Maja Lazić
August 27, 2021


Issues in your life do not come from your chart, but your head and the way you think! Astrological symbols serve to open your mind. This is possible through the experiences that come to us and which are contained in the symbol. Every astrological symbol contains so much. We will get to know only a small part during our life. In a dualistic world, we must always meet the opposite at some point. Also, everything in the past affects the future. How we dealt with the problems in a particular house is shown through natal sign at the cusp. In some cases, people who have planets in that sign will activate the energy of that house.

However, what I see far more often is that energy of a house is blocked due to a relationship with a person that directly affects the materialization of some area that the house rules. Each house deals with a certain topic and area of ​​life. Energy of a house through the sign determines what you will experience and achieve during your life. In this blogpost we are talking about the energy of the sign at the cusp of each house.


One house can have more signs, sometimes even three which adds a new dimension of meaning. It is very individual because instead of one, we have to observe what three rulers are doing. It can happen that two houses start with the same sign, too. If you do not have a house that starts in one of the 12 characters, in case of interception, its energy does not manifest naturally. Planet in the house and its aspects can also significantly change this energy and how it manifests. Rarely does anyone have the pure energy of a single sign.

When we analyze houses, ruler of the sign at its cusp and its position will be important. Below you can read what a certain sign at the cusp of the house means. It will help you harmonize your behavior with the natal energy so that you can channel it better. Each house and its sign can be experienced together in several ways. Some people feel them very materially and others on an emotional or mental level.

Briefly about houses

Each house deals with a specific area of ​​life. The first house talks about the physical body and activities that suit us naturally and manifest through ascendant. The second house talks about the level of energy which is then manifested through money and earnings. This house gives us insights into nutrition and resources we acquire. The third house deals with communication, everyday life and conversations as well as the environment.

The fourth house shows home and family and the basics of character manifested through a sense of security. Personality stability, what is our support and our inner world are also analyzed through this house. The fifth house is about the desires of the heart and what makes us happy. Through it, we can also learn how to strengthen self-confidence. The sixth house deals with jobs, illnesses and everyday habits. The seventh house talks about relationships and their quality. It will also show how we treat our partner.

The eighth house concerns the resources we acquire through others. It talks about crises, transformation, life challenges, but also the possibility to merge energetically in the relationship with your partner. The ninth house talks about goals for the future, life philosophy and beliefs. The tenth house talks about career and business progress. It shows the personality that we present to others, but also our reputation.

The eleventh house is about visions and wishes, association with others based on attitudes, but also our great desires and plans. The twelfth house speaks of spiritual needs, psychological stability and the deepest motivation. This is the core of our being and the unconscious that can hinder us from achieving our biggest potential. I have focused in this text only on the sign at the house cusp, but everything needs to be included.

House in the sign of Aries:

This is a self-directed energy with the need to show your personality. There is a need to think for ourselves in this area. We can often change what we do because it starts easily, but our interest passes quickly. If we begin something new all the time, we can lose a lot of energy and not achieve anything. If the ruler of the natal chart is here, it is necessary to find a constructive way of expressing this energy, which must be physically expended. We are usually very impatient about the issues that this house is dealing with. Sometimes it can prove to be aggressive or too direct. This house hides a lot of anger and violent energy that burst out quickly. Still, our passion can serve as inspiration and motivation to others.

House in the sign of Taurus:

This is sometimes inert and stubborn energy. Persistence in this area is primary because we do not like to change circumstances. It takes us to learn flexibility, but it is generally difficult to adapt. A positive way of expression is stability and enjoyment that energy of this sign in this house can give us. Circumstances change more slowly and their result depends on our persistence. In this area, it will certainly be important to develop habits that are healthy for us. Through this house we learn what material values ​​mean to us but we are usually not interested in change. This house requires a connection with nature and the tangibility of circumstances. Without material confirmation or its loss, we feel that something important is missing and that there is no real satisfaction.

House in the sign of Gemini:

This is a very communicative energy. What we say is important because it directly creates our lives. Words must be easy, but are often ambiguous. It seems that in this area of ​​life we ​​say one thing, but do another. Mental energy is active and parallel actions are common. Multitasking is natural for us and the circumstances are changeable. If Saturn is here there may be some belief blocking us. This energy is often unfocused and could seem insincere. Sometimes there is a need to create a problem on which they then waste resources and get into quarrels. Usually in this area we are focused on what is current, acute and where we use the analytical mind. Everything in this natal house depends on communication skills.

House in the sign of Cancer:

This is a very introverted energy that can be emotional and closed. There is a desire to feel safe, protected and loved in this area. Emotions determine everything, so if Uranus is here, we can easily lose our peace. Environment may seem chaotic and disturbed and it certainly reflects our inner state. We do not open up easily to everyone, but only with our loved ones. In this area we want to feel like we have the protection from a family. We do not like betrayal and can clearly remember the feeling we had in some situation or with a certain person. Family will be very important and its attitudes in this area will determine future events. In this natal house, we are karmically connected to one of the parents.

House in the sign of Leo:

This is the energy that needs to be manifested externally and seen. There is a great deal of pride and a joyful, somewhat childish approach to life. Ego prevents us from achieving the maximum. There may be certain talents in this area of ​​life. We want to express our being connected to this house in a confident way. Childish nature in afflictions is possible and the feeling that others owe us as we deserve more then we got. Pluto can bring despotic nature, exaggeration with great dramatization and control of others. For some reason, we think that we know better than others in this area, but that is not the case. We need to feel valued and loved in this area and to be given attention. When we are hurt, we react like a small child. We take this house very seriously and by no means the problems we face are to be joked about.

House in the sign of Virgo:

This is a very careful energy prone to analysis. Selective nature is emphasized as well as a critical attitude towards others and oneself. We notice all the details and always seem to let a small thing spoil the perfection, which is still unattainable. Practical approach as well as mental abilities are highlighted. If Neptune is here, we could be very confused and overwhelmed with all the details over which we have no control. Neuroticism and the pursuit of perfectionism, but also lack of self-love is connected to this energy.

House of the sign of Libra:

This is an energy that always wants to create balance with other people. It is important to us what others think. Our attitude is influenced by whether we like something or not. He must get the support of others because that creates balance. Mars can bring quarrels and conflicts in this area. There is a desire for peace and beauty and a pleasant relationship with others. Partnerships throw us off balance and problems are hard to accept. Discomfort of taking control and fighting for ourselves because so much depends on the other side whose opinion we value must be overcome. The essence of the imbalance is not in another person, but in the part of our personality that we project onto others.

House in the sign of Scorpio:

This is an energy of intensity that does not know the middle ground. We either love or hate. It’s easy to see what other people don’t notice. There is a certain amount of negativity, mistrust and jealousy, but also a great potential for transformation and regeneration that no other sign contains. Here we rely on instinct and do not want to give others insight into our habits and thoughts connected to this house. However, we want to know what others think, feel or plan. Venus will attract karmic relationships and intense passion here. Being paranoid and controlling due to the appearance of doubt can destroy, but also revive this area. The frightening energy that needs to purify and release certainly exists.

House in the sign of Sagittarius:

This is a very extroverted energy that is active and guided by moral principles. The need for progress and discovering of new parts of personality leads us through life. Enthusiasm helps us get through whatever is going on. Abundance in this area is essential to a sense of meaning in life. Jupiter in this area additionally gives a positive flow and great opportunities. Morality and direct giving of opinions without tact, but also the desire to expand the mind through experiences and adventures is expressed. Search for truth and high moral values ​​that never limit are important, but also the possibility of broad education and learning in this house.

House in the sign of Capricorn:

This is a closed energy that is felt like limitation and boundaries towards other people, but also towards oneself. This area of ​​life is developed slowly. We are trying to maintain and preserve the existing situation. Logic and discipline are very pronounced, as well as the respect we gain through this energy if we stuck to the structure. We need to be realistic and serious in this area of life. Although pessimism may prevail at times, if Saturn is here, the person may be disciplined in his goals. Here we must also master certain karmic lessons. Structures and rules are followed for the sake of the structure and tradition itself, even when it doesn’t make sense, and that prevents us from progressing.

House in the sign of Aquarius:

This is the energy of innovation and openness to everything that is new. There is a dose of impulsivity and environment finds us very strange in this area. An open mind is also highlighted and the need to get in touch with a large number of people. Here the emotional level is not important but intellectual. It is necessary to exchange opinions and go through unusual situations. A rush of ideas, various surprises and stress can characterize the manifestation of this energy. If Moon is here, we may have a problem feeling emotions by constantly trying to deal with our feelings through mind. We remain truthful to our own values even when we are part of a group, but not everyone can understand rebellion and aloofness. Certainly, in this area, we must go our own way and break the norms and rules that existed until then.

House in the sign of Pisces:

This is energy of withdrawn quality and emphasized emotionality. There is a need to connect with something greater than ourselves, through religion or intuitive guidance. We may be prone to fantasizing and secrets in this area. We definitely need silence and an expression of an emotional nature. If Sun is here, it can have great compassion for other people, but at the same time it can exhaust itself. In this area we often run away from responsibility and are overwhelmed with emotions and energies. Here we search for our identity. We feel confused and unstable because we want to find a soul mate who will recognize our suffering but also help us let go of our fears and hurt. In this area we could be feeling as a victim of circumstances and wanting a saviour.

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