Reconnective Healing

//Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a session of receiving information and light of the Reconnective frequencies. It may help you deal with a problem or issues in a specific period of time. This type of healing includes healing on the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level. How will the frequencies manifest depends on where you are in your life right now so it is an individual experience. This session is especially recommended during the retrograde cycles of the planets. It is great also when transiting planets form critical aspects to your natal planets. In all situations when you are feeling like you’re not yourself and when you need to let something go it is a great choice.

How does reconnective healing look like:

Reconnective healing lasts 30 minutes after which we will talk about your experience. It is recommended to do a continuous set of 3 sessions. You may also have more sessions at any time if you need to. For this kind of healing it is great to let yourself go and trust. This is a really powerful process and it is best if you don’t have expectations. Just relax and don’t force anything. The energy will go where it is needed the most for your complete healing. It will include removal of the old energy obstacles that prevent you to feel whole.

The experience during the session is unique as you are one of a kind. It cannot be set in advance and for every session you may have, it will be different. In this type of healing you will receive frequencies, light and information to integrate the healing. It can aid you to come back to your true self.

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