Composite Sun in house

Maja Lazić
June 3, 2022

Composite Sun in house

Synastry can look great on paper, but in practice it doesn’t have to be that way. This is especially the case if composite chart is activated by challenging transits. Some love relationships will never happen if energy and Soul have some other plan for us! In previous posts on synastry, I have mentioned composite Sun.

Today I will explain what that represents when we analyze relationship between two people. We can calculate composite Sun in the same way we calculate any midpoint. For example: one person with natal Sun at 5 degrees Taurus and another person with natal Sun at 15 degrees Taurus have a composite Sun at 10 degrees Taurus.

Composite chart is about the relationship itself, about what it is like and where it can lead, but also about possible conflicts. Composite Sun will show relationship goals, events and relationship energetic quality. Often it can show a more egocentric partner with emphasized attitude towards the course of relationship. As with natal chart, we will analyze composite Sun through sign, house, aspects and ruler position.

All this will help us understand challenges in case of squares and oppositions in order to find possible solutions. Composite Sun is the main theme of any relationship, what two people can create together and what maintains their union. For more insights into composite Sun, we will look at both persons natal Sun to see if relationship is supporting personality development or it is just another chapter towards spiritual growth. The following is an informative interpretation of composite Sun in houses:

Composite Sun in the first house

Relationship involves a lot of mutual activities. Both partners are very focused on this relationship and put a lot of effort into it. However, over time, relationship can become more important than their separate needs. Although these two people may have similar desires, they often sacrifice their individuality to make them come true.

One partner can strive to maintain this relationship even though it is no longer best for both of them. It is important how the environment sees them. External impression of the relationship is sometimes just a mask that hides a void inside their union. Both people can overcome their personal issues during course of this relationship, but only if they are both mature people can they maintain a stability.

Composite Sun in the second house

Relationship has a practical tendency and a need to create material security. Together they can achieve financial progress or buy real estate. Money is very important for love. However, this position is also found in business relations, where it can be especially beneficial.

Both partners question their personal values and attitudes towards material, which can result in them valuing themselves more. During relationship, we have a need for luxury and sensual pampering. Behind that lies a desire to live a fulfilling life.

Relationship can fulfill our dreams, but we must always remember that love is much more than expensive things and money in the bank. However, all this will be necessary for relationship to be sexually fulfilling. Material must not become main priority why these two people are together. Yet one person, as we see through analysis of natal chart and composite Sun, can realize that he has everything but love!

Composite Sun in the third house

It is very important that they have fulfilling conversations on all topics as this strengthens their bond. It takes a lot of mental stimulation to keep them connected. They think similarly or share compatible beliefs. Since their views on life are in agreement, it is easier to get along. This does not have to be a love affair, but more of a friendship.

It is ideal that they can cooperate on a project, because that way they can achieve a lot together. One partner especially needs to express his opinion and sometimes it all comes down to talking. This may indicate a relationship that remains friendly with regular discussions.

Composite Sun in the fourth house

They feel the need to start a family and raise children. Relationship is very intimate and deep and emotions are strong. Childhood upbringing of both persons shares a similar past. There is a strong emotional attachment and need to be together. Intimate life is the foundation for everything else.

Sometimes they have the feeling that only they exist, that nothing is important except their intimate world. Together they can heal old disappointments from childhood or past trauma. Karmic relationship now carries with it fruits of love if we are willing to feel and share all emotions. We need to let our partner touch the most intimate part of us even when we are most vulnerable.

Composite Sun in the fifth house

It indicates strong attraction that two people feel towards each other. Romantic relationship with an emphasized sexual aspect gives us a great chance to enjoy life and have fun. These two people can enjoy a lot of activities together. Relationship is filled with dynamic events.

This position is very common when one partner is already in a relationship. There is prominent need for enjoyment and fun. It is more emphasized than need to feel secure or be in a stable relationship. Also, this position is common for shorter relationships and friendships. These two people want adventure and passion and not so much a serious relationship.

Composite Sun in the sixth house

In case of a business relationship, there doesn’t have to be so many challenges. However, there can be problems with emotional relationships. There is a great focus on everyday obligations, habits, what needs to be done which has nothing to do with love. Focus here is more on duties and work rather than love and enjoyment. These two people, as well as their relationship, are weak, tired and frustrated.

Their relationship must be worked on all the time. Something important needs to be fixed, but it seems that there is always something more pressing than the two of them. These partners have remained indebted to each other from a past life.

Sometimes this is a relationship that when completed allows them to find the right person for themselves. This is a kind of transition they both need to go through. One partner may be ill or have a practical problem. The other side cannot solve it, because he is also not satisfied with his life.

Composite Sun in the seventh house

It seems that this connection is more important than anything else and that for its survival, one or both sides should put their needs and desires aside. However, both persons may notice that relationship truly fulfills their desires, but that they are also conflicts that may occasionally arise. It is important for them to be honest and to know what they can provide to each other and what they need for happiness.

We must first see this in relation to natal chart of both persons. One partner may wonder who his true personality really is when he is not in a relationship. Especially if he is not fully aware of his inner needs or if relationship started in his youth when he was still searching for himself. Periods when they fall out of balance are a lesson that they have to focus on relationship and invest in it together. This is a common position for marriage.

Composite Sun in the eighth house

In this relationship, there are deep and intense challenges associated with psychological problems that, if left unresolved, lead to major crises. All this can be about money, sexuality and strong obsessive emotions. Relationship is an opportunity to heal old wounds, but some strange attraction binds us and we seem to lose our mind. Relationship is accompanied by dark sexuality, strong jealousy and need for control that prevents true change.

Both partners can manipulate each other. It seems that staying in this relationship means that they have to work against themselves. However, what exactly will happen depends on level of consciousness of both people and quality of individual energy. Complexity of this position will be confirmed through the rest of chart. It is crucial to find a way to solve problems and not to create new ones. At the end, these two people will never be the same again, but they can also destroy a lot of things for themselves and everyone else involved.

Composite Sun in the ninth house

This is an intellectual connection that strives for expansion and growth of both persons. Spirituality is emphasized along with personal freedom. We mostly see this in love relationships, but also when both partners need to find themselves through a new life philosophy.

Their shared beliefs are their support and a chance to create the life they want. Relationship can develop during travelling, while abroad or pursuing higher education. They can help each other find themselves and their authentic path, so spiritual focus is much valuable than relationship’s future.

Composite Sun in the tenth house

This connection allows both people to achieve a lot in terms of goals and business success. Especially joint business cooperation can be very important. However, although they help each other to achieve desires and goals, there is enougj emotional satisfaction and joy that is needed for a relationship.

There is always a plan or project more important than love that cools their union down over time. They will certainly achieve a lot together professionally. Their relationship can have tangible benefits that raise their social status. Sometimes this happens in relationships where our partner reminds us of one parent and our unresolved conflict.

Composite Sun in the eleventh house

This position is common for friendships and emotional connections. These two people may have similar ideals and desires. There is always something new that they plan to do together that gives dynamics to this union. They can achieve a lot together and love grows in every sense. Relationship is characterized by socializing, traveling, having fun and fulfilling wishes. This is a very happy position.

Composite Sun in the twelfth house

These two people are karmically connected through some past life. A lot of it is between them on an unconscious level of functioning. Relationship is very difficult to achieve a tangible form and as if it cannot progress further. Pillar of their relationship is not healthy because they want something completely different. They are crazy to think that it is possible to be happy in this relationship.

They are not fully aware of their problems or they do not want to see it so they run away from it. There is an energy blockage so they can’t be together. Sometimes relationship is long-distance, partner is hospitalized or goes on business abroad. It seems that these are only practical obstacles, but they are not. It seems that all this will pass, but since both persons deny important parts of their personality, they do not see that there is a deep problem.

This is certainly an opportunity to make ourselves aware of the underlying issues, but it requires accepting responsibility. Guilt and various material burdens may be present. Sometimes this is a relationship that never happened, but we spent a lot of time thinking and fantasizing about it. Relationship is certainly difficult to maintain. It is possible to lose a lot or be disappointed many times. In some cases, this is a factor that indicates secret love and fraud.

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