Uranus in Taurus (2018-2026)

Maja Lazić
March 18, 2019

Uranus in Taurus (2018-2026)

This post is about Uranus in Taurus.

These days, everyone is talking about Uranus, which entered Taurus for the second time. Last year we had the opportunity to “feel” what it looks like. However, many of us, this second and final entry for the next seven years, caught unprepared. I noticed that lately, during the natal chart analysis, I am often asked about nutrition. Many of you, triggered by the energy of this transit, decide to introduce certain change in relation to the food you consume.

As Uranus transits my sixth house, this topic imposed on itself. My desire is to apply astrology to help me on daily basis. To teach others how it can help them through their natal chart. So the theme of this text will be how to use the energy of Uranus to introduce healthy changes in nutrition, lose weight and get more energy. Let’s start from the basics!

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus means change, bouncing off standards and overcoming something which is considered usual. Then it is often rejected at first but later understood that it was useful to everyone. Uranus is a ruler of Aquarius and represents everything that is different. It leads to a fallout from the routine and from the expected. Uranus also represents a rebellion or deviation from habit and a stepping-stone to something that has not yet been explored.

Uranus concept when applied on food implies that it is necessary to open up to try different foods from the ones we ate so far. Also, the food coming from abroad, which is unusually prepared, which saves the planet. It is in order with the principles of a healthy life, which is rare and not many people still know about it. It all belongs to foods that have the energy of Uranus. By following these principles during this transit, your diet should be everything except usual, stable, and dull in order to satisfy our taste buds.


On the other hand, Taurus represents routine, habits, as well as safety. It is about the need to enjoy food and know when and what we eat. This sign is a gourmet and loves food in all its forms. Thus representing hedonistic dishes, rich dining, traditional foods, luxurious, expensive and high-quality food. How it is served and with whom you are eating it is also important.

Often, we can feel on the unconscious level the instinct for change when a certain transit begins. Then we make certain change and thus, we go with transit. However, what is more often is to resist that needed change. Then “the planet pushes us”. Often only when something is putting pressure, crashing our energy  and tormenting us, we are thinking about change something. The same principle applies to Uranus in Taurus, as well as any other transit. I think that when we use astrology actively in our life, we can use every transit in many ways both for and against what we really want.

Some of you, especially if:

  • transit Uranus is just entering the house (II or VI)
  • the angles of the horoscope (asc, dsc, ic, mc)
  • it is in a conjunction, square or opposition to the Sun, Moon and Venus
  • or with the ruler of the natal chart

Then you can feel that the change in nutrition is necessary, in a subtle or drastic way. Taurus, Sun or ascendant, or a planet in Taurus, especially Moon or Mercury at 0 or 1 degrees, can be compelled by health instabilities to change what you eat.

Nutrition changes will be triggered by persistent poor digestion and digestive disorders, tiredness or  cramps, skin problems. As well as problems with the thyroid gland, throat or endocrine inflammations based on low immunity and poor and ever repeating selection of food. It should be remembered here that it is not just food that is important to our belly but that there is spiritual food, too.

Innovation with Uranus in Taurus

Although Uranus and the sign of Aquarius mean something innovative and new, very often this energy is embodied in something old or ancient that again becomes popular within a certain number of people. Therefore, now any diet based on old principles used in preparing food in an innovative and modern way can correspond to Uranus in Taurus.

Some of you will not have any health problems, however, you can go through life changes that trigger the choice of the food you eat . So you may eat more or less, but definitely healthier, more diversified. Changing routine can lead to increased fruit intake, quitting consumption of alcohol beverages/soft drinks, or change in diet may affect change in leisure time and the company you choose.


Uranus in Taurus reminds me of the “Heston’s fantastical food” series and “How to cook like Heston” on 24kitchen. As well as all the very inventive chefs and foods that are being prepared in a specific science fiction way. However, in order not to get out of balance during this long transit, changes should be introduced gradually, as Taurus likes. Any restriction in food leads to stress and chaos in the organism, as well as to rebellious behaviors and choosing unhealthy foods. “Slow Food” can once again become a popular concept, as well as socializing based on the food preparation and seminars that educate you about healthy eating.

As Uranus represents both foods that are widely advertised they are in an attractive packaging but are manufactured scientifically. There is a danger that healthy products will start to be sold in unhealthy packaging as well as sudden changes in the price of basic food products. Taurus represents basic foods (milk, meat, bread, vegetables, fruit) so there is danger of GMO foods. We are not sure what we are putting into our body. Something strange may be injected into the meat. That it becomes visually more attractive, becomes very pronounced at the level of the society.

For the next seven years, this can bring up eating trends that are a little or a lot weirder that we are used to. It cause our personal boundaries to be more flexible in what we eat. We should decide to not use food to console our broken heart, crazy head and restless mind. We can best use Uranus in Taurus to ask ourselves what is really healthy for us to eat and then to prepare it in a fun, different and interesting way.

Modernization with Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus will popularize electric household appliances that have become an integral part of every kitchen in the last couple of years. Especially various types of appliances for juicing and preparation of smoothies, shakes and cutting of raw food. It is very possible that modern freezers will also appear which preserve the freshness of foods in a special so far unseen way.

However, Taurus enjoys eating slowly. It is much more enjoyable to eat what can be chewed. Taurus is therefore often associated with bread and cakes, and drastic diets which introduce restriction to this type of food can lead to even more stress. Therefore, any change should be slow, enjoyable and not exhaustive. Uranus invites us to either introduce change that is good for us. But also for the mankind and the planet Earth, and if we do not do it, and we disobey it may happen that we are forced to change our habits.


A book that can help you connect more closely with this concept is “You Are What You Eat” Dr. Gillian McKeith. It’s a good idea to start this spring with a clay (earth element) that you will drink for three weeks in a row. Ten take a break and repeat everything once again (there is no taste. So it is ideal because the Taurus points to food that is pleasant and in which it enjoys.

Everything that does not have a nice taste but it’s healthy, will not be liked). You can also use active coal that you will add in the water (also without flavor). Or simply decide to eat much more foods that grow on the ground and which are full of nutrients are consumed by making interesting and tasty recipes.

For some of you, everything can go in the different direction. You will notice changes in the form of sudden discontinuation (Uranus) of consuming something you love if you have been regularly eating or drinking. Especially coffee or soda drinks. However, what will be especially interesting is that this change will fall easily. All the changes with Uranus are always for the better. Except that we do not always recognize it immediately, because of the fear and tendency to live with thoughts in the past. From this lack of recognition what really matters the revolt and turbulent and stressful changes in the organism appear.

Food trends

Certain new foods will appear too, as well as new diet trends. This does not have to be the right thing for you. Although it can encourage you to make changes in your diet, modernize your kitchen or improve your culinary skills. Also, it is possible to see in the next couple of years the food consumed in the capsules. Or in an unusual way through the sense of smell. For example, chocolate that is inhaled and smelled. It is experimental in how it works on the body because there is still little known about it which may be introduced to the market, too. New types of snacks, various unusually packaged sweets, foods that explode in your mouth, but is this healthy?

This question will be asked frequently. In certain parts of the planet Earth, shortages of certain foods can occur due to unexpected climate change and insufficient modernization and education in soil processing and food storage. This can direct us to eating the food that has been imported and which could lose on quality when arriving to your destination.

Food in the future

In many areas people will therefore decide to planet food themselves. So that the richest and the healthiest will be the one who has its own land and grows fruits and vegetables. As well as to start looking for innovative replacements for what they have been doing so far so that the food we eat has more vibrations. It is healthier and more nutritious, and which does not contribute to the formation of waste. Now food is not just this: what to eat tonight. But also many more questions like how this food works for me, how this food is produced. Or whether it is really healthy as it is being claimed.

Uranus may also lead to changes in the way in which certain foods are grown. Thus the price and availability of products and the complete change in production. Many large food companies will begin to introduce healthy foods and beverages into their range of products. For example, Coca Cola has introduced cereal-based beverages that are unusual and very tasty during the first entry of Uranus in the sign of Taurus.

Intuitive nutrition

Uranus in Taurus encourages our need to turn our inner voice and embrace “intuitive nutrition,” so that we really feel what we eat and when. As well as how certain foods, its quantity and combination with other foods affect us. Uranus invites us to forget about the habits of how many times, when, where and how we eat. Listen to our inner being and let it lead us in the choice of food.

Uranus in Taurus will teach us to approach food as a person who is intelligent and who keeps up with times, and who does not use food for punishment, or substitute for something else. Especially not because it is bored, but with the goal of being healthier and in order to have more energy. It implies both the enjoyment and support of the life path that you have chosen.

What is Uranus in Taurus teaching you right now?

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