Advanced Astrology

Maja Lazić
January 10, 2022

Advanced Astrology

This post is about advanced astrology techniques.

Your natal chart is not static nor do symbols in it stand still. You don’t believe me? Put your hand over your natal chart and you will feel the vibration of your planets and their pulsation. But as long as you do not understand your natal chart, there is no need to introduce advanced astrological analysis techniques because it only creates confusion. However, many people when they become interested in astrology, immediately “jump” on these techniques, only to soon conclude that they “show nothing”.

Before we start with the basics, I need to emphasize that there are years when nothing can be seen through these techniques. Not all natal charts are suitable for analysis through progressions and directions. This is mostly related to those who are on the spiritual path and sometimes it is up to position of planets. Advanced techniques are most useful when we have learned to integrate our natal aspects.

Basic advice-advanced astrology

It should be taken into account that house systems can slightly change position of planets. That is why we are never tied to mathematical facts! There are also no intercepted planets/houses in certain house systems, so this should be taken into account as well. It may be useful for you to compare natal charts calculated through Placidus, equal house and whole sign systems. Mark the changes you notice and only then include transits and advanced techniques. This will help you understand the law of variability that certainly exists in astrology.

Transits activated by secondary progressions, solar arc directions and Solar Return reveal a lot about the potential of the upcoming year. What happens is always determined by what has already happened. And the best indicator of what kind of atmosphere a transit brings is what happened in the past in case we have already experienced that transit. Of course, there are transits that happen only once in a lifetime, so the last transit on that planet becomes indicator of new possibilities.

Lunar return and the return of Mercury, Venus and Mars can also be very significant and show additional specifics. With return of Mercury, Venus and Mars during retrograde period, a calculation of all three charts for each can occur. Which is right? In that case, the last one, when the planet moves directly, has the most influence. Nevertheless, they all need to be interpreted.

Moreover, it is important to know your exact time of birth, because otherwise all these advanced techniques cannot be used with precision. That is why they are not always an indicator of events from the past or the future. Also, in order to use these techniques on your own, you need a lot of knowledge, experience and practice with natal charts of other people.

Advanced astrology: Solar return

Solar return is calculated for each birthday when transiting Sun comes to the same natal degree. It is calculated for the place of your location on that day. We interpret this solar chart together with natal chart. Quality of a solar chart is a consequence of the use of natal chart energy. The better we understand our natal chart the better we understand the themes that await us each year in solar return chart.

This technique shows one year of life and the most important topics during that year. In this way, we see the characteristics that natal planets and their manifestation will take on. For example, if you have a very strong Pluto, then every solar chart must be interpreted through that type of energy.

We pay special attention to ascendant. Transits with solar return will show the time when something important in your life is activated. Planets in contact with your natal chart will be an indicator of changes visible externally. Planet in the first house can say more about what kind of behavior we are developing during this year. For example, Uranus in solar return chart conjunct your IC may indicate a possible sudden relocation in case natal Moon is in Aquarius.

Natal chart aspect formed in solar return chart should also be interpreted in detail. Sometimes it happens that you have a natal square and a solar opposition of two planets. That directly tells you how you will use your natal aspect during that year. Aspects will help us understand possible events. It is necessary to study aspects of solar Moon and relationship with natal Moon, solar Mercury, Venus and Mars in sign and house.

How we interpret Solar Return:

In which house is Solar Return Sun and what aspects does it make? What is the ascendant in SR chart and which natal house does it fall into? Is there a conjunction with natal planets? Where is ascendant ruler and what are its aspects? Is any planet in conjunction with ascendant, especially outer planets? In what sign is MC and in which house does its ruler fall? What sign and house is Moon?

Do you just need to follow these instructions and that’s it? There are many details that must be taken into account, but we cannot just use instructions and strictly follow them for every analysis. Each natal chart asks us to invent new instructions that are unique to the person and the moment we are analyzing the chart.

In order to further elaborate themes that are activated, Lunar Return chart can be calculated on a monthly basis when Moon returns to same place as natal Moon. That’s how we get one Lunar chart for each month. Lunar return can show an important event according to position of Moon in house, especially if planets are conjunct natal chart.

Advanced astrology: Solar Arc Directions

Directions are symbolic images of events that change awareness of ourselves over time and indicate changes in focus of life themes and goals. Each planet moves by one degree per year and only aspects with exact orb are taken. Those who study can check directions for every important past event in their lives. It may be interesting for you to research directions for your first job, graduation, buying property, divorce, marriage, childbirth, surgery, death in family, theft…

In directions natal aspects do not change, only signs, but sign will show a lot! With this technique, we will pay attention especially on conjunctions that are the strongest. Square and oppositions may bring need to make decisions that lead us to karmic events.

This technique is often used for rectification. For example, placing a 12th house natal planet on ascendant and checking what year that actually happened. Years are also important when planet changes sign or house.

As always, we must follow rules to interpret directions together with natal chart. Solar Arc Moon in conjunction to natal Venus may be your first great love. But for many of you, this aspect will not be formed at all during your life. This depends on the position of natal Moon and Venus. Solar arc Venus and Mercury in conjunction, in case they are also conjunct in natal chart, if they form a trine with your ascendant, can indicate an important emotional connection.

A few examples

Solar arc Moon in IV house can show time of moving to a new home. Breakup of an important relationship can be shown through solar arc Moon in VII house square natal Sun. Usually, an important theme will be seen through several aspects. For example, directive Venus is on the 29th degree of Pisces, as well. Solar arc Moon in Pisces square natal Mars can show pneumonia or disappointment in your husband. Often both!

When directive Mercury changes its sign, it symbolizes a change in your thinking patterns. If Pisces enters Aries, it will be important for us to be first in something. SA Moon on the 29th degree and before it changes its sign speaks of an emotional relationship and sometimes leads to ending. But aspects will tell us more. Change in sign of SA Sun is a new beginning of manifestation of your personality and birth of new character traits.

Advanced Astrology: Secondary progressions

Progressions are more related to evolutionary astrology and show our intimate inner changes. Progressions may be without activation in some years and are therefore not always appropriate on their own unless other techniques are involved. Squares, oppositions and stelliums in progressions are strong potent activations and a call for spiritual awakening and action. Progressions only focuses on personal planets because transcendental ones stay at the same degree for a long time and move a little.

Here it is especially important to pay attention to the moment when we have a planet at zero degree. An important indicator of change is also a planet in aspect to natal planets. There are retrograde planets in progressions that were not retrograde when you were born. You can see all this in ephemeris. It is especially important when a planet becomes direct/retrograde and when it changes sign.

Look at the change of sign of progressed Sun and ascendant in ephemeris and remember which personality traits you had to develop due to external events. Progressions are your attitude in a given year and attitude changes behavior and creates your life.

Advanced astrology: Progressed Moon

Progressed Moon shows cycles lasting about 2.5 years and aspects it forms with natal chart are lessons we learn to meet our emotional needs. You will only have progressed Moon in a specific house two or three times in your life. It is a time for significant changes and development of that natal area. For example, progressed Moon conjunct natal Uranus will show unexpected situations in emotional life and sudden falling in love.

New progressed Moon shows a new beginning. Full progressed Moon is a time of challenges and an opportunity to open your heart. Progressive Lunar Return around 27-28 years of age is one of the most important progressions. Natal Moon conjunct progressed Moon is time before Saturn’s return and shows state of your heart chakra and emotional life.

Progressed Moon in aspect to natal planets shows our personal myths and stories that we have woven ourselves and which did not necessarily have to happen. We have chosen and created them through our words and the way we have faced a past challenge.

Other examples in advanced astrology

Change in progressed Sun and ascendant indicate development of new character traits and changes in behavior. Natal Taurus will progressively acquire characteristics of Gemini. Position of its ruler, in this case Mercury, will show how person will behave. Ascendant will show our experience of life and how we present ourselves to others.

For example, first job and earning money can be seen when progressed Moon and Mars entering II house. Progressed Mars in Sagittarius enters sign of Capricorn and person finishes college and finds first job. But meaning is not the same for everyone because meaning is given by your natal chart!

We have to connect all the advanced techniques with transits that move your natal chart in time. My advice to you is that if you are researching yourself, always focus on your natal chart. After you have thoroughly analyzed it include these techniques. Only after several years of active learning and working with other people’s charts these tecniques will actually start to make much more sense. In this way, you learn to be receptive to vibrations of planets and develop an awareness of forms of expression of aspects that is specific to you. There are many books that can help you if you are interested in this topic.

When you go through a challenging transit, goal of astrology and astrologers, as well as all these techniques, is to help you find your way. To learn how to listen to yourself because without that all problems arise. All astrology is aimed at knowing yourself. That is why these techniques serve to encourage ourselves to see how much we have already changed and which part of our personality is right now ready to be “updated”.

To use these advanced astrology techniques make sure that you first understand the basics!

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