All praise for Maya’s approach. With the help of astrology, she navigates the unfathomable paths of the client’s personality, where we ourselves have forgotten to take a peek, forget who we are and why we are there or are we on the right path. Constructive advice from a positive and optimistic personality. With her advice everything is easier and possible. One wonderful new acquaintance. At the right moment, the right person. I will recommend this with pleasure.


You helped me a lot, gave me strength to push forward and another confirmation that I am on the right track. Please continue to do what you do and I am sure that anyone who will do this analysis with you firstly get the right information and secondly they will finally feel understood.


After natal chart analysis:

Thank you very much for all that you have brought into my life, for the conversation that opened my eyes in various segments at the age of 42. I think your words have stuck somewhere and that they have positively helped me to turn much more to myself and my being, which I have long missed doing. Thank you very much!



After comparative horoscope:
I am still summing up the impressions because I’m really in shock – the positive one. You have very much given me the pleasure. You’ve fully described me and my life better than I would have done. One beautiful experience indeed, you have struck me all in the smallest detail. I don’t know how to thank you, God sent you and you really helped me a lot. You were so comfortable and described everything to me that I still can’t believe. Thank you again, and as far as I’m concerned you are the best astrologer. So this is incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you 1000x, I can’t pay you back for 100 lives. You have no idea how much it means to me and how happy I am. Thanks forever.

Impressions about me:
Maja is the woman who described my life to the smallest detail, the woman who spoke better about my life than I could. A woman who has opened many ways for me tonight and resolved all my concerns. A woman who does her job professionally and with a lot of love. A woman to whom I will forever be grateful for appearing just when I needed help. Thank you Maja for what you did last night for me. My soul will remember this next hundred lives. Love for this woman.

What happened after the reconnective healing is that I have started breathing again. I don’t feel the pressure in my chest and my heart chakra is no longer blocked. I definitely feel and change and I feel better. Thank you for everything.



I probably went through everything Maja does. From a natal chart, its healing, regression, healing several times. Maja is someone I have known for years, I feel close to her like being the friend I often drink coffee with, but have never really met. Blessed are the modern means of communication that enabled us to be in touch with the people who we need, who understand, who point, remark, advise, understand, support, feel, anticipate… Stars show but do not oblige. Maja knows. We know together. We went through the deepest and most intimate moments of my life together and at a distance.
She knows. I skipped to do what I had to do. And I know she knows. So she knows I’ll write her again. I chose her for the sentimental reasons among astrologers who pop when you ask google. And now I know, I confirm, that my inner feeling never fooled me. Maja, you know;) Thank you. And I’m waiting to see you once in real life. You already know I have a(your) guest room.

I’ve known Maja for three years. Every year, Maja prepares a yearly horoscope for me with which I get a clearer picture of what strategy I need to apply to make my life more beautiful and fulfilling. Maja is detailed, clear and sufficiently comprehensive and with her analysis she helps me understand certain situations I find myself in. It gives me clear insights as to when, why and what kind of action I need to take to solve a particular challenge as easily as possible. Thank you Maja, ever since I know you I find solutions and reach my goals.



As for the natal analysis you did for me, I’m very pleased with both your approach to clients and your knowledge. I got the impression that you are working hard and that you have a genuine approach to personality and that you try to draw attention to the most important things that a person has to work on. I felt a lot of confidence from you and it was no problem for me to talk honestly and openly about the most intimate sides of my life. This was my first direct experience with an astrologer and I’m very glad it was positive. I think the things you told me will be of great use to me, especially the things that you brought to my attention that I must work on. I found myself in many descriptions that you brought to my attention, and for some of them I was not even aware of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will use the advice you gave to try to amortize those downsides. These tips are really important to me. Also, your article on karmic connections that I read on Astroportal made a big impression on me. I am very pleased and in any case I hope that we will continue to work together. I wish you all the best and the best of luck in your life and in your work!
I really need to tell you that I am fascinated how true it is about my Venus and you have mentioned a specific date and something really happened in the way you have stated. I am fascinated.


After the energy regression sessions, what change have you noticed: as usual after the regression with Maja, I feel great peace
and connection to the Source. I feel relief in the blocked chakras, I feel physical and psychological
peace. Can you share the experience after today’s session:The experience of regression is like going through something the sudden and unexpected. I like to do regressions only with Maja as I feel secure when her voice guides me. I love that feeling of letting go of the burden of past lives.I love that connection with her incarnations, too..I love her presence in the most intimate moments that I regress with her. 

Can you describe my relationship to clients as well as my overall approach throughout sessions: the relationship is fully trustworthy, reliable, correct, relaxed, secure and of great quality, authentic and spiritual. I appreciate her as a top astrologer and energy therapist.

After the energy regression sessions, what change did you notice: improved self-asteem, self-confidence in making decisions, strength, decreased fear, greater relaxation, better sleep, a more peaceful spirit, I felt relieved …

Can you describe my attitude to clients as well as overall atmosphere in the session: Very professional, accurate, great client approach, you just know how to guide a person through a session. You have fascinated me with your astrology skills because you are correct.



After three sessions of reconnective healing, in the past two months, which changes have you noticed:

I started to cry. Until that moment I did not cry at all, since 1981. After my first session, I began to cry, tears were uncontrollably flowing. I felt a great deal of relief and the awareness that I can cry has helped me a lot. It seems to me that I began to feel peace. Since I have a problem with the respiratory organs, after the session I intensely began to cough that all out. I have the feeling that I have completely gout out the life crisis. You as a practitioner won me by your soothing, pleasant voice. Through the questions you asked me after the session, I felt a sincere concern and excitement about my improvement. I think that you are very dedicated to this job. You have a lot of confidence in what you do and you are a very patient person.

Natal chart analysis: I wanted to thank you for my reading, it was amazing. So interesting and enriching to hear about the natal chart as it really explains and confirms so many things about myself. I can’t wait to learn more and to heal the aspects that need healing.

V.F. (Sweden)

  • Which astrological consultation have you done: natal chart and yearly horoscope
  • Comments about the experience: Experience is wonderful and illuminating, because during Maja’s interpretation of the influence of the planets on my personality it is clear which opportunities I should take and when and on what to pay attantion so that personal plans may come true.

J.N. (Germany)

S.K. (Serbia)

  • Which astrological consultation have you done: yearly horoscope
  • Comments about the experience: I have got a lot of answers which helped me avoid what should be avoided, and face the challenges which I should overcome so that life would get better for me. Wonderful experience. And the time that has gone by confirmed the accuracy of the information I was given. Thank you Maja for the love which shows in your work and for paying attention to all the details.
  • Which astrological consultation have you done: natal chart analysis and yearly horoscope
  • Would you recommend this service to others: Absolutely. Keep up with the great work.
  • Comments about the experience: Analysis of my natal chart was done on Skype as I don’t live in Serbia. I am extremely satisfied with the organization, how everything went on, and what is the most important Maja has succeeded in professionally and in detail answering all my questions

J.P. (America) 

V.T. (America) 

  • Which astrological consultation have you done: natal chart with the horoscope for the next 12 months 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: I would recommend Maja to everyone. My recommendation everywhere! 
  • Comments about the experience: Very nice experience. I enjoyed it.  
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations It has fully fulfilled my expectation.  
  • Would you schedule again this or other service: from now on she has a returning client. 

A.J. (Serbia) 

  • Which astrological consultation have you done: yearly horoscope  
  • How did this consultation help you: It has directed and quickened the change of my job. 
  • Comments about the experience: More then professional but also warm and emphatic, focused.
  • Which astrological consultation have you done:  complete natal chart analysis 
  • Comments about the experience: Very positive experience which will happen again. Maja is a very positive person and someone who is fully engaged, paying attention to all the details and very precise in analyzing the natal chart. I am really satisfied, so just keep up doing it this way. 
  • Would you schedule again this or other service: astrological consultations surely


  • Which astrological consultation have you done:  natal chart, yearly horoscope and consultations  
  • Would you recommend this service to others: Sure, and I already have! 
  • Comments about the experience: for many years I wished to have a consultation with an astrologer and this wish came true in the most beautiful way. Relief, direction, my safe harbor.  
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: very much 
  • Would you schedule again this or other service: absolutely and I surely will

N.V. (United Arab Emirates) 


  • Which astrological consultation have you done: astrological consultations, yearly horoscope and synastry  
  • Comments about the experience:  In the moment of my life I was stuck between my heart and my head. It helped me open my heart, be brave and walk on the road where I am right now. Thank you Maja for everything.
  • Which astrological consultation have you done: natal chart and yearly horoscope  
  • Comments about the experience: Maja has with her subtle energy led me through all the aspects of my natal chart. I felt like we were on a trip together through my life and that we found a spectre of feelings what were in me but of which I was not aware. She is analysing it very sensitively from the point of my natal chart and giving you possible directions. 

O.S. (Switzerland) 

J.B. (Serbia)

  • Which astrological consultation have you done:  natal chart analysis, with certain suggestions and recommendations for the next solar period  
  • Would you recommend this service to others: of course, I already did and I will also in the future 
  • Comments about the experience: very professional, precise and detail analysis with a lot of information and useful suggestions, in a relaxing atmosphere of a friendly conversation, which all gives a lot of confidence and gives you a feeling of understanding and support  
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: yes, completely 
  • Would you schedule again this or other service: yes, for astrological consultations

P.A. (Serbia)

  •  Which astrological consultation have you done: natal chart analysis 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: Yes, I would recommend it. After this consultation I realized that it may be useful for everyone and that you can find out a lot about yourself  
  • Comments about the experience: Very nice experience, I found out some things about myself and what is very important for me many things confirmed some facts.
  • Which astrological consultation have you done: yearly horoscope 
  • Comments about the experience: very positive experience-it helps in understanding of your decisions and accepting youself, in making other choices later and in understanding youself and people around you

M.B. (France) 


  • Which astrological consultation have you done: natal chart analysis 
  • Would you recommend this service to othersDefinitely. Consultations with Maja, which is, not only an excellent astrologer, but also very nice, helped me to understand myself better and the situations I was in that moment. After a wide and deep analysis of the issue I feel a lot stronger and more ready to face it.  
  • Comments about the experienceCompletely nice experience. You feel enlightened. That for which you were in the moment blind is no completely clear, obvious… Something that could not be fixed now becomes fixable and what you don’t understand now gets clear. Maja will not provide you with an instant solution, but will surely, analyzing your chart give you the clues and show you the right way.  
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: more than that
  • Which astrological consultation have you done: natal chart 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: of course I will 
  • Comments about the experience: Holistic approach, accent on the understanding of the cause and issues, of the person and the relations with others. Very strengthening, motivational, encouraging and helping personal growth.

S.P. (Serbia) 

  • Which astrological consultation have you done: natal chart analysis, analysis of the yearly horoscope and synastry.  
  • Would you recommend this service to others:Yes, surely 
  • Comments about the experience: Great prognosis of some events especially in making certain decisions. 
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: Yes, detail analysis with explanations especially if something is not clear she will explain it to you additionally, so the service fulfilled my expectation. Very professionally done. I am very satisfied with the astrology service.

V.O. (Serbia)

J.Đ. (Serbia) 

  • Which astrological consultation have you done: natal chart, predictions, solar chart 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: always 
  • Comments about the experience: positive experience, new insights and roads to personal growth and evolution
  • Which astrological consultation have you done: yearly horoscope 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: I would recommend this service to everyone, as well as the ones that ,,believe’’ and the ones that do not believe in horoscope.  
  • Comments about the experience: Approach of the astrologer is unique. Analysis of the personality and dedication in solving personal problems give hope and encouragement.  
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: Service was way more than I have expected. 

D.R. (Serbia) 

J.V. (Serbia) 

  • Which energy session have you done: reconnective healing 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: always and from my heart. Just keep up, as I am concerned, in bunch of guruus, you are a real deal… 
  • Comments about the experience: As someone who know about energy work, I can say that this was the one of the clearest experiences-during the session I got some clues (with further confirmation and after the session talking to Maja) which zones may be problematic and on what I have to work. With Maja’s insights and her seeing of all what was happening, I think that it is finally clear to me what would I enjoy the most at the moment –and this is something I somehow don’t hear or don’t pay attention to in the whole noise of my mind, happenings and information. I am deeply greatful that I had the opportunity to experience something like that and I really think that anyone would try it at least one-if not for something else, but for the opportunity to concentrate a little bit on youself  
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: and more than that, especially as I didn’t know what to expect. 
  • Would you schedule again this or other service: I have already asked when I can schedule the next session

I.M. (Germany)

  • Which energy session have you done: enegetic regression, cutting of the karmic chains and reconnective healing 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: I would recommend this service to everyone, especially those who have any disbalance in the relation to children, parents or in love relationships and marriage  
  • Comments about the experience: My experience was that before the session I thought that I don’t need any of that and that I can do it by myself, but after the session there was a process in me that I was not aware of, first that you feel is great relief even though a certain amount of pain and sadness is still there, then you feel like you are taking responsibility for your behaviour and you don’t look for someone to be guilty for your experience but you find how to love yourself as you are and finally live and breathe fully. Now, when I look back I can’t imagine how I would change my life, if I had these sessions in my adolescence. I realized in my own experience that from birth until adolescence we pick up the most junk that we unconsciusly carry throughout our whole life.
  • Which energy session have you done: Cutting the Karmic Chains 
  • Comments about the experience: Maja is so nice and warm, without any fear I went throught this, and felt the energy. This experience really helped me a lot, in the way of recognizing and giving emotions, making decisions. I felt peace and serenity after a lot of time.   
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: And more than that.

A.S. (Serbia)


  • Which energy session have you done: Reconnective healing and energetic regression 
  • Comments about the experience: Energetic regression is an unbelievable and unique experience, so truthfully stays in you consciousness forever and connects us with ourselves now.  
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: Yes, and more than that. Maja is a healer, but first she is nice, honest and warmhearted person who gives you support to fight your suspicions and be brave to fulfill your wishes.  
  • Would you schedule again this or other service: I would, when I feel that it is the right moment, as the previous time

J.S. (Serbia) 

  • Which energy session have you done: reconnective healing 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: Absolutely! Warm recommendation for reconnective healing as well as astrology services  
  • Comments about the experienceafter the session I felt that the tension and anxiety went away. I felt relief at once and my energy and vigor returning. 

 V.O. (Serbia) 

  • Which energy session have you done: reconnective healing 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: Yes, sure 
  • Comments about the experience: After couple of days you feel better depending on the problem you had so it definitely affects a person in a good way, psychologically as well as physically so I recommend it.
  •   Which energy session have you done: reconnective healing 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: Sure. This is something really special… It is hard to explain in words there completely new feelings and sensations. 
  • Comments about the experienceSomething completely different. It was as I had for the first time felt myself in some higher sense. It is hard to explain. After having reconnective healing I felt relaxed, peaceful and at the same time happy and elated. 
  • Would you schedule again this or other serviceYes. I am sure that with Maja I will have a long and nice cooperation.

D.F. (Serbia)


  • Which energy session have you done: energetic regression and reconnective healing  
  • Would you recommend this service to others: sure, I solved some fears and I feel better 
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: and more than that. I am so grateful for your engagement in this sessions because you really helped me 
  • Would you schedule again this or other serviceI would really like to repeat all of your sessions especially energetic regression!
  • Which energy session have you done: reconnective healing 
  • Did this service fulfill your expectationsYes, and more than that. 
  • Comments about the experienceMagical experience which helped me let go of the sadness and pressure, to release the burden of the past and go ahead with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness because my life is worth it.

S.K. (Serbia) 

S.P. (Serbia) 

  • Which energy session have you done: reconnective healing 
  • Would you recommend this service to others: yes, warm recommendation, great experience!  
  • Comments about the experience: Out of this world, new, different. I felt like being in safe hands, with great belief and openness for this process. After the sessions there was a detailed talk, which helps in understanding and deepening of the process. Professional, proficient, walm, gentle. 
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: More than that. 
  • Would you schedule again this or other service: Yes, I would continue with reconnective healing, astrological consultations and try energetic regression. Just keep up like this!

B.V. (Serbia) 

  • Which energy session have you done: reconnective healing 
  • Comments about the experience: interesting, relaxing and after all very educational, I got more strength and willingness for a lot of things and made peace in myself after a lot of time and thanks to that a lot of things in my life are being solved with ease and without a lot of effort  
  • Did this service fulfill your expectations: and more than that 
  • Would you schedule again this or other servicethis one sure, but I am also interested in other services after reconnective healing

I met Maja in  a moment of my life when I don’t believe in astrology, or not seriously, and my life was on the crossroad. I needed a hint, instruction, an advice. I decided to look for all of that in Maja because her calmness, proficiency and reason gave me more than needed confidence. For our first meeting I prepared a lot of pencils and a notebook so that I can write all that Maja said. I didn’t write anything because I was completely shocked by what I have heared. With Maja’s wide smile and a lot of patience to explain all to the end, I found what I was looking for. Our friendship and cooperation doesn’t finish here. Not only that she continues to answer all of my concerts during the time, Maja recommended reconnective healing. Even though at that time I don’t know anything about reconnective healing, I immediately said yes, because I felt that Maja knows what she is doing. That was even more impossible to explain! I should find a balance and strongly ground myself when I was very upset and sad. Maja achieved all of that. All of my friends have Maja’s number-I guess that tells more than enough about my trust in what she is doing. 

A.P. (Serbia) 

S.Ž (Croatia)

Today is the day when my beautiful Venus decided to get into my life. Today is the day when I got born 35 years ago. How many times did I tell my date of birth to Maja and asked her to ‘look into’ what will happen and with impatience waited for her analysis. Her sweet little voice from the other side always full of love inexhaustibly explained every possible position, transit or whatever astrologers call that. I found my astrologer. Not only astrologer. I found a soul I met long time ago. I found a teacher on my spiritual road, a person which honestly and from heart is directing me on my every future way, a person who is astrologer supporter. That is how I will call her. I met Maja and her work through Astroportal, wandering through the Internet and searching for the answers on my life questions, discontent, love disappointments, disease and emotional problems. Meeting Maja and with the help of her work I got the answers I was looking for. Our first meeting was an analysis of my natal chart where I was amazed with her dedication to analyze my natal chart and the whole approach, so I decided to continue to work with her. Sometimes I was easy but sometimes it wasn’t, but with Maja’s help I got through it all. I recommend Maja as astrologer to everyone. That is a close meeting with yourself through her.  That is a friendly conversation full of new insights and new guidance for life. I like about Maja that she lets me to get new insights alone but she is following me like a backup. I regularly schedule monthly and yearly astrology analysis with Maja. What as a person completely moved me and woke me up was the second part of my work with Maja, and that is reconnective healing. I had five sessions of reconnective healing with Maja, connected with the energy of the Universe and felt the magic of the energetic travel of my soul and body. Reconnective healing is something that I do with Maja when I need it and when I feel like something is not as it should be, when my health is not fine and when I feel emotionally drained and weak. After every session or treatment I feel a lot better both physically and psychologically and spiritually. Also, with Maja I had one of the most exciting and challenging ways to meet myself and that is energetic regression. In that journey Maja is an excellent guide and very quickly leads me into the condition in which I enter the deepest secrets of my past lives. Energetic regression is something that I recommend to anyone who has karmic horoscope and everyone who constantly has problems and disappointments in the same part of life.  Energetic regression is great to show you the truth about yourself that you didn’t know but you felt that you must seek. In energetic regression with Maja I feel completely safe and relaxed. Safety and support is what she gives in her work to all of her clients. I have recommended Maja to a lot of people and all have as me been happy and satisfied to be Maja’s clients. With Maja I have also had a session of Cutting the Karmic Chains. That was something that I needed a lot so that I could release my karmic debt which I had with certain people. That experience was very intense, emotional, intimate and freeing and I am grateful that I put my trust in Maja’s hands to solve these problems. I like about Maja’s work that at the end of our every conversation or consultation we do one exercise after which I feel great. Cutting the Karmic Chains I would recommend to anyone who has problems in emotional and relationships with their partners and in the closest family relations. Maja is someone who guides you on the things I should pay more attention and to what I should appreciate. Her answers on my questions are precise, correct and very honest. I am really very grateful that on my spiritual road have met sweet Maja.

Until now I had a lot of astrological insight and a change to see how a natal chart looks like. As well as to understand some basic things about the position of the planets, houses etc. But, analysis of the professional is always better, more precise and more clear, them to wander alone, because natal chart means a lot of things, many aspects are connected and influence one another. From that reason I came to Maja in the moment when I felt that I need to have some things clear and to be given insight to the certain opportunities. Because I am very close to the language of astrology, I knew that this is the way to get to the needed information. And Maja fulfilled this role in excellent way. Her analysis was very objective, without too much unnecessary detail. Also, without a lot of drama, which is for me always unnecessary, because I agree with Maja’s opinion that everything can be changed or made better. And just in that way she analyzed the aspects, which I may experience as negative, giving me advice and possibilities, how to fix a certain situation, lessen a specific aspect, or how to change something. Maja is a great analyzer, and I felt like under all of that there is a lot of studying, and now a lot of experience. Also I know that she is very versatile and that she likes to try a lot of things, from many different types of yoga, to reconnection, workshops etc. so that her advice make more sense, because she also on herself tried how the things that she recommend work. From her advice you can also feel the wish, to teach people who contact her on how to make their life better, help themselves and get better in everything. That is something that makes her a worthy companion not just an astrologer.

 J.Ž. (Serbia) 

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