Mars in natal house

House where Mars is located will be the place of increased energy and direction in our lives. This is the point that leads us to the realization of ambition and self-actualization when we learn to assertively express energy.

Venus in synastry

In my astrological practice I closely pay attention to see every comparative aspect through the individual natal chart, too. It is usually an indicator of how we block ourselves in order to receive and give love. For that reason, I noticed that when we understand our natal chart very well, then we have a greater potential to achieve the relationship we want. Love depends on us, not on our partner.

Natal Mars

Sign of natal Mars is one of the indicators of will and motivation. Through its sign we can get insight into the level of expressiveness and the way we achieve our goals. Emphasized natal Mars will always be clearly visible through behavior and felt in our energy.

Saturn in Aquarius

Life's difficulties and misfortunes have always been attributed to Saturn since the early days of astrology. Modern astrology, which I practice, sees Saturn as a teacher of the most important life lessons. In a natal chart, this planet shows us how we experience personal responsibility, how mature and grown we are.

Eclipse Energy

There is no good or bad natal chart. It is that your actions lead to bad or good manifestations in a certain context. Man has free will, but its use has consequences and that is what creates life. Somebody may have "good aspects" at birth, but turn them into "hell" during life.

Transiting Moon

How difficult or easy the natal chart will be for us and the experience of life itself, does not depend on any transit or natal aspect. It especially does not depend on the astrologer and his words. The quality of life depends exclusively on ourselves and the way we (un)consciously use the energy of the natal chart.

Venus conjunct natal planets

Aspects of Venus show the quality of partners’ exchange and the potential conflicts that exist in us that are manifested in the relationship. In this text, I will write about conjunctions of Venus to other planets.

Mercury conjunct natal planets

Aspects of Mercury show the way we communicate. It is very important that we have them in natal chart and that they are flowing in order to express ourselves.

Mercury sign

Communication, speech, writing, learning, expression of ideas. There are the themes of natal Mercury that manifest through the vocabulary we use. Mercury is emphasized for people who are engaged in occupations where communication with others is important and can help achieve career potential. It will show how we express our personality and our speaking skills, how we think and what we think about. For a complete understanding of Mercury, we must connect the position in the sign with the house, [...]

Saturn in natal house

Our environment will always show us what we have failed to do, where we have not done enough and what is within ourselves still not good enough to pass the Saturn’s test. For this reason, external circumstances, and as long as we blame them for the situations in our lives, are only the context necessary to learn the essential lessons of life. As soon as we learn to accept our circumstances and open up to embrace them even when they [...]