Archetypes in natal chart interpretation

Maja Lazić
August 21, 2019

Archetypes in natal chart interpretation

The soul and the cosmos have a common link in archetypes. This associate astrology with psychology, mythology and individual personal development. Archetypes represent universal elements in human experience. They are recorded deep within us on an unconscious level. They are clearly reflected through planets and signs in the natal chart. Archetypes as symbols or images reveal the cultural weave in us. Archetypal astrology deals with what goes beyond the rational and discernible. It goes deeper into the collective unconscious.

Every type of astrology is archetypal and it is impossible to omit that part if you want the interpretation to be of great quality. Archetypes thus represent universal principles that are reflected in the planets. And are also reflected in the human body, social changes, everyday ordinary situations and experiences on an emotional level, cultural and religious beliefs.

Although in astrology we seem to be dealing with something that is outward and far away, all the time we are dealing with what is within us. Reflected clearly in the connection that exists between the Cosmos and ourselves. Man as microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm of which it is the integral part. By this means that everything in the Cosmos is everything in us. And that the passage of time leads to the manifestation of what is in us, stirred through the transits of the planets.

Energy in the natal chart

Something that is not in us cannot be expressed. Energy becomes matter and what is contained in the energy of the planet at the moment of our birth materializes in our lives over time. Life cycles will therefore prove to be an opportunity for the evolution of consciousness during the transit and progression of the planet. That is composed of the archetypal energy within us. It’s always up to us what we will do with that energy.

Archetypes thus open up the opportunity for a deeper understanding of the natal chart and provide us with a better chance of reaching our natal potential. Archetypes do not serve to prove that something in astrology works or are something that we add to the vast amount of information that the natal chart already contains. But are there to support it.

By understanding the archetypal milieu of the natal chart, we come to the path of consciousness development. It can in reverse the order, precisely by cooperating with the nature of the Cosmos itself and the principles that make it. Archetypal astrology helps me a lot in consulting and understanding my personality and in extracting the essence of a natal chart.

Art of interpretation

The art of interpreting a natal chart requires strong Saturn, discipline, persistence, patience, a lot of time spent learning and constant astrological exercise. Will and commitment to understand another person even when ours personal experience is limited in a particular area. Awareness of what words we use to describe something and their clarity. It is always connecting everything to the present moment and where he is in their life right now are very important.

Mars and Saturn and their relationship will show the relationship between the karma of the past and the karma we create. The actions and desires we strive to accomplish with the obstacles we encounter and make ourselves. This is shown in how we face the challenges in our life path. Yet, in terms of archetypes, no planet limits us. But our unconsciousness about it within ourselves.

That is why one can easily achieve his actions and desires. Someone does not because the latter person did not learn what he needed. By performing a certain action he would repeat what he had done in the past life when he had the opportunity to choose in the same way. Astrology is the path of Saturn, as the traditional ruler of Aquarius. The path on which we commit ourselves to something greater, which at the moment is challenging but brings unexpected release and revelation.

What is astrology?

Although astrology is not a science. It is more than a blend of skills and talents, representing the art of interpreting symbols. It is precisely that every person’s natal chart a work of art. The interpretation of the natal chart is unique and cannot fall into some strict theories or frameworks. Precisely because astrology is an art, different styles of interpretation of the natal chart provide an equal amount of information.

Some astrologers will suit us more or less. Just as we will prefer some particular style in art and some not so much. Astrology serves to look deeply into ourselves, not to tell us something for which we need to search for around. Or wait for something to happen, but to hear and recognize that we already have it.

When I do an analysis of someone’s natal chart, I first pay attention to the client’s Moon. How well our emotional natures agree. It helps me to feel their energy better. I also pay attention to Mercury because it tells me how to approach an analysis, what kind of vocabulary to use. Then I observe Uranus which represents me as an astrologer.

If someone wants to have their natal chart analyzed by me and the astrological symbols show disagreement between us, there is always a reason why it is necessary to overcome this ‘disagreement’. Because something similar existed between us in the past. Or we share it in the life experience we both had. Or we started it in some past life and now it’s time to balance it.

Intuition and astrology

At certain moments I am guided by feeling and intuition. I always look for confirmation in the symbols I see and only if I notice that the person is open for it.
My way of analyzing a natal chart is always changing, as every time I went to an astrologer their insights were different, but they all agreed on the same things. Consulting with the same astrologer will change over time. So with some of them archetypes will not be what you will be dealing with, but with some they will. Archetypes help connect everything but do not oblige.

That is why it is important to emphasize that if, for example, you have Mercury in Gemini in the third house, which may mean that you love writing. It does not mean that someone else who has Mercury in Gemini in the third house likes writing as well. It can be that someone likes to read a lot or talks a lot or moves around a lot.

How do we explain that one symbol may mean something in one natal chart, but not the same thing in another? Well, very simply. If one part of the chart is the same and everything else is different, the outcome of its interpretation is different. Conversely, if everything is the same and one part of the natal chart is different, life paths will also be different. For this reason astrology is not a science, nor is it so limited and predictable that it can be mathematically calculated. Except for the position of planets and aspects, as well as the arrangement of the houses.

What to remember

So it is important to remember that in any natal chart we do not have something that could be called the same and that fits the pattern. Because of the archetypes that are embedded in the collective unconsciously, there is a certain amount of recognition that occurs. There is not just one single meaning of Venus in Taurus in a certain house, but a million possible combinations. The symbol is unique. But the possibility of interpretation is limitless, which does not mean that everything is possible.

How I have got on the magical path of astrology? I’ve always wanted to understand, to unify everything, to gain knowledge in order to help me deeply experience life. Not just to have facts and impractical conclusions that were unfortunately much of what I learned during traditional schooling. Astrology helped me to find an essence and deeper connection to everything as well as to understand the purpose of my life. But also to accept that it was not what I thought it would be.

To me, astrology is a way of self-development and a way of raising self-awareness. It is away of liberating my personality and finding a way of creatively expressing everything that I have been suppressing throughout my life. It is a way to find me again. Astrology is an art because it brings us closer to our authentic self. It is not a set of astrological facts but something much greater. It is up to you, with the help of an astrologer, or by yourself, to discover this masterpiece that lays in you.

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