What is a Natal Chart?

Maja Lazić
May 8, 2021

What is a Natal Chart?

No one can write your natal chart if you are alive and breathing. Piece of paper no matter how large it is with such information has nothing to do with essence of astrology. No one’s life is predestined. Astrologer is not there to inform you that you can prepare for “difficult days”. He is there to help you gain a deeper and wider life experience.

Natal chart represents the way Cosmos communicates with you. Through it you receive and transmit cosmic information. There are so many possible ways of natal expression depending on you and how much you are connected to yourself and open to insights. Your reactions to external events bring following events that at the same time make some future events impossible.

You are the product of cycles and how successfully you have gone through them. Cycle is a circle like your natal chart. That is why a situation will come to you again to solve it through another cycle. There will not always be a cycle that will activate every position in your chart. That is why we must always look at a chart in context. Some life cycles are not so obvious and visible. Only a few years later, when everything is over, we see what great changes were involved. We have been given signs in advance. We might have been ‘sleeping’ and didn’t notice them.

How do we limit our natal chart?

Natal chart can evolve or stagnate. So can the individual. There is a high and low manifestation of charts and free will. Good part of life we can work against ourselves functioning according to memory. Some problems arise because we are slaves to habits. We manage things the way we have always managed them. But time and context have changed. Some of you are waiting for the “good old times” to return. They won’t, though.

Natal chart is a way of creating balance and absorbing life’s energy. Many people have been taught from an early age to block their true personality. It is up to natal astrology to offer explanations and ways to bridge this with the help of energy psychology. After all, body remembers everything. It is sometimes easy to know what will happen to a person through physical problems and symptoms. He repeats the same behavior so results are the same, too. Natal Sun energy itself is at a low, slow and dense level. It manifests itself physically and that is difficult to change in a short period of time.


If we are on the wrong path, transits will clearly show us discomfort. It is a sign that we are going against cosmic plan of our Soul. There will always be challenging transits. Cycles like these are what bring about life changes we need. Your natal chart, in order to manifest something concrete, is able to activate one of its parts. But it must block other parts. It works from the inside towards the outside, meaning that it always manifests what is dominant in the layers of your aura.

But when we are not in balance then we fill our natal chart with what we say, hear. What someone has told us also feeds our natal. What we feed it with grows. This principle does not bring a deeper understanding of oneself. All this is happening unconsciously. There are also people who only live from one natal house. Everything else in their chart seem to have not even existed. It was there technically, but they were unable to bring it to fruition.

 Why do we consult astrologers?

People go to astrologers when life is difficult, when they are troubled and unhappy. Some people identify with the problem and further create painful memories. They have also read that it is not good to have a certain aspect. They justify some of their natal positions in order to prove that they are suffering because of that.

However, natal chart is a muscle and can be practiced. It can also lose its power, which is much more common. Luckily, when we learn to balance  natal aspects’ energy, everything is sorted out. We should not forget that a chart is a frozen image of time, but energy in it is alive. Aspect is always energetically active. The only thing that is passive is its name.

Purpose of natal analysis is how to embrace all parts of yourselves, so that they live equally no matter how contradictory they are. That is what makes you a special person! Analysis in the twenties is not the same as analysis in the sixties. How you experience your natal chart depends on how you feel. Who determines how you feel?

Well, only you. There is something much bigger in you, a point within the circle of your chart where all opposites merge. Atrology as a method of looking within is a very intimate thing. It has nothing to do with other people except that they depict your energy rays, whether you are aware of it or not. When we begin to recognize our planets in others, one part of karmic healing has already begun.

Fate and free will

Of course, there is what is predetermined and unchanging (skin color, where you were born, who your parents are, height, etc.). There is also even more of what you determine every day. Some external events are not always determined by us because they are connected to other people. Our life experience always depends on us. That is what we “control” and manage. Your energy chooses certain information from your natal chart (which is inexhaustible, can be analyzed all your life and you will don’t know it all) and that’s what happens.

No, your life is not difficult because of a planet, but because of the use of its energy and what you do or not do. Truly, there are people for whom life is very predestined, too. This can be seen by the amount of fear with which they approach astrology. Amount of energy we have, whether or not it is in short supply or in excess determines our life. However, a person who does not notice at his inner nature will experience transiting tides that throw him into deep sea, returning him to the shore in tears and in fear of an unfortunate fate.

Downside of astrology?

You know people who go to the doctor all the time and are always sick and in pain? Likewise, those who constantly go to astrologers will not get very far in life. Modern astrology does not support such an approach (2 times a year max. is what I advise if there is an issues). In order to benefit from astrology we must learn when we need to let it go.

Analysis in finest detail is not a confirmation of astrological knowledge nor can it be useful. Astrological symbol alone cannot solve your life situation, no matter how much you try to learn about it and understand it through mental level. Only solution is to change your emotions, beliefs and behavior. This is the field of astro-psychology. Someone with Moon in Virgo will not achieve much by trying to understand their astrological position through mental analysis. But much will be achieved by stopping with behavior that is a negative manifestation of Virgo. That is excessive analysis, looking for mistakes and lack of trust.

When an astrologer analyzes charts, explanation about a position and aspect in books can mean in the context of an individual’s natal chart something completely different. That is one reason why astrology is discredited. Two people may have identical aspects, but they experience an event differently. Ascendant ruler will define how each transit happens and how we deal with fresh life energy. Individualistic approach in astrology is the only useful one! How severe or beautiful your natal chart will be in real life is determined only by you.

High-level astrology analysis

Analysis of the natal chart does not come from mental deduction. It comes from the depth of inner experience where there is no right or wrong, good or bad. Astrologer sees what is there, but the reflection of natal energies changes over time as this person grows. Mind will always strive to discriminate, divide and group, but personality is holistic. We cannot understand our chart if we divide it into parts. That is how analysis does not work.

Categories in astrology exist so that the mind can group and place information somewhere. Human being is more than a category. Popular astrology emphasizes Sun signs and yes, your natal Sun is everything. It is life and whatever you have in your chart, especially what is special and authentic, will be activated only when energy is set in your Sun, in your whole being.

There is something beyond words and information that is conveyed through natal symbols. That is the real analysis of the natal chart, which is always a kind of initiation into the magic of life experience. But as always, it depends on which astrologer you choose and at what level of consciousness he functions on. Those astrologers who pretend to understand astrology will always claim that something is wrong with your natal chart. And the truth is that your natal chart is perfect!

Only your beliefs about it and the misunderstanding of astrology, which is being mass-popularized and the attitude towards yourself, spoil its manifestation and cosmic radiance.

 Can you analyze your natal chart by yourself?

There are many resources that can help you learn something about the planetary positions and aspects in your chart. But just as you will not extract your tooth by yourself or operate any organ on yours, you should not approach natal chart analysis on your own if you are not trained for that. If you are trying to analyze your natal chart by yourself then you are doing so with a limited amount of information you have gathered about astrology. Much of it is not true. You can only see yourself from an angle that is already familiar to you and that has brought problems so far.

If you want to analyze something that is so important (your life), it is wiser and easier to leave it to someone who has experience and knowledge. Fully understanding your natal chart without astrologer’s help is something you will need a lifetime. Do not engage in “your natal chart surgery” if you are not educated to do this. Otherwise, you will waste a large amount of time, completely unnecessarily and you will not get far in a deeper understanding of yourself.

How can I help you?

On my website you can find blog posts that can give you insights into the aspects and positions of your planets. This can be useful to you both before and after consulting with me. However, these are only informative descriptions and not descriptions of specifically given positions in your natal. In my blog posts, you can find a lot of useful advice on how to activate your natal chart. I will not repeat that here again. To strengthen your Sun it is very important to do every morning Sun salutations. This will empower it because if it is not physically strong favorable aspects will hardly give a full manifestation.

Hatha yoga is especially good for Sun and Moon of challenging dignity. We experience this imbalance as dissatisfaction with life and that affects everything else. However, as much as physical activity is important for the Sun, meditation is necessary for the Moon. There is also another way how a natal chart can be purified and activated. Of course, always during specific type of analysis, when a person is open to this type of insight, I may suggest possible independent techniques that can help him to make better use of his positions and transform the energy of the aspect.

Let’s get in touch!

Your natal chart is a very powerful instrument and can be used to accomplish what you want, but only if you know how to use it. That is why Astrodetoks is a unique approach to astrology. I as an astrologer adapt to the client by being there to help him understand himself and his inner and outer world more deeply through astrological language. Thank you to all of you who put trust to embark on this most important path of life analysis with me.

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