Elements natal chart

Maja Lazić
May 27, 2020

Elements natal chart

This post is about elements in natal chart.

Everybody has a smaller or larger percentage of the planets in each of the four elements. If we do not have planets in one of the elements, this can mean an imbalance. Than may affect the life area depending on the natal houses in that element. Yet, by spending time with others, each of us supplements and depletes the natal chart. There are even examples of people who have all the potential, but then met someone with whom they spend a lot of time and who depletes their energy. This can be seen through synastry and emphasis on the 12th house. Such people do not achieve much until they let that person get out of their life.

We choose friends and partners who have what we don’t have, creating an energetic and astrological balance. We feel calm with them. I am sure each of you has at least one such friend. If we have one element in excess then people who also have that element emphasized in their natal chart will annoy us and create more stress in our aura. They might experience something similar. Everything always happens in time so transits increase and decrease the amount of energy of the elements. It is important to know how to balance your energy through practical and very simple changes to your routine. Just count how many planets you have in the signs in each element. You can add your ascendant, too.

Elements in natal chart

One of the common questions I get is what is the best element. However, there is nothing best or worst in astrology. There is just what we still do not know to use to get the results we want and feel good. Earth and water or fire and air are good combinations, because they complement each other. Still, to get a complete idea of compatibility complete analysis of both natal charts is necessary. This is the only way to get an idea of ​​what to do to balance the possible difficulties. Of course, always follow your feelings, because it is one thing to compare symbols on paper and something completely different to experience live energies in life.


Highlight on FIRE element (the biggest number of planets in Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

Fire is characterized by a pronounced instinct and passionate temperament with a high level of energy and a tendency to react violently. We have the need to be active and to create, stimulating the creative power. Often being exhausted after putting all our effort at the beginning, we cannot finish what we have started. Tumultuous nature and great inner power to succeed may annoy others. Our powerful reactions can go from one extreme to another. Initiative to be proactive makes us stand out at workplace where we can achieve leadership roles knowing how to work under pressure.

Over-emphasized fire element may result in not finishing what we started. It is difficult to maintain a high level of interest. Later this leads to frustration and anger we project on other people. Still, we are truly angry with ourselves. Physical body cannot maintain this stress, so it is important to be careful. Control the need to react aggressively as your adrenaline raises high.

Lack of fire element requires us to learn to live in the moment and recognize the body’s need to rest. It is important that we schedule time when we do nothing and just recharge. Regular physical activity, Pilates and running, with cosmetics with lemon and orange scent can stimulate our internal fire. ‘Breath of Fire’ technique and spicy foods are also helpful.

Highlight on EARTH element (the biggest number of planets in Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

Earth is characterized by logic and loyalty focused on the practical, concrete and tangible. A hardworking person, committed to work wanting to complete all his responsibilities, often takes more on his shoulders. We have the knowledge how to ensure lasting results. Common sense approach supports us and helps us solve the problems. It is important that we pay attention to our physical body. We need to put health care on the priority list. We can be stubborn and refuse to change habits or say no to something that no longer serves us.

Over-emphasized earth element can manifest as over-criticism, over-commitment, and laziness. We have a problem accepting that there might be a different way of achieving our goals. Deep tissues massages, slow walks and staying in nature is grounding. Healthy diet, sufficient amount of rest and sleep are very important for energy flow to be healthy so that we may achieve our goals.

Lack of earth element is reinforced through regular morning stretching that gives us energy and stability. Gentle exercises for the neck and shoulders are also recommended. This can help especially in combination with luscious body oils with woody scents of sandalwood. Gardening or pottery work is also a great choice.

Highlight on AIR element (the biggest number of planets in Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

Air is characterized by intellectualizing of problems and eagerness to find different ways to solve challenges. Great curiosity, desire to find out and discover as much as possible and make contact with many people helps them find out what their true nature is. Communication and the need to express opinion, to speak, to debate and provoke with their comments is great. Tendency to delay solving the essential life problems is possible. Something new and more interesting is always emerging that catches their attention.

Over-emphasized air element is characterized by constant mental stimulation and keeping in touch with many people. Spending time on meaningless conversations and being overwhelmed by information that does not enrich their lives, makes them mentally dizzy. Easily changing their minds leads to contradiction in wanting to please both sides. They tend to experience emotions through their mind. They are not ready to really solve their emotional problems tending to put their emotions aside.

Lack of air element is balanced by taking the time to turn off phones and computers. Be unavailable to anyone, but ourselves. Regular meditation and staying quiet with no mental content as well as scents of rosemary can help soothe this energy. Decision not to read books and newspapers for a week may also be helpful to reset. Breathing exercises are necessary to make up for the lack of this element.

Highlight on Water element (the biggest number of planets in Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

Water is characterized by emotion and intuition with weak boundaries that lead to exhaustion or overwhelm with deep emotions. We connect with others through aura, trying to help them get through the painful moments. We do not take emotions lightly and violently react to anything that does not fit into our outlook on life. Emotions are essential for our happiness. We should pay attention to not get stuck in emotions that still bind us to painful situations from the past.

Over-emphasized water element lets energy vampires come into our lives and take advantage of us when we emotionally attach to them. We must pay close attention to who we let into our home and our life. Need for control, tendency to hurt those who remind us of our own emotional wounds and inability to think rationally during painful situations are possible manifestation.

Lack of water element is tackled through making it clear to others what we can tolerate or not. We should not assume that others will understand us intuitively. Rose scented candles can help activate the emotions of happiness and open the heart chakra. Yin yoga exercises, creative hobbies and hot baths, staying at sea or in the spa are another way to make up for this energy.ž

What does elements in your natal chart tell you about yourself? Balancing natal elemenets is the first step to feel more grounded and more connected to your true nature.

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