5th house & love life

Maja Lazić
July 2, 2020

5th house & love life

This post is about 5th house and its connection to love life.

To describe a person’s love life, we will look at the sign and the ruler of the fifth house. We need to check the position of Venus and the aspects it forms. Moon and the planets in the fifth house should also be analyzed. The fifth house is connected to interests, children and talents. In this blog post I will primarily focus on love. In the case of longer transits in the fifth house, it will be necessary to take everything into account. The natal chart gives answers only when viewed in a holistic manner, not in isolation.

5th house in Aries

We enjoy going after the one we like. We experience courtship similar to a prey hunt where a lot of energy is spent on. Everything moves very quickly in love. There is a somewhat childish way of experiencing relationships. Our interest can vanish very quickly or we fall in love at first sight. Naivety can be present, because we sincerely express our interest and want to enter into a relationship immediately. Changes in the love life also come fast. Decisions are not made soberly, but the desire for excitement and elements of surprise is awakened.

Love life is characterized by impatience. Passion is put in focus and mixed with love. Love is easily replaced by anger. These relationships are very turbulent as a consequence of our rash temperament and the need to provoke with our behavior. We like to initiate changes in love. If that is not something you like, our interest in you is not going to last. Spontaneous partner and very physically active with strong sexual energy suits us or people who love sports.

5th house in Taurus

We want practical love that is stable and gives us a sense of security. We are very inclined to wait for a loved one to approach us and slowly fall in love. We cannot relax at the beginning of the relationship until it becomes clear to us that we are safe with our partner. Tenderness and stability are key words. Without physical pleasure love cannot even exist for us. We associate love with money, so long-lasting relationships must also be characterized by financial stability.

Food is an aphrodisiac as well as fidelity. It is difficult to change our habits when we enter into a relationship. Love begins slowly and there is a tendency to enjoy the senses too much. Changes are hard for us. We would rather suffer quietly than break up. It is best for us to find a partner who is calmer in nature and to whom traditional values ​​come first. We need to be with someone who is physically close to us. Long-distance connections can rarely last.

5th house in Gemini

We tend to enter into relationships that are often changeable in nature. This can easily open the door to deception. We easily attract every person we like because we flirt with words and win attention with lively conversation. Love messages and communication with a partner, fun and shared hobbies are what we need. As love is intellectualized and experienced through the mind, we often compare our relationship. As soon as we enter into a partnership, someone else appears with whom the relationship is confusing and on the verge of friendship. We are looking for a partner with whom we will be able to go everywhere.

He will primarily be our friend and we will want to share our interests with him. Attention on just one partner is difficult to keep. Changes are desired, so we often have some love from our youth that we remember with warmth. By no means should we get too serious because we always want love to be easy and everything to be fun and easygoing. This is why we often have multiple marriages or longer relationships that help us learn lessons about being friends which is different from being a partner. Yet it all comes from communication and thoughts we have.

5th house in Cancer

We want love that will create a feeling of tenderness. We are very emotional and intuitive. We know who is for us and who is not. Our senses are changeable. When we feel insecure or unloved we tend to shut ourselves from our partner. We need to always listen to our heart and find a partner who is emotionally stable. We bond easily and naturally strive to form a family and a traditional relationship. It is also easy to hurt us.

We invest a lot of energy to take care of our partner because our maternal instinct and the need to create our own family in which we will feel loved are emphasized. Partner must be someone who our relatives and parents will accept. We put happiness in love at the first place. When we feel protected by a loved one, only then do we allow ourselves to express all our emotions. Even if they are not always love, but also sadness and fear.

5th house in Leo

We want great big love, warmth of emotions and a relationship full of fun. We are won over by those who praise us and show us love. We will find hard to forgive deception and emotional hurt. We have a pronounced sense of pride. Once you lose us that is the end and we will never come back. We will show love with big gestures. We want you to love us like no one before and please our ego with praise. We want to be proud of the person we love.

Going out together will be very important at the beginning of a relationship and introducing you to my friends. When we fall in love sincerely we are very committed. We also want to be the person who makes the decisions. We are characterized by generosity that stems from the desire to be the most important person for you. In that way you show your respect to us.

5th house in Virgo

Although we can seem calculative in love we are just hesitant whether to enter into a relationship or not. We are characterized by modesty and showing affection by helping you with something that will express our care about you. In love ratio is always put first. We tend to analyze the partner and the quality of the relationship. That is why details and the little things can spoil the love that has potential. We think all the time about our partner.

We worry of problems that are not something that could be controlled. This can lead us to disappointment due to excessive idealization and a tendency to criticize a loved one. Insecurity in emotions and the need to help you in a practical way will show that we care, even though because of ex-lovers, we can still feel “dirty”. We always try to fix the relationship. In the end we fell as a victim in love that could have been beautiful if we had just given ourselves a chance to relax. This is possible when we realize that we ourselves do not have any “mistakes”. We are worthy of love even if we forget to do the vacuum cleaning.

5th house in Libra

Simplicity and a fair relationship are the basis for our love balance. Relationships are the meaning of life. We need to be part of a couple. We are very seductive in nature and charming. We like going to the theater or museums. Culture and art are very important to us. Relationships and communication are the basis for our love to last. That will always be reflected in our physical appearance and sense of beauty. We are friendly and it is important for us to hear the opinion of our partner. We will try to find a compromise.

We like to talk about love and do everything with our partner. We know exactly how to get what we want, even though at first glance we seem gentle and soft. We do not like to make decisions about our relationship. It is hard for us when we don’t know what we really want. We certainly know that we do not want complications and problems. Partners who do not know how to behave according to etiquette will very easily become exes.

5th house in Scorpio

We are determined people who invest all our strength in an emotional relationship by very persistently seducing a person we like. We need to be careful. Strong and intense passion and emotions hardly give us peace at night. We can’t give in too quickly. At first we act mysteriously as if we are hiding something, even though we are very loyal. Emotional relationships tend to transform and go from extreme to extreme. We need to control the situation to prevent someone from poking into our emotional wounds again. We find it difficult to heal the emotions of hurt from ex-lovers. We will not forgive the betrayal of our partner.

The secrets are easily revealed. Love then turns into hatred. In essence, we just want to protect ourselves from further hurt. Sex life is very important and we will not forgive such betrayal, which creates additional tension. We want a deep connection with the partner and a complete psychological understanding. Intimacy is disturbed by intuition, which says that we must be careful. Above all, we do not tolerate superficiality. In a relationship with someone who controls us, we will hardly be able to stay longer then it is necessary.

5th house in Sagittarius

We are prone to adventure. We easily fall in love with people who look exotic, who are from abroad or brought in different cultures. We believe in love and our relationships are prone to idealism that seeks to transcend infidelity. We want to try everything and we are very direct. We want to enjoy life. Love must allow us to experience very passionate moments. Relationship where something new always happens is what we seek. We usually have a lot of relationships throughout our lives. We constantly promise too much by seducing with our optimism, even though we later forget what we promised.

We want our love to be fun and, above all, to make us feel free in a relationship. If you are not a dynamic person, you will hardly be able to keep us. We like sports, traveling, festivals and erotic uncertainties. We have our own special principles of what is allowed in love and what is not. It is advisable to get informed about this first and see if it suits you. We are truly heart-breakers even though a relationship with us teaches you sincerity in love.

5th house in Capricorn

Respect and order in love is what we seek. We are often very careful and strive for practicality and a realistic view in love. We are down to earth, rational and looking for a traditional relationship. Security with a loved one makes it easier for us to go through life and dedicate ourselves to work. Achieving practical goals is our first priority. Relationships lead to marriage or a better life status. We often doubt love and that we can be loved completely. We want to be able to count on a partner and know what we have and what we don’t have.

We ask a lot because we have goals from the start, how the relationship should develop and what we want to achieve with you. Our emotional relationships are characterized by ambition and making plans. We often feel fear that we will be left and lose love. Although we may be overwhelmed by sadness because of some old relationship that we have not forgotten, we are certainly not inclined to show excessive emotions even if we feel it. We will show you love with practical deeds and signs of affection.

5th house in Aquarius

We have a special ideology regarding love. We enter into unusual relationships that are like friendships. Mental connection and exchange of opinions is important to us. We like strange partner combinations. We seek freedom and thus you show us that you understand us. We are individuals in love and we are not overly emotional. We need to connect with everyone. We want love that is progressive and characterized by great ideals. We can be very faithful, but the ideal relationship for us mostly looks like casual socializing.

Free relationships and undefined types of partnerships and long distance relationships suit us. We are not overly passionate and mostly act restrained when it comes to emotions. Online love affairs are common. This gives us the opportunity to continue to be free and to experience different partner combinations. Our scientific mind is prone to intellectualisation. We need a partner who allows us to live authentically and in front of whom we can be who we are.

5th house in Pisces

Idealistic love and a lot of daydreaming about the right partner is what we like. Gentle connections with kindred spirits and a loved one on an etheric level are what is needed. Compassion and intuition are as important as always listening to the feelings. Very often we confuse it with what the partner feels, so we become victims in love. Intuition then fails us and we become exhausted. We feel we are giving, but we never get enough. We want a love that is like a dream or a vision from before. We want our partner to save us. We believe in love even when it is no more there.

We often believe in stories that are not sincere and get involved in mysterious love relationships that ask us to learn to forgive and heal the heart. Chaotic emotions are reflected by fleeing into infidelity by which we want a way out. Cheating can be common and parallel relationships. Dreams can give us answers and point to the insincerity that exists in a relationship. Although we can seem hypocritical, in essence we represent those who really do believe that love will change everything. Often we find ourselves in a platonic or distance relationship that heals wounds and makes up for everything that the existing relationship does not provide for us.

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