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August 1, 2023


Consultation info:

Skype video call consultation in English language includes a recording.  If you do not have Skype, you will be sent a 24h guest link to access video call.  In that case, recording is sent afterwards by email and available for download through WeTransfer. 

Live video consultation with me includes astrological calculations, thorough analysis and insights on your questions. Every consultation will be designed to suit your needs at the moment. Consultation with me is much more then astrology analysis and can be a catalyst of deeper understanding of yourself and your life. Tears, intense emotion and overwhelm are common for people who are in the midst of a big transformation, too.

Please make sure that you have a quiet place and that you will not be disturbed during consultation. As we may be discussing delicate topics, presence of other people is not possible. During one consultation it is not possible to cover all topics and provide insighs on every question. You can book another consultation later based on your needs. Please make sure to understand that astrology cannot help in every situation and that it has its limitations.

Booking info:

Consultation booking is done by email. Session are booked in advance according to availability during work week (CET timezone).

Please make sure to be ready for your session to start on time. Cancellation is possible two work days in advance and in that case you will be offered first available date or sent an audio recording.

I do not give my professional opinion on astrology questions received in emails outside of booked session. Thank you for understanding.

Astrological analysis info:

Analysis is based on years of astrological studying, huge experience and skills acquired on numerous workshops/other forms of education. Astrology is alive and always evolves. If I think that your need something different from what I can offer you, I will not state that clearly.

I do not offer written analysis, synastry and natal chart analysis for babies and children. During the session we can only discuss your chart. Sessions with me are focused on helping you gain better understanding of yourself.

Astrodetoks is encouraging clients to understand their natal planets better and learn how to work with them. You have to be at least 18 years old to have a session with me.

Rectification is not done during consultation. It is expected that you know exact time of birth. Just a small time difference can alter transits for one year. From time to time astrology analysis that I offer change. Please make sure to check out currently available session you can book on my website.

Privacy Policy:

All information provided or received during consultation is confidential. Astrological data is kept for later consultations and research. Information given on this website or during session are not to replace any medical advice. For health issues, legal and financial questions you should contact experts in that field.

Comments and thank you notes after consultation may be published anonymously on this website with your consent.


I do not offer prediction and forecasting of events. Clients take 100%  responsibility for themselves and their decisions. Astrodetoks is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damage made by using provided information. If you suffer from psychological issues, please make sure to first reach out to a specialist!

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you whose life path crossed with mine showing me how precious astrological knowledge is in the 21st century!

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