Healing aspects & transits

Maja Lazić
January 16, 2019

Healing aspects & transits

This text is on how to heal transits and aspects.

Squares and oppositions are triggers for unconscious painful memories which can show up during long term transits. Especially in applying aspects and when they are exact. Or when a planets is entering a different house in your natal chart. It is all with the goal to make you and your natal chart heal again. It is not to make us suffer or feel worse.

Heal aspects by types
  • Transits of planets in fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) want action and to express emotions. If they suppress energy then it can lead to feeling less joyful, less happy and not very confident.
  • Transits of planets in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) feel it on the physical level, as tiredness and physical weakness. It shows as being very productive and making failures in the practical side of life which leads to instability.
  • Transits of planets in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) bring a ton of thinking and overburdened mind as well as the need to communicate about the things they are going through. The objectivity is lessened. They intellectualize the relations with others and their thinking pattern is more depressive.
  • Transits of planets in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) take us back to the past and experiences where we need to let something go and forgive. It is about things where we keep holding on to the emotional pain, unconscious unsatisfied desires keep flowing in our consciousness. Or we feel more fragile and bad habits keep running our life, with a strong need to feel protected which some people find in their inner world. It isolates them more and more from others.

How we react to transits and how to heal transits

People who are more sensitive and going through a critical transits, as well as the ones who have heavy karmic natal charts, and for many other energetic reasons, may feel headaches, tiredness, overwhelming emotions. This is due to Saturn and Uranus. It can happen even before the exact aspects of the planets. Also, you may have intense dreams, insomnia and a need for peace and alone time.

Everything may seem too stressful (Neptune and Pluto). Planets try to make you stop doing the things which you have been doing when some old memory came through or you felt discomfort. You need to rest or change a belief, habit or behavior that is no longer good for you. It keeps you stuck in the past. It’s the first step to understand this.

Uncomfortable physical symptoms during the transits are just a way to still be in the past, to not learn with the planets which always move. It happen s if we are rejecting to learn a certain life lesson, so we keep on repeating it. Every other transits brings us this pain or stress, so it seems that we are moving in a circle and that we don’t advance. Planets never stop and they always take us with them. Our rejection is making has feel pain, because we don’t move with the nature.

Physical pain is a rejection towards the change.

During critical aspects and transits*  it is very important to breathe deeply. It’s so simple but it gets forgotten a lot! Find a place to sit somewhere where you will not be disturbed and meditate every day during the transit. It is best to keep doing so even when the transit has passed. This can really soften and relieve the influence of the transit.

*(square and opposition of Venus and Uranus or Saturn, conjunction of Moon and Saturn, for example)

If you feel drained or worried focus on meditation to release stress or to balance your chakra system. There are special meditations to balance your planetary aspects which are designed especially according to your natal char.

How to act in order to heal transits

During the more difficult transits it is necessary to drink more water, go to sleep before midnight and rest any time you feel the need. Don’t make a lot of arrangements or start with something new. Your energy is not balanced and you need to regenerate and get stronger first. Slow down so that you can really feel what you are doing and get to be aware of the belief that some planet has triggered in you so that you can heal and integrate it.

Pay attention to the sensations in your body, the energy that you release through your hands, palms or some other part of your body. Remember that the transit is not forever. If you do not integrate it you may feel like this for a longer period, even when the transit is finally over. For example, many times Saturn return seems like it is still having some influence even long after it has been finished. It is because a person has not learned the core lesson.

If there is a karmic situation with a certain person you are close with, that has started to happen during the transit, think about the characteristics that the person has. You may find that not very nice or irritating. You may have these characteristics too, but you deny them. And it is totally OK to feel angry now, because when you recognize your energy this is the first step to healing. Try to feel the emotions that person is triggering in you and what you are learning through that relationship or if you refusing to learn from it.

Emotions during stressful transits

Express that emotion in a healthy way. Everything in astrology is for your own good and any experience that you have you basically have because you need it. Your energy brought that to you. It is not advised to talk too much about the uncomfortable emotions.

To talk all the time about how much you are tired or that you feel pain or have lost someone-for example during the Saturn transit, to constantly repeat in your mind what has happened or what someone has said. Because this will only make this energy even more uncomfortable.

Neptune and Saturn transits may be successfully healed by Reconnective Healing. Pluto and Saturn transits through Energetic Regression and Cutting the Karmic Chains. Transits of Mars, Venus and Mercury may be healed by Chakra Balancing. It is necessary to have something that you can do alone in every moment. Affirmations are great or meditation, yoga and sport.

When you have the best transits it is the ideal tome to think about the positive and beneficial energy that you can enlarge by working on yourself. It is not the point to only work on yourself when you feel pain or when something is stuck.

More ideas for healing aspects and transits

You can write about your emotions in your diary, which is recommended during the Neptune and Pluto transits and retrograde Mercury. These transits are introspective as well as during the Saturn and Uranus transits which are solitary.  Focus the attention to yourself and see what you are becoming aware of. What became clear to you? What can you do with this knowledge to feel better?

How much we will allow a planet to help us is completely individual as well as how much time you will need to integrate some lesson. Your natal chart will show this, because the most transits during the retrograde period will hit a certain spot in your natal chart for three times. That is why some people can heal something at the beginning but some other need more time and can heal it the third time a certain spot in triggered.  This is also blocking the energy of the natal chart and the influence of better transits to materialize, too.

Nothing is forever and healing of a transit of difficult aspect is having it’s own course. We are always on the move and healing is always happening on certain level and in certain percent. Pay attention to the voice in your head that is telling to hurry and mentally pushes you to solve something and don’t listen to it. Planets can not go faster, everything is as it should be and there is a reason for it.

Intense emotions

If some intense emotions are still there even after the aspect has become separating, go somewhere quiet. Pay attention to the sounds in your environment and the pauses between the sounds. Sharpen your senses because there is still something you don’t hear or listen some voice in you that you neglect. It seeks your attention to listen to it and make a change. Slow down and pay attention to something that is nice and comfortable in your life because. No transit does arrive without other transits.

Remember that painful breakups, death of loved ones, losses, illnesses and so on happen during the best and during the worst transits. We decide how we will go through them. Yes, everything is for our good and it has a higher purpose. Immediately find something nice in your environment and feel that beauty in your heart. How? First, smile. Do you really think it has to be hard? Send some love to somebody, or an object, pet or a plant or project. That is one of the ways to always feel better, not just when transit is difficult.

If you have negative thoughts during the transit, repeat there affirmations: Everything is fine and it is happening for my higher purpose. I let go as it is best for me. Everything is happening in time. I am at peace and all around me is peaceful. This is passing by. Everything is as it should be. Or you can think of some affirmation about the problem that you have and when you say it, it should make you feel better. Everything is changeable and pain is optional, even if a part of your does not believe in it.

Simple exercise to heal aspects and transits

Also, you can imagine that someone you really love is giving you support. Imagine this person  full of love as that love is shining to you and how its understanding is healing all the painful parts of you and making you get through this more easily. Remember something you are grateful for and feel that appreciation in your body. If it does not help, go to a part and hug a tree. So what if somebody sees you? Do you want to feel better on not?! It will be as you decide.

Write every day during the transit what you appreciate in yourself or someone that you have a problem with. See things from a different perspective. Say something nice to yourself or someone else. Forget about saying nasty things. Let someone else do something nice for you and don’t feel the need to immediately do something in return.

Forgive others for their behavior and wish them well. Forgive yourself for all that you think is not as it should be, for bad decisions. Because you were not able to do all that you thought you should. Remind yourself that you should leave it now and stop controlling the situation or outcome. Let yourself to the energy. It is OK to feel sad and cry but it is OK to be happy too.

Give yourself a chance and remember that you are making your emotional state. Then from your experience planets are just making bigger or smaller what your energy is already full of. If there isn’t something in your energy, then you can not attract that into your life.

What to do to heal aspects and transits

One more thing that you can immediately do is to feel the energy of contraction and expansion of the stress and uncomfortable emotions. Feel it in your body how it feel to be contracted and stressed, feel all your muscles and then release that feeling with a sigh and let all go it’s own way.

Ask yourself: which thoughts, beliefs and stories am I telling to myself? Is it causing me this stress and keeping me away from being present right here right now? Pay attention to your thoughts and ask yourself if they are really true or not really. And remember that old saying: after the rain sunshine will appear.

  • If after using this advice you still feel sad, burdened, disappointed
  • if you feel great emotional pain which does not go away
  • if you don’t know how to deal with your astrological energies

Which aspects and transits do you need to heal?

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