Why uncovering past lives is not for everybody?

//Why uncovering past lives is not for everybody?

Why uncovering past lives is not for everybody?

You don’t have any problems and everything is fine. However, you are interested in knowing what you have been in your past life. Energetic regression is something you would do just out of curiosity ? I must tell you that what somebody was in past life is not really important. It is not the purpose of uncovering past lives. That is why if somebody tells you your past life it is childish and has no value. Even if you hear something  ’’useful’’if can be bad for you. Especially, if you don’t go through the experience on the energy or physical level, in the amount that you are ready for.

There are really spectacular regressions in castles, palaces and kingdoms, that are breathtaking. That still may not lead to the healing that you want. If you don’t want to change your behavior after the regression, or to forgive and stop blaming others. Also, if we are not ready to heal our lives, they will not open. Why would your soul give you a clue into something you are not ready for?

There are some really boring and uneventful regressions, where nothing much is happening. They don’t seem very interesting, but at the same time they bring some kind of resolution, with tears and cheerful laugh. And some days later material evidence that some problem or painful situation has been fixed.

Importance about regression

What is really important during energetic regression and past lives healing is what kind of obstacle, problem or challenge that has left you with and how is that problem hurting you now. Uncovering past lives is there to get rid of all that is blocking your evolution, your life and your happiness. It is not to have fun or boast to your friends that you have been this or that.  Neither this nor your past life is a joke.

Energetic regression is a deep transformative experience. When somebody asks me to do it just out of fun or curiosity I must say no. That is what I use karmic astrology in natal analysis just after somebody has gone through energetic regression. During reconnective healing when past lives open up we can use it to get some explanations. I never before the regression.

If you feel drained or you have chronic pain or you are always tired, it is more useful to do three sessions of reconnective healing. Or start doing yoga, then to dig your past lives out when you don’t have the energy for it. Regression is not for you if you use antidepressants, suffer from psychological disorder. If you are going through chemotherapy it is your responsibility to contact your doctor for your medical problems.

How does it look like

People who see a lot of details during energetic regression are on the deepest level of healing, as some metaphysics claim. At the end it is still your Soul or your Higher Self that decides you don’t need more pain, hurt or sadness or not. The amount of detail someone might see during the energetic regression, may not always be appropriate to the resolution of the problem. If you are not a visual type, it may be that you don’t see anything but gain some answers through other senses.

Because sometimes you may need to continue with other technique to solve it completely. Be sure that on the everyday level, we constantly in some amount are healing our live. But we are completely unaware of this and especially if we don’t believe in it.

What the client is seeing is important, I am just a guide. Because what I see may take her to the scene that is not important for her or that she is still not ready for. Actually, what I see is important for me. Because my past life was there at the same time and place. It has possibly been a part of life of the person going though regression. That person contacted me because we went through something before. It is needed to heal it together.

Past life decision

Nevertheless, I don’t make decisions about your healing or the path that your past life lead you. Nor the person going through regression can direct it, but it is her Soul and Higher Self. This is a process, not a one way ticket with a certain destination. Often people want to do regression because of painful partnerships but end up healing something else (finances, for example). Because it led to the problems in their relationship. Be sure that on the energy level everything is very clear. It is just your brain complicating it trying to understand what can’t and what does not need to be understood.

Life that you may ’’go through’’ is the one that for you in the specific moment is the most important. But it may not be the life that is crucial for the healing of the current situation. And it leads you to the moment when all ’’went down’’. It may not even be the past life, just some old time when you were very young but there was a trauma. If the concrete problem is in this life, it must be first dealt in this life. Not in the past lives and energetic regression is not a shor cut to you spiritual growth but the needed part of the puzzle. You can’t skip something nor get a guarantee.

During the energetic regression sometimes some time between now and then may open, out of the body but in the body. Because we are not grounded in it and we need to settle again in our aura. It is simple. Our soul will lead us to the place that we need to be. It will not get us into the scenes which we can’t digest or what might make us feel worse afterwards.

Chakras  and past lives

If you are facing an obstacle in your past lives, it seems like an obstacle in your aura or some of the chakras. So it is not necessary for everyone to see and know their past lives. But can just energetically release it without knowing what is being released. This release sometimes lead to a feeling of throwing up, needing to go to toilette, intense heartburn, pressure in the body. But still the person may not see anything, just feel uncomfortable for a few seconds. Be sure that if you have experienced something like this in some new situation, completely unexpectaly and without possible explanation. You have had a same situation in your past life and this is the way you are releasing it.

Exploration of your past lives may open up topics for which other technique (sometimes just a lot of sleep or change of diet) may be very useful. I, nor somebody else, can’t do something for you that you need to do and learn. For example, history movies that talk about important cycles in the history of mankind and society. As well as literature and art, offer us a subtle past live cleaning tool on the everyday level. During the energetic regression you may get some instruction from your Higher Self about what needs to be done. Because it is not enough to only know it, be need to understand it. To let go of the old karma we need to do something different then before.


Sometimes it happens that a person with a really big problem after finding out about the root of a disaster or a loss in the past life. When at the end of the regression is being asked to change the soul contracts, says that she is not ready to release it even thought it hurts. She can’t explain it but the soul knows. How many times does it happen for us to repeat the same things what are obviously bad for us but we can’t stop. Or we say that we are going to stop doing it but we do it again?

Then it is a good idea, that after some time, when we feel ready, we go again through the energetic regression. After which it is possible to solve the issue that has been bothering us and open a new life cycle. Everything is fine, because healing is a journey. It last throughout the life but it doesn’t have to be difficult or hard. We are always moving and healing, just be honest and take responsibility.

Also, uncovering the past lives is not for those under 18, soon after some painful situation, death of a loved one. Or if the person is not psychologically stable. There a perfect timing for anything in our life. It is necessary that some time passes after the situation. So uncovering past lives is advised after we have already tried some other techniques and only after the analysis of the natal chart.

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