Lunar Phase & Soul Journey

Maja Lazić
February 6, 2021

Lunar Phase & Soul Journey

Sometimes even though we understand the Moon sign, house, aspects and even progressived Moon, there is still something hidden and subtle. It blurs our eyes and prevents us from knowing ourselves fully. However, the answers to that are offered by our natal Moon phase.

I often mention New and Full Moons and eclipses which I have already written about in detail. Yet many do not know that there are 28 phases of the Moon. There is a division into 12 phases, too. Both can give you insights that will be useful, but these systems are not used often. There are not many books about them as well.

Of course, everything in life goes through cycles and each of us goes through them. The moment, within the cycle, when we are born tells us about the lessons of the Soul and what it has taken with it so far from the previous incarnations.

Old Souls

And I’m sure you know someone who is referred as “the old soul.” These people have a special depth and understanding of the everyday problems. Phase mostly shows how mature our behavior and attitude towards life will be. Transit energy will be easier for some of you and you will adjust and flow with it. Some of you might struggle and fail to listen the voice of your intuition and your body. Problems always occur if we are not aligned with the cosmic energy.

Daily Moon transits are important, of course. They show the most focused house. This weaves energy and spiritual network with our natal Moon and its aspects. Transits combined with the natal Moon show us an imbalance that helps us solve a crisis. Crucial events will always be during that phase. Internal crisis sometimes occurs because Soul still has to learn. That has nothing to do with our age or experience in this life.

There are people to whom every little thing is an excuse for an emotional eruption of enormous proportions. This is a characteristic of Young Souls and those born on the Full Moon and eclipses. In some cases, to understand your phase, which is calculated in a specific way, dreams can be of great help. Lunar phase always has a negative and positive polarity of manifestation that is similar to the key (often the first) aspect of the Moon. In that way it provides a chance for integration and balancing.

Soul lessons

Where natal Moon is, there is our attention. There is something pulling us, because the memory is present, whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes we get to know our Soul through other people who are there to teach us important lessons. Certainly natal Moon phase provides insights into what we need to achieve the security. That will be the basis for a deeper understanding of ourselves and liberation from everything we no longer need. This must be combined with the last Moon conjunction, which I consider very important because it confirms the “specific shade” of your Soul.

People who are born in the phases after Full Moon learn to let go, as the Moon empties. Each of us goes through this eventually, too, at some time. Everything is repeated as long as there is a challenge. Be sure if something is constantly happening to you, if a person or a problem is always present again and again in your life, that lesson has not been learned. And only when it is learned, your natal chart will be unblocked of old karma. Finally you will be able to materialize your dreams and desires. After all, all that the Soul really wants is peace, love and freedom.

12 Moon phases

The 12 phases of the Moon (about 30 degrees each) based on the degree between the Moon and the Sun moving counterclockwise are: 1. Pioneer 2. Companion  3. Realist 4. Idealist 5. Artist  6. Apostle  7. Keyholder  8. Legislator  9. Knight  10. Judge  11. Revolutionary  12. Prophet

Of course, it is easy to notice that there is a certain correlation with signs and houses. The division into 28 phases gives a broader picture and a more detailed viewpoint. If you are wondering what phase I am: the answer is the 12(28). It fits me perfectly because the themes of spirituality, energy, past lives as well as the esoteric astrological teachings are natural to me. This would be confirmed by anyone who knows me and especially by those who have collaborated with me or read my blog witness this part of my personality. Actually, they are the ones who meet my Soul because they allowed me to meet their Soul, too. I am forever grateful to them!

Free will, always!

It would be unfair to say that old souls (last phases) are serious and the younger ones (beginning phases) are not serious, although there is a bit of truth in that. It is simply a matter of different instincts and needs that initiate us to act. What I have noticed is that in later phases there is a broader perception of the experience of life. Mostly the last phases are reserved for introverts as well as the need for intuitive leadership.

In the end, each of us becomes what he did, thought and felt over time. That is why no phase is ever limiting, but can be an opportunity for growth and development. Also, the year of life which is equivalent to the natal Moon phase (when we talk about the cycle of 28 phases) can show how much we have learned so far and in a special way represent a new spiritual beginning.

I would say that each phase contains all of the phases, only some are still insufficiently “born”. They are waiting to be “born”, maybe in some next life. Be sure that you will often attract people of the complete opposite Moon phase into your life. It will serve as a test for you both. It will show how much you are really aware of your emotional needs. The moon will always reflect the Sun energy. The phase will show whether this life is a time of creation or it is about nurturing the created and a way of getting along with the environment.

Evolutionary Astrology

You can see the phases of the Moon as an astrological finesse, but only when the sign of the house and its aspects are fully understood. This is a very interesting topic and it is not something I usually cover during a natal analysis because it is a part of karmic astrology. If I believe that it is emphasized and that the person is open to hear about this topic, it is certainly included in the analysis.

In the future, my goal is to teach you more about the basics of evolutionary astrology, which is my passion. It is the reason why I believe that astrology is a path for growth for all of you who are looking for deeper answers. They are hidden in the Soul, in that most intimate, most vulnerable and yet so strong and unique part of you.

You have been through so much so far and so much more awaits you! Your  Moon phase will therefore show how many more trains and stations are still in front of you so that you may return home. To the real and most important home, within you. And if you want me to be your guidu, I am always there for you! Good luck!

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