KARMIC LOVE: Venus/Saturn

Maja Lazić
January 20, 2023

KARMIC LOVE: Venus/Saturn

In this post I will discuss some of the most significant Venus/Saturn aspects in natal chart, during transits and in synastry. People with this natal aspect learn karmic lessons in love. During transits, partners known through past incarnations enter our lives.

In synastry, this is an indicator of relationships with obstacles. We seem to be waiting for love, which drains energy for both persons. Saturn has a stabilizing influence, but for enduring love we need to have support from other aspects that will relieve this karmic burden.

Venus sextile/trine Saturn

Venus sextile/trine Saturn in natal chart indicates that person invests in relationship and is willing to make an effort to maintain it. We manage to overcome what doesn’t suit us in order for relationship to last. This is an aspect showing people who are quite down-to-earth in love. Their relationships last because they are ready to make a long-term investment of attention. Person believes that relationship will survive if they put in effort. Love is karmic and lessons learned help us sustain it.

Venus sextile/trine Saturn in transits gives us opportunity to achieve love desires. Time is on our side and depending on age, relationship can have a steady flow. This is great time to get married. We see that love is permanent and that we have found the right person for us. Connections deepen and we get opportunities for success. We feel that we are supported, but we have to make an effort.

Venus sextile/trine Saturn in synastry shows mutually supportive partners. They can achieve stability that they will enjoy. Romance can be lacking even though everything seems great. Relationship is stable and partner enables us to do a lot by fulfilling our wishes. Partnership may lack tenderness. Practical love makes life easier for two mature people. Partner provides and gives what we need even though he is emotionally reserved, which does not mean that he does not love us.

Venus opposition Saturn

Venus opposition Saturn in transits is a time when we realize that our desires do not match possibilities for a relationship. It is for our own good to “ground” expectations and approach life realistically. In a relationship, distance is possible, which allows us to understand whether we can be together or not. Partner may be busy with obligations not having much time for us.

Relationship cools or breaks down. We realize that we have different agendas. We need to be aware of where we want relationship to go and whether we are ready “for better or worse”. Transit brings opportunity to determine what we want and whether our partner wants the same. It seems that our paths cannot cross.

Venus opposition Saturn in synastry is a binding karmic relationship. Way we express our emotions does not support what we want to achieve. Partner wants a serious relationship, but we still haven’t decided. Attraction is great, but more experienced and older partner determines course of relationship. We can learn a lot from him. One side is not open to relax, but takes everything too seriously. There are many expectations and a different attitude towards life that brings relationship issues.

If both parties are not ready to invest in relationship, problems quickly arise. We are not always ready for a long-term relationship. Whether they can meet halfway depends on natal chart of both people. One partner has a rigid attitude and observes love soberly, calculating, while the other just wants to enjoy and forget about duty. Setting boundaries will be key for love to grow. If we don’t, Saturn will ‘provide’ us with need to face a difficult decision of our partner or relationship will cool off.

Venus square Saturn

Venus square Saturn in synastry is inhibited love. This is an important relationship that will determine any subsequent love relationship. For one partner, this relationship is his whole life, while the other sees everything as fun unaware of consequences. Period of happiness is followed by pain and sadness because they were not in right place at the right time.

It is as if they are not aware that deepening of relationship would require mutual maturity. One partner is not overly responsible and the other is not flexible enough. Tightness leads to cooling of partner who is much more relaxed. Atmosphere is “business-like”. They are not comfortable together long term. Partner does what he wants and what pleases him, and we want to know that he is committed to us. It seems we don’t know exactly what we can(not) do in a relationship.

They do not know where relationship is going and it seems to be stuck. One side wants to get everything, but not commit. Inequality can be seen in attitudes towards money, obligations and love. This is often a painful relationship between two people who did not listen to their needs. This synastry aspect ‘results from’ issues already present in a natal chart!

How does this aspect manifest in transits?

Venus square Saturn in transits is a time to accept responsibility for past actions and become aware of whether our desires fit with our behavior. Person begins to become aware of internal blockages to achieving relationship or success. Blockage is not from outside, but within ourselves. We want something that has no real basis because we need to change our behavior first.

For example, person wants to be a writer, but he doesn’t write a single page of text. He talks that he wants to be a writer for years and does little work. Laziness affects results. Now we face those consequences of inaction. We realize that ease with which we approached our goals and desires cannot lead us to high achievements. It depends on us whether we will put in effort, which will primarily result from our character and personal strength.

Venus conjunct Saturn

Venus conjunct Saturn in transits is time when we must clearly see consequences of past actions. What we want should be accompanied by our behavior. Person becomes aware that he didn’t do anything at all. That’s why he didn’t achieve what he wanted having made many love mistakes.

We seem to have no choice now because of our past, regardless of whether we are in relationship or not. Love with someone older who cannot be with us can begin during this period. Sign and house of conjunction will tell us a lot. This is not a pleasant transit, but it only lasts between ten days and a month.

It is much wiser for us to devote ourselves to introspection than desperately enter into relationships with those who cannot give us love. We sometimes focus more on work and professional results overcompensating for what we don’t have. We are afraid of losing money, getting old and death of dear people.

Sober approach will help in awareness of irrational fears. Transit helps understand if relationship can’t go on like this anymore. Partner cannot be the one who will provide us with everything. If it has been like that until now, relationship will end for our sake. Person must accept obligations and duties putting effort into what makes him happy. We need to devote time to what we once loved and fill our love tank with self-love.

How does this aspect show up in synastry?

Venus conjunction Saturn in synastry is an indicator of a serious relationship and long-term love. This is often a karmic relationship and partners are bound by past incarnations. They feel that they have embarked on something that can be significant. However, that doesn’t mean it will be easy. It all depends on natal house/sign and how both planets are placed in individual natal charts.

This is a binding aspect. Maturity and responsible approach in love life are an important factor. It’s not overly fun, as both people feel pressure to stay together. Partner is cold and serious showing attention shyly. We rely too much on him and blame him if relationship doesn’t go as planned. We feel we owe him something. There are always expectations that spoil love.

Orb, retrograde planets, but also age and maturity are important factors. It’s not easy for us and it seems like it’s not interesting and exciting even though we expected that from this relationship. Too much commitment in the beginning can kill love too soon.

How does this aspect manifest in natal chart?

Venus conjunct Saturn in natal chart is about love that must be earned. This belief was “picked up” from an older family member. Self-confidence is lacking. Person does not know how to use abilities and create support. We are restrained in relationships and expressions of love. It is difficult for us to open up and let go trying hard. It’s not natural for us to receive love. We distanced ourselves from it at some point in life.

We seem to have to give more than others, but we don’t get much. Our desire is to have security through relationships. We must first find it within ourselves. When we finally get into a relationship, which can be postponed for a later age, we want to know what to expect. What we have created so far, affects how much we feel worthy of loving and having what we want.

Person is thrifty and very serious. He can’t enjoy himself. He suppresses development of relationship by waiting for a more suitable time, but then love is gone. For example, we buy a nice dress, but save it for a special occasion that never comes. This is how we treats our needs. We have to learn to be kind to others and ourselves. Affection should be earned is a limiting belief. We don’t show ourselves easily and our “tests of fidelity” can annoy our partner.

We have high expectations from others which creates pressure. We don’t feel worthy to receive love. These are people who will accept a practical gift, but will be confused by expression of tenderness. That is vague concept for them. As soon as we realize that we are worthy of love, it will be easier for us to find and keep it. Although we can be in a relationship that does not suit us, time must serve to open up and resolve tension. Do not be in a relationship just for the sake of duty if there is no love at all.

Venus inconjunct Saturn

Venus inconjunct Saturn in transits seems like love is always out of reach. This is period of unrequited and painful love. There is no satisfaction and needs are not recognized. We become aware that we do not know ourselves well enough. We don’t know how to find happiness. Relationships do not lead anywhere or get broken, followed by constant difficulties and separation. We are too different from the partner we like. We cannot achieve what we want under these circumstances. We are trying with weak results. We should focus on ourselves and not on others.

Venus inconjunct Saturn in natal chart is an indicator of guilt that prevents relationship from developing and us from receiving love. Expectations do not match our behavior. We do not accept responsibility for past actions. Person does not believe that is worthy of love, not knowing how to receive it from environment. Earnings and success can be a problem. This person gives everything for a handful of attention.

She doesn’t know how to ask for what she needs, staying in relationships that doesn’t make sense. There is an age difference or other form of inequality and karmic debt. She expects everything from someone who has nothing to give her. She thinks that love has to be earned. She doesn’t know how to save money, squandering it when she doesn’t have it and often going into debt. There is no intimacy in relationship that is accompanied by difficulties. This is often unrequited love.

We think we will be loved, but we are not. Partner is not comfortable with us. We have to take responsibility and follow our own rules in love, accepting that our partner also has expectations. When there is a framework of what is (not) OK, love grows. If we have healthy expectations, considering ourselves worthy of having mature relationship, we can be successful in all life areas. Until then, we have a lot to learn!

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