Maja Lazić
September 19, 2023



In this text I will explain what it means when you do not have planets in one element or if you have too many.

Firstly, let’s make this clear. There is nothing wrong with your natal chart. It is perfect and just the way it should be. Everything in it is there to help you learn necessary lessons.

There are people who have the ideal combination of elements. That is not a guarantee for success and happiness in life. There are also those who “lack” elements and still manage to achieve a lot. Let’s first look at your personal planets, ascendant and MC. Determine which element is highlighted. Then you can include the other planets and nodes, but it is not necessary.

Each element has desires and needs that manifest in three ways through signs. This should be linked to houses, planets, aspects and modality. When you have determined number of planets for each element, read the section for emphasized element and the one that needs to be activated because it is “dormant”.

Earth element

Earth element focuses on practical and material. Orientation is on duties and routine. This person is persistent and looks out for everything. This person is responsible, but can also be very stubborn. Security and discipline to function optimally is needed. Taking care of the body, health, nutrition and money comes first. Power of organization is great. This is realistic energy and its key focus is everyday life. It is aimed at collecting resources in order to have a more functional life.

This energy is related to the present moment and supports everything else we want to materialize. He is aware of his limits and restrictions that exist in life. What is important to him is what is tangible and visible. He does not always understand that life is also made up of the invisible side.

If there are a lot of planets in this element, this can be someone who moves slowly through life because grounding is primary for him. Not so for experiments and risks. With emphasized earth, he feels that he is what he has and what is tangible. He learns to separate his value from the material. He should pay attention to his diet.

Fire element

Fire element is focused on being enthusiastic and active. Person is immediately ready for action aimed at external action. Expression, initiation and directness are important. He can be a pioneer in something inventive, full of passion and courage. He motivates others and always sees a higher purpose in everything because he is guided by future and achievement of goals.

When this element is emphasized, person is inspired to achieve his wishes and is very assertive. Ego can be excessively prominent. Character emerges through achievements. He has big desires and plans and is focused on achieving them by moving through life fearlessly. He is very impatient, so he loses motivation if things don’t go his way.

He needs physical movement on a daily basis. With prominent fire element, he can sometimes be very aggressive. Danger of burnout and environmental irritation is greater than with other elements. He needs to learn cooperation skills.

Water element

Water element is focused on emotions and feelings. Here it’s all about the imaginary world and emotional care. Sensitivity is emphasized with an introverted nature. Person is focused on himself and receptive to other people’s emotions. He learns to forgive himself and others and to connect with intuition. He absorbs other people’s energy and can be clairvoyant. Above all, he is poetic and visionary.

The inner world is where he learns to trust and receive love. He feels everything that cannot be seen or heard. He carries a lot of energy and sometimes gets stuck in it when he can’t forgive. He can be very sensitive if this element is emphasized. He feels that his needs are not always met even though he can be someone who is full of compassion and empathy.

Complex emotional nature makes this person someone who can give wise advice. His trust is not easy to gain. He needs to withdraw, because his energy absorbs a lot of things from the environment, so he wants to be purified and soothed. Emotional waves can throw him in all directions or he confidently surfs ton hem.

Air element

Air element is focused on thoughts and logic. Innovation and social character are emphasized. Person asks various questions being an eternal student. He is very objective when it comes to emotional life. He seems to be gathering information and thinking constantly.

Intelligent exchange of ideas is the focus and he values friendship very much. These are people who like to talk about everything and connect with others. Interaction and communication are primary. He listens and absorbs information, so his attention can be scattered in case of a highly prominent element. He has been learning all his life, but it is important that he also masters presence, which is not easy for him.

Social networks and lots of conversations and correspondence make up his everyday life. Sometimes, because of the very active element of air, he cannot sleep and seems not to know what is truly important. He is overwhelmed with thoughts. He may be prone to anxiety due to too much mental energy. Learn to quiet your thoughts and release them through writing or physical movement.


If there is no fire element, person should find someone who will motivate him. It is good for him to have a life coach, to make an action plan and cultivate enthusiasm. It is important that he strengthens his natal Mars. He may lack patience or not be able to achieve visible results without great effort and encouragement from environment. If you don’t have any planets in fire element, but you have strong Mars, that’s how it is compensated.

If there are no earth planets, person looks for support from other people when it comes to money or work. It may take more time for him to achieve a stable life. Building life is a lesson as well as respect for the body. He doesn’t know how to prioritize well and someone needs to help him. He learns to handle resources responsibly and solve necessary life issues.

If there are no air planets, he is not open to sharing his thoughts with others, which especially worsens partner relationships. He can be closed in nature and prone to isolation. He should strengthen his natal Mercury and the 5th chakra and be more social. He can talk a lot and not really say anything. Sometimes he is not interested in studying. He is confused and lacks clarity.

If there are no water planets, this person must learn compassion, understanding, and how to open up and connect emotionally. He has no emotional confidence so he needs to work on heart chakra. He does not understand the world of emotions, which can be problematic in relationships. He gives too much to others at a cost of his health and well-being. He can be frightened by too many emotions. He needs to learn to set boundaries and be more objective. He is learning how to be more confident and able to show feelings openly. Emotional connection should be balanced with equal giving and receiving.

Still not in the element?

We often attract those who have an element that we “lack”. That is one of the ways how everything is balanced in life. Usually this happens through people with whom we live or form significant relationships. Fire signs get along well with air signs and can help their ideas come true. These signs together have direction vision. Water element goes well with earth element, which supports movement of emotional energy. Life force is shaped and formed.

However, if something is not in the birth chart, it requires more effort from us. It’s not up to our partner to compensate for something we don’t have, but to remind us to do it for ourselves. It all has to do with the will and strength of natal Sun. Some people easily compensate for what they don’t have, while others struggle all their lives.

However, everything comes from understanding yourself and your own needs. Why couldn’t you be happy, successful and supported? In the end, maybe these four elements are completely irrelevant and it all comes down to the fifth one. LOVE. For yourself and others.

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