Manifestation of aspects and transits

Maja Lazić
December 12, 2023

Manifestation of aspects and transits

Manifestation of aspects and transits

How do transits and aspects manifest?

Some of you feel constant worry which is an indication that there is Saturn imbalance. Some of you are repeating words in your head that add stress, which is an indication that there is Mercury imbalance. Some of you stubbornly refuse to admit that you need something more to be truly fulfilled and happy which shows that there is Sun imbalance.

Each person has same aspect or transit and what will happen depends not only on complete natal chart, but also on amount of personal peace. Someone who is in a state of calmness and emotional stability will avoid what could potentially bring trouble or misfortune. Many will not be able to avoid it if there is no peace.

When there is peace within us, whatever happens outside does not disturb that peace because it is based on grounding and closeness to oneself. When we are not at peace, every minor thing brings stress. The point is not to react under unpleasant emotions, but to admit that they are there. Transits will bring them out into the light to become aware of what is really going on inside us.

Our resistance will slow down or speed up the whole process. Apart from talking to an astrologer what you can do is to integrate these feelings. This is possible through writing, singing, dancing, creativity or energy exercises.

What do transits bring?

Transits bring what Soul has chosen as an experience and lesson to grow and progress. However, pain and discomfort are always a sign that important lesson is being rejected. Transits only reinforce what we refuse to learn. This rejection is most often experienced as repetition of experiences that keep us in karmic loop. Many people keep choosing the same type of partners and situations that hurt them, repeating such old patterns.

Clients often ask me when is a good time, for example, to start a business or move. However, time is only one level. What will determine quality of manifestation is that you don’t always do the same things. That’s why results are absent. Some of you have noticed that every transit brings you same situations, but it is crucial to become aware of what habits you keep repeating.

Another reason why transits can “bring” discomfort and pain is that we become attached to a certain person or experience. Some of you are attached to a period of life when you were carefree and did not have to make important decisions. Such attachment originates from unconscious aspirations that manifest through expartner, family relationship or conflicts. Many people are starting to get interested in healing aspects and transits because of a bad relationship with someone.

​Manifestation of aspects and transits and personal boundaries

Many of you have noticed that when a relationship ends, another person appears who reinforces that certain problem in the same way. Issues raised by aspects are related to life lessons in which we should learn to respect personal boundaries. We learn to forgive and love ourselves more. These are the main reasons why problem arises, because without forgiveness and self-love, one cannot progress and create life of abundance.

Tendency to repeat a situation that does not suit us, without being fully aware of it, can originate from retrograde planets or karmic aspects/synastry. For example, natal squares can manifest unconsciously so that we turn to karmic relationships instead of building more intimate relationship with our feelings.

After trauma or severe pain, we can gravitate toward experiences that simultaneously block forgiveness and healing because they are the opposite of those aligned with our needs. Any long-term transit, along with Moon transits, will unconsciously trigger such memories. Not a day goes by that such memories don’t try to surface to be healed.

Radical imbalance like this always brings with it the feeling that there is not enough love in life, that we are not safe and secure. Often this is followed by financial difficulties or losses that mean we are deprived from way of life we used to lead.

Manifestation of aspects and transits and impact of trauma

If you have experienced trauma, although it may not be related to current problematic situation that transits are triggering, it may contribute to uneasy influence of transit. Then at least one life area will show extreme imbalance.

For example, if a person has experienced great pain due to a cheating partner, he may unconsciously close himself off from relationships and love, even though he wants to find a new partner and love again. However, instead of bringing new relationship opportunities, transits bring people who further stir up emotions of being cheated on if he never heals.

After several long-term transits, person may decide to give up relationships and isolate himself, while his desire to love and be loved is suppressed and sinks into a body filled with psychosomatic problems. This is an example of extreme compensation, where person concentrates on everything else while avoiding what they really want, which is relationship and partnership.

​How does your natal chart change?

Although natal chart is immutable if we look at it graphically on the physical level, its parts are constantly changing under influence of transits. Transits serve as means to change what is troubling or holding us back. However, it is often perceived that it is the transit that holds us back. It is true that they always help us.

Since natal chart generates energy, it can contain a large amount of nervousness. Usually this is shown by aspects to Mercury in Aquarius, Gemini or Virgo. Regardless of astrological data, nervousness within natal chart energy can be present. Reason for this is large amount of fear that blocks healing.

Healing is flow or movement and fear represents unintegrated Saturn, which manifests as frozenness and rigidity. Flow cannot exist if there is Fear. This is precisely why healing of natal chart should be carried out simultaneously on physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.

For someone it must happen on every level and for someone only one level of their energy field can be burdened with fear that needs to be worked on. For this reason, it may be beneficial for you to do energy exercises for the chakras. However, we do not do these exercises to achieve certain result, but to feel good.

Manifestation of aspects and transits: squares and oppositions

There is a belief that squares and oppositions are bad aspects, but truth is that they bring us new life opportunities. If we experience them as form of inspiration and motivation, they will be much easier! Square transits and oppositions are triggers for unconscious painful memories that can surface during long-term transits. This is especially noticeable in applying aspects, when transit is exact or when a planet enters a new natal house.

All of this is with aim that natal chart owner would finally be healed. Not that he would feel bad or suffer. Adaptability, endurance, flexibility and patience are virtues that help us cope with different energies.

Aspects can be long-term and chronic in their effect, or acute and very intense, but short-lived. For example, Mercury square Saturn is a short-term aspect and Saturn square Mercury is a long-term aspect. It will not manifest the same. Both aspects can bring relocation, new job or change in relationship with friends. Square and opposition aspects can bring great success, but only if we don’t resist inner growth and are willing to do what it takes.

Imbalance is caused by elements with which we are out of touch because modern life does not support nature. That’s why many transits can be regulated by changing life style, adding exercise, diet and relaxation techniques that should be applied regularly. What is also necessary is that we are present and aware that all thoughts, beliefs, ideas, attitudes and opinions we have influence how we will experience transits.

​How to notice that we are not in balance with current transits?

Very often a person is not aware that he was in a state of worry even before transit begins. Unconsciously her jaw clenches, she has stomach-ache and feels discomfort. This person has become so used to this that she no longer even notices what is happening inside her. She is not present and her attention is focused on something outside of her over which she has no control. This is often when we are under influence of transiting Saturn or for individuals with natal Saturn in challenging aspect to ascendant or sixth house.

Fixed signs have a tendency to try to keep what brings them stress due to challenging aspects. Cardinal signs tend to fight against what is happening. Thus, transits are very often reflected in the way that we first react. Some people suddenly react and are nervous or resist expressing this energy. All this is being showed through the body and communication style.

It is possible that the person refuses to change and thus resists by trying to return to the previous circumstances and the old ways of living. Then challenging situation remains ever-present. Peace is slowly being lost more and more. Body is constantly in state of stress, although possibly at lower intensity. Person often sleeps poorly, followed by a final phase when energy is completely depleted because it can no longer withstand the pressure.

Manifestation of transits

Uranus and Pluto transits can be felt as insomnia and difficulty sleeping. Neptune transits bring greater need for sleep. Mercury squares can bring problems with cars and friends, a lot of messages, emails, constant communication and a rush of information that overwhelms us. Saturn brings dealing with personal boundaries or limitations in professional and personal life. It is usually accompanied by feeling that we have less time for rest and family due to large amount of responsibilities.

Pluto brings sense of doubt, loss of privacy and drastic external changes. Uranus brings stress due to a change in routine and lack of freedom. Person feels that is threatened by something he will not like. Ego is afraid of facing it, so stressful aspect is additionally flooded with even more stress. Healing is being present in any given moment and not worrying about past or future.

As everything happens in time and space, challenging transits will manifest themselves especially when we find ourselves in place marked by natal house in which certain transit “happens”. If we have transiting Saturn in the fourth house-which symbolizes home and family, this will manifest itself whenever we are at home with family.

At the same time, the lack of flow will create a need to not be at home, because there we feel as if our personality is limited and our energy is in decline. This does not mean that it is necessary to avoid spending time at home, but that it is necessary to change behaviour towards family members and energy we have in contact with them. Manifestation of aspects and transits is a huge topic so there will be more about it in the following posts.

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