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After yours first session with me it is possible to book: additional consultations, yearly transit analysis and synastry analysis. Also, if the session your are looking for is not listed, I can create it for you and your needs.

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ASTRODETOKS is designed to:
• help you experience awakening of your natal chart and if you always wanted to ‘dive into’ astrology because you love learning about yourself
• choose your direction in life and when you need someone to remind you of your true qualities and personal values
• teach you how to feeling stuck and listen to the messages of the Universe in order to transform and heal the energy of your natal planets
• break down important transits and take responsibility for your life by consciously working with the energy of that planet or aspect
• raise awareness of the possibilities to create your life, grow and evolve, leaving your past behind readily initiating new life chapters after a karmic relationship or some other traumatic experience
• dive more deeply into the astrological symbols of your natal chart if are already doing yoga, meditation, EFT or having interest in power of attraction or other alternative and spiritual techniques
• reach personal freedom and solve challenges in your physical energy

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ASTRODETOKS is also for you even if you didn’t find yourself in the above mentioned statements and if you are still new to concepts of modern astrology, but you are clearly hearing your heart and your Soul calling you. My approach to astrology as a tool for personal growth is based now on huge experience and it is filled with useful energy techniques, astro-psychology and evolutional astrology. My task is to help you make your dreams come true by understand your natal chart and to make it the best tool possible to live the life you wish for.

ASTRODETOKS is designed for all who are ready to evolve, who want to grow and bravely live their energy with an open heart and mind always aware that they are creating their life in each and every moment.

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Your natal chart is graphically, symbolically and energetically a representation of your personality, your beliefs, life goals and values, priorities, ways of communication, unconscious desires and habits which do not support you. Even though natal chart graphically on the level of symbols is always the same, according to the mathematical calculations based on your natal data, these symbols are not fixed and they evolve in terms of interpretation, because we add to them with the energy of our beliefs, emotions, ways of behavior and mental approach.
You natal chart is not standing in time, but it pulsates in every moment, the same as your heart and this pulse, this vibration and the frequency are bringing people and experiences in your life. The key of your natal chart is always in the spine of the individual. You natal chart is the best you could get and the principles of modern astrology will help you achieve abundant life in all areas.

Online consultation

Online consultation includes astro-psychological synthesis of your natal planetary potential and key life areas. This type of analysis is the basis to understand the transits and the activation of the natal chart, its healing and the transformation of the challenging cycles. During consultation you are able to ask questions, as well. This type of analysis is a chance to experience your natal chart in a completely different way, to find strength in yourself as well as your true light which will guide you in difficult times.
My clients cry with me, laugh with me and have those ‘aha moments’ being able to honestly see themselves. For many of them my analysis and my approach to astrology were an initiation into the new life victories.
After the natal chart analysis, for those of you who want to explore more of your astro-symbolism and in order to gain deeper insights it is advised to yearly book Transit analysis or have additional sessions when needed.

Astro-psychological and karmic natal analysis are currenly available.

This service is only available for clients who had had a consulation with me:

Book of Life-this a written interperation of your natal chart with key transits focused on all the areas of life during one year

Chapter of life analysis and Life Area/Issue analysis* It is useful if you are interested in current astrological events, if you are facing a challenge or turbulent changes, when you need the support of the planet in relation to certain situations in your life. It includes the current transits of personal and slow planets and the transiting Moon (New and Full Moon) to your natal chart at a given time as well as an explanation of the natal position that needs to be integrated. This service is intended for those who want me to “look at something” in the natal chart.

Transit consultation represents further work on your natal chart (this session can be focused on other topics that interest you, too). Transit analysis is done with the analysis of the natal chart or at your request as yearly transit analysis.

Transits are the language of the Universe that we translate into emotions, attitudes and possibilities, so they will clearly show what we need to invest our energy in, where we need to be more honest with ourselves and how to change our behavior to gain better results. Transits are opportunities to grow and learn life lessons and primarily represent a change in the level of consciousness. The individual will feel this on the level of emotions and possibly gain a broader understanding of his life. Transits are not predictions but possibilites for you to consciously create your life.

The life experiences that happen to us are necessary and the natal chart can be manifested in countless ways if the person is not in fear or tied by habits. Over time, we learn to overcome natal challenges and activate our natal potential, and what transits can help us to manifest is always equivalent to our willpower, level of peace and personal discipline. By our behavior, we tune the vibration of the natal chart and thus determine the results of the events around us that always represent the atmosphere in us and the emotions that we may have suppressed.

Modern astrology

With the evolution of the individual through transiting cycles we uncover the ways in which we can use these transits for personal growth and fulfillment of his purpose. Transits are an opportunity to deal with a problem, face the truth and change the experience of ourselves and the world around us. The planets are like psychological magnets that extract from us what we have energetically accumulated over time in our (sub) consciousness through emotions, beliefs and behavior. Although mathematical transits are fixed, what they can bring us is very changeable and depends on our free will. The subconscious part of ourselves, the unconsciousness, life attitudes, type of energy, way emotions are expressed, socio-psychological factors and the environment affect how our natal chart will develop.

Transits relation to your natal chart and how to make the most of opportunities and easily overcome challenges. It covers the transits of slow planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and eclipses on your natal chart for the next period.
1. If you are interested in how to successfully achieve goals in a certain area of life and better plan its realization or overcome a certain problem.
2. Includes an analysis of a specific natal area or topic / problem of your choice with an overview of long-term planetary transits.
3. This consultation is intended for those who want to consult and talk to me or have additional questions related to a particular life topic and need to understand what is happening during certain challenging transits.

This type of analysis covers the karmic memories of an individual that can be traced back to past lives and that trigger irrational turbulent emotions and physical pain. For a complete understanding of an individual’s karma, it is necessary to go through purification, liberation and healing. This is possible when a person accepts responsibility for himself through understanding natal Saturn as well as Lunar Nodes. Finding your purpose and happiness as well as karmic tests are topics we will discuss.Goal of the analysis is to find readiness for change and different reactions that lead to new decisions and termination of Soul agreements made in past lives that still hurt you.

* Online consultation includes introductory discussion about problems you are facing and astrological analysis. During analysis, we will examine your natal chart through karmic astrological techniques and evolutionary astrology. During this consultation, meditations will be suggested if needed to remove blockages that prevent healing and adoption of spiritual lessons. At your request we can do meditate together, but my goal is for you to be able to meditate by yourself in the foreseen period, which depends on the type of karmic debts and Soul lessons.

This type of analysis is recommended in case of a problem that has not been possible to solve so far. Karmic analysis is an unique experience that provides a broader picture in life lessons and individual spiritual imprint of the Soul and healing on an emotional and psycho-physical level and problem solving in relationships. My goal is for this type of analysis to help you find strength in yourself and hear your creative urge better and clearer. Karmic analysis and what you will get from it primarily depends on the continuatious work on yourself and application of techniques that will be determined according to your natal and cycles you are going through.

This session is designed for those who have already gone through natal chart analysis with me and have gained understanding about their chart. If this is your first analysis with me, the focus will be more on the analysis then the practical techniques.

Enery techniques include: specific breathing and physical exercises, meditation, writing a diary, listening and refraining from talking, visualization, affirmation, mudra, etc. You will receive detailed instructions based on your natal chart during the session and you should apply them for a minimum of two weeks. If necessary, you will receive a proposal for reconnective healing sessions or other techniques.

This is only for the clients with whom I have already worked with and who had at least one session. For more information please send an email.

My approach can be found on this link.

This type of analysis shows synastry and psychological dynamics of a relationship, how your natal energies balance each other, as well as the obstacles in the progression of the relationship and the way you can solve issues within this union. It will show the level of honesty, individual behavior to different life areas, the level of attraction and respect. For the complete understanding of the relationship it is important to understand our own natal chart, because our partner is always our mirror and he/she shows what we need to become aware in our own energy. The potential of a person and the deeper understanding of his/her own nature will decide how we will experience other people and which challenges may arise in this relationship.

Consultation includes the influence of the aspects between two charts with the techniques of the synastry for your chart and the chart of your partner and the composite analysis. During this consultation long term transits on the synastry chart will also be considered. Exact time of birth for both partners is necessary. This type of analysis is recommended for the marriage partners or long term relationships.

If you want to remove the obstacles that prevent the healing of your life and to find inner balance or if you just want to have an experience of RH frequencies and you are open for something new:

* Session includes the experience of the RH frequencies, light and information, as well as the conversation about your experience and feedback after the healing. Reconnective healing is not a therapy and energy goes where it is needed the most. Every session is an unique experience and it can not be foreseen in advance. It is advised to do a set of three sessions. You can do just one session or more sessions, too.

-If your pet has a health issues that you were not able to solve, reconnective healing may be just what you need. For this kind of healing a photo of your pet is necessary. It is advised to do a set of five sessions that last about 15 minutes.

What is RH?

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