Seven Chakras

//Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras

Seven chakras

During this text you may get a clue about the energy in your seven chakras. It may not be the chakra that is the key to your healing but just the one that seeks your attention now. Let’s find out more about seven chakras in your auric field.

First chakra Muladara or root chakra is in the base of your spine. It shows the conflicts what you have genetically inherited as well as your fears. It governs the topics of survival and endurance. It is connected with color red and mantra LAM. It is about your belief about material safety and money which you have inherited during growing up. It is about your relationship with your parents as the first people who took care of you, so it shows how safe and secure you feel.

This chakra will show your neglected emotions and insecurities which you need to solve. Imbalance in this chakra is shown through being overweight or anorexic, stressful life condition. It means internal lack of peace, fear of letting go of the past and poor personal boundaries and impossibility to take care of yourself.  If the energy in this chakra does not circulate well it may cause back pain and poor immune system. Also, inability to materialize your ideas and make a secure living.

Water chakra

Second chakra Svadhisthana or sacral chakra is below your navel. It shows the emotional dependence in relationships, as well as the satisfaction in what you have and creativity. It rules the ability to connect with others and let go in relationships with ability to still be yourself. This chakra is connected to color orange and mantra VAM. When the energy flows well we are able to make our life magical and enjoy in it.

But to feel like this first we need to see what is blocking our creativity and sexuality, to accept it, love it and get rid of shame. Imbalance in this chakra is shown as need to control everything, constant money problems, jealousy. It is about fear of loss, disappointments and manipulation in relationships with huge feeling of guilt. If the energy in this chakra does not flow correctly you may have uterus problems. Also possible are: kidney and bowel problems, feel physically less flexible in the hips and lower back.

Third chakra Manipura or solar plexus chakra is in the upper stomach region. It governs our confidence and self worth. As well as willpower and belief that we have a right to express our personality and have a clear life path. This chakra is connected to yellow color and mantra RAM. When the energy flows correctly we are dedicated to fulfilling our life purpose, the relationship between heart and mind is in balance and we believe in ourselves.

Imbalance in this chakra is shown through fear of rejection, lack of willpower, aggression and shame. Being too vulnerable to critique, angry reactions, resenting others and making them feel guilty, as well as feeling lack of energy. If the energy in this chakra does not flow correctly then you may experience diabetes, nervous stomach and problems with liver and digestion.

Heart lessons

Fourth chakra Anahata or heart chakra is located in the chest and lungs area. It deals with the topic of love towards yourself and others, healing your soul and emotions. This chakra is connected with color green and mantra JAM. When the energy is flowing correctly we are open to love. This chakra is important in order to heal our body and heart.

Imbalance in this chakra is seen through feeling cold towards others, being sad, desperate, angry and emotionally aloof. It is about having problems in forgiving others and staying resentful. If the energy in this chakra does not function correctly you may feel pressure and chest pain. Also possible are breathing and lung difficulties and to be prone to colds or flu.

Fifth chakra Vissuda or throat chakra is in the area of throat and neck. It deals with active use of our intelligence through speech and personal truth. This chakra is connected with light blue and mantra HAM. It shows how sincere we are. Imbalance in this chakra is shown through not having the right to speak and clearly state your wishes and opinions and to be heard.

As well as the lies that we speak, so it shows all the swallowed emotions and words. If the energy in this chakra does not flow correctly we may have sore throat. Also possible are: ear problems, pain in the neck, difficulties with voice and thyroid gland.

Higher chakras

Sixth chakra Ajna or third eye is in the middle of our forehead. It shows our intuitive knowledge and insight, intuition, sixth sense and wisdom. This chakra is connected with dark blue and mantra OM. We find ability to see and notice and let our higher guidance lead us and help improve our mental and physical balance.

Imbalance in this chakra is shown through illusions, lack of imagination, poor memory, concentration problems and constant worry and confusion. If the energy does not circulate correctly it can be manifested as headache, eye or hearing problems, disability to know and practically use our knowledge. There is confusion and lack of clarity.

Seventh chakra Sahasrara or crown chakra is located on the top of the head. It is about silence and contact with our Higher Self and Cosmic energy. This chakra is purple and it looks like 1000 lotus petals. This chakra is connecting us with the now and with the wisdom bigger then us, with the whole Universe and flow of energy.

Imbalance in this chakra is shown through feeling too attached to material things and people that we love. As well as inability to feel peaceful and in harmony with ourselves and others. It is manifested as a lack of perspective and vision and not having inspiration and being prone to mental illness. If the energy does not flow correctly we may feel depressed, suffer from amnesia, have skin and muscle problems and be prone to chronic disease.

Which of the seven chakras is out of balance for you?

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