Maja Lazić
November 27, 2021


Energy of signs and planets is connected through aspects. They are relationships between two or more types of energies. Aspects show how energy manifests, transforms and how its issues must be overcome. Traditionally, aspects are divided into easy and challenging, major and minor. My experience in astrology has confirmed that there are no difficult aspects. They become such because of the quality/density of our energy. “Easy” aspects include sextile and trine and “challenging” aspects include square and opposition.

Every aspect can be used in a positive or negative way. It depends on us and whether we allow unconscious habits to guide us or we consciously respond to situations/circumstances. Unconscious reactions create even more conflicting energies. In that case aspects can be expressed and experienced negatively. There are natal charts which do not have some of the main aspects. When there is no opposition in chart, we may have problems in relationship with others. For example, through transits of opposition to natal planets, we learn about relationships if this aspect is missing in our chart.


Goal in astrology is always balance and integrity. What is missing is always compensated through transit’s quality. When more than two planets are involved in an aspect, they form configurations, which will be discussed later. However, they do not exist in all natal charts.

For aspects it is important to consider rulership, as well. Sun rules the sign of Leo and Moon rules Cancer. Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Mars rules Aries. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Uranus rules Aquarius. Neptune rules Pisces and Pluto rules Scorpio.

It can be important if the planet has no aspect with other planets. Then it seems as if there are no restrictions in the expression. It often becomes problematic and headstrong. Planet that has many aspects has several different modalities of action. This needs to be taken into account when quality of aspects is variable.

In some cases, orb degree between two planets can tell us when aspects will be most felt or manifested in a certain year of life. In order to analyze one natal aspect, all aspects should always be taken into account. That is one of the rules that should always be applied.

Major aspects

Conjunction is an aspect of two or more planets in the same sign. Closer their degrees are, stronger the influence. Up to 7 degrees of orb can be taken. Through this aspect, planetary principles merge and one prevails. Sometimes planets agree and sometimes they are destructive to each other, especially in the case of combustion from the Sun. I have already written about this in detail on this link. Exaggeration in some cases of conjunction is possible. Its quality depends primarily on the planets that make it up.

Opposition is an aspect of 180 degrees where two planets are in opposite signs. They are visually opposite to each other. They indicate an element of struggle between two different principles. Person may feel as if one part of them wants to defeat someone who is vital to their life. Sometimes there is a conflict between two areas of life. It is essential to balance opposites to achieve our personal goals. Conflicts with others are a common way of experiencing this aspect because we project our unconscious traits on them.

Square is an aspect of 90 degrees that indicates a personal challenge. This can manifest as a type of discomfort or conflict that a person has with themselves or circumstances in which they were born. Challenge must be consciously overcome, but we might not know how to change our behavior. We perceive these circumstances as inappropriate and as obstacles on the way to achieving goals. Without squares and oppositions, there is no change and progress in life. These aspects are important for every success and achievement.

Easy aspects and inconjunction

Sextile and trine are positive aspects where energy flows easily. Yet, as everything in life consists of its opposite, these aspects can show a person who is lazy or spoiled. They certainly make it easier if there is a challenging aspect, but only when we invest energy and effort. They require a high frequency of personal vibration and a conscious choice to use them instead of squares and oppositions. Sextile is an aspect of 60 degrees and a trine aspect of 120 degrees with planets in the same element. Therefore, we distinguish between fire, water, air and earth trines. This aspect can show us that we should invest energy in some skill or talent.

Inconjunction is an aspect of 150 degrees where two planets are in signs that have nothing in common, making it harder to align these energies. This can be a cause of stress, especially in youth until we learn to find common ground with these parts of ourselves. Psychological astrology can explain why we developed this kind of behavior as children, which could have served to suppress or over-express energy of one of these two signs.


Configurations occur when multiple aspects are combined. Rule that applies in this case is that we will only take an orb of a maximum three degrees. Aspects outside signs will not be so strong and prominent in life of an individual. Personal planets as part of configuration may describe challenges that start from early age and increase over time if we have not overcome them constrctively.

Asteroids will not be considered as part of configurations. There is always lower and higher way to use configurations. This is always connected to our beliefs. Lower way is connected to the undesirable events while the higher way shows that we have found our purpose in this life.

Grand trine consists of three planets at the same degree in the same element. Therefore, four types of trine are distinguished according to the element. It can show talents and skills that are natural to us. This aspect can bring positive experiences when effort and energy are invested. But if we do not activate this aspect ourselves and when we wait for something without doing the work, then there is no positive impact because we have not invested enough energy and effort. Higher awareness will always create better life circumstances.

Types of trines

Fire grand trine brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm that force us to make our dreams come true. Earth grand trine can help us manifest material abundance. Air grand trine can show people who are mentally very capable and attracted to ideas that can help them live their ideals. Water grand trine shows a very refined emotional nature that can be channeled into artistic expression.

In case more than three planets are in conjunction, in the same sign, we are talking about stelliums. This will be especially important if it is about personal, not generational planets. Stellium always indicates that there is too much of something and too little of something else.

That is similar to the opposition that lacks the other side, but we do not see that something is missing for a very long time. Person will overdevelop the sign that contains the stellium. In order to use it at the best level, the opposite sign must also be developed. This is an energy pattern that will be strongly prominent in the personality.

Karmic configurations

Yod or God’s finger consists of two planets in a sextile and third planets forming inconjunction to these two planets. This configuration indicates large changes that usually are activated by longer transit. In order to build our personality, we must face and overcome a challenge that brings turbulence to the previous way of life. Planet at the top is crucial and indicates type of stress. We may feel a lot of burden throughout life, unusual upheavals happen and life takes on a whole new form.

Frustration and behavior that creates problems does not lead us to a successful solution to the crisis, but to its prolongation. These are indicators that we fail to understand personal factor that creates irritation in our reality. Some astrology books also mention Boomerang which is a Yod with another opposition. In this case, we must learn to integrate this configuration into our life and personality with enough flexibility.

Grand Cross is a torn and anxious energy made up of four squares and two oppositions. It is often seen as a health challenge that can, if left unchecked, create disease over time. Person must learn how to deal with restrictive circumstances that require inner strength and determination. We do not know how to harmonize important areas of life, because it seems that price of success and happiness is too high.


Cardinal cross is intense and turbulent because we are constantly going through identity crises. Usually first life crisis is so great that we, even when it is finally overcome, lose a huge amount of energy and later experience life’s challenges as another defeat. However, if we are reacting in a constructive way and if we are ready to do what is necessary, then we can successfully overcome challenges.

Fixed cross feels like an uncomfortable circumstance that lasts a long time. It requires us to take a stand and resist the pressure. Sense of frustration and struggle are connected to this configuration when we are strongly and stubbornly holding onto opinions or behaviors which are a reflection of inflexibility.

Mutable cross can indicate difficulties that we cannot easily overcome. Our energy and attention are scattered. In this case, too much change happens at once. It requires to maintain motivation and concentration in order to successfully overcome problems. Indecisiveness, irresonsible thinking or depending too much on others can cause chaotic life.

Configuration activation

Transit to one of these four planets affects all four living areas that are represented by houses in which planet is located. In case we focuse on one area, karmic cords tighten it. Then we may face situations in which we do not have opportunity to choose what we like. As much as we are centered and have integrity, this is much easier for to be integrated.

In weak personalities, there may be a point that inevitably breaks them. However, everyone creates their own reality. When we find strength to balance these fragmented parts of our identity, we are able to direct the power of our complete personality towards achieving great goals.

I have noticed that this configuration is most problematic when Sun or ASC ruler are included in it. Person feels that he does not have freedom to decide and cannot control his destiny. Life seems to go in a direction he doesn’t want at all. He doesn’t see a chance that life circumstances will change. By no means does this mean that we will have a hard life. It happens much more that we create problems for ourself by running away from taking responsibility.

Other important configurations

T-square consists of two squares and opposition. It is a representation of ungrounded energy which lacks something stable. This is a very reactive aspect that is often felt as uncomfortable. Key planet is the one that is in square with planets in opposition. We may constantly encounter karmic situations, depending on the planets that are part of it.

In case of Venus, together with Saturn and Uranus, this could be about love life and marriage. This is something I see most often in practice. It is necessary to find balance through the missing part. Here we also have cardinal, fixed and mutable T-square. Depending of the planet which is forming square to the planets in opposition we will see which topic will be activated in person’s life.

Kite is a very strong and unexpected energetic combination made up of three planets in trine and one in opposition. Planet in opposition is in sextile with other two planets from the trine. In this case, a sudden blow of fate or great reversal could happen. This requires us to rise above all adversity. If we succeed in that, opportunities open up for us to develop special talents.

However, it is important to understand that the fact that this configuration exists, which is rarely encountered, does not mean that we will activate its power in this lifetime. Until we master individual aspects, we do have enough energy for the kite to finally take off!

Rare configuration

Mystical rectangle consists of two oppositions, two sextiles and two trines. Special talents and great individual charisma can bring us into contact with a large number of people. We have skills and sensibility that sets us apart from others. Special personal trait means that there will be life challenges, as well. A lot of changes in our life are due to transits that activate a large number of points and natal houses at once.

This configuration indicates a person who is smart, but only when he accepts himself and is disciplined in his approach to talents. This configuration requires a great personal grounding and connection to roots, as well as great ideals that fuel us when external circumstances do not go our way. Element of mysticism must certainly exist, through a connection with something greater than us and belief in salvation and freedom.

Planetary distribution

Distribution of planetary energy and its graphic display in natal chart will tell us a lot about the person’s character and how energy is used. Therefore, how an aspect will be experienced always depends on the type of energetic scheme we see through planet’s grouping.

However, a large number of people generally cannot fit into any of the divisions because astrology is more than a category. There is also Grand Sextile which is so rare that I must say up to this moment I have not come across to that in my practice with clients. It is made from six sextiles giving a specific energetic and karmic trait.

Some examples of the distribution of planets

When all planets are within 180 degrees on one half of chart there is great focus on a number of life areas. Person has a lot of conjunctions and sextiles, but always seems to be missing something. This person learns how to find balance. It is also possible that all planets are on one side, but only one planet on the other side of chart. That isolated, lonely planet is the main focus and will show quality of internal conflict.

Everything in the chart tends to be expressed, but this isolated planet can do it at the cost of everything else. For women, if Moon is isolated, it can be very reactive and dominant in relationships. It often leads to divorce, disagreement with mother and problematic circumstances around place of residence and family home. However, aspects and signs will tell us more. Certainly, in a large number of cases imbalance is visible. We may not see who we truly are, because we see everything through that one planet that is overemphasized.

When energy is collected in 120 degrees, we get even greater focus and concentration in one place of the chart. This strong energy can produce difficulties in relationships. However, houses that are activated by planets certainly tell us specific details about this. There is usually at least one or more stelliums. We may not be objective because we focus intensely on a certain life topic or area, but at the same time we neglect many other areas of life. There are problems due to habits that are focused on what we know. We don’t see bigger picture.

Areas of focus

There can be three areas of focus of natal planets. Grand trine and stelliums often make up this energy distribution. These people can be very active in several areas, but again they miss something. Challenge exists when we develop unequally each of three planetary groups. This is very much noticed in personality. One part denies the other and this opposition leads to conflicts. In order for us to have power, we must not choose one of these three parts of expression, but learn to unite them.

Yet it is much more common that there are two opposing groups of planets. They are in opposition which bring out a topic we feel strongly about. This certainly indicates two parts of personality that need to be reconciled. We find meaning of life only when we find cause of instability. Advantage of one side of personality is always meaning a loss of more insecure part of the personality. Experience has shown me that these people have difficulties in partnerships and can go through many breakups.

Planets can be arranged through six signs in a row, so that in each sign within 240 degrees there is one or more planets. First planet is a leader and the last one usually feels neglected or irrelevant, because energy never reaches it. Since eight planets between the first and the last are powered by energy of the first planet, we must learn how to activate planets in the middle. In this case, planet that forms trine can be of great help.

Other important notions

First and last in a group of compact planets are very emphasized. Midpoint of these two planets will be very important especially if it falls on another natal planet or in synastry then natal planet forms opposition. These all planets affect everything within them even when there are no aspects.

Scattered planets that are all over the place in a chart are also something that is seen more often. These charts can be the most difficult to analyze because they lack a clearly visible theme. Each planet is in a different sign, so this person sees eye to eye with the majority. We feel a connection with others through so many signs emphasized in chart. However, distracted and unbalanced energy can cost us talents that we fail to develop due to many interests and skills.

In any case, this is advanced astrology, but it is also a great exercise for beginners. You can practice to spot patterns in the distribution of the natal planets. That tells me a lot about a person and their energy. There are analyses in which this is very significant, indeed! However, we always have to go deeper. Without analyzing signs of the planets and their position in houses and aspects, but only with focus on the planetary distribution, we cannot answer all our questions.

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