Maja Lazić
August 4, 2023


Holism in astrology is one of key principles for chart healing and getting most out of an astrological analysis. Healing your natal chart should not be another obligation, but a way to nurture yourself, rest and relax.

It is fundamental to integrate challenging aspects/transits and work on moving stuck energies. Holistic approach to natal chart always implies change and stepping out of comfort zone.

However, until we activate natal chart energy, we have no possibility to heal it. And if there is a natal challenge then it is activated through transits that provide new opportunities for healing.

However, we cannot heal a natal chart if the energy is not there no matter what transit is taking place. Healing implies that we accept lessons of planets and teaching they provide by rising to a higher level of consciousness, which results in better quality of life experience.

What does it mean to heal your natal chart?

Healing your natal chart does not mean that we are looking for hope or comfort or that we believe that only astrologer knows the answer. Exactly opposite! This means that you learn how to get out of painful and unpleasant situations with the help of your natal chart so that it does not happen to you again and again. It also means that you understand reasons why you were in that situation initially.

However, mainstream astrology encourages Victim archetype and competing in amount of pain that is endured because it is “not up to us”. Victim archetype implies that you hold on to old emotions, usually the ones from previous transits of Saturn and Neptune. This again means that you do not take responsibility for yourselves.

This unconscious desire for suffering additionally burdens your natal chart and transit energies of planets. So most people are not aware of damage they are doing to their natal chart. You are free to make that choice, as long as it teaches you over time to choose what’s better for you.

Healing natal aspects is concentrated on increasing energy with various exercises, journaling, meditation, affirmations and visualization. During consultation, I always try to offer suggestions so that you can work with transiting energy or natal aspects if you are open to it.

Your astro-energy

Your astro-energy is equivalent to energy you receive from others. It is also seen in situations that make up your life. Future experiences are shown in your energy field. Without changing your astro-energy, you cannot change manifestation of your natal aspects.

Negativity through actions and words brings same situations. What you say and do programs your natal chart for your general well-being or lack of it. Integrating challenging transits is also aimed at cultivating energy of inner peace.

What we seek, through thoughts, emotions and action we will find during specific transits in our experience. If we are focused on problems, they will appear and stress will increase because we are resisting to the energy of the Universe. That is why it is important to be aware that during transits we always get what we are most focused on.

Transits are happening all the time and it is impossible to get out of your natal chart. However, it is possible to integrate it with the help of current transits. Quality of your astro-energy will thus have major impact on events and situations that always aim for holistic integrity of your heart chakra.

Healing of natal Moon

Healing your natal Moon involves forgiving yourself and not being angry with yourself for past decisions. When you are ready to forgive yourself, it gives you vital energy that initiates transformation. Forgiveness will be visible in stronger focus on what you want and a greater chance to achieve goals because natal Moon will get softened.

Healing requires us not to dwell on old situations and emotions, but to move on. That’s why most people need to work on healing insecurity they feel about their personal worth. That is connected to their natal Venus. Many people do not really believe that they are worthy of love or that they have right to feel good and be happy.

Law of the Universe says that when we feel unloved, we attract such situations, people and circumstances as confirmation of our beliefs. All that we do not accept in ourselves will materialize externally as a way to integrate parts of ourselves that we have separated from in midst of pain.

We cannot heal natal Moon if we are constantly frowning and lamenting our fate, but by learning to smile at all life’s experiences. Holistic approach encourages us to open our heart chakra and let go so that we can give more and receive more from Cosmos/Life.

Healing natal Sun

To heal your natal Sun, you need to find ways to feel joyful and happy every day. Laughter strengthens natal Sun and activates your third chakra, life force and willpower. Consciously choosing happiness and joy opens you up to experiences that further support Life. These experiences are indication that you believe that everything you want from Life is truly within your reach.

With this attitude, you inspire people around you and heal natal oppositions in your chart. Feeling of joy releases need to continuously go through crisis. It can also repair misunderstandings, overall health and bring new opportunities at Mercury level.

However, for most people natal chart still represents fear of the unknown. Many people think that their future is fixed and that they have no control over what happens. Most people are still not able to accept that their thoughts, emotions and actions influence what will happen.

Often a person is not aware that is co-creating with planets all the time and that amplifies and moderates both “negative” and “positive” energies of planets. This is something that most often we will never admit to ourselves because we do not want to be truly honest with ourselves and accept responsibility for our actions.

Retrograde planets

I often get messages being asked if something is happening with planets because person feels upset. They usually want to know how long that will last. This is a sign that it is necessary to work on natal planets and that imbalance is activated through transits. Challenge is not a certain transit but you astro-energy. For example, having retrograde Mercury or transiting Saturn in 6th house does not mean that you must have problems at work. It does not mean you should just wait for that transit to pass, too.

Person probably did not see what was really happening for some time before this transit. In that way, this transit helps them with unleashing blocked energy within them if they are open to it. Retrograde planets teach us how to work with our astro-energy. Those lessons, since natal chart is a circle, will be repeated again at some point until being learned. That’s why many of you may have the same problem over and over again as a karmic test.


When we realize that we need to heal natal Moon that is the moment when we become aware of our sensitivity. People who are aware of other people’s energies and strongly affected by them will more easily go through healing of their natal chart. Through increased sensitivity it is easier to discern what your truth really is.

However, increased sensitivity is not only related to negative emotions, but also positive ones. This is still a problem for many people because they are not so receptive to positive feelings. If you only notice negative energy, then you are not energetically sensitive, but confused with fatalistic thinking. Then it is necessary to work on energetic honesty. This means becoming aware that everything that makes up your personality protects you and helps you reach potential even when it includes a crisis.

Transit which trigger anxiety

Holism in astrology implies that an imbalance in one part of natal chart leads to energy blockage in its entirety. Anxiety when transit begins unearths what we have energetically accumulated. This can take months before exact transit. This is reflected in individual energetic amount, which additionally creates new blockages in areas where everything was fine until before.

All this prolongs time needed for every planet to regain equilibrium. Even when there is no tangible and noticeable discomfort, there is often fear of what is seen in one’s natal chart as well as feeling of inevitability of events. That’s why many people feel restless and anxious before analysis of their natal chart.

Nevertheless, fear of the unknown and of future is still the most common reason why a person decides to reach out to an astrologer. It shouldn’t be that way. They should be motivated to grow and understand themselves better through their natal chart. Restlessness and anxiety are noticeable when we fear that our natal chart will be “rummaged through” and when we are afraid of facing ourselves.

It is useful to ask ourselves what is happening in us that we keep away from others or hide from ourselves. This is always what transiting planets trigger. Every transit will certainly end, but it is up to us what we take from it as future wisdom.

How long does it take to heal a natal chart?

Healing your natal chart does not have to be complicated or require a large amount of time, but implies being done continuously. It is a lifelong process. When we commit to doing everything in our power to make our lives better instead of just remembering lost opportunities, we can do something every day to circulate natal chart energy.

Natal chart healing involves taking your time and giving yourself space to fully integrate lessons of each planet, sign and aspect in your natal chart. All this should be experienced as a dance and not as an obligation. It is necessary for healing to happen to be easy and relaxed because only then can we achieve results.

My advice is not to be focused on outcomes because expectations will change as you get better and understand yourself more to your natural energy. For many of you, it is crucial to focus on ease and pleasant feelings that inevitably come with healthy natal Moon. Connecting with New and Full Moon can help you in doing this.

If you stick to that for a year, your life we become lighter and more joyful. Healing also should include energetic part of working on your chakras. Reconnective Frequencies and visualization of colours for each planet can help in this. Colours for each planet can be worn or you may enjoy eating food in that colour.

Suggestion to start healing

You can choose to commit each morning to connecting with planet that rules that day. However, you can’t just do this once and expect change! That’s why it’s crucial to incorporate some form of healing principles already given in many of my posts, which you can apply every day in a simple way.

Monday is ruled by Moon, Tuesday by Mars, Wednesday by Mercury, Thursday by Jupiter, Friday by Venus, Saturday by Saturn and Sunday by Sun. For example, if you have problem with Venus, issues around love situation or money pay attention to follow healing tips for Venus as much as possible on Friday because imbalance is most visible then.

Events that will take place on Friday, especially during retrograde Venus, as well as how you feel that day under transits, will make it clear to you how far you have come in healing this planet.

You can choose one day weekly when you will fully dedicate yourself to healing your planets. This should be combined with application of techniques in which you come back to yourself in order to honestly look at current situation. Commit to straightening one planet at a time over a period of two or three years. With certain planet it will be easier and with another planet it could be necessary to work for a longer time. It is necessary to always remember that only you can do this for yourself. I am here to guide you and give you insights with my experience but you need to do the practical work.

Accumulating energy to activate your natal chart

Working on natal Moon and Sun will trigger large amount of fresh energy. If your energy is not activated it is not possible to heal other personal planets. That’s why it’s so important to activate natal chart energy that will naturally activate healing. Transit energy will also empower blocked houses.

In order to be able to experience healing, one must be open to it. When healing natal planets or transiting aspects we cannot insist on certain results. Predetermined outcomes lead to energy stagnation, so what we want does not always come true in that exact manner. Healing involves openness, softness, tenderness and gentleness. Without it healing of natal chart is almost impossible.

Healing of natal planets encourages us to think positively, daily repeat affirmations, raise our vibration and face emotions stuck in the past. It simultaneously means that we feel gratitude and practice visualizing abundant life where we live the best version of ourselves.

You were born with the best possible natal chart to lead a wonderful life. You have just forgotten to live authentically having unconsciously chosen to shut down and disconnect from your true energy. For this reason, natal chart analysis and your work on energies of planets is the key to a better life and achievement of your full potential.

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