Retrograde planets

Maja Lazić
May 13, 2020

Retrograde planets

This post is all about retrograde planets during transits and in your natal chart.

Retrograde planets are energetically experienced as slower and more dense energy. There is a tendency towards bringing us back to the past. Still, going back is good. People on a daily basis constantly chase something, often thinking they can be faster than life. Until we complete what we have started in the past, we cannot manifest something new. Fighting with the odds, detached from nature, removed from the essence of life-we are left defeated.

What about Sun and Moon?

Unlike other planets, Sun and Moon are never retrograde.

Retrograde in a natal chart has much greater ‘internal’ than external impact. In transits it is an introspective time when we need to go deep within ourselves. If we don’t, unpleasant events usually manifest in our lives. Individuals with natal charts with many retrograde planets may have a strong feeling that something is stopping them from moving forward.

Most of the time, something unresolved from the distant past over time becomes a life handicap. We cannot handle that until we look deeply into our inner being. If a retrograde planet is the ruler of the  natal chart, it is really necessary to become aware of our issues. We need to work on resolving them. For women, retrograde Venus can be a challenge if other factors are present. For men, retrograde Mars is usually uncomfortable. This impedes the active expression of energy. It can often be associated with arthritis, low blood pressure and physical injuries.

Retrograde planets: Mercury

Mercury is retrograde four times a year for about three weeks. In transit we experience it as too much talking. There is a need to analyze current situations and find ways to understand them. We need to connect them to the big picture, but something escapes us. Thoughts can be scattered and confused, especially if Mercury is in Pisces. They can be very emotional, when Mercury is in Cancer. We may unconsciously receive abundance of information that overwhelms us with irrational fears. One tip to overcome this is to write a diary and meditate. We should have some quiet time on a regular basis and not engage in mental activity.

When in aspect to Saturn, we need to learn to focus our mind and stop the constant pursuing of activities. We should overcome a chronic bad mood and find focus to learn and clarify issues. Natal Mercury in Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius when retrograde are very good positions. They can be used on reading books, writing and mental analysis. While doing so, we need to learn to communicate with others on an emotional level. We should avoid reaching conclusions without asking questions. Two heads are smarter than one!

Retrograde planets: Venus

Venus is retrograde for six weeks every year and a half. In natal charts it can describe individuals who have a great need to solve love problems. It does not mean that their love life is going to be miserable. In transit, it is perceived as a time when a lack of happiness in the relationship is experienced. Another manifestation is dissatisfaction with physical appearance or levels of attraction. Most common manifestation is general imbalance in partnership that leads to breakup. We become aware of how much we invest and how much we get. We want to find balance.

That is why some relationships during retrograde period have another chance. This is often karmic and connected to the debt we have with that partner. Another possible manifestation is a tendency to get into a lot of relationships. That does not mean they are enjoyable. We are simply looking for that one love we lost once upon a time. We are learning that we do not have to be stuck in the past. We can love and be loved. This happens when we first love ourselves and heal that one relationship that has put a bitter sense of rejection in our heart.

Retrograde Venus in Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn is often perceived as a difficult love situation that we don’t know how to solve. We therefore remain in this relationship even though not truly happy. This is often the case with couples who look like a strange combination. In marriages that last for years both individuals may heal a karmic relationship that transcends this incarnation. Retrograde Venus in Taurus or Libra can be very good when used for art. It is great when we have a partner who expresses love in the way we do. We make our own happiness and partner is our mirror. We choose partners who can teach us what it really means to love, even when they hurt us badly.

Retrograde planets: Mars

Mars is retrograde every two years for a little bit more than two months. In the natal chart it may indicate a stressful, passive-aggressive nature. Internal restlessness originates from the past when we had inappropriately reacted. This situation needs to be brought to light, as it otherwise manifests as pain in some part of the body. Those with Mars in Cancer, Virgo and Libra have an energetically less strong Mars. If it is retrograde or in the 12th house, and when there are aspects with Saturn or Pluto, it is important to relieve aggression and stress in a healthy way through physical activity. If we do not do this we may have health problems. The immune system is over-stimulated and the adrenaline is high, due to the inability to cope with stress.

Of course, with adequate exercise and regular energy work, this can be overcome. With such daily regime the immune system improves and the body’s resistance increases. Usually in transit this time is tied to a strong desire to do something, but we cannot act adequately. We are either pushing a project or feeling the pressure of being forced to stay in a difficult situation.

There is a rule that vital projects should not be initiated. We should learn patience and postpone them. This is especially important to consider if retrograde Mars strongly activates your natal chart. It is necessary to rest and to avoid wasting energy on disputes. Any kind of quarrels leads to accidents at the karmic level and even serious physical injuries.

Strong Mars even when retrograde indicates that we are assertive. Bad experiences in the past have taught us to believe in ourselves more and solve problems. We need to learn through conflicts with others, find inner strength and understand that often we are our own worst enemy. If we fail to understand this, we often get into conflict with the environment and behave aggressively.

Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde about four months a year.

Retrograde planets: Jupiter

Jupiter retrograde in a natal chart can describe someone who may have lost faith due to a situation in the past. When retrograde Jupiter is in Cancer, Pisces and Sagittarius, religion can be the light that will guide us in moments of darkness. Retrograde Jupiter is also connected with strong desire to find happiness and true purpose. In transit, we often lack an optimistic outlook in life during these times. If Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio or Leo, through analysis of the past we can find a sense of connection with others.

We may also feel that it is not worth the effort because we are simply out of luck and cannot see the bigger picture. It is very important for us to meditate and see which belief brings problems. We need to change our life philosophy. These periods are useful for studying different cultures and to broaden our knowledge. We can find insights and ideas that will greatly enrich our lives. We need to explore ways to evolve our daily routine through a spiritual discipline, or at least by studying religion and ethics. We should change our life values, understanding what it means to have abundance in life.

Retrograde planets: Saturn

Saturn retrograde in a natal chart can indicate a strong negative belief manifesting as something blocking us from moving forward. We may face serious problems that require us to consider our decisions more realistically. This position indicates a cautious person who is responsible. He avoids risky ventures, although he is sometimes inclined to give up too soon. If Saturn is retrograde and in square with the Sun, we often do not show great maturity towards our parents and then success is lacking. We may be constantly looking for ways to ease our suffering, ending up hurting others.

Then it seems like life is delayed and we have to wait to achieve even the small things. Retrograde Saturn in Aries, Cancer and Leo may indicate a person prone to stress with a depressive outlook on life. Unconscious beliefs that are inherited through the family are common forcing us to think that we need to prepare for the worst. We are often unaware that any obstacle lies within ourselves and our level of maturity. Resentment we hold for years then manifests through some material obstacle.

Retrograde Saturn teaches us to do our best, to responsibly complete all obligations and duties. We need to learn to build diligently even when it is slow, difficult or seems in vain. It is important to have a strong character and find a stable support within our own physique. If we are conservative and closed to change we miss to allow ourselves to honestly see and analyze our own lives. If we keep blaming others for our unhappiness, we may repeatedly face problems that teach us to slow down. Over time, we become aware that lack of success does not mean punishment. It means that we need this experience in order to learn an important life lesson.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde about five months a year.

Retrograde planets: Uranus

Uranus in a natal chart indicates somebody with a very unusual character, needing to show individuality with an eccentric attitude. We may have a great need to understand what makes us special. We need to discover the truth that will lead us on a right life path. We may be rebellious, but over time learn to use our energy to contribute to the world through great achievements and scientific breakthroughs. In transit, there is a need to release pressure and engage in inventive projects that bring novelty to our days. Retrograde periods are associated with increased stress and restless behavior. There is a need to let go of the burden and restrictive relationships.

Retrograde planets: Neptune

Neptune in the natal chart shows a dreamer who fantasizes about the past. He is an idealist, with a very sensitive energy, receptive to the feelings of the people around him. He can have a very subtle aura, so the environment consumes him energetically. Women with this position can have a strong desire to get to know their soul mate. Especially if Neptune is in close aspect to Venus, there is a need to experience love on a higher spiritual level.

Transits indicate a time when it is necessary to find inspiration. We should turn to religion and art, to aspire to a higher subtle level. We all need to show more compassion and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. We may remember that sadness can’t be healed by alcohol or running away from reality. We should raise awareness of one’s personal boundaries by working on the chakras.

Retrograde planets: Pluto

Pluto in retrograde points out to a very strong past energy that has remained blocked. Throughout life, we can experience situations which come from past lives, too. We can come in contact with people with whom we form unhealthy relationships. They are a reflection of our energy full with anger and hatred. Throughout life, we can go through different intense experiences aiming to release the blocked energy. Life’s crises and fears force us to transform and grow.

Transits indicate control issues, obsessiveness and the need to focus on a problem forgetting about the solutions. This may lead us deeper into the darkness. It is important to make sense of our goals and to understand what the core motivation is. Strong magnetic energy, passion and experiences that trigger fear require us to make a quantum leap on the energy level and rid ourselves of the shadows from the past.

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