Messages of your body

//Messages of your body

Messages of your body

When it comes to Reconnective Healing or other forms of old energy release and during meditation very often we may experience physical sensations. Those cannot always be explained. Some people may feel a cold breeze around the body. Some may sweat more, breathe deeper, even cry or laugh. These are all the signs that some old energy is being released and triggered in our aura.

Sometimes there are no sensations. It can be a sign that maybe we have some resistance. We could be very detached from the presence in our body. That is why we do not feel the subtle sensations and messages it sends on the daily basis.
Emotions that we retain or not express in a healthy way accumulate in a particular part of the body. First in the layers of the aura. If that happens for a longer period of time, it begins to be reflected in the physical body. Depending on the quality of the emotion and energy cleansing, those emotions could be released from a given part of the body or an organ.

I am often asked what it means when there is some strange unusual pressure.What it means when there is a sensation in some part of the body that we otherwise have no problem with. Often this is due to some release of the old painful memories or mental concepts we hold on to that are not for our highest good. Pain is always a way of our body telling us that we have separated from ourselves. It is an invitation to solve the problem that is troubling us seeing a bigger perspective.

A person who feels, during or after a session, the pressure or urge to urinate could be releasing some ugly and embarrassing conflict related to the partnership. It is unblocking the energy of the sign of Cancer. Mild bone pain during Reconnective Healing may indicate that a lack of self-esteem. It could be related to a sense of inferiority. It could be related to the healing the theme of natal or transiting Saturn.


Pressure, a release of energy from the chest area and the heart chakra could be associated with a mother conflict. It could be connected to home and children topics. It could be about a painful break with a loved one and blocked energy of the natal Moon. These individuals most often declare that they are constantly feeling emotionally attacked and that they cannot trust others.

It also happens that they are afraid to show their true nature due to the fear of losing a loved one. These topics could be re-opened during the session. Those who feel soft pressure in the lungs or below the ribs often at the metaphysical level heal some old emotional conflicts. They heal the topic of freedom of expression and natal Mercury.
People who feel uneasy or pressured before healing, during meditation and after exercises can be releasing their frustration about sexuality. This is related to the the blocked energy of the Scorpio sign.


Those who experience slightly tingling feeling in the lower spine often let go of the severe family conflicts in the past or financial turmoil. It has led to the accumulation of a great deal of fear about their existence and Mars energy in square to Saturn or Uranus.

Slight sensation in the kidney area during the session could often be associated with a lack of motivation to start and achieve life goals. People who have a problem with the 12th house and Pluto may also feel pressure in this area. Tightness of the throat or a discomfort in the neck area occurs may mean that some old conflict is being understood. It is related to time when you could not, but should have told your truth and when you were scared of expressing your opinion.

Blocked energy

This is often a sign of the stagnant Taurus energy in the natal chart. For those who feel pressure, discomfort around the ears, gentle sensations, a change in volume, it could indicate something in the coming period. After the session, some very important information could be obtained and a better understanding of the world. They are opening up for a different way of experiencing their immediate surroundings.
People who feel sensations around their lips or even in the mouth often heal emotional hunger. It is topic they could not come to terms with and that is associated with the second house in their natal chart and their life values.

Those who feel slight sensations on the skin, as if touched, feeling a gentle breeze on the skin often heal the theme of integrity, establishing personal boundaries and skin problems. If you experience sensations in the abdomen during sessions, this may have to do with some old anger that is unsettled. The emotions of sadness that you have “pushed” there.


This is just a brief overview of the possible meanings. It is based on what my clients have confirmed over the last few years. This agrees with psychosomatic and metaphysical teachings. I have listed only some of the possible meanings of several organs and body parts. For each individual the meaning is always determined specifically for him.

There is no single meaning. It doesn’t even matter what the sensations mean, although the connection between body, mind and emotional state is very interesting. What happens during and after the session depends specifically on the person and a type of energy in their natal chart. This can therefore serve to decipher these sensations.

As I always mention, it is not important to know what we have healed. It is important to allow ourselves to go on a path of healing and to evolve as individuals. Understanding your natal chart and having Reconnective Healing sessions are a wonderful tools that can help you do just that and even much more.

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