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About Astrodetoks

Welcome to ASTRODETOKS, your gateway to the fascinating world of astrology and personal growth. My mission is to guide you on a transformative journey, enabling you to dive into the depths of astrology, uncover messages from the Universe and activate your unique natal potential.

Through consultations with me, my aim is to help you create an authentic life by embarking on a deep exploration of your natal symbols and integrating karmic lessons. At ASTRODETOKS, I believe that your natal chart is a cosmic map and a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

My unique approach is rooted in vast experience and enriched by energy techniques, astro-psychology, spiritual insights and the wisdom of karmic, modern and evolutionary astrology. I am dedicated to helping you make your dreams come true by reconnecting with the energies within your natal chart.

ASTRODETOKS is here for those who are ready to evolve and fearlessly embrace their energy. I invite you to join me in this one of a kind exploration! It's an opportunity to unlock your true potential and witness the magic of astrology.

Loved by clients from all over the world!

" Keep up with the great work! Analysis of my natal chart was done on Skype as I don't live in Serbia. I am extremely satisfied with the organization, how everything went on, and what is the most important Maja has succeeded in professionally and in detail answering all my questions."


" Very positive experience which will happen again. Maja is a very positive person and someone who is fully engaged, paying attention to all the details and very precise in analyzing the natal chart. I am really satisfied, so just keep up doing it this way."

J.S. (Serbia)

" Holistic approach, accent on the understanding of the cause and issues, of the person and the relations with others. Very strengthening, motivational, encouraging and helping personal growth."


" Very positive experience-it helps in understanding of your decisions and accepting yourself, in making other choices later and in understanding yourself and people around you."


" Experience is wonderful and illuminating, because during Maja’s interpretation of the influence of the planets on my personality it is clear which opportunities I should take and when and on what to pay attantion so that personal plans may come true."

J.N. (Germany)

" For many years I wished to have a consultation with an astrologer and this wish came true in the most beautiful way. Relief, direction, my safe harbor."

N.V. (United Arab Emirates)

" In the moment of my life I was stuck between my heart and my head. It helped me open my heart, be brave and walk on the road where I am right now. Thank you Maja for everything."

K.F (Italy)