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Venus in Capricorn

This post is about Venus in Capricorn, focused on retrograde transit.

The time seems to have come when I should quote Benjamin Franklin and his words that there is no gain without pain. Retrograde Venus, although it does not have to be about pain and sad love at all, certainly has a teaching character. Especially during its transit in sign of Capricorn, when consequences of past appear in love life. Everything happens for a reason. This is the law of karma.

In the Bible, fasting lasted for 40 days, which is equivalent to the period of retrograde Venus. It is a time when we need to give up something and be disciplined for the sake of a better love relationship. If we do not give up what does not serve us, or if we do not fix it, it is mostly taken away from us. This is not just about love, but also about money, real estate, beauty and enjoyment. We should get rid of what we don’t need, for example, old clothes and cosmetics.

Everything we think and feel about ourselves affects our natal chart. There is a reason why problems occur during this transit. It is related to a belief regarding love which is paramount for its stability and longevity. I’ve talked about it many times. Fearful heart can never enjoy love. And if there is fear awakened during this period, there is little chance that it is true love at all.

Retrograde time

Venus is retrograde every year and a half or so. In eight years, it will be retrograde in the same house and sign, so it is wise to solve the problem NOW so that we do not carry it with us. Procrastination usually makes relationships irreparable. Retrograde Venus in Capricorn during 19.12.2021.-29.1.2022. asks a question what is it that you can no longer count on in your life? What no longer serves you and does not fulfill its role? Where in your life do you give up love? And an even more important question: WHY?

This is especially true for you with Venus in Capricorn, if you have personal planets or natal Venus ruler in the aspect to transiting Venus. If natal Venus is on the 26th degree of cardinal signs this is a particularly important transit for you! Ruler of the house in which retrograde Venus transits and its aspects will show the quality of your relationship.

But let’s go back a little bit. Venus naturally rules second and seventh house. In general, these are areas that are clogged with karmic influences from recent or distant past. Venus is associated with the sign of Taurus and Libra, where it is well placed. All of you who have ascendant or personal planets in these signs can feel energetically blocked as Venus begins to approach retrograde cycle.

Questions of relationship balance, fair play and satisfaction become crucial, but answers are hard to find. In the sign of Capricorn with Saturn as ruler, love becomes like a stone. The one in a shoe that makes walking uncomfortable or the one that you must push uphill. For each of you, this image is different depending on your natal chart and context.

Relationship of Venus and Sun

If there is a problem in the relationship of natal Venus and Sun it will be seen more clearly during this transit even if there are no aspects with retrograde Venus. Venus is always related to relationship to Sun, so it should be analyzed that way. For many women, Venus is combust and retrograde quality is activated, too. Now we are especially talking about marital relations and relationships where we have committed ourselves to fidelity and eternal love.

Some old problem can be deepened so that we can become aware of responsibilities we have for our love life. Pleasure is scarce and life seems lukewarm. That someone who is our Sun, role usually played by husband, no longer provides warmth of love during retrograde time. But it is very possible that it is something that has been present for much longer. But we are only now seeing it.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account transiting aspect of Sun and retrograde Venus. It shows beginning of new relationship cycle. This time should be used to determine what kind of relationship we have, if it exists at all. Quality of your consciousness, which is again shown by natal Sun, always shapes your future. Love life is always a manifestation of your parents’ relationship and relationship you have with them, which is seen through aspect of natal Moon and Sun. Everything spins in a circle.

Important dates for Venus in Capricorn

Venus will be about thirty degrees away from Sun when retrograde begins on December 19th, 2021. Then it will form a conjunction to Sun on January 9th, 2022. It will move directly again when it is about thirty degrees behind Sun on January 29th, 2022. Venus returns to the place where retrograde began on March 2th, 2022. That is the moment when it comes out of the shadow. What will happen during retrograde cycle could be seen around November 18th/19th, 2021 especially because it was the date of the eclipse.

All this can significantly affect self-confidence. Many women will feel the need to change something in their appearance. However, later they will not be satisfied if they did it to please others and not themselves. Change on the outside means nothing when we feel emptiness in the core of our being. This disables us to feel loved. Who doesn’t love us (anymore)?

Key words

Some things should definitely be avoided if you are wise. The key words are now DISCIPLINE and DISCERNMENT. This is not the time to start a new business, especially related to investing, real estate or beauty and art. For that, we need to wait Venus to turn direct. Postpone buying something expensive or especially if you need it to last for a long time. It will disappoint you or break down quickly. Price of the purchase could be unreasonable, too.

Basically, if you want to buy something, I’ll tell you right away that you don’t need it. Your Venus is hungry for love. You are trying to satisfy that hunger in a way that will only leave you even more depressed and empty. Finish your obligations, write the last paragraph in your doctor’s dissertation, pass that exam. Do what you have to do. It’s not necessarily very pleasant, but it will bring MUCH later. Love yourself to complete your obligations.

If transiting Venus is conjunct any of your natal planets in Capricorn it will be even more important for you. For example, conjunction of natal Mars and retrograde Venus indicates a time to reconsider what you are actually doing and to become aware of which direction you want to go next in your relationship.

What motive drives you to act that way? Is it feat that something will happen or lack of trust? Of course, house where all this is happening will say much more. With 12th house cusp in Capricorn it may feel as if everything has conspired against you. But when Venus crosses ascendant and moves direct, a large amount of energy, accumulated frustration and unresolved conflicts will be released.

Dating during the retrograde period

If an important person enters your life during retrograde cycle, your relationship may need to pass a karmic test. However, usually retrograde cycle concerns old connections and relationships that somehow find their way back to our life again. I guess through those cracks in our heart that we still haven’t healed, thinking it’s not our responsibility.

If an important person has returned to your life or seems to have that tendency, you should first reconsider your relationship with yourself. Capricorn energy always carries past life karma. Problem you are facing now does not have to have anything to do with this life. Energy is shifted inwards, but that inner world is tight and dark. Why on earth would you want to enter those caves of emotions? It is not about wanting, but about what must be done.

Retrograde Venus in a natal chart or progressions does not mean that there must be immediate problems in love or with money. It is possible that attitude towards money and love changes during life. It is often necessary to go through a change that was caused by loss. In case your natal Venus is retrograde, it will start progressing directly at some point. We can see that in the book of ephemeris.

It is certainly an important year which is calculated depending on the degree of Venus, latest happening by the age of 45. Some people also have the opposite case. They were born with direct Venus which will at some point become retrograde in progressions. So we can’t always see everything through transits and advanced techniques have to be combined. It takes a lot of finesse to analyze a chart. All this will show the root of the problem. If it really exists, transit of retrograde Venus can bring a partner who actually “serves” us to solve our challenge.


Some of you will fight only with internal pressure or could lose hope that desired can be achieved at all. Some of you will have to see where energy is wasted. This is a time to learn to plan, for more patience and not wasting resources. Setting priorities is key. We need to think about what is most important for us to achieve and what needs we deny ourselves by not achieving it.

If retrograde Venus activates your South Node or is in the seventh house, you could feel like that there is no person with whom you would be in a relationship. If Venus has aspects to natal Chiron some kind of love wound could open up. If your partner has Sun, Venus or Mars in aspect to your retrograde Venus it can now cause you more pain. It is a kind of revenge for something that has hurt him in the past. Yet the pain during this transit arises from non-acceptance and resistance to reality.

When we talk about love, we always have to take Moon into account. Natal Moon and its relationship with retrograde Venus on a daily basis shows how we are dealing with this transit. However, you should always be aware that every transit that activates your natal Moon always has to do with childhood. It manifests the way we experienced emotionally disturbing events that happened, but now those unconscious memories are opening up again.

We were mostly learning about love through relationship with grandparents or ones who were looking after us. For some of you, retrograde Venus in Capricorn activates these old relationships and a toxic energy conflict that still lingers in you. Everything that is happening now always has something to do with ancient circumstances that happened and that you did not heal.

Tears of the Moon

With Moon in Capricorn, especially if it is in the 12th house, you might search for someone or something that will save you from pain during this transit. You will need to be alone, but then pain and sadness will appear like a foam that waves can never take too far away. You can only help yourself by taking responsibility for your happiness and your heart. It can also help you to develop energy properties of sign of Cancer, opening up to emotional protection and sensitivity. Tears are definitely healing.

Retrograde Venus can be best used when we clearly see if we are disillusioned that there will be something more from a relationship. No, it won’t. This is the maximum you will have with this person. It is important for YOU to clarify to yourself what you want and learn to value yourself more. Retrograde Venus is similar to the anaretic 29th degree which is karmic and has something fatal in it. Something that is dying. If you are just going through the midlife crisis, all this is further intensified. That is why it requires a lot of flexibility. It is looking for a heart that is not rigid and fragile, because otherwise it will burst and be broken.

Life is a constant change. You constantly have the opportunity to be a new person. Very successful business women often come to me during retrograde periods, but completely unsuccessful in love, as they claim. So, if you found yourself in this description you should consider in which area of ​​life you have invested the most in the previous two years, especially during Saturn in Capricorn transit. What we invest grows and what is ignored and neglected decays. Sometimes business success comes at an unimaginable price.

Relationships activated by transit

You have attracted everything into your life, all the people and experiences. That is why we must always first see relationships with others through our natal chart and only then move on to synastry. We will see every important relationship through the seventh house in our natal chart. This can be problematic if the first house is not lived. Then it is projected on the seventh and on the partner whether you have one or not.

In order to understand what a retrograde Venus cycle means for your relationship, we first use synastry techniques, where it will be clear what kind of energetic entity arises between two people. This we can analyze through a composite chart that will show quality, challenges, lessons and purpose of a relationship. Composite chart will show kind of relationship and its dynamics, but it is always necessary to start from your natal chart.

Only when we understand that we can continue to add transits and advanced techniques. All this makes no sense if there is no relationship. Comparing your chart with another person’s chart with whom you are not in a relationship even if you later start a relationship manifests a completely different vibration during interpretation. Here is an example.

If in synastry your natal Moon has a conjunction with Venus of your partner where there is a square with transiting retrograde Venus this relationship could face stormy emotions concerning dilemma whether person we are dating is really right for us. However, what will happen depends on the state of the relationship before retrograde Venus begins. Relationships that are on shaky ground now don’t have much chance. Retrograde Venus in Capricorn shatters all illusions by asking us to be realistic. Only then we can be happy and find true love. Some relationships will end if they take away more than they can provide, due to insincerity, disrespect and disagreement.

What you can do to help yourself during Venus in Capricorn transit:

  1. Introduce discipline into your life during.
  2. If this is a painful time for you, mantras and yantras for Venus could help you. Be more compassionate with yourself and give yourself more love. Learn to fill your “love tank” on your own. In karmic analysis I can offer you ways to practically work with this energy, too.
  3. Be creative. The world’s greatest works of art were created because writers/painters/musicians were unhappy in love and suffered loss.
  4. Since each planet in the natal chart and its aspects are some kind of physical movement, how does your Venus want to move and express itself? Express it through this bodily movement.

When you are overwhelmed by the fear that love in your relationship is counting its final days, consider the following questions:

On a scale of one to ten, do you feel your love relationship is lasting and secure? Is there fear in that relationship? How much do you value yourself and is your self-image defined by your partner or relationship you have? Is your value only visible through external and material stuff, designer clothing, titles, status, etc.? Do you value what you have and how it supports your life quality? What do you say to others about your love life? Change the story if it doesn’t suit you. Is what you consider love really love or is it just passion? Are you doing something that makes you suffer even more? In the problem you are currently in, how much is your responsibility? Take full responsibility.

A few words to take with you

This is a time of reevaluation and reestablishment of new personal value especially for those who have natal planets activated by transit. Those with natal Saturn in Capricorn can make important decisions in love that will significantly change their lives. Maybe something you love very much will fall apart, break or disappear. It doesn’t have to be love. You may notice that your porcelain dishes or your favorite teacup are chipped and can no longer be used. Replace them on time. Don’t wait for everything to fall apart and suffer even more damage.

Finally, I will remind you that problems you have will not be solved by looking to find guilt in others and especially not by waiting for transits to pass. Venus in Capricorn demands some serious love work to be done. But working on love and loving are not the same things. It is necessary to make a change in your behavior that will create new karma over time. What needs to be changed can be seen in your natal chart.

Understand that there is no chance of getting rid of emotional pain forever, but love should not hurt. Use this transit to enjoy time when you are alone. Build relationships with those who will be there for you even when it’s hard. Remember old friends and spend more time with them. What is happening now is just one bus stop on the path of your spiritual evolution and don’t skip it. Love is not gone, but you may really have to leave that relationship to save yourself.

What is Venus in Capricorn teaching you?

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