How to learn astrology

Maja Lazić
May 14, 2019

How to learn astrology

HOW TO LEARN ASTROLOGY? I question I get asked very often.

In astrology creativity and inspiration with intuition are very important. But creativity does not matter much if you have not learned the theory. Professional astrologer, if intends to work with clients and help them, should invest years of learning. Lifelong training is necessary and cannot be skipped. You can’t become an astrologer for three months or a year. Education and a finished course in an astrology school are not a guarantee of acquired knowledge.

Knowing and understanding astrology is not the same. It is possible to learn the “grammar” of the natal chart. But still not understand the single word of it. As with the learning of a foreign language, someone is born with a greater predisposition to learn it. For others years of studying are needed, but is still unable to have a conversation with someone who speaks it as a mother tongue. Same is in astrology.

Before we begin to learn the basics of astrology, it is very important to understand what it is not. You do not want to confuse it with witchcraft, dark magic and so on. Read about this in What it means to be an astrologer). Astrological symbolism is always infallibly accurate, abstract, very tangible or analytical.

How to learn astrology?

Everything is connected. Arabic Parts and Moon Nodes cannot “help” you until you understand your ascendant sign and the Moon. Nobody is like you, nor in any book you’ll find all about your character or your destiny. In the world of astrology, nothing is promised. However, everything is possible.

So how to learn astrology? Learning astrology is a system and that without mastering the basics it is not possible to go on. The easiest way to learn astrology is to first master elements and qualities.

If you are Leo/Capricorn, or Fire/Earth, it does not necessarily mean that these elements are highlighted in your chart. If you have six planets in Water, you will be Water much more in your expression. You are special.

Elements and modalities

After elements and modalities, it is important to understand the archetypal energies of all planets, signs and houses, And to continually make a parallel with what has been learned. It meant a lot to me that during one year, every day, I watched Moon. Throughout its transits, I was trying to notice Moon energy in situations around me. Honestly, I learn so much about astrology only watching lives of people around me.

Try this “experiment with Moon” and then study other planets. I would not recommend you to ask people you meet for the first time what is their sign. It is rude, invasive, unprofessional. This includes answering the pointless questions such as,  “Venus and Saturn are in my seventh house, what does that mean?” . Without an insight into the whole natal chart, really definitely does not mean anything.

Importance of the Sun sign

The Sun is important, where it is placed in the natal chart. Far from being the most important. It was important for me to learn everything about the positions of planets and aspects and everything about my sign and aspects. I have learned the most about myself by learning about other signs and what I don’t have in my chart.

We need to understand that every astrological energy is neutral. It is not about what we like or dislike. This energy is an essential part and each of us is a percentage of each of the 12 signs. This led to Astrodetoks as a technique of analysis.

It is also necessary to understand the essential dignity and how the planets feel in a sign, how it is manifested. Then you may understand the connection of the planets through aspects. I noticed that if some type of aspect is missing in a natal chart, this is very important way of learning about life ans it shows the need for control or overcompensation in the given area.

In practice

If there is no opposition in the natal chart, a person may have a problem to form a partnership and doesn’t enter into relationships/becomes obsessed with an existing or former relationship. You can learn more about retrograde planets, moon nodes. Then go on to study natal chart analysis which includes joining of all the elements to get deeper in the interpretation.

I started becoming interested in astrology around 2007 with a very selfish idea that I would reduce the chances of being emotionally hurt. Although I was doing professional analysis in 2011, it took me many years to be satisfied with my knowledge even though I was getting positive feedback from my clients. With Saturn in the first house, as the ruler of the third house of communication, I am a very strict teacher. I do not take astrology as a fun little game.

To this day, I have not stopped improving my astrological knowledge and I study every day apart from doing professional analysis on a regular basis. On this path I have met some of the top astrologers in my country and all over the world and I learned something from all of them. I can say now that I have gone beyond what I thought was possible in astrology and I am very proud of myself, but always improving my knowledge.

When we do the analysis of the natal chart, we go into the area of ​​the soul and the heart. Often the areas that have been forgotten and full of dust for so long. We always have to pay attention to the fact that we have a person in front of us, not a paper with symbols. Only the information about the planets, in which signs and houses they are, is not what the analysis of the natal chart is.

But the whole understanding of the person, what is troubling for them and recognizing how to overcome a particular situation or problem. An analysis of the natal chart should not be undertaken as long as we are not sure that we can fully do it. It is someone’s life and the whole world- don’t mess with it.

Natal chart

Analysis of a natal chart is also made up of listening and asking questions. The planets communicate with one another, if only one planet does the talking the rest of them become suppressed by this information. As if you would constantly listen to the same music, without any other songs that would break the monotony.

By listening to what the client has to say and how he feels, I get an insight into his vocabulary and the way of communication. This from a symbolic angle, shows me the way he experiences his world and how much he considers it to be changeable, difficult or painful. Everything that the client says additionally helps me to be more precise and direct in the analysis of the natal chart. Listening to a client, communication and showing empathy is what distinguishes good natal analysis from an average one.

Feeling the chart

Since “I feel the planets,” I have an approach based on energy of the planets in my analysis. It is always important for me to feel the energy of the natal chart of a person, what I validate through the symbols. Of course this does not mean that you should be guided by this rule especially if you are a beginner. There is certainly your way and this has become my way after many years of experience. It was not the case in the beginning.

Modern astrology does not aim to just answer the question when. It is concerned with answering the questions why, and how. First of all, wants to teach us to listen to ourselves whatever transits is upon us. With the planets and their energy and what they illuminate, whole life and absolutely all the experiences in certain transit periods are variable.

My approach to astrology

My work is focused on the energy of a person and understanding from a deep psychological level how the energies of natal chart flow. One of the common mistakes that astrology students make is to not learn the basics and immediately start doing predictive astrology letting natal astrology out of sight. It is crucial for everything.

It’s not the point of astrology that you need to ask each time an astrologer what will happen. But to learn how to get to feel the transits, recognize that energy and accept ourselves. Our astrological energy will lead as to a kind of life we ​​have. That’s why we can’t achieve some kind of a life change that the transits announce and we really want.

If the energy of the transit is stronger than the energy that we have because we would not endure it. So waiting for some transit to come is not a solution if we do not do anything with our energy. Transits will come and go, but you make a choice what you do with them.

Conclusion on how to learn astrology

A skilled and experienced astrologer will explain this and will focus on teaching you how to deal with your astrological potentials and at any time be the best version of yourself. I am delighted that more and more people who want to work on themselves come to me, and not just those who want to “chill out”. They do not have the inner power to try to change something and wait for a transit that comes in three years, as if it will all then be solved and changed then.

When we understand astrology profoundly, then we are interested in how to make ourselves better at this moment and the lesson that transits and our natal chart have for us. This is where the best future lies, not worrying about what will be next month or year but focusing on being present at any moment. Being aware of what is happening in us and around us.

The goal of astrology, natal chart analysis and especially astrological consultation is to teach us how to get what we want.  To understand why something can’t be as long as we don’t forgive, let go, forget, change energy in ourselves.
And who knows, maybe I’ll find one day that my whole life was written in an old dusty book …

How to learn astrology will be topic I will continue in other posts in the future…

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