Letter of the month: My Journey into Astrology

Maja Lazić
November 18, 2021

Letter of the month: My Journey into Astrology

Letter of the month

It has been a great honour to be invited to write the Letter of the Month for DK Foundation. If you are interested in my beginning and experiences, you can read the original article on the link below. Learning astrology has had ups and downs, especially using it practically on myself was a huge test for me. Test I had to pass to finally meet myself.

This article shows my journey into astrology and what I had to face and overcome. I hope it will serve as an inspiration for all those of you who love or are studying astrology. My hope for this article was to remind you that learning astrology is a life long journey. With ups and downs, light and darkness, too.

When I started learning astrology many things did not make sense. To truly learn it there is a transformation you need to go through. Some sort of a healing process must happen. For me astrology was an initiation into being myself, becoming who I am and who I was not always brave to be.

Now looking back into all that I have learned and many things I am yet to learn, it all seems like a neverending, but a truly satisfying process. Of course, there were moments I wanted to give up. Mostly because I was not always able to help myself and most importantly because I did not apply the knowledge that I had.

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