and direct movement begins at the 8th degree. This will be especially important for all of you born with mutable planets on this degree.

Chronic cough, energetic lump in throat area and breathing problems signal that we are failing to communicate our truth. In previous months, we became more aware that words can be a sword that hurts the one who utters them as well. Stream of consciousness changes and answers come especially if you have planets in Gemini. Emphasized topics are assertive communication, conscious listening, asking questions and willingness to cooperate.

There is a connection with retrograde Venus during spring of 2020. What we couldn’t do then, we now have opportunity to achieve if problem is truly fixed! For many of you, question will arise whether you really still want that kind of love. It is possible that thrill has passed. It is more appropriate to connect to your heart’s truth that will take you to your desired love destination much faster.

Change of plans and unexpected turns

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until 18th of January. Direct movement begins at the 8th degree. Emphasized topics are responsibility, long-term planning and achieving goals. Those with planets in Capricorn can clearly see life’s priorities. Now they can finally do something practical about it, too.

Since we also had retrograde Venus in Capricorn at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, it is good to remember what was happening at that time. Become aware of how much your emotional situation supports you to achieve your goals. What is your true support and whose responsibility is to make you happy?

Uranus is retrograde in Taurus until 22nd of January. Direct movement begins at 14th degree. Emphasized topics are getting rid of unsupportive habits and adding flexibility when adopting a new, more conscious way of life. During spring, Uranus will finally let go past constraints which were especially pressing during October 2022. Venus conjunct Saturn at the 24th degree of Aquarius on 23rd of January is not something new.

We already had same aspect on 29th of March 2022, but at the 21st degree. This time again love is going through a karmic test. Only authentic emotions manage to maintain longevity and stability of important relationships. If you have planets in Aquarius you might learn what it means to truly love yourself. If you have planets in Scorpio, you might get a chance to see your past in an innovative way that calls for flexibility.

New horizons

New Moon in Aquarius at the 1st degree on 21st of January skyrockets a fresh beginning and a different use of social networks, Internet and international communication. Full Moon in Leo at the 16th degree of the 5th of February is time of culmination and listening to heart’s wisdom. We can hear that wisdom only when we let go of fear.

Mercury and Pluto meet in conjunction at the 29th degree of Capricorn on 11th of February indicating an important topic that we will deal with until beginning of spring. Mental stability can be shaken if there is no support and when we are burdened by problems for which we have not taken responsibility all these years. Body may show overload of stiffness and tension while psyche seeks meditation and silence. Now is the time to make a plan to materialize your vision.

New Moon at the 1st degree of Pisces on the 20th of February brings opportunity to dream big. These are the dreams and visions that Jupiter in Pisces brought into our lives in the first days of 2022. If you have planets in Pisces, you might achieve an old wish that you almost gave up on.

Spring apocalypse

Saturn and Pluto will change signs during March. Energetic quality on a global level might drastically erupt. Spring brings an injection of joy or even shock if we have been limited by our own unsupportive beliefs and behaviors. For many of you, this could be too much if you have not made necessary life changes. For some, it will be just the right measure of new. Everything is determined by consciousness. Change doesn’t have to be difficult.

Full Moon in Virgo on 7th of March at the 16th degrees can represent a prelude to Saturn’s transition into Pisces where it remains until beginning of 2026. Saturn brings visionary energy that should be invested in a tangible goal in order to pave path to our dreams.

Everything that Neptune in Pisces has disembodied is now supported by greater integrity. Insincere and invaluable goals will be destroyed. Change can impact spirituality, metaphysics, religion and faith. Increasing number of people is becoming aware of influence of healing frequencies. Therefore, energy techniques will become an integral part of daily routine for many of you.

People with Moon in Pisces during this time are going through culmination of Sade Sati, while those with Saturn in Pisces are going through Saturn’s return. Soul always communicates with us through emotions of joy. When we don’t listen to our Soul’s guidance, sadness is experienced. Let grief flow into Cosmic ocean and create a new, more supportive structure. What are you ready to let go of, cry out and transcend?

Responsibility and acceleration

Mercury conjunction Saturn on 2nd of March at the 29th degree of Aquarius is similar to conjunction that occurred on the same day in 2022. Innovative ways of solving chronic problems, unexpected and experimental solutions are in focus. Inspiration can only exist if there is structure.

The following day, Venus in conjunction to Jupiter at the 12th degree of Aries brings expansion of new love beginnings, emotional acceleration and heightened passion. From 15th -17th of March Mars in Gemini square Neptune activates stories initiated during last ten days of October and in first week of November 2022.

Opportunity now finally comes to base your actions on realistic approach. This is only possible if we are completely honest in communication. However, when powerful planets “move” into another sign, we should not rush with our plans and goals.

New Moon in Aries at zero degrees on 21st of March sets forth a progressive step out of established ways. Eager and assertive action leaves no one indifferent. However, progressive passionate energy can also contain cruelty, anger and egocentrism.

New era

Pluto in Aquarius from 23rd of March brings a quantum leap in consciousness and power that humanity can access if united. Life changes have already taken place during conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in late 2020. Now new technological developments are advancing.

This is a profound change in energy infrastructure. We need to look at what we have accumulated over the last 15 years in order to revolutionize our lives. If you have planets in Aquarius, get ready for an absolute character transformation in next twenty years.

Mars enters Cancer on 25th of March until 20th of May where topic of starting new projects will be based on feelings. Due to its dignity in Cancer, we should be careful whether we are doing something out of power(lessness). Assertiveness can only exist if we are emotionally clear, ready to forgive and when we are gentle with others. Let tenderness motivate your actions, especially if it concerns the family.

Mercury in Aries forms a conjunction with Jupiter at the 18th degree on 28th of March emphasizing business initiative and assertiveness. On the last day of March Venus in Taurus is conjunct Uranus at the 16th degree which is associated with November 2022 eclipse.

April schemes

Full Moon in Libra at the 16th degree on the 6th of April brings awareness of balance in relationships and our own desires. It can be connected to events in third week of March.

Mercury is retrograde from 21st of April -15th of May in Taurus. It emphasizes themes activated by Uranus during autumn. It is especially useful to try to avoid stubborn communication. It is wise to be open to unusual and different solutions to problems. Mercury comes out of shadow at the beginning of June.

The first two eclipses are ruled by Mars and Pluto. Solar eclipse at the karmic 29th degree of Aries on 20th of April will be associated with changes initiated by Pluto’s entry into Aquarius. However, Pluto is retrograde from the 1st of May. What important thing did we overlook?

Venus in Gemini forms a square with Neptune in Pisces at the 26th degree on 4th of May bringing us back again to old stories and dishonest conversations that simmered during long period of Mars in Gemini. A day later Lunar Eclipse on the 14th of Scorpio completes events marked by eclipses on Taurus/Scorpion nodal axis. What we didn’t let go has just left our life!

Time for abundance!

Jupiter in Taurus from 16th of May remains there during the first half of 2024 as well. Jupiter in this sign is associated with material well-being, progress, acquisition and securing of possessions. How much do our material possessions serve us? How much they support us on all levels? Focus is on progress that gives sense of stability. Body always knows – it is crucial postulate for working with this energy!

From 16th-21st of May Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto indicates that expansion is possible only if we become aware of habits and energy quality when undertaking actions that should yield a big profit.

New Moon in Taurus on 28th degree on 19th of May in a sextile to Neptune in Pisces suggests that material dreams can be achieved when we are willing to invest patiently devoted to worthwhile goals. True value comes from our feelings and not from materialistic norms.

Mars in Leo in square to Jupiter in Taurus and in opposition to Pluto on 21st of May is time of crisis when fixed T square is set in motion. There can be major change in level of earnings, value of things and freedom. Pressure and frustration are piling up.

Choose a goal!

Full Moon in Sagittarius at the 13th degree 4th of June is combined with enthusiastic optimism of Mars in Leo. We must listen to wisdom of Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces. Some goals are still too high. Energetic quality is not at adequate level to give birth to sustained success.

Pluto enters Capricorn on 11th of June. Changes brought about by Aquarius energy seem to be meeting with resistance of tradition and we need more time to adjust. Ultimately, only when both is connected it supports us providing steady power. Themes activated during retrograde period can be repeated in early 2024. Then on 5th of June awaits us Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus at the 20th degree. These are new forms of media, progress in telecommunication and message transmission.

Venus in Leo in opposition to Pluto in Aquarius on 6th of June feels like a dramatic earthquake in love life. Some karmic relationships might not survive. Venus in Leo from 5th of June until 9th of October emphasizes themes of fidelity, trust, emotional happiness and fulfillment of love wishes. Venus will be retrograde and that is why this transit is so long. House in Leo will experience a dramatic catharsis.

Saturn is retrograde in Pisces from 17th of June at the 7th degree. Emphasized themes are supportive spirituality, responsible forgiveness, healing of victim archetype. New Moon in Gemini on 18th of June happens at the 26th degree that Mars in Gemini ‘went over’ on the 18th-19th of March. From 19th-23rd of June Saturn in Pisces forms sextile to Jupiter in Taurus promising new rules and values.

Never say never!

Mars in Leo forms square to Uranus in Taurus at the 21st degree on the 26th -27th of June is indicating breakdown in value. There is noticeable tension in resolving conflicts that are rooted in ego and beliefs that no longer serve us. Neptune in Pisces is retrograde since last day of June. Healing, letting go and forgiveness continue to be prominent themes.

Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus on 2nd of July at the 21st degree. This is repeated on 10th of August on the 20th degree during its retrograde movement and on the 29th-30th of September on the 22nd degree. If you have planets in fixed signs at these degrees, important love issues can be resolved in an unexpected way or relationship might take an unplanned direction.

Full Moon in Capricorn at the 11th degree on 3rd of July represents advanced flow of work, organization and progress supported by trine with Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Virgo. Grand trine in earth signs is time for culmination of what we have invested energy in during 2019.

New Moon in Cancer on 17th of July at the 24th degree with opposition to Pluto in Capricorn focuses us on emotional life and radical, but necessary family changes. Nodes are moving into Aries/Libra on the same day. Being assertive in relationships and maintaining balance will be an opportunity to learn important partnership lessons.

Love in the shadows

Opposition of Saturn in Pisces with Mars in Virgo on 21st of July at the 6th degree indicates that some important detail is forgotten. Now entire vision is stopped. This is the time when we are not sure what venture to invest in. A lot seems to be out of our control.

Venus is retrograde in Leo from 23rd of July to September 4th. Its retrograde movement begins at the 28th degree and ends at the 12th degree. Themes that were activated by aspects of Saturn and Uranus and their square during 2020/2022 are especially emphasized here.

Decisions related to love unions that will enter into marriage or end dramatically will be resolved during summer. Relationship with spouse, egoistic love desires and spending money can lead to problems emerging due to lack of respect.

Mercury in conjunction with retrograde Venus at the 28th degree on 28th of July is an attempt to discuss former love and important relationship decisions. However, these conversations can easily escalate and be very dramatic.

The lights are on!

Full Moon in Aquarius on 1st of August at the 9th degree represents culmination point for relationships that started in mid-June and love decisions made in mid-July. How to stay in a relationship and still be single? The next day, Mercury in Virgo forms opposition to Saturn at the 5th degree. It shows inner conflict concerning which problem should be solved and how. Mind preoccupied with details loses sight of bigger picture.

New Moon in Leo on 16th of August at the 23rd degree brings new opportunities for beginning for those in relationships that were on shaky legs at start of month. You should slow down and not make important decisions. Heart is still not sure what it wants, remembering past love that left a deep wound.

Mercury is retrograde again in Virgo at the 21st degree from 23rd of August – 15th of September. It goes direct from 8th degree. It comes out of the shadow on the last day of the month. Issues related to work, obligations, health and service are in focus. Is work what makes us healthy or it actually makes us ill? Many of you will think about this searching for ways to be more efficient at work and everyday life.

Mars in Virgo is opposing Neptune on 22nd -23rd of August at the 23rd degree and confusion intensifies. It seems as if some dark force has come over us. We make mistakes and waste precious time. All this is an indication that we have not prioritized well. We neglect quality of our energy, which is plagued by some concern, probably related to health and future plans. It is necessary to concentrate on here and now.

Where to go?

Uranus is retrograde from 28th of August until end of January 2024. Retrograde movement begins at the 23rd degree being connected to decisions made during beginning of 2023. Uranus emphasizes themes of resistance, liberation and authenticity. Most people experience retrograde movement as distraction and increased stress.

Full Moon in Pisces at the 7th degree on 31st of August is a time for daydreaming and visionary perspective for big goals and plans from June. Jupiter in Taurus is retrograde since 4th of September until the last day of 2023. Jupiter moves retrograde from the 15th degree of Taurus where we had Mercury retrograde during spring. It is all connected to this transit. Emphasized theme is fertility, materialization and quality instead of quantity.

New Moon in Virgo on September 15th at the 21st degree, from which Mercury went retrograde, takes us back to past and decisions from last days of August. Full Moon in Aries at the 6th degree on 29th of September has no major aspects. We need to focus on ourselves and think about direction we want to go. This is not the time for action if we want cooperation with others.

Mars in Libra on 8th-9th of October squares Pluto. That is the time of shaken tension and deep fears that make us indecisive. We may feel like we have no sense of control or decision-making power. Pluto in Capricorn moves direct the next day from the 27th degree, where it will remain until end of month. Progress is slow, but only if we keep being indecisive.

Love must not hurt

Venus in Virgo in opposition to Saturn on 11th of October for some of you can bring disappointment in love, doubt and mistrust in your partner. Relationships can break due to just one wrong word or action. True love will know how to take a step towards happiness, not deeper into despair and sadness. Some relationships have come to an end, though. It is the only healthy thing for both parties.

The other two eclipses this year are ruled by Venus and relationship peace will be a priority. However, on 14th of October Solar eclipse at the 21st degree of Libra could be another test for many relationships and marriages.

Mercury in Libra squares Pluto at the 28th degree on 21st of October. Decisions must be made if we want to save this relationship and ourselves. However, problem is hidden in past actions. There is conflict that we have not overcome which may have roots in our family and upbringing.

Lunar eclipse on 28th of October at the 5th degree of Taurus completes the story of eclipses on Taurus/Scorpio axis. This brings a lesson about love that is strong and good enough to overcome pressures of everyday life. What has great quality never loses value.

Dream Love

Autumn is colored by love dreams on 4th of November when Venus in Virgo forms opposition with Neptune in Pisces at the 25th degree. Some relationships may lose its appeal. Just that magical dream can help us become aware of whether or not love in reality has necessary ingredients for happiness. Saturn goes direct on the same day at zero degree of Pisces, reminding us if we have learned lessons from school of life during beginning of March this year or not.

The following day, Mercury in Scorpio forms opposition to Uranus in Taurus at the 21st degree. Fatalistic approach is in sharp conflict with practical and measurable facts. It seems that our attitude no longer can survive. Much more flexible thinking is needed.

Then on 12th-13th of November Mars in Scorpio forms an opposition to Uranus again at the 21st degree. Some words are now met with a hurricane of reactions. Caution is required! It all depends on what we said when Mercury formed this aspect. Further course of action will depend on that. Be patient if you want to save yourself from trouble!

We have New Moon in Scorpio at the 20th degree on 13th of November still with strong opposition to Uranus. This is a time to start from scratch if plans have failed. First let go of the need for control that comes from fear.

Where is the light?

Full Moon in Gemini at the 4th degree on 27th of November with Mars in Sagittarius squared by Saturn in Pisces raises communication issues. It is necessary to think strategically about what we want to achieve. Do not just waste time on telling endless stories that are only promises without fulfillment.

Neptune goes direct on 6th of December from the 24th degree of Pisces and the veil of fog is lifted and cleared. After that on 10th of December Venus in Scorpio forms an opposition to Jupiter in Taurus which is hungry for love and passion. This aspect sets forth insatiable power that sexuality and seduction provide.

New Moon in Sagittarius at the 20th degree on 12th of December emphasize setting new goals for the upcoming year. These new goals are much more in tune with our truth and path we want to be. Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn from the next day at 8th degree until beginning of 2024. That’s how we entered 2023, too, because a lot of things are still happening again.

The journey continues…

It seems that stories from 2023 still linger in 2024. Certain lessons should be learned a little longer… In the end, on 21th of December Venus in Scorpio forms opposition to Uranus at the 19th degree. Indeed, some relationships have reached a tipping point, where they decide to stay together or choose different paths forever.

We end 2023 with Full Moon in Cancer on 27th of December at the 4th degree which focuses on home, parents and old values. This is the time to remember dear people, those who are with us and those who are no longer here.

My sincere wish to you is that whatever challenges you are ending 2022 with that this New Year brings you more strength, power and faith in yourself. Remember that you are born to successfully go through difficult things in life. Transiting planets are always there to strengthen you and awaken your faith.

In moments when sadness or fear arise, allow those emotions to come out. Let them go their way like a train that is passing. And then get on a different train of thoughts or emotion, where you can affirm your goals and build your life with optimism. I wish you all the best in 2023!

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