Are you in a karmic relationship?

Maja Lazić
July 27, 2020

Are you in a karmic relationship?

I can answer this question very easily just by looking at your natal chart. In this blog post, I will explain indicators that show if you are prone to this type of relationships. We can define a karmic relationship as a union in which we do not receive enough love. We have to agree to something that does not suit us in order for the relationship to last.

Every karmic connection implies karmic cords, toxic connections of your energy with the energy of your partner. They are very easy to establish, but difficult to break. Energy is indestructible and can only be transformed. That is why the only real way out of the karmic relationships is accompanied by the complete transformation of your energy. This is a separate topic and I will surely write about it in the future blog posts.

What are the indicators?

Karmic relationships are always accompanied by intense dreams that keep us stuck in the past. This burdens our aura that cannot “give birth” to other life experiences. It is true that karmic relationships generally imply energy vampires. When we finally break away from the ex-partner, he unconsciously feels it. He enters our life again, either in the form of frequent thoughts of him or direct contact.

Karmic relationships always involve learning from both sides. If we understand that our partner is our mirror, the willingness to learn our lesson is reflected in him. Sexual relations with some kind of psychological manipulation and deep emotions with low vibration show a connection that remains even after the relationship is broken.

Occultism of the ex-partner

If the relationships, is broken but we are still analyzing ex-partner’s natal chart, “some energy connection” still exists. The energy of the natal chart is like a magnet. It can have a very occult and esoteric character in such case. Please do not misuse this information and “do not connect your chart” with your ex’s chart if he does not want to hear about you but you desperately want him back.

I will not begin talking about the dangers that this act could bring, but I hope you understand what I am implying. If we are already in a karmic relationship or have just come out of it, certain natal positions indicate there is karmic love. We certainly first analyze the position of Venus and its dignity.

Venus in sign and house

Venus in Virgo and Scorpio is much more susceptible to attracting karmic partners. The same is true when it is in the sixth house, which indicates karmic debts. This love is “toxic” and makes us ill. The sixth house represents the bridge between the fifth and seventh houses, and thus the course of the relationship that should lead to marriage. It does not and it just stays stuck.

This position shows women who have to learn through inequality in a relationship. Especially if the archetype of the victim is strong in their chart they become a ‘servant’ that the partner does not appreciate. When Venus is in the eighth house, the occult factor is often connected. In the worst cases when the person is on a very low vibration and the relationship is secret some black magic may be involved. This is manifested through the love that is lost or breakup traumas and even sudden health problems that require the transformation of the relationship with oneself and the forgiveness to the partner.

Venus dignity

If Venus is in difficult dignity, but in the seventh house, then the situation does not have to be bad. Still there is a problem. Relationship faces issues that are very tangible and material, obstructing the development of the union. There are also karmic relationships that last a long time, but they do not have love problems. This can manifest as problems in all other areas of life. That mostly accompanies genital disorders, as well.

Venus in conjunction to the Lunar Nodes is about an old love debt, difficulties in maintaining a relationship and breakups that always bring great pain. We learn through disappointment and unfulfilled expectations until we understand how to truly love ourselves. We should maintain a relationship in a way that does not contain memories of past lives.

These people know exactly that they should not enter into a relationship, that the partner is not for them or he hides something. They inevitably find themselves in their lover’s arms. Usually they do not want to end it even when they are not happy. These are the women who are ‘return to the crime scene’ still thinking that their partner has realized how much he loves them. He didn’t.

Venus in aspect

Venus in aspect to Mars is seen as strong sexuality. Passion and revenge lead to problems and attract a partner who hurts us, even physically. Quality of love life is low and instead of happiness, it brings stress and anxiety, with sexually transmitted disease. Moon in Scorpio will show the lessons of the soul that seeks intense partnerships and the need for catharsis. This only exists when we give up emotional control.

This is seen in the case of the Moon and Venus in aspect to Pluto, regardless of the sign. These people get in touch with those who are not for them, with difficult partners who are not a great match in any way. Typical example is  “good girl & bad boy” combination.

If we have a desire for revenge, blackmail and psychological manipulation, we directly open the door to karma and start feeling emotional pain. This leads to imbalance and turbulence. We do not see that the partner is our other side even though his behavior irritates us greatly. Consciousness is in the darkness and then it fights with enemies that cannot be defeated by the mind.

Venus and Saturn

People who have natal Venus in aspect to Saturn usually have to stay in a bad relationship for a long time or be alone. Pain is an integral part and it seems as if we cannot move on with or without a partner. Only when we grow old do we really understand what a partnership means. Then we fall in love and stay with that person for the rest of our lives.

If we had not gone through a painful breakup that is always accompanied by low self-confidence, a relationship with an older and more experienced partner that instills fear, we would be left with an empty heart that is wounded again. We must understand that we cannot “fix” our natal chart forever. We can become aware of parts of ourselves in others. The seventh house will tell us more about this. It is true that many with Pluto in this house first attract complicated relationships and then become addicted to feelings of love.

We put our partner in the first place and ourselves in the last leaving every interest we had before he entered our lives behind. Very often he will say that he does not like our interests. And then we ‘put our lives in his hands’, but we do not like it when he treats us badly. We try to keep going like that because the only thing that matters to us is that we are together. It sounds desperate, yet most find themselves in this relationship at least once in a lifetime.

Lunar Nodes

I see more and more people who have to learn how to get out of problematic relationships and get rid of the need for a partner to make them happy. If the natal Sun or Moon is in aspect with Saturn and the Lunar Nodes, we must first observe the relationship with the father as well as the quality of the manifestation of one’s personality.

The question of self-confidence, values and limits by which we reflect what is OK for us are the basis for successfully overcoming the karmic relationships. For some of you this is easier and for some it is very difficult. Such people cannot do it without the help of experts. I have worked with incredibly spiritual women who are still tormented by a karmic relationship. In some cases absolutely and complete avoidance of contact with an ex-partner, among many other things is necessary.

People born before and on the New Moon can have a weakened Moon. Until they integrate this position, they believe that their partner should give them that feeling of emotional fulfillment. They feel empty if he is not there. Until it is understood that no one can give us anything if we do not know how to give it to ourselves, we react much more with our ego than with our heart and we lose our partner. In all karmic relationships, the essence is flexibility and non-reaction. Slowing down the development of the relationship is needed and it will keep us grounded and show us the ‘red alert’.

Eclipse and karmic relationships

People born on an eclipse learn life lessons by attracting a partner who is an indicator of their shadow. He makes them feel emotionally tense. Usually, we first have difficulty assertively expressing our personality with this person. This leads to destructive habits and running away into some illness or other problems, which serves as an excuse. Karmic relationships are accompanied by drama, deception, sexual trauma, financial losses and secrets that hurt us. Sometimes this is related to real estate or material values ​​that disappear or are stolen.

Yet, as I pointed out, everything starts from our energy. We need to learn about emotional relationships and maintaining a couple by being very self-critical and seeing things without illusion. Karmic relationships never just end in love problems, but we always lose something else with the loss of a partner.

Early signs that tell us there will be a problem

I always ask clients to remember if they experienced anything traumatic when they got to know that particular partner. Did they or someone in their family get sick? Did they lose their job? Sometimes all this manifests only as frequent nightmares or simply a feeling of losing ground. There is a strong fear that we will be lost without this partner and he has control over our life

Some other karmic indicators can be house rulers. If the 7th house is connected to the 8th or 12th, that can be a problem. There is some emotional topic about which we know nothing. It is based on an old conflict that flares up and spoils the relationship. This also happens when the ruler of the 7th house is combust by the Sun.

In the case of the eighth house, money is also involved or we have to go through a divorce. The 12th house usually is about the negation of love or prevention of entering into a relationship, the traumas of past lives that are still deep in the subconscious. In moments of complete relaxation or immediately after waking up they enter our consciousness.

Prominent Saturn

Emphasized Saturn in 1st, 7th and 8th are one of the factors. Saturn in the 4th can show that the conflict originates from a relationship with one of the parents where love is identified with sadness and pain. We always have something that prevents us from loving. However, the essence of this life is to overcome it. This always depends on our will and is not determined by astrological factors. We must find the strength and motivation to change and be aware that fear always leads to a crisis that serves to repay the karmic debt and make a change.

Position of the Sun in 6th and12th house will show the need to get out of the unconscious actions and behaviors that make us close for healthy love. There is the need to stop identifying with the victim archetype or feeling like a loser in love. If you think that the loss of a partner is the worst thing that could have happened to you and that you have lost everything, you really should stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Such attitude shows ingratitude towards life and thus directly denies the whole concept of Venus, which is a very energetically serious matter. The same goes for people who criticize other people and find their flaws.

Prominent 12th house

The emphasized 12th house and the ruler of Venus, the Moon or the 5th and 7th houses located in the 12th may bring connections that break down over time due to lies. The feeling of abandonment prevails even when the partner is with us. In some cases, the partner has to move to another country, far away from us, which makes us feel like a victim again. If we feel that our partner is controlling us by fear then we have suppressed our natal planets very deeply. They “do not shine through”.

It also happens that we get so much into the energy of our ex-partner that all our good aspects are taken over from him. We start to “carry” his problematic parts of the natal. I could say a lot on this topic, but my goal is not to scare you, but to make you understand that these are very serious things.

The goal of every karmic relationship is to be overcome and for you to heal yourself. When we integrate our natal lesson it will be reflected externally as well. If we have ended the relationship and that person is persistently appearing in our life, no change has taken place outside. This means that the old problem still exists in us.

Final word and light at the end of the tunnel

Some of you will find yourself in many parts of this text. Some will not have any of the astrological indicators even though they are in a karmic relationship. In that case, these are the lessons that are part of longer transits. Some can be triggered in contact with a partner because his planets form karmic aspects with your planets. Some of you will have only one factor that I have mentioned, but it will be so strong and prominent that its quantitative effect on the entire natal chart will be very intense.

To help ourselves heal in this case Reconnective Healing, as well as energy exercises that I can teach you may be of great use. Kundalini yoga and EFT can help us unblock this toxic energy. As long as the energy trigger exists old partners are coming back.

None of you were born to be unhappy and to suffer. We must be honest with ourselves and understand that we entered into a relationship consciously, but then it was obviously something that got us manipulated. The challenge is to open our eyes, to wake up from dreaming and take responsibility for our life and our natal chart, too.


To write this text I really couldn’t isolate my experience in energy work with clients because I consider it crucial to everything I have learned about this topic. This text is not written for self-diagnosis or drawing conclusions, but for informational purposes only. It was written based on a large number of natal charts that I have analyzed and the women I worked with over the years, half of whom underwent regression or breaking of the karmic chains and/or Reconnective healing with me.

I shared with you my experience in working with others to raise awareness of this topic as there is still a lot of mystery and darkness, but also misinformation and fear. About the aspects and planetary positions I have mentioned here you can also read in more detail on my blog.

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