Eclipse Energy

Maja Lazić
November 26, 2020

Eclipse Energy

There is no good or bad natal chart. It is that your actions lead to bad or good manifestations in a certain context. Man has free will, but its use has consequences and that is what creates life. Somebody may have “good aspects” at birth, but turn them into “hell” during life.

Also, there are those who were born with more challenging aspects. They  could also have used life experiences to heal negative consequences and thus transform aspects into good ones. No transit or eclipse determines our life. Contrast of our energy in relation to the energy of transit brings balance through experiences and manifestations.

The energy level of every human being shows how much a person is in tune with his purpose. How much does he feel connected to the cosmic cycles? Eclipses have always happened and always will. But the only question is how you will use this large amount of energy that is being released.

What is being activated during an eclipse?

Eclipses always start from the fact that we become aware of thoughts and emotions. They together activate a certain area of ​​the natal chart in which the eclipse took place. If you were born on an eclipse, then every eclipse during your life will be very important for you. It will be representing a six-month focus and deep karmic cleansing.

The intensity of the eclipse can vary. Usually the days before and after the eclipse are associated with turbulent emotional states and life-changing events. The karmic experience of the eclipse indicates the potential for unexpected culminations and changes that initiate a new beginning.

However, if you have karmic nodes in conjunction with other planets, then the potential for energy release and the amount of change that will follow is much greater. This requires an analysis of the natal chart on a very deep psychological level.

Although eclipses accentuate karmic lessons throughout life, they primarily serve to create space by getting rid of experiences, habits, people, thoughts and emotions that no longer serve us. The emotional charge is elevated and most people feel fear as soon as they hear “eclipse”.

Who, after all, reacts more strongly to eclipses?

  • If you have Moon/Sun in conjunction/opposition with the South or North Lunar node. It is possible that throughout life you will experience the intensity and culmination that leads to catharsis. These people may feel very impatient. They are prone to chaotic behavior and inability to cope with stress when triggered. Great life changes are happening to them and it seems like destiny.

However, this is an inadequate use of free will. It is essential for them to recognize the time when they are stuck in a relationship, a job, a way of behavior. This goes back to past lives. So if we feel resistance to change, then eclipses will shake us. It can be like a big earthquake with the goal of releasing stuck energy, which is usually not pleasant.

  • If an eclipse during transit activates any of the planets in your natal chart. For example: Lunar eclipse in conjunction with your natal Venus will be very important for love relationships and decisions in that field.


South and North Node always require the integration of two opposing energies. South Node speaks about the past and what we have finished. North Node speaks about what we are building. This we have not yet integrated and it is necessary.

Solar eclipse is the time of the New Moon and is usually associated with undifferentiated goals. It seems that we are starting from scratch. We do not know exactly where we are going until we are ready to change the expression of emotions and communication with our being.

Lunar eclipse is the time of the Full Moon and speaks of forgiveness, release, and surrender. This is the time when people leave our lives and when we are deeply transformed. Usually this is accompanied by some emotional experience that catches us unprepared.

When do we begin to feel the impact of this energy?

In some cases, eclipses are felt two months before the date and the effect lasts up to six months. That is why for many people, the moment of eclipse only accompanies the discomfort of emotions, but not some event because it happened in the following period. Or it will come as a consequence. If the event has already happened, it is possible that we did not “digest” it. That is usually experienced dramatically because we are faced with making a decision.

Eclipse can emphasize any point in your chart and here I will provide just a few examples.

Position of the natal / transit Sun during an eclipse

  • If you have Sun in conjunction with the South Node you may have a habit of doubting yourself and your success. It seems that things are not going as well as you hoped. One part of the personality is blocked. We cannot express it because in some past life or during early childhood we suffered a trauma that we still energetically carry. We could be questioning ourselves at this time before the transiting eclipse. We may be unwilling to discover those parts that make us feel uncomfortable. Then external circumstances will decide for us.
  • If you have Sun in conjunction with the North Node during your lifetime it will arouse the desire to achieve some ambitious goal without seeing that we may not be fully prepared for it. We may lack some qualification or a skill. When transiting this point, we need to get support from others.

If we do not have external evidence of success, we begin to find all possible ways to prove ourselves worthwhile. We do not see patterns emerging from our unconscious that test our determination. They measure the amount of our motivation and willingness to achieve goals.

Position of the natal /transit Moon during an eclipse

  • Moon in conjunction with South Node can trigger during an eclipse that we cannot move away from feelings of sadness and despair. It seems that nothing makes sense. We feel very energetically low. Depending on the quality of the natal aspects of the Moon, there may be a problem with an unstable psyche. We could constantly repeat the same old emotional mistakes. Relationships could break down and the suffering is great.

In the case of transit, we do not understand ourselves. It is as if we are overwhelmed by an ocean of old feelings. This makes us feel confused. What applies to everyone, but especially in this case, is to realize that we are responsible for our emotional states. It is not the responsibility of others, but it is ours. When we learn to recognize how we feel and why, we won’t need turbulent quarrels to finally sort out emotional relationships.

  • If you have Moon in conjunction with the North Node, relationships can be very stressful. Some of us still don’t recognize what we need to feel fulfilled in a relationship. This comes to the surface during an eclipse. The eclipse provokes us to express emotions very often inadequately or violently and dramatic scenes are possible. How much we succeed in channeling our feelings will be seen through the aspects of the natal Moon. We need to realize that when emotions are turbulent we cannot see the situation clearly. Then we should not make important decisions.

How to help yourself during eclipse?

During the Lunar Eclipse, the consumption of thermally processed food should be avoided. Eat fruits and vegetables on that day and drink more water. During the eclipse, the body reacts more violently to drugs, medical therapy, as well as alcohol and the processes in the body intensify.

Our body should be given the opportunity not to be burdened with food, so that what we no longer need can be energetically expelled. The body is more sensitive and we are energetically overwhelmed, so it is good to spend the day in peace and meditation.

Increased stress requires peace and quiet. Only then an important decision can be made. If the eclipse intensely activates your natal chart, precognitive dreams or intuitive knowledge up to two months in advance can indicate that “something is in store”.

Your emotions

However, if there is fear then it is an indication that we are not in the energy of the North Node but of the South. Techniques for releasing stuck emotions in the body and awareness of what our thoughts are, can help us calm the psyche. Avoid alcohol and coffee and stay away from depressive surrounding during periods of eclipse.

It may be useful for you to understand the meaning of the planets in conjunction with the eclipse. This may suggest a topic that may be raised during the eclipse. Of course, it is far from truth that the eclipses are creating a problem. It is about the quality of life that we become aware of! It is about the need to become aware of the emotions that create life and experiences. Or we may remain ‘unconscious’ and witness how we really feel watching events that deeply hurt and frighten us.

Natal chart and its manifestations

The natal chart is given to us. How much we will develop it in life and use its full potential depends on how flexible we are. How much we listen to ourselves and recognize when it is time for a change? What change does our Soul want? Although many may experience unpleasant twists of fate during the eclipse, it should be understood that the eclipse is the result of what we have done in the previous period.

That is why I believe it is very important during natal chart analysis to pay special attention to how a person understands the way his emotions create his life. My task as a consultant in field of astrology is to explain to my clients how they help or block this process, becoming more aware of those emotions.

Final thoughts

What I have noticed in working with clients around the world of different age groups and interests is that each eclipse is very fair. It doesn’t have to be what we like. It will always show clearly what we did and which natal aspects we still don’t use at the highest level.

The cosmos is always moving. It is up to us to choose whether we go together with it or against it. The latter is always a sign of holding on to the past and unresolved emotions. Life is a consequence of our decisions. They are always good if they are made in peace, no matter what day it is. Even that notorious lunar / solar eclipse!

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