Lunar Nodes in karmic astrology

Maja Lazić
May 7, 2020

Lunar Nodes in karmic astrology

This post is about lunar nodes.

Lunar nodes teach us important life lessons and their integration goes wider then this incarnation. It is about the energy at the soul level. South Node is what we have developed so far, through multiple lives or during the early years of this life. North Node is what we are learning to integrate by finding our life purpose and learning our spiritual lessons.

Early childhood is described through the South node, which is very often visible through the activities of the child and early hobbies/interests. Children often express South Node in the earliest years of life in a positive way. Later if too much focus is placed on this behavior, instead of learning to develop the North Node, negative character of the manifestation is much more common.

Why are Lunar nodes important?

Lunar nodes return to their birthplace every 18 years. This is a cycle when we integrate new and old knowledge with the aim to hopefully balance it. Although South Node is often regarded as tricky, it is necessary, because without it there would be no opportunity to learn the other side of the story. Natal calculations mainly provide data for the North Node, but the South node is in the opposite sign and house. In order to get an idea of your karmic lesson, it is necessary to analyze the whole natal chart.

Especially aspects to these two points and the possible conjunctions with the planets and the ruler of the natal chart. Read the description for both the natal house and the sign of the Lunar Node. And remember that there is no good or bad position. Each carries important lessons, and it depends on you whether you will learn to deal with it or not. Following is an informative account of the Lunar Nodes in signs and natal houses.

North Node in I House / Aries + South Node in VII House / Libra

Great focus on relationships and partners needs to be redirected to oneself and one’s personal needs by developing individuality. Focusing too heavily on a partner becomes counterproductive over time if the relationship is not stable. We learn how to be independent, to stand up for ourselves and to overcome the need for someone to give us confidence and approval.

Other people’s support is replaced by healthy assertiveness when we learn to devote time to ourselves and our interests. We may go through emotional breakdowns until we learn self-sufficiency. Marriages at a young age often fall apart, forcing us to devote ourselves to assertiveness and learning to build our own identity. We  learn how to take the initiative for our own life. We learn who we really are when we are completely alone and focused on our goals and priorities.

North Node in II House / Taurus + South Node in VIII House / Scorpio

Life could have been very emotionally turbulent in early childhood. We had experienced a crisis leading to destabilization. We learn to overcome moments of darkness and uncertainty by relying on ourselves. We are building a stable support structure through healthy habits and material conditions, a secure job, an apartment, a partner. We are learning to trust. Developing a stable living environment is the basis for healing the South Node. There is a tendency to not cope well with finances and practical issues, always thinking that someone is going to trick us.

Obsessive emotions force us to manipulate other people. This causes dissatisfaction with jealousy when we do not have something that others have. There is a tendency towards violent obsessive reactions that limit us to build our lives. It is necessary to learn to respect money, but also to introduce healthy eating and lifestyle habits due to the tendency to suppress dissatisfaction with unhealthy foods. Touch evokes memories of past lives. It is advised to go for a massage if possible, although this experience can be accompanied by violent reactions for very sensitive people.

North Node in III House / Gemini + South Node in IX House / Sagittarius

A lot of traveling and different cultures lead to an important journey of new experiences that fulfill us. There is often a huge clumsiness in ordinary everyday things. It’s great to have a life philosophy, but if it doesn’t help us on a daily basis then we need to learn skills that bring us measurable and useful results. We develop North node by learning to communicate with others, to convey information. Not everything has to be deep and have some higher meaning. We learn to manage situations. Asking what we do not understand is what we need to learn.

Often we are not able to park a car or fill in a document, but we talk for hours about a situation from the past and what it possibly means. This is a sign of negative energy use and staying in the South Node polarity. In this life we should be writing manuals or books that teach others how to communicate and expand. In that way when we become an expert on some topic we integrate the karmic lessons. Building friendships will prove to be a test of how much we have integrated these karmic lessons, as well.

North Node in IV House / Cancer + South Node in X House / Capricorn

This position requires us to learn to express emotions and not just focus on work and career. We have learned early in life or in a past life how to have a successful career. We know how be in the leadership position. It is now required to learn to be gentle and to intimately connect and be successful in terms of a family bond. Family and emotional life become the basis for the integration of the North node. We often feel empty and unable to find satisfaction at home. It is difficult to intimately connect with others, although in the depths of our being it is all that we want.

We learn to accept others and to remember that we are constantly creating our karma through actions with family members. Emotions of vulnerability and tenderness can be considered a weakness, as we are accustomed to being strong, putting our feelings aside. Some issue with home and inheritance are often associated with legal problems, especially if we have not formed our own family. If we continue to be focused on work, this can lead to illness. There could be karmic problems manifesting on the level of immunity, skin and bone issues.

North Node in V House / Leo + South Node in XI House / Aquarius

Our friends are like family to us and we love this sense of acceptance at the group level. Life makes us realize that it is not the essence of it all. We should be finding our own individuality through creativity and hobbies of our own. First of all, we often spend a lot of energy on friends. Soon they abandon us or turn out to be very bad influence. Then we close ourselves and retreat in our own little world. Instead of really turning to ourselves and our interests, we quickly replace old friends with new ones who also after a while prove to be not a good choice. We want to stand out and feel loved, but in the group we just cannot.

Now we are learning how to fight for our identity through our own character. We learn to be comfortable in our own skin even when others are not there to keep our back. Only then we find the one true love with whom we get everything we need. By then, emotional bonds are falling apart as a lot of energy is spent on friends, various associations, unusual groups of people and intense social life. The issue of children is often delayed to later years as well as marriage. As long as we do not place ourselves and the loved one in a central place, emotional relationships fail and the break up primarily because of friendships.

North Node in VI House / Virgo + South Node in XII House / Pisces

We have a tendency to run away from responsibility, but now it can only bring us problems. This is often manifested at the health level. We may lead a very withdrawn life because of great spirituality and the need to be alone. We may even isolate ourselves from others in order to find peace. Now we need to learn not to run away from duties and obligations but to “go to work”. Loneliness can be healthy but only if it is used constructively so that we are focused on a job for which we need peace and solitude.

The outside world, helping others and being efficient are traits that are learned and acquired. The more we focus on stable work and daily commitments, the greater the chance that we will find much larger happiness and purpose in what we do. Tendency to escape into self-destructiveness and intense dreams is always a sign of unhealthy use of this energy. Diligence and construction of a practical life is now the basis of the integration of the North node.

North Node in VII House / Libra + South Node in VII House / Aries

We know how to care for ourselves and our needs. When we need to function in a couple, we encounter problems because we have to learn to balance our desires with other people’s needs. Partnerships are a key place of learning in this life and recognizing that focusing on ourselves and our aspirations only adds pressure to relationships. We may have multiple marriages until we learn to communicate assertively, but also in a diplomatic way and get out of the ego. We need to learn to rely on others rather than having to do everything alone.

We need to lower our guard and realize that we are not fighting others but they are part of us, integral and inseparable. Anger, impatience and selfishness bring problems. Fair play and respect for other people are the basics for integrating the Lunar Nodes. We need to learn to be committed and not lose patience when problems arise, but this does not mean that we are losing themselves. Our partner is supplementing us, so at a young age we often choose something else, a job or a hobby, instead of a long-term relationship, to focus on.

North node in VIII house / Scorpio + South node in II house / Taurus

We have learned how to have our needs met in a material and emotional sense. We have learned how to have habits that bring us life support. What keeps us out of balance are emotionally complex situations in which the whole world seems to be breaking down. We have a fear that arises when we are awakened by passionate emotions. We learn how to not get overwhelmed by our feelings and trust others. Crisis force us to find strength in ourselves, not only in things that are material and in that way transient and porous.

We learn the lessons of intimacy through issues with inheritance, and accustoming ourselves to the inevitable life situations of death and transformation. Fears resulting from karmic debts bring stress. Knowing how to make money is one thing, but knowing how to find middle ground with people we love and to trust them is often something entirely different. We may be confronted with situations where we realize that the power is in a change coming from the depth of our being, rather than holding on to what is tangible and visible .

North node in IX house / Sagittarius + South node in III house / Gemini

We are very communicative and have a lot of knowledge and skills. All these skills quickly make us bored and we fail to find a deeper meaning in them. Now that is the main goal for karmic integration. Knowledge is wonderful, but life demands that we see that there is something greater. The sooner we turn to the study of philosophy and psychology, the better for us. However, we do not see the purpose in it at first and may consider it a waste of time. Changing our philosophy of life is very common when outer circumstances change.

Our desire to constantly learn and satisfy our curiosity forces us to find new belief systems. During our lives we seek the teachings that will connect us more deeply with ourselves. For that we need to risk and experiment, travel to other cultures and get out of our own small town, both in practical and metaphorical terms. We integrate the North node through spiritual development techniques. Focusing on gossip, news from the world etc. contribute to the pressure of the South Node, leaving us in constant search for a purpose that escapes us.

North Node in X House / Capricorn + South Node in IV House / Cancer

We have built a family and learned how to connect with its members. Now we are learning how to build a career, which is often delayed to later age. We can find a partner who likes to have his wife at home. This is always a sign of a past life partner, so then we remain in the energy of the South Node and lose the opportunity to find a vital life purpose in the business world. We learn that emotions are not what is valued in business, but efficiency and achievement of goals.

We must learn to integrate fear of failure and adopt a realistic outlook on life that gives us the opportunity for some other form of security. Family goes through cycles of change and separation. When children leave or if the partner leaves us, we can hardly continue alone. It only makes sense that we stand up for ourselves and realize that we cannot rely on our partner or parents. One lesson is to allow children to choose a career that deviates from tradition and to let them go their own way even if it breaks our heart.

North Node in XI House / Aquarius + South Node in V House / Leo

We like to be in the spotlight, but now we have to learn to be a part of a group. We need to use our qualities and knowledge not for personal promotion, but for achievement of a higher goal that helps majority. We love to have fun and make friends and they are very important, but this relationship is not equal. We notice that they are not always there for us and that we are not their priority. However, this inequality must clearly be seen sooner or later, most often in partnerships, too. This position often brings lessons in love, pushing us into the world of different characters and people.

We are used to receiving, but now we are asked to give even when we get nothing in return. Collaboration with others and the awareness that in friendship there must be mutual respect and support is being learned with perseverance to achieve plans and goals.We learn that it is not important to be in the spotlight, but to be part of a grand plan that brings much greater satisfaction. Friendships and their quality make it clear how far we have come in integrating the South Node.

North Node in XII House / Pisces + South Node in VI House / Virgo

We are a hard worker and diligently perform all our duties. In a spiritual sense we are very closed and timid. There is fear of everything that cannot be seen with the naked eye or touched, so the themes of religion and spirituality are very foreign to us. Most often, meditation and energy techniques bring great fear. Beginning to dig into the painful emotions we remember feeling like a victim of our own destiny. We learn that not only does we have to take care of healthy daily habits, but that we also have to take care of our emotional life. This is connected to finding meaning in something bigger than all of us.

We benefit greatly from meditation and spiritual techniques, which only in the later part of life begin to be accepted and used in a daily basis. We are afraid to let go because we think it will ruin our life. Still, what can ruin our life is faith in false spiritual teachers and escape from reality through undoing habits. We must learn to pay attention to dreams and the unconscious part of ourselves. We should have a spiritual discipline while still maintaining all obligations and fulfilling promises.

Lunar Nodes in astrology can help us a lot but we need to know how to use them. This comes from understanding our chart.

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