Cosmic Consciousness

Maja Lazić
September 19, 2019

Cosmic Consciousness

What is cosmic consciousness?

Each individual contributes to the whole and that contribution, explained through natal chart, goes by the position of Jupiter (vision) and Mercury (idea). Cosmic consciounsess is connected to Mercury and Jupiter as well as Uranus. Mercury is connected to learning on a daily practical level through regular education and communication with the environment. Mercury is a fast planet moving through the signs of the zodiac very quickly. In that way it is constantly bringing new opportunities to learn something fresh and more contemporary. Rethinking what we already know.

Mercury retrograde periods provide opportunities for us to consolidate, determine and test how much knowledge we gained really benefits us. To learn even more, rediscover or make up for what we have skipped during the education. Mercury therefore provides us with the opportunity to compare, measure, reconcile and analyze what we already know. To express our opinion about it, either verbally or through the written word.

We associate Jupiter with wisdom, developing theories and lifestyle based on philosophy and knowledge of different cultures. Above all with the experience. Jupiter constantly strives to expand the knowledge we already have about the world. Jupiter spends about a year in one sign and forms one-year cycles, staying a specific house in the natal chart. It allows us to gain greater experience and a broader understanding of a given area. Take a look at what you have learned from the fall of 2018-2019 during transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

You may see that you have probably enrolled in a course, started writing a doctorate, attended seminars. Or at least added some new skills to a list of existing knowledge. Jupiter enhances your knowledge beyond the boundaries of what you already understand. Jupiter is not concerned with the details, but the real essence and the opening of new perspectives.

Mercury and Jupiter in cosmic consciousness

The good position of Mercury and Jupiter is in the third or ninth house, conjunct, trine or sextile. It may describe a person who loves to study, to read and who strives for knowledge. Absorbing information in all possible ways, even in seemingly completely ordinary situations. Notice what you have to learn through some new experience that is related to your business if transit Jupiter is in the sixth house. This can also be related to nutrition.
If Jupiter is in the fifth or seventh house that learning could be about love and marriage. Aspects to other planets in your natal chart will give more information about this.
From Mercury to Jupiter, as we grow and evolve through planetary cycles, we expend by slowly disassembling the knowledge we have acquired in school. Then reforming it after which we crystalize our beliefs that truly rest on what feel and know.
Mercury square Jupiter as well as the opposition can  indicate a person who has a problem with the school system, a teacher or a college professor. Who has difficulty communicating his life beliefs to the environment. This may also mean that throughout life we ​​have to exchange everything we learned in childhood to some optimistic and open-minded attitudes. It does not fit into our usual thinking pattern. This text is about the development of cosmic consciousness. We need to introduce the idea of Uranus that becomes crucial when we want to answer this question.

Uranus in cosmic consciousness

Each of us has this planet in their natal chart and each of us goes through the cycles of transiting Uranus. Here I mean first of all not transit through houses in the natal chart. Through aspects that transit Uranus forms to natal Uranus. This planets teaches us that we can learn to evolve to the cosmic level of understanding when we reject and peel off the limiting layers of our beliefs.

Uranus brings some new innovative insights that are based on our new life philosophy. In order to manifest, experience and communicate it, aspects of Mercury and Jupiter and their aspects to Uranus, become extremely important.

  • For those who are worried because they know that these planets are not in a good relationship in their natal chart
  • for those who have read about the ‘negative’ impacts of the opposition and the squares of Mercury and Jupiter

I will remind you that it is much more useful to read about the aspect which you do not have in your natal chart (trine, sextile or a conjunction).

If you have Mercury square Jupiter in your natal chart, read about trine of the two planets. There is no substitute for an analysis of a natal chart! Some of you may now wonder why they would read about a position they do not have instead of about the one they have.

It is because you need to learn more about the use of these two energies. This principle should be applied to all other aspects that are challenging. The descriptions will give you some new ideas and ways to apply these two planetary energies in the most beneficial way. Instead of reminding yourself of the improper use of the two planets by reading it constantly.

Astrology and cosmic consciouness

An astrologer during a consultation may help us to put ourselves back on the path of development and achievement of cosmic consciousness and self-actualization. We cannot achieve this if we hold on to the negative and limiting beliefs. During the transit of Uranus around age 21 and42, square and opposition to natal Uranus are formed, we become more open to new insights by not standing rigidly in our views. But allowing ourselves to step out of the comfort zone. Unfortunately, those who refuse it or know better eventually realize they don’t know the best. Then they are forced to demolish what they were building and return to zero.

As much as we learn if Uranus is not strong in our natal chart, knowledge is only accumulated. It does not allow us to go beyond the current circumstances and we repeat the same issues all over again. Astrology serves to help us better understand ourselves and the people around us. Connecting us with the whole Universe and everything that exists, whether material or immaterial. Cosmic consciousness does not go well with fear of what will happen, more precisely, cosmic consciousness then becomes suffocated and declines.

If we use astrology to confirm our fears, to convince ourselves that something exists or does not in our life. Or to find out what will be instead of us understanding why we are (not) doing something, cosmic consciousness is getting further away from us. In that way an astrology consultation is only successful if the client afterwards feels empowered. Supported by what he or she has in the natal chart or if it is more clear how to achieve success, if he understands his decisions better and becomes more aware of his potential.

Consultation for cosmic consciousness

Natal consultation is not here to tell us something that is outside of us. Only to shine a light on what is already a part of ourselves. It is for this reason that you should choose an astrologer who suits you, who uses a similar vocabulary to how you express yourself. He helps you build up more strength and joy, not fear and worry. Although most astrologers focus on forecasts and predictions, this is not the focus of a natal consultation or modern astrology. The clarity of how we ourselves can be proactive in making the most of the energy of a transit or a natal position.

Most people respond to transits because they trigger the wounded parts of themselves instead of actually letting themselves feel what is going on in them. To calm down so that they may be able to clearly understand what is actually making them react violently. The role of you is always active and never passive when it comes to your natal chart. The same it is when we are talking about cosmic consciousness.

Because you not only observe your natal chart or the transits. But clearly participate in it, tailoring your experiences. You may learn how to change the vibrations of your natal planets through the principle of cleansing your chakras. It helps you get in contact with your natal planets and understand more clearly what you need to let go.

Although there is a lot of talk about whether we are being able to heal our natal planets or not, it is possible to do that. Only when we learn how and if we continue to do specific exercises on a regular basis. No one can heal your natal chart for you, nor can it be healed forever. Astrology is not about working with fixed energies. It is about the live ones. Working with your natal chart is eternal. It also brings incredible fulfillment and as the title of this text says – the development of cosmic consciousness.

Is cosmic consciousness something that interests you?

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