Maja Lazić
May 17, 2023



Each of us has Soul wounds. For some of us, they are bleeding and they hurt terribly. For some of us, scars are visible and rough under the fingers. This prevents us from showing all the parts of ourselves, considering them repulsive and rejecting them. Some of us resist every opportunity to be vulnerable, without which healing cannot happen.

Chiron’s symbol is like a key that unlocks the door to wisdom and healing. Its path through the zodiac is irregular. In some signs it spends more and in others less time. It has a quality that can be linked to Saturn and Uranus but also indicates sensitivity, suffering, acceptance, healing connected to Neptune.

Chiron in transits teaches us through experiences that represent an opportunity to heal, grow and release feelings of insecurity, pain, doubt and suffering. These experiences are often not easy! However, healing comes through emotional overflow and exposure that inevitably shows trust in Life and Cosmos.

Chiron’s return is the time when we learn to reconnect those vulnerable parts. Some of us at that time can decide to go through psychotherapy and alternative healing techniques. However, Chiron is what we will be healing all our lives. It what will give us gifts that can only come through such a deep process.

Chiron in natal chart

When retrograde, it indicates an additional depth of healing which requires seclusion, self-examination and acceptance. Chiron teaches us how to help and support ourselves. As a result there are always other people who enter our life to support us. This happens because we are open to giving it to ourselves. Chiron gives us the gifts of wisdom, compassion, opportunity to truly know ourselves and heal childhood wounds and parent-child relationship. First of all, Chiron teaches us through pain when we do not take care of ourselves or avoid what is necessary.

Chiron’s lessons are related to the (un)conscious. When we are born we forget some of the wounds from our past lives or prenatal period. It would be too much to remember everything! During life, we uncover our wounds through relationships and painful experiences in order to heal them and return to ourselves. All this is part of the collective unconscious and that is why Chiron is so visible through art and archetypes in literature.

Path from loss to self-discovery is intertwined with individual karmic tasks. Wounds from this life are only a way to deal with something much deeper. That is imprinted in mental, emotional and physical body. Deep wounds are seen at ego level, in our beliefs and also in the nonphysical.

Task of each of us is to heal our wounds so that we can truly become what we are capable of and what we were born for. Finding yourself requires strength because it’s easiest to give up or be a victim. However, each of us, even when we were a victim, are healers!

Chiron in signs

The following analysis is based on Chiron’s natal sign. Chiron talks about individual and personal wounds, so this is only an informative text. Chiron in natal chart is analysed through house, aspects, its ruler as well as close conjunctions.

Chiron in Aries

Person learns to be himself and uncover his identity which he has experienced being blocked or fearful. He can achieve his personal worth through development of courage, especially when afraid or angry. Person can through inner strength overcome conflicts. Issues encountered on path of identification are solved when he finally heals his wounds.

Chiron in Taurus

Person learns to find inner and outer value through relationships and money. He is facing something that he cannot have on a physical level or that he has lost, but loved very much. Person becomes aware of material things that give stability, but also of losses that lead to development of his own skills and his ability to learn to survive on his own.

Chiron in Gemini

Person learns to communicate consciously and develop speaking and writing skills. It is necessary to examine core beliefs and gain certainty in thoughts and attitudes. Through verbalization, we can heal, erase wounds and unsupportive relationships. Path of healing is possible through words and speech.

Chiron in Cancer

Person learns to heal childhood issues, family relationships and become independent both physically and emotionally. There may be problems concerning personal safety and trust. We often don’t know our own needs. Person seeks protection that never really gets through others. He has to find it in himself. He should become aware of mechanisms that block him from feeling.

Chiron in Leo

Person learns how to feel confident through talents and skills that make him special. However, he often has no confidence that what he creates is valuable. He is afraid to take risks in fear of being ridiculed. Person learns to let his creativity flow using all his gifts without fear.

Chiron in Virgo

Person learns to take care of his health, living conditions and business circumstances that need to be healed in order to support him in his daily functioning. Person develops practical skills and habits that help him improve his living conditions. He must  correct what is necessary which is contributing to health problems.

Chiron in Libra

Person learns to maintain partnership and business relationships through development of his personality that must be balanced both within and through relationships. Person heals difficult relationships that are unreciprocated or hinder connection with true identity. Healing happens through others when we are able to unite our masculine and feminine side first.

Chiron in Scorpio

Person becomes aware of wounds that have arisen in important relationships, where he deprived himself of his original powers and prevented feeling of deep security. Person heals trauma on a psychological and energetic level. That’s how he comes out of struggle and uncovers great vulnerability and deep transformation.

Chiron in Sagittarius

Person is looking for life adventures where he will become aware, heal his beliefs, life philosophy and understand what serves and limits him. Person learns not to judge and instead to be curious, exploring the whole world without being limited to one’s ideas about it.

Chiron in Capricorn

Person learns to achieve his business goals and progress by accepting responsibility for both past mistakes and limitation within. He can face difficulties that shake his sense of security representing a painful place that has been wounded in family through parent relationship.

Chiron in Aquarius

Person learns to be unique and achieve his desired image of future even when he feels that he does not fit in. He appears to be different from others. He learns to present himself sincerely and connect with people by following authentic intellectual path. This can channel his rebellious nature without upsetting the environment.

Chiron in Pisces

Person learns to find himself through fantasy, illusion and escape from reality. There is a need to avoid material obligations and tasks. He does this to not be so vulnerable, but it at the same time is hurting himself. We should learn to listen to our intuition and channel our emotions through art which can heal us.

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