When to talk to astrologer?

Maja Lazić
October 30, 2021

When to talk to astrologer?

When is the time to talk to astrologer?

Many people are afraid of astrology because they do not know much about it. They love and hate it equally passionately. There is no person who would not like someone to “understand them to the core”. Everyone would like someone to recognize their suffering and explain to them why everything had to be exactly like it was. With the help of astrological language, many people find answers.

There are various astrology systems that can help us understand ourselves more deeply. Just as we must first master the basics to read or write in any language, as much as we know about astrology, there will always be something we do not understand. We can ask someone to explain it to us or investigate on our own.

What will astrologer tell us?

Sometimes people go from astrologer to astrologer thinking that the previous one has kept something from them. They want to check it with someone else. They are afraid that there is something bad in their chart that astrologer must “inform” them about. My goal is to offer them a positive experience and to introduce them to the nature of astrology.

Every astrologer will “activate” different aspects in your chart, which you have (un)consciously chosen. He will focus on specific life areas and problems. Astrologer, similar to the nature of Mercury, transmits information. But always in a neutral way. That is why I adapt my analysis to the client.


Challenges we go through are seen in the chart as in a mirror. We are not always ready to work on them and change. Therefore, not everyone can connect with astrological teachings. How open we are to information that comes to us during analysis, considering also prejudice and misconceptions about astrology, may affect the work of astrologer and the client.

Everyone is a part of everyone, so an astrologer is a part of you. Truth that we get through astrology is always relevant to client’s mental clarity and their desire to understand how and why they create problems for themselves. Channeling astrological information and insights must therefore result in healing after talking to an astrologer. However, it is usually related to continuous work. Ways to overcome a transit or an aspect are always available. Therefore, goal of every astrological consultation is to gain such knowledge and then use it.

People turn to an astrologer for a variety of reasons

Some people turn to an astrologer because they would like him to decide for them. Professional astrologers do not do this. Many people turn to me because they are not happy. They do not know exactly why. They have problems in love. They do not know what their lifepath and purpose are and in which direction they should go for their happiness. They often have ideal conditions for success, but lack confidence to really dare to move forward. They need support from someone who does not know them, but who will recognize their greatest qualities in them.

Most people, however, go to astrologers to get acquainted with “their destiny”.

What is destiny anyway?

Simply put, destiny is when you are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. However, most people associate destiny with something negative and with pain. Many people associate destiny with information that they could only get from an astrologer. What very clearly shows everyone’s destiny is their body, character, energy and vitality.

Natal chart contains energy patterns that create our reality through what we do, say and feel. Constant repetition of the same energy pattern (natal aspect) creates same situations and problems. Certain aspects thus become automatic. And just as we don’t use 100% of the brain, we never really ‘use’ the whole natal chart.

In that case, my role is to help you become aware of those automatic habits and by changing them activate other, better aspects. Life is a combination of cosmic energy from the natal chart and our energy field that is altered during life in cooperation with transit and our free will. Through special energy exercises I can teach you during karmic analysis you can start to change energy and these patterns, too.

Those who have been reading my blog for years or have collaborated with me know that I do not do predictions, “what will happen in the future” and the similar. This would limit your possibilities and potential and in addition trample on the basics of astrological ethics, which is personally very important to me. Also, it would limit you from something that is only yours and maybe still in the process of birthing. My goal is to help you improve your quality of life through the analysis and help you find ways to be happier.

Interaction of influence

Saturn is another reason why people come to me for analysis. As much as Saturn affects every person, so does a person to a greater or lesser extent affect Saturn, which is most important for spiritual growth. Everything has an impact, but how much and in what way is up to us and our level of consciousness. Everything we do, say, think and believe about ourselves and even about our natal planets has an immediate impact on what is happening to us. We may have wonderful aspects to Saturn, but problems still exist to encourage us to grow.

Absence of squares and oppositions does not mean absence of problems, but lack of opportunities to overcome challenges staying longer in what does not suit us. What do we need to learn? What prevents us from fulfilling our desires? What else do we need to integrate? These are some of the questions that will surely come up during our conversation.

Astro-analysis depends on the age and transits you are going through.

People in their twenties mostly go to an astrologer because of love problems / dilemmas, while those in their sixties want to talk about the meaning of life. First Saturn’s return between 28-30 years of age is a time when we re-examine our personality. We finally realize who we are. It is an ideal time for the first conversation with an astrologer.

Saturn’s second return between 58-60 years of age is a broader picture of life that provides insights into what is true for us. It is when we get rid of the fears of aging. It is a pleasure to work with people who are going through this cycle. Transiting Saturn will show us where we need to get serious, which is why many people decide for a consultation when Saturn has entered their sign. Conversation with an astrologer is also often needed when we enter Uranus cycles of great change serving as a form of therapy as well.

Non-integration of the natal chart

Some people opt for analysis because they have read a lot about their planets and they don’t really like it. Your conjunction of Venus and Sun is not the same as conjunction of these two planets that is described in a book, even when it is in the same house and in the same sign at the same degree. Your natal chart is larger than the sum of its parts. And your consciousness creates reality and your life experiences. Each aspect is individual and is not identical to any other aspect with the same name. That is why it is impossible to read about your natal chart somewhere in a book.

Do you think it’s bad that you were born as a Cancer with ascendant in Capricorn? That attitude of yours shows that there is a non-integration present in you. These two zodiac energies are not in balance, but each is manifested through the sacrifice of the other. It is up to astrologer to explain to you how to find a way to successfully manifest what is blocked.

Fear of analysis

Many people go to an astrologer because they have read something that got them worried. As you can see, we consider the whole natal chart for even the smallest question. So although numerous texts found in books can be useful, talking to an astrologer is something completely different and nothing can replace it. When you speak about your issues, your aspects come alive and astrologer can go deeper in your chart in that way. How receptive you are to this in-depth analysis will also be shown by your openness to be analyzed.

*Natal chart analysis is not what is elsewhere advertised as a written analysis that “unfortunately” can be ordered online and that is automatically generated without a second spent on your natal chart.

Some people turn to an astrologer only because of one question, not realizing that even the smallest question is answered by taking the whole chart into account. Many people think that they are irrelevant and powerless. That they do not have the power to create reality, as nothing depends on them anyway and trying is not really worth the effort. They believe that they are the ones who are born unlucky. That they were not born under a lucky star.

Then they turn to astrologers to confirm it and save them from “hell”. I have noticed that especially in southeast Europe, what an astrologer says always has great power on the client, while in America they see the analysis less fatalistically.

Family karma

There are those who turn to an astrologer because of the belief in the existence of “heavy family karma”, although for that it is necessary to analyze charts of family members and ancestors. We cannot conclude everything on the basis of your chart alone. Karma always exists, but its quality is determined by your consciousness! Your life experiences are always in line with your key beliefs, what you have accumulated so far and “inherited” through your family and those who raised you. There is also something called self-fulfilling prophecy because what we say to ourselves is what will happen at some point.

My role as an astrologer is to help you understand why you have attracted to some unpleasant events and how you can change them. It is not necessary to constantly repeat the same story, unless you have chosen to constantly go through the same problems and troubles. It’s just that it’s not easy for everyone to see themselves in this mirror that astrology offers. This group primarily includes those who are against astrology. However, Cosmic Order applied to them as well.

Many turn to me for analysis during retrograde Mercury because they came across posts in the media that intimidate and worry them. It seems that then the whole world is falling apart and that they will inevitably be threatened by some greater stress that will break them to pieces. Usually, during this period, I get in touch with those with whom I have already worked with. They have started to see at some things differently. Something clicked in them.

New insights

Encouraged by the analysis, they opened up to all levels of communication, not just verbal. Thus, they also allowed mystical knowledge that is always available to flow into their energy field. There are also those new clients who, in fear, want to know everything that can be known about their natal chart. I always talk to them a little bit about astrology first. Without understanding its basics, they can’t fully understand themselves. How we create or avoid conflicts is another thing in which an astrologer can significantly help us.

There are also those who have retrograde Mercury in their chart. They are often very dear to me! Somewhere in astrology books, they have read that it must be a problem to have this placement and they believe that it is so. They are sure that it is why they are so lucky and usually want a confirmation from an astrologer that they are right about this belief. However, after talking to me, they often realize that they also have qualities that even those who do not have retrograde Mercury would envy them. It is a pleasure to observe such a transformation!

So, when is it time to talk to an astrologer?

* You are not connected to your intuition and you do not know in which direction you should go
* You feel that you do not have the support of the environment and closest people (and they are your planets!)
* You have physical and material blockages and problems showing up as health issues
* You are not associated with natural cycles
* You have great fear of the future
* You are attached to people, situations and attitudes that you have overcome long ago and which have not served you in the past
* You neglect yourself and created a persona to “survive”
* You are closed to authentic and instinctive behavior
* You are building your connection to yourself throughout your life, so even though you are committed to the spiritual path, you have realized that talking to an astrologer can help you a lot

There’s a secret connection …

Astrology enables us to gain a greater awareness of something that bothers us. It is done through reflection of those descriptions that resonate with what we are going through and in which we recognize ourselves through the words of the astrologer.

In the moments when a person makes a final decision, events follow that help to achieve what would otherwise never have happened. That is why conversation with an astrologer serves to wake you up and let you find strength to go on your lifepath, untidy and a bit winding or steep, but YOURS because your Soul and your whole body are burning for that.

Final thoughts

This decision, as Goethe said, sets in motion a tide of events, creating unpredictable encounters, events that no one could have even dreamed of appearing on the road. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you have in your chart at all, but how you use it. How much it takes to suffer to reach our shining star and achieve our dreams is not determined by the position of birth planets. It is determined by our resistance to living our authentic nature.

Natal chart shows possibilities, so every conversation about it must enrich our lives and show us that the choice of something better and more beautiful always exists. It is only up to us to open up to these Cosmic messages and embark on this magical transformative journey with the chosen astrologer! I am very glad when those who read my blog reach out to me because they know my energy and understand astrological language.

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