12th house & Scorpio themes

Maja Lazić
August 8, 2019

12th house & Scorpio themes

Maybe you have one or more natal planets (or transiting planets right now) in your 12th house. You could have read what old astrology books say about this and you are completely startled. And yes, taking a nice warm bubble bath will do you a lot of good at times like these!


But let’s not beat around the bush- 12th house is primarily about collective unconscious .The so-called iceberg consciousness. Exploration of Jung’s books is especially recommended during this transit and for example, Jose Ortega y Gasset’s On love-aspects of a single theme.

As this is an area of ​​unconsciousness, flirting with deception and possible loss of self, for certain individuals it could be difficult to grasp its meaning. As it may feel like a part of a person’s character that is drowning or running away. Intuition and sensitivity to external stimuli can be elevated. So as chances of being misunderstood as more emphasis is put into what we feel instinctively than what we rationally know.


People with planets in the 12th house, especially during childhood, could have vivid imagination and intense inner world that they can’t share with others. Yet that world for them is as real as anything tangible. It is sometimes unclear to these individuals how others do not experience the world as they do. It is great if they can channel this into a creative outlet.

Transits through12th house, for most part being invisible, are often hard to define. They are illusive or even frightening. Everything about the 12th house is mysterious and unknown. It begins to penetrate our waking consciousness and overwhelm us, which could be scary. Clearly, transits through 12th house may not be easy. This can be very significant life changing experience.

Transits through 12th house may be accompanied by various mystical and paranormal experiences. In fact for those with planets in 12th house these are completely normal experiences. It is important that you allow time for yourself, your privacy and silence so that you can commit to spiritual growth. This is especially vital if you have neglected that part of yourself.

Easy transit or?

Severity or ease of the transit will depend on your awareness when transiting planet first enters this house. You can compare it to cleaning the basement. It’s not quite the same if you haven’t stepped one foot there in last twenty years. Or if you organize things in your basement every now and then.

During such transits we may feel as if intuition is frequently sending intense information. We may not be able to make sense of it immediately. First step is to learn how to listen, to recognize true voice and what may be ego trying to sabotage us.

Often they will meet a person who will embody their natal or transiting 12th house planet. It will be some kind of a breaking point for them. During such a transit, it is also very helpful to avoid people who seem suspicious to you.

Such a type of person may come into our life at this time. What you should do is to focus on yourself and how you feel. Avoid trying to solve secrets of some conspiracy. Or ‘flirt’ with the world of occult rituals. It may not end well. Although some astrologers claim that black magic comes through the troubled 12th house it is important to emphasize this>

No one can do you anything unless you energetically allow it. If you already have something toxic in you and for you, it acts as a shadow if you don’t recognize it. How can we feel during this transit?  What I can answer is that emotions are a reaction of your body to your mind.


What your mind is saying through your body is always a sign that thoughts need to be changed. Thoughts of which you are not aware. Especially as the unconscious contents now overflow into the consciousness. Planets in this house could, if their energy is denied and pushed under for a longer period of time, manifest in serious health issues!

People may during transits through the 12th house may think about the past. Or the future in a way that they literally feel like they are going through some old experiences again. They are overwhelmed by some incredible worry about something that might happen in the future. They do everything they can to escape from where they are right now, not wanting to be in the moment because it is too difficult for them.

This is a sign of the inadequate use of this transit’s energy. Any kind of escapist behavior or loss of self through unhealthy and addictive activities will bring even more confusion to your dizzy head. Especially, during such transits what should be avoided is excessive alcohol consummation, misuse of drugs and narcotics. They are susceptible to intense and sometimes even very dangerous reactions and hallucinations.


Some of my teachers taught me that in those cases energy field is most of the times already cracked and very porous / permeable. So after such experiences results in overflow of devastating thoughts that lead to fatal actions. Past life regression or any energy healing is to be done, in this case, only after very careful preparation with an experienced professional.

You should always ask yourself if you are still obsessing after many years have passed and  imagining situations which are negatively triggered. If you imagine thousands of possible situations for you future, why aren’t you simply in the present moment? What are you running from?

The reason for all this mess is mostly fear infused with an intense irrational desire to escape from the essential self.  Amount of fear that transiting planets reveal in you can tangibly be brought to your reality. Especially through the experience of anxiety immediately after awakening, nightmares, obsessive thoughts and the feeling that someone is near you or around you, that someone has been in your house.

Remember that whatever becomes awakened in you, but you do not integrate and release, could enter your conscious experience and your life when the specific transit planet moves to your I house.
What about some pros (am I going to die now? & other mind spirals)?

Rest assured that this transit (or having planets in the 12th house in  your natal chart) is great for helping others. We can understand a person’s suffering or what somebody else is going through on a deep level.  However, some boundaries are healthy.

Ideally, for the duration transiting planets through the 12th house, you should have some kind of a daily disciplined practice, which will help you deal with yourself, such as dream journalling, meditation, visualization. Or try (more esoteric) energy cleansing of the aura, chakra alignment and breaking of the karmic chains. For some past life regression, but only if they have already tried some other ways and failed to solve what blocks them is intensely recommended.

Psychoanalysis and hypnosis, too.

And yes, you are allowed to attend tantra workshops!
People are often forced to be alone during this transit. And before you ask me: ‘Have all my friends abandoned me?’ know that if you start feeling that way. It is great as it means that you finally admit that you have been abandoning yourself lately. 

Still, this in silence should mean when they are alone that they are free of phones, social media, television, internet, music and everything that they otherwise constantly use. That serves them as an escape from the present moment to come closer to understanding themselves.

If you thought you knew who you are, now the whole sense of your personality will subdue and it will no longer be clear who you have been or who you are going to be. You’re got yourself in deep water, baby.
My sincere belief is that you should never give your power to anyone or allow anyone to tell you what to feel. Beware of what you watch and read and have a critical mind when choosing astrologers, too.

Some additional words

It is useful to look for a person with whom you can safely talk about all the fears and worries that arise during this transit, but not to just talk for the sake of it, but to solve and release what is bothering you. A thought-provoking movie ‘Charlie Says’ deals with some the issues mentioned here, so you might want to watch it.
And remember, this transit (or natal position) gives you incredible power to regenerate your personality only if used properly. Otherwise it can lead to many dangerous consequences, which I plan to discuss in some other blog post.

Responsibility is always on you as well as how you will experience some transit or a natal position, which in itself will lead to certain consequences afterwards. Your awareness deepens and expands and your understanding of the world around you could become larger during any transit, therefore, if there is any problem and discomfort my first question for you is:

Do you meditate? And depending on your answer- that is the experience that slowly but surely knocks on the doors of your subconscious. You may get to know it firsthand in meditation or some other metaphysical experience or in real life when the night is dark and the sunlight seems far away…

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