Astrology Archetypes

Maja Lazić
March 27, 2021

Astrology Archetypes

This post is about astrology archetypes.

Each planet and sign are associated with a certain image, role, landscape, mythology and ancient cultures. They are also associated with life lessons. Information we get by analyzing these factors can serve us to empower our personality and discover what our Soul aspires to.

Planet that has the highest natal degree * (from 0-30) is key in this analysis. * Of all ten natal planets, the planet on highest degree will be the main carrier of the life lesson, compared to the planets in the lower degrees. Then we connect it with ascendant ruler, house position and sign. All this is taken into account in order to understand basic individual aspirations. This analysis does not aim to define who you are, but to offer you spiritual context of life.

Relationship with natal Sun

Sometimes Sun will be the main planet which is the carrier of the life lesson. When that is not the case, I have noticed that aspects of Sun and the main planet show how much we understand our life path. It will also show what energy is directed to and how we will integrate this life lesson. Sun is purpose, true nature and all the goals that help us bring more vitality and lead us to success. Healthy natal Sun does not ask for applause or approval and support from other people, because it already knows how much it is worth. It is intrinsic.

Sun energy is naturally triggered when we are true to ourselves and we live authentically. However, natal chart is circulating according to memory for most people. For them, same situations repeat in every transiting cycle and result in certain unpleasant life situations. If the same thing happened to you that happened in the previous transit cycle, it is a sign that you have chosen a wrong method to learn your life lesson. There is stagnation, not growth and that usually announces something unpleasant that will come in future.

Astrology Archetypes

When we talk about archetypes, we traditionally look at the first seven planets and their sign. In modern astrology, we also use natal Uranus, Neptune and Pluto when they are emphasized. These three planets will be especially important if they are in conjunction with ascendant, its ruler, Sun and Moon. Every archetype can be negatively and positively manifested.

How someone’s life lesson will be “learned” during life also depends on the house position of the planet. Planet will behave differently if it is below or above the horizon. If there is a particularly emphasized house, it will be the primary area of learning your life lesson. Sometimes the planet will manifest more, sometimes the sign, and sometimes the house. Everything is highly individual. No two life lessons are the same!


If there is a sign that is emphasized through stellium, it will certainly be a part of the life lesson. In some cases, these aspirations will be different from the Sun, which is the least important in the natal chart. In some cases when natal Sun is weakened, person does not have enough will to resist the environment, family or those who significantly influence him, not always in a way appropriate to his personality.


Conjunctions will certainly significantly change the meaning, as well as transits that will show the stages of learning. If the main planet is in close conjunction with other planets then there will be several different life roles that will allow learning of the life lesson. In some cases, this person will not be entirely sure which of these roles suits him best. These people search for themselves throughout their lives, more or less successfully.

If there are oppositions to the main planet, there will be an external/internal tendency not to learn a lesson. It also happens that some people do not even start learning their life lesson until before being on their deathbed. Learning your life lesson can be harder for them, especially in their youth. However, it is important that they find ways to discover their true individuality.

Transiting opposition will represent a time and period of great re-examinations and challenges that a person must go through in order to mature. When natal chart functions according to principle of imagination, there are difficulties with materialization of plans because this person is often energetically ungrounded. Then people blame circumstances and others for their failures. Life lesson will always be related to the materialization of something, but it is learned throughout life. It is never a goal or a product. It is YOU. You learn even with failure, not by giving up.

Final remarks before the analysis

My goal is to make you feel more connected to yourself through astrology, but that is not possible if there is still a problem in the relationship with a parent or an important person. Anybody who has serious health problems usually does not follow his life purpose. If you feel connected to yourself, and you have these problems, then that feeling is just an illusion.

Without optimism, energy and vitality, one cannot advance. He can’t even begin learning his life lesson. Success is lacking and strength is declining. This person does not shine and natal Sun is “weak”. Cosmic glow of the individual is always a sign that we are on the right path.

Finally, you need to think about what makes you successful. What qualities do you need to express more through creativity or work? For most people, work is what they invest the most time in and it should provide a sense of fulfillment. In that case, your job will support your life lesson. However, not for all people is work meaning of their life.

If there is a problem in your natal chart, it will be seen through other factors, because there must always be more indicators for issues. However, just when you solve these problems, whatever they are, you will find yourself on the path of learning your life lesson. They are there for a reason. And then a new era begins for you. Every natal chart has this hidden magic, you just need to know how to decipher it.


What is your life lesson can be interpreted in many ways and every astrologer has its own secret method. What should be remembered is that astrology is a means of thinking. Astrology does not serve to draw definite conclusions. But astrological knowledge will help us explore ourselves in order to see more honestly who we are and why something in our life is not going well, so that we can change and fix it. Life is given to be happy and to enjoy every day!

I will now take you through a basic analysis of your life lesson. Here I will give a brief idea of ​​how we analyze this based on main planet and its sign. First determine the main planet as explained at the beginning of this post. Then connect it with the planet’s sign. It is necessary to fit all this with natal house and then with your natal chart and stick to the guidelines offered in this text.


SUN-there is tendency to shine and be successful usually through art, music or creative forms of self-expression where we are the center of attention. We need other people to notice us and achieve success through personal expression. Many actors and famous stars have this position.

MOON-there is tendency to help others and to allow to hear the voice of intuition through emotions and intimacy with others. We need to allow ourselves to love and be vulnerable in order to gain emotional wisdom during life by nurturing relationships with family members.

MERCURY- there is tendency to convey messages and information. Communicator role is emphasized. All occupations where we show practical talents of how to do a job successfully or find solutions can offer opportunity to follow our life path.

VENUS-there is a tendency to love and seduce others in order to create relationships. We need to be beautiful and attractive investing a large amount of time and energy in this. We need to dedicate ourselves to nurturing principles of lightness, ease and enjoyment, especially in love and relationships.

MARS- there is a tendency to fight for our goals and to bravely embark on new endeavors. We need a role where we lead others and over time enable them to fight for their goals, seeing in us an example of a fighter and a winner.

Outerly expressed live lessons:

JUPITER-there is a tendency to acquire wisdom and be a teacher to others, helping them to experience a life adventure. In order to acquire this wisdom, we must travel and study different cultures and philosophies and go through certain situations of temptation and awakening.

SATURN-there is a tendency to discover personal boundaries and those we create. We need to get rid of fear and learn how to successfully take care of everything that is important in life. We need to go through opportunities when we let ourselves trust. It will be necessary to master lessons of all previous six planets and achieve karmic balance.

URAN-there is a tendency to be free and have an unusual life that does not follow the rules. That is why we shock the environment and go through a large number of surprises during life. There are misunderstandings with those who are important to us.

NEPTUNE-there is a tendency to indulge in spirituality and daydreaming. Life has an elusive character and we are prone to mysticism. We often incline to confusing behavior which creating an illusion. We need to learn to overcome being a victim, having found ourselves in this role countless times.

PLUTON-person strives to gain power and feel it in his life completely. This learning will involve a large amount of transformation that he will have to go through and mastering of all the previous nine planetary lessons in order not to confuse creation with destruction and light with darkness.

After we have determined the planet and analyzed its possible meaning we pay attention to its sign and connect insights.

ARIES-person has a tendency to achieve goals independently. He needs to experience autonomy and start new ways of expressing his personality.

TAURUS-person has a tendency to experience as much sensual pleasure as possible. It is necessary to nurture sensory gratification throughout life and achieve stability in relationships.

GEMINI-person has a tendency to acquire a large amount of data and successfully manipulate them. He will get opportunities to acquire knowledge in many areas while always being aware of what is happening in the environment.

CANCER- person has a tendency to take care of others, his family, children and home. We learn to step out of our comfort zone and overcome sadness or emotions that separate us from others.

LEO- person needs to feel fully respected from the environment, especially family members and partners. We need to have opportunities to make important life decisions with dignity.

VIRGO-person has a tendency to serve others and help them in everyday life. We need to take care of everything practical and learn to solve problems that arise. We must overcome aspiration for perfectionism, which prevents us from achieving goals.

Lessons connected to other people:

LIBRA-person has a desire for harmonious relations with others to achieve unity. It is necessary to learn to solve problems with those who have opposite views.

SCORPIO-person has a tendency to heal himself and reveal deep and hidden truths that are frightening to others. When they are magically transformed, all the wounds of the past are erased and life is regenerated.

SAGITTARIUS -person has a desire to experience many life adventures and develop life philosophy. We need to gain wisdom and offer other people guidance, but above all by teaching them to be faithful to themselves.

CAPRICORN- person has a tendency to advance hierarchically in one area and set an example for others. We need to overcome life’s difficulties, stagnation and failures that serve to strengthen us and check how ready we are to really work to achieve our goals.

AQUARIUS-person has a tendency to discover new trends and start a revolution in an area. It is necessary to dedicate ourselves to something that will serve all of the humanity and to find our place in Cosmos where there are no limits to innovation.

PISCES- person tends to be inspired by ideals. We need to achieve our dreams and visions, often indulging in art. This achievement enables us to gain answers to spiritual questions.

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