Ascendant signs

Maja Lazić
May 20, 2019

Ascendant signs

This posts in on ascendant signs!

Ascendant sign is the basis of the character and personality that we create Through it we express the energy and potentials of the natal Sun and everything in the natal chart. The need of the ascendant sign will always have to be satisfied and lived through. But it is not so easy, especially if one or more planets form a square or opposition to the ascendant. (The exact time of birth is required to calculate the ascendant sign.)
Each ascendant has its own qualities, but also the polarity that is needed to get through life, triggered by long-term transits and progressions.

It is important always to remember there is not a bad or a better ascendant sign for you or compared to others. We have one that is perfect for us. How well do you express the energy of your ascendant sign? Set it up to suit you and cooperate with it, becoming aware of where you block yourself and where you fool around too much.

Everything in your natal chart must pass through this part. It depends on you how much it will be easy and energized. Think about what’s written for your ascendant sign and look at yourself from a more sincere angle. Then make concrete and constructive changes to your life and the way you present your personality.

Aries– It is a must-have to rule others if we do not know how to govern ourselves or we need to fight others. In that case we attract people who oppose us or attack us. We have great courage to initiate new ventures. Vitality is expressed when we know that energy is in motion. If there are no squares or oppositions to the ascendant. Instability leads to a constant re-starting and re-initiating, leading to rapid transition from one topic to another. Only actions that are done, not which remained at the level of thought or promise, are counted.

Taurus-gastronomic and olfactory abundance excites the senses, so enjoyment is a central theme and a life-style. If there is no time when the senses are satisfied, there is melancholy. We like lightness and understanding of life with the aspiration for peace and tranquility, because we want our life to flow easily.

But discomfort draws energy. Pleasant music, delicious dinner and a good company-everything that is simple and makes life pleasing is a prerequisite for happiness. There is some stubbornness and a slowness when we cannot easily come to that which we want Then we just stand still and act passively-aggressively.

Gemini-curiosity is inexhaustible and thoughts are constantly on the move seeking new information, hungry knowledge, learning and stimulation of fun and unusual. It is difficult to choose only one thing, person, goal. When so much fascinates the mind and is interesting, leading from one place to another.

How to make a choice and how to make a decision, what it really means, is a fundamental question. So much information and a lot of disturbance. Intellectualism brings solutions, but problems and confusion that others cannot keep up with this wild energy. Poor communication is always a symbol of inadequate relationship with yourself and the environment.

Cancer-there is a great need for a sense of security provided by the family and the care of other people. The heart is vulnerable, sensitive and easily injured. This vulnerability allows us to have the power to achieve the desires of the soul. Family life governs us, so all turbulence within the family are difficult to tolerate and disturb everything else in life.

There is a need to take care of someone so this is the archetype of the Mother. She nurtures and keeps on others often neglecting herself and her needs. The home is where the heart is, so if peace is at home. Then the heart is happy and peaceful. If not then the life of those around us will not be easy, too. The basis for all are the emotions of security and protection.

Leo– a need for creation and the life of a full heart, where energy is drawn from the love relationship. It opens us for new opportunities. Self-confidence and faith in ourselves are unwavering. Sometimes we do not see clearly why a desire cannot be fulfilled and realized. The enormous power wakes us up every day eager to fulfill its destiny, which must be great and magnificent.

There is something bigger and more important than that which has no significance. Unless it brings praise and admiration from other people. All this ambition and dreams are now nothing if others are not our support. If one special person is not our biggest fan, which is the basis for the energy flow.

Virgo-there is a need for doubt in everything that cannot be physically measured, analyzed and determined. The mind’s analysis is constantly adjusted to the maximum, searching for errors, asking questions, and being afraid of the answer. Fears are born in us and peace is found in work, intellectualism and service to others. The constant breakdown of the problem, the desire to find the culprit, as well as the pronounced sense of guilt.

So the thrill is found when we have before us tasks that need to be completed, the obligations that need to be done. All this is achieved when we think less and do more. When we do not hesitate and when we find the solution, the path is then easy. Very strong intelligence constantly searches for something that is moving us away from the main road. In order to be able again to start from the beginning, better, more useful, more elaborate and more tormented. Mercy is a reward and a goal.

Libra-emotional partner is a reflection of our quality and so far as we are open to love and how much we find ourselves in it. Then Universe gives us such a person as a gift. Beauty, aesthetics, lightness, ease, dignity in attitude and artistic principles are emphasized here. But also the need to feel emotional peace. If life is tense, the path is troubled and brings difficulty. Then love and peace are not easily achievable and we are suffering.

Artistic principles open the heart and creativity gives rise to greater love. But nothing can compensate for the embrace of a person who is our equal, our other self, our soul mate. Problems arise if we make the decision that emotional relationships are too painful. So we close ourselves, shy away and stop communicating. And relief only can be allowed by joy, beautiful words, music, ease of movement, a song in the heart and a lover’s attention.

Scorpio-Urges are strong and instincts are emphasized. But there is something vulnerable and destructive that does not give peace. So we constantly fight against ourselves and in ourselves and others. It’s as if peace and lightness are unknown to us. We are banging at the door that brings additional problems and more fear. So much energy focused in us requires us to overcome ourselves and overpower our opponents, pushing forward even when we came to the end of the road.

And then we go against everyone, not paying attention to the effort that needs to be made in order to achieve the desired. So the inner strength is inexhaustible and inexplicable. Others feel that there is a problem in us, a pain or surplus of inexhaustible force, about which we do not want to talk. But which also forces us to find the light in the deepest darkness and continue the path. It is transforming ourselves through pain, passion, death and then repeat everything from the beginning.

Sagittarius-philosophy of life is oriented towards optimism and belief in the good. The life path is an adventure that is a goal in itself. It is ollecting parts of us through new experiences, cultures, people, food and exotic landscapes. We believe that there is always a chance for us to come up with a positive solution. We offer a philosophical perspective rich in a great knowledge of all the issues that interest the mind. The journey of life begins when we learn and teach about the world, eager for the excitement that gives answers to questions, wisely and spiritually.

Faith in something better and more can be achieved when there is a long way to travel, to the end of the world. Or to the depths of the soul but if we never go there, then we are losing time and doubting it is worth at all. Experiences and adventures feed the spirit and are a desire for life, and if that does not exist…

Capricorn-And now every desire feels like a fear of the outcome that seems to be another opportunity for us to lose something. Difficulties, delays, cold cries and disappointments seem to accompany us. But it would all disappear only if we allowed ourselves more joy, soft embrace, a little bit of sunshine. The effort involved is painful and difficult, as if something in us does not allow us to overcome ourselves. Maybe it’s karma.

Neglecting and obstacles give meaning to life, as well as any denial. Because if it is not difficult means it is not worth it. Then we take the weight of the lives of those we love and carry it all on our shoulders. Although we already have too much. All this weight leads to liberation, and work and perseverance bring peace, one that cannot be taken away by others. Because there is self-sufficiency and confirmation that we can always survive everything by ourselves.

Aquarius-Originality carries every movement, breath and decisions and the tireless pursuit of freedom, creative flight and revolution. Independence and openness are crucial and the idea that no one is like us and the rules do not exist. This gives rise to a rebellion when someone tries to rule us, puts us in a template that is small for us, which does not suit us. It even more draws us on the strange behavior that further distances the people around us.

We are acting strange, even though we want to be part of the group so much, loved and accepted for what we are. The time passes and we are still the only one, incomprehensible. That is why reality reminds us that we should be living here and now, not in the future or in some other country. But now at the present moment, but we can only do so if we accept ourselves and our rebel soul.

Pisces-to-others we seem confused, asleep and dreaming, as if we walk through the water, lazy and delusional. Although we just dance through life and we feel more and more stronger than others. Dipping ourselves, spilling a part of ourselves into the parts of others that, just like us, seek the light, peace, infinite love and the sound of the siren. Faith brings us back from the deepest despair and misery. And as if we were someone else, like an old self, but not resembling ourselves, we dream dreams that act like a sea foam spraying it through the world.

By rescuing ourselves, we realize that we only exist when all the others who make up our lives are there, the parts of us, sad, disappointed, deceitful, dreamy. We create everything from dreams as a painter on a canvas, sacrificing a piece of ourselves for a new dawn, a new day, as a wizard in a fairy tale that has long been forgotten.

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