Maja Lazić
January 23, 2024



Asteroids are messengers of the planets that show archetypal principles activated in psyche when humanity is ready for expansion of consciousness. When you connect with asteroid energy, it becomes clear that everything that has happened in your life and will happen can be explained through myths. How aware are we of them so we can learn from them without repeating mistakes? Asteroids are stories we tell all our lives, but when we don’t hear ourselves they have to wake us up.

When a new asteroid is discovered, awareness expands on a collective level. These are the moments when there is access to information woven into mythology. In order to understand asteroids it is useful to investigate name origin. Since the whole Universe exists in each of us, we can activate these principles in ourselves through meditation, too.

All asteroids are within us, but some are more ingrained, especially if they are conjunct personal planets. Then they teach us to be receptive to messages of the Universe with necessary abandonment of old life conditions and awareness of personal truth. Asteroids encourage us to conscious action when we become aware of bigger picture of our Life.

In this text I will mention only some of the large number of asteroids. Some of them became minor planets over time. Asteroid positions are generally not available in free astrology programs, but can be found in ephemeris. Asteroids are not an integral part of consultations with me due to lack of information about them and astrological research that is still ongoing.


Pallas Athena is asteroid associated with Moon and serpent archetype. It represents divine intelligence and awakening of feminine principle. It has characteristics of Libra, Aquarius and Leo conveying messages of Uranus and Mercury.

Pallas Athena connects both cerebral hemispheres and has access to the Akashic records that her visionary mind easily interprets. It is characterized by an inventive spirit and creative expression. Intuition combined with strategy and great wisdom is used in fight for justice.

There is often an imbalance of Anima and Animus, which leads to blockages in relationships because we intellectualize more than we feel which can be understood through this asteroid. Unique progressive energy can also explain conflict between father and daughter. Investigative journalists have it in prominently in their natal chart.


Eris or Xena is a minor planet that has a quarrelsome energy, warrior urge and discord at its core. It is inAries from 1927-2046 when it goes into Taurus. In natal chart, it invites us to ask ourselves how to go our own way and not burn that way. On a global level, it indicates dramatic changes, new technological inventions and growth through crisis.

There is still conflict over how to use anger in a positive way through this asteroid. This energy is characterized by sense of guilt, but also need for a change, because we want to fight for something that will be beneficial for everyone. It is highlighted in natal charts of “spiritual warriors”.


Ceres is an asteroid that became a minor planet like Haumea, MakeMake and Sedna. Ceres is Demeter, mother of Persephone, who represents benefactor of protective properties. Ceres is goddess of agriculture who teaches people to grow and cultivate the land. Her name refers to cereals, fertility of the soil and cycles of life and death seen through seasons. In natal chart, it shows which “food really nourishes us”. It is highlighted in people who have an eating disorder.

Ceres is a mother who experiences loss and time of grieving in which she learns how to nurture herself and others. Through Ceres, we interpret tendency for co-dependency in relationships, separation from loved ones and rejection. It also shows work habits and productivity. At global level, Ceres represents organic farms, ecological food production, modern techniques in horticulture and adaptation in soil cultivation in order to preserve plant and animal species.

It represents the growing unemployment associated with abuse of the Earth, threatened food chain and noise pollution, as well as problems with clean air and water. Through Ceres we learn what a secure attachment is. All of this is related to asteroid Persephone going to the underworld as Ceres grieves for her. Winter is born as a result of her sadness.

Persephone teaches us that when we feel safe and unconditionally loved, we can face the darkness within and find the light. On the other hand, Ceres teaches us how to let go of those we love by allowing them to go their own path. Persephone as goddess of underworld and spring growth is problematic for people who cannot separate themselves from their parents. Her energy helps us get rid of fears related to darkness and engaging in the dance in which life and death intertwine.


Vesta is an asteroid similar to the Virgo archetype. It is emphasized in persons who have a need for solitude, dedication and service to something greater than themselves. It is common in unmarried women, who live in holy places, having greater need for isolation. Their energy seeks self-renewal in silence and peace.

Juno is an asteroid emphasized in women who put marriage first and have a strong need for a committed relationship. It can indicate fear of abandonment and giving your power away to others, but also subtle manipulation and passive aggression. It is common among women who are completely devoted to their husbands because Juno is goddess of marriage.


Diana is an asteroid representing goddess of hunt, untamed nature and fertility. She is goddess of childbirth and through her we see pulse of life. Its meaning has changed because myths differ, so it also contains fierce rage and ambition. In natal chart, it teaches us to connect to our natural instincts. As it represents wild spirit and autonomous nature, it shows when person has separated from their body and how to return to nature.

Hygea is an asteroid named after goddess of physical and mental health. In natal chart, it shows how person can heal and how body through health crisis creates an opportunity for holistic health. In transits, it indicates need to cleanse our body on a deep somatic-psychological level by becoming aware of what takes away our power and what we need to let go of.


Ixion is a minor planet of a spiritual nature when functioning at a high level. If not, it indicates unfulfilled promises and failed opportunities. It is emphasized in persons who are led by passionate mission that includes violation of existing laws that have been out dated. Through Ixion, we define rules that represent what it means for us to live in harmony with ourselves, but at the same time to honour the promises we made to the close people in our lives.

In people who do not understand karmic principles, it usually manifests as recklessness and repeating mistakes because person has not learned anything from their experience. This minor planet “provokes trouble”, but at its core is courage to make a change that is driven by an insatiable hunger for life.

Through Ixion, we learn what must be destroyed in order for something new to emerge. If a person does not want to follow universal rules, he can repeatedly express this energy negatively in an attempt to achieve what he wants without regard for others. In this way, he destroys relationships and loses opportunities to achieve what he wants. Through Ixion we learn to embrace our passionate nature and follow our path when we live in harmony with laws of nature.


Pandora is an asteroid that indicates a person who has unique gifts, but whose curiosity leads them to open “Pandora’s box” where greatest plagues and evils are hidden. Saturn’s moon is also called Pandora, so it should not be confused with the asteroid. At the bottom of the box is hope, which can be expressed at its highest level as inspiration and at its lowest level as passivity and lethargy.

Pandora represents characteristics of Gemini and Scorpio, where a child’s naivety reveals the deepest places of the psyche. These are all those places in us that we run away from and that we deny, but Pandora does not want superficial answers. Trouble that leads to peace to see rotten foundations shows all that we bring at prenatal level and through past lives into this incarnation.

Pandora teaches us through shame and guilt to love all parts of ourselves by ceasing to feel that it was us who created those problems. It is prominent in persons whose curiosity has led them into trouble. However, it depends on each of us how much we will be able to learn from such a situation.

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