Uranus in karmic relationship

Maja Lazić
August 20, 2022

Uranus in karmic relationship

This post will help you understand your relationship and Uranus aspects/transits.

With this text I will finish series of posts on karmic relationships focusing on transcendental planets. Here we deal with relationships that cannot be stabilized, named, settled into a routine or which suddenly begin to break down. Uranus plays a role when we cannot find a partner and are alone for a long time. It is a form of love karma.

As in previous two parts, I will take opportunity to answer your questions and clarify karmic synastry. Healthy love is never a struggle, a guilty trip or an obsessive-compulsive relationship. Love with strong Uranus is not manipulation or control in order to “get” a handful of emotions.

No strings attached

We want to be with him for the rest of our life. He just wants a relationship without any obligations. Sounds familiar? This is met if Uranus, IX/XI house and sign of Sagittarius/Aquarius are strong in natal chart. Partner is characterized by desire for freedom, personal space and experiences without promise for tomorrow. Love expectations are suffocating and “forever” is not what makes us happy. This is love in a radical form!

Unstable relationship will quickly end if we keep pushing. That’s why such relationships are not for you if you have planets in Scorpio, Cancer or Taurus. Transit of Uranus to natal Moon/Venus may bring a period of freedom-seeking behavior. That may not be characteristic of your personality if it is not represented in natal chart.

Everyone has opportunity to change and grow if they want to because that is not limited by astrology. With transit of Uranus, that is exactly what is expected from you. Uranus crises are opportunities to get out of comfort zone. Some of you absolutely need this. You’re stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

During Uranus transits it is possible that you suddenly like someone with whom you would not get along in long term. Although it may be a soul mate, during Uranus opposition it is usually not love. This kind of kindred spirit connection is a wakeup call! Especially if same aspect is formed in synastry.

Uranus and line between love and freedom

Uranus/Venus in synastry can show love at first sight and rapid falling out of love. Need for freedom is greater offering more pleasure. Please try not to get married during this transit if you do not know your partner very well. When this transit ends, they might not answer their phone blocking you on social media because they need more air.

Uranus opposition happens between 42nd-44th years of life. If Moon, Venus and VII house ruler are included, it can suddenly initiate a relationship. It can lead to an awareness of personal freedom. Sometimes divorce happens, too. It all depends on context and other factors that we have to take into account. Transit serves if we have been rejecting or not accepting parts of ourselves to suddenly be able to see this through our partner.

You just need to understand that partner is not that important here. At least not in the way you might think. Partner invites us into Soul integration through awakening our emotions. However, Uranus more often creates friendships or destroys marriages compared to being known for bringing lasting love and fulfilling our needs. Of course, it’s different with Aquarius, but basic rule that outside shows what’s inside always applies.

Intercepted houses and signs represent tendency to repress parts of our personality. During Uranus transits, this can flare up and explode. Frustration due to incomplete manifestation of personality can no longer be endured. Uranus transit has quality of inconjunction. There is deep problem that has not been resolved or challenge persists even in impossible conditions. We might constantly fantasize about someone we cannot be in a relationship with. Our body will show disharmony through acute health problems. Something inside us is looking for a way to get rid of stress and frustration.

Influence of orb distance as a trigger for relationship problems/divorce

Orb distance is a difference in degrees of planets that are forming an aspect. Orb is multiplied by seven indicating when that aspect will culminate. For example, Moon at 15 degrees Taurus and Uranus at 12 degrees Aquarius have a difference of 3 degrees which we multiply by seven. This gives us 21st year of life when this natal aspect will culminate. It will be present and felt throughout life. That year may mark an emotional event or relationship that triggered a loss that leads us to destruction or release.

In synastry, we can use orb distance without necessarily multiplying it by seven for unmarried persons. That’s how we see when relationship turning points occur. With woman’s Moon and man’s Uranus, relationship could three years later be shaken by sudden pregnancy or break down due to need for freedom. However, if marriage lasted for 21 years, then there could be a breakup.

Orb difference will not always be useful, especially if it is large. It can help to understand why relationship is not moving forward or is suddenly ending. Draconic chart might show deeper Soul level of relationship which is taking a different path in order to feel alive again. This is something that is occupying my attention at the moment. I am doing astrological research on it. Saturn forms a square every seven years to moment of beginning of relationship showing periods when challenges as a love test.

Classic composite or Davison and other finesse

While classical composite is calculated based on planet midpoint, Davison is obtained through time and place midpoint. The latter is more appropriate for long term relationships/marriages or long distant relationships. If relationship has not started yet/at all, my advice is not to calculate composite charts. But if you really can’t help yourself, classic composite should be used. Since we can get two different charts, if we apply both calculations, we could see same topic in different way due to variable data. That is why it is easy to get lost and confused here.

My advice is to always simplify and reduce number of factors you are analyzing by yourself if you have not enough experience in astrology. Focus on a main theme or find similarity. I have noticed that composite is usually more powerful than synastry. We must pay attention on aspects between Mercury/Uranus as love is easily mistaken for friendship. Also pay attention to square of natal Saturn with transiting one in charts of both people. It will show a life challenge that each partner faces affecting relationship over a long period of time.

Only a relationship that is deep, where there is maturity and seriousness can survive under Uranus transits. If there is no such thing, relationship cracks or cools down turning from love to indifference. Relationship needs to be worked on, because otherwise it will not last. “Work” involves infusions of freedom and inventive quirky fun that must please both parties.

Uranus is not essentially separable by itself, since true love is immaterial. It is felt as separated in us when not manifested adequately. External conflict is seen as behavior that needs to be learned. That’s shown by 180 degree aspect. Something destabilizing is happening inside us, but it can be seen from outside in partner’s behavior. We don’t like that because we block that part of our personality. Opposition is maintained by adding anger and strife.

Why love never happens for me?

If your ASC is ruled by Moon, you will have more going on in love compared to someone ruled by Pluto. Person with Pluto will rarely experience visible external changes. In crucial life moments it will be felt as collateral damage. Feelings show state of your Soul and connection with your Higher Self. However, with natal inconjuncts it can be difficult to understand ourselves. That is why it is difficult for anyone else to understand us, too. We like those with whom we may have no common interests. Or we don’t see what we really need in relationship because of deep inner dissonance.

In synastry, we perceive inconjunction as discomfort in potential relationships that could only happen if one party sacrificed a part of their personality. We may have opportunities for love, but those opportunities require impossible compromises. Intimacy is missing, so it is difficult to connect. If we can’t be who we really are, how can we expect someone to love us completely? Disagreement excites these people because it brings them back to themselves, but constant disagreement can hardly result in a stable relationship.

In order for relationship to start, there must be a synastry conjunction. Especially important relationship can be shown by conjunctions of cardinal houses. This is how we see that energies have merged and that life of both persons is replenished through their relationship, making it lasting. Partner always helps us understand ourselves this way as he is a mirror. Challenging natal aspects, if repeated in synastry, indicate that we need this particular partner to see what we need to heal on our own.

Why did love go wrong?

If there are no aspects with personal planets, development of deep feelings is blocked. House where partner’s planets fall will be filled with high expectations. We will want him to fulfill our needs. When there is a planet in conjunction, energy is generated. Rlationship is activated and flowing. That way we have means how to fix it. Without conjunct planets in synastry we have emptiness, awareness of unfulfilled needs or feeling that we are never worthy enough to be loved.

There will always be challenging aspects with important people. Challenge is a form of passion that must be creatively channeled, not cause of relationship breakdown. Uranus conjunct ASC can bring a surprise with someone who is remembered forever precisely because love was short-lived. If Mars is in aspect to your VIII house ruler there could be a tendency for relationship to turn into tension. Usually this includes psychological crises, strong sexuality and breaking taboos during Uranus transits.

If there is a square with Venus there is never peace. Uranus transit in birth charts of a person with a strong Pluto has a desire to manipulate, “cast spells” and control, after which it suddenly disappears. It fascinates us to restrict our partner’s energy. If he doesn’t allow it or doesn’t submit enough, friction occurs. Although a more appropriate word would be earthquake. Still, this can be sexually quite thrilling.

If we have Mars/Saturn, relationship constantly goes back and forth, always being at zero. One side demands action while the other would not change a thing. This is creating tension that is difficult to sustain for long. If natal Moon is in challenging aspects in synastry, both persons are wounded by not recognizing how to fulfill their needs in this relationship. Transiting Uranus awakens in them desire to compete in aggressiveness and rudeness feeling emotionally threatened all the time. Much of what is called love has nothing to do with it, but with emotional wounds that have never been healed.

What aspects indicate a good relationship?

Let’s say you survived a longer Uranus transit. Aspects of personal planets in natal chart will tell us what could happen next. Prominent VII house in synastry with aspect of personal planets could be beneficial for relationship. If transcendental planets are involved, love does not necessarily lead to marriage. If IX/XI house is emphasized, second or third marriage is possible for divorced persons.

Venus in sextile or trine to Saturn indicates steady love, but not necessarily warmth. Love will prevail even when you are not well or going through difficult days. Sometimes it includes material support. Moon/Saturn in sextile/trine adds to longevity and seriousness. This supports love if we have other beneficial indicators. Every karmic relationship must be characterized by accountability in order to survive.

Venus in aspect to Moon adds fulfillment of emotional desires and enjoyment during dating where partners create beautiful memories together. Venus with Jupiter spreads love which grows with much happiness. Moon/Jupiter enhance emotional happiness and warmth through deeper understanding. With Mars/Jupiter we can have creation that leads to progress.

Traditional indicator of relationships, Mars and Venus in good aspects, do not always depict a beautiful love relationship. They are much more present in affairs and sexual relationships where only physical contact matters. Especially with opposition, which easily creates disharmony! Sun/Jupiter adds to getting along in marriage due to similar wishes for the future. But only if there is no unhealthy exaggeration and waste, which we must check in each person’s natal chart.

What if we have PROs and CONs?

When we have challenging and flowing aspects, we look for answers in composite and individual natal charts. We need to assess which aspects are most strongly activated. Venus square Saturn can indicate a relationship that is not loving as in romantic movies. There is a lot of suffering and love is learned the hard way. Relationship cannot last or lead to fulfillment. Asmall handful of love may suddenly turn to ice if we are not steadfast in our own sense of self-love.

Sometimes in relationships with a lot of Uranus energy we have a big age difference or a mismatch in emotional style. One person needs a lot of security and partner is unable to provide it seeming to be emotionally immune. Saturn always puts a block on intimacy, so partners cannot be together without hurting each other. Obstacle, coldness and restraint even when there is emotion, which we would see through rest of karmic synastry, remains primary.

Person who has unclear personal values ​​always gives more than s/he gets opening up to deception and illusions. There is also a deep feeling that we don’t deserve to be loved. We fool ourselves by believing in something that is actually nothing. People who adjust too much are not being honest with themselves as well. Relationship is not of high quality if we has to do everything to make our partner happy.

How to mitigate destabilizing influence of Uranus?

First of all, this impact cannot be controlled or mitigated. Like fireworks, no one knows exactly how close or far you need to be to enjoy the short-lived glitter in the sky. Maybe you will miss it or it will knock you off your feet. With Uranus, you should be ready for anything and give a lot of freedom to the people you like. You should not seek constant attention, insist on routine, habits or have long term desires.

Best advice is not to expect Uranus to become Venus because that is not possible. Many of you would not like this combination. So how to overcome transits of Uranus? It takes courage to be open to listen to silence. To not act, talk or do unnecessary actions. To trust and not rely on others, but only on yourself.

Brain is trying to solve this, but it has no idea at all because Uranus is a quantum leap. Mental health related to hormones, digestion and stress levels during this transit can be especially volatile. Learned behavior that has turned into habits trying to protect us over time becomes an automatic response. It is limiting our authentic personality expression during this transit and needs to be broken.

Suggestion on how work with this energy

Touch, acupressure, tapping and connecting with body will benefit you as long as Uranus is in Taurus. Touch calms the mind and soothes your nervous system. Fear of what might happen in future only prevents you from becoming aware of what is happening now. Sometimes we expect there to be problems and we find them, even though they didn’t have to be a part of our life.

Planets react to vibration from our mind. Therefore, awareness of what you are thinking about large part of your day is basis for your psychophysical health and future manifestations. Try to match thinking with action. If you can’t do it, do not think about it. Do what will give you more space and personal freedom.

Learn what is healthy risk and what is arrogance. Primordial insecurity in first chakra and feeling that you do not deserve love will guarantee an inadequate choice of partner. That is why I suggest to work on first chakra gaining greater body flexibility. Always focus on what you can do now to feel better giving space to your emotions.

Fatigue and stress are always present when mind resists present moment. Sometimes a break up is a sign that you didn’t listen to your inner voice that told you NO. Say YES to everything that makes you feel alive! Say NO to anything that seeks to deny your true nature. And that’s the story of Uranus and a main reason for breakups of karmic relationships. And it is true, two unstable people cannot be ONE.

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