Mars conjunct natal planets

Maja Lazić
February 13, 2021

Mars conjunct natal planets

This post is about Mars conjunct natal planets.

Aspects of Mars talk about the expression of personal energy and courage. They show the way how we can achieve success and manifest our plans and desires. Here I will explain conjunction aspect as the merging of two planetary principles. Oppositions and squares can be an indicator of how we are disrupting our success or achievement of goals. Oppositions will show problems arising due to the way we move towards realization of plans.

Square is especially an indicator of incorrect energy use and the type of its blockage. Luckily, spiritual practice is what can help a person overcome challenging aspects and regular physical activity. Trines and sextiles show the agreement of the principles of two planets and the possibility to overcome every challenge much easier with wisdom. Each of these aspects will manifest differently depending on the natal house, the sign in which Mars is located and your natal chart.

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This is a very favorable aspect. It contributes to the achievement of goals and encourages success. Many successful athletes have this aspect. It is characterized by physical strength and potential to take positive action. This is energy combined with wisdom. We have beliefs that help us achieve our goals. When we take risks because of our beliefs, we manage to overcome problems and difficulties.

It is vital that physical insights are combined with action. Positive life philosophy will contribute to achieving results. This is also a very adventurous aspect. Sometimes enthusiasm is overemphasized. Too much energy is spent on a lot of different activities that waste it. We are ready to do everything to achieve goals. We can meet people who will be like spiritual teachers. This very passionate person must learn not to get into quarrels in order to achieve plans. This will be especially activated through transits. It is necessary to be physically active and move.

Saturn conjunct Mars  

These two planets are opposite principles. They can manifest as delays or difficulties and a slow way of achieving goals. Usually, resistance or a problem first appears when we want to achieve something. We may encounter a lack of external support. This is equivalent to our energy. It takes a long time to achieve something. We encounter denial of our effort. Circumstances are not in our favor. It’s always as if we lack something to achieve success. We give up at the most important moment. This aspect is manifested as a physical boundary that requires overcoming obstacles and limitations. However, it is sometimes there for a very good reason.

We always encounter resistance first. We could act as if we are trying it all in vain, especially during Saturn’s return. It is necessary for us to develop strong will and not to be passively aggressive. We often do not have good ways to deal with anger. It is important to engage in sports in order to channel this energy positively. Pilates exercises, hiking and mountaineering are recommended.

Physically, these people are very resilient. Body has strong musculature with a tendency towards chronic pain. Health problems are common in youth until we learn how to use this energy. Strong will and physical strength will help to integrate this aspect. If it is not balanced, it leads to muscle injuries or even bone fractures. These people are simply tight by nature, which is visible in their posture. They often do not respect the body’s limitations. They do not notice when to stop doing something.

Consequence of action

There is a fear of what someone older will say. We put that fear into what we do and it does not lead to success. Sometimes we give up and not achieve anything from our plans and wishes. We did not even try, being afraid that it would be a mistake. Sometimes we try too hard, but not in a direction that brings us favorable opportunities. We need to learn to listen to the body that shows us everything clearly all the time.

Every action brings a reaction that we could not always be aware of. That is one of the reasons why it seems to us that everything is going much slower in comparison to others. Sexual energy is blocked. There is a period when we suppress our impulses or we cannot control them. That is why it is very important to learn to relax on a deep level. Having massages can be uncomfortable if we are not in contact with our body. Overcoming these physical blockages and complexes is a test. It is not impossible when you understand what we are actually afraid of.

If we do not do that, it is possible to face situations that do not suit us. These situations are a reflection of repressed and blocked urges. Effort and discipline and perseverance to achieve goals bring results. Endurance, not quarrels with the environment leads towards realization of plans. It must be combined with the awareness of what it is worth fighting for and what should be set aside. These individuals can build phenomenal things that will last and grow. This always depends on how much we have accepted responsibility for our actions and decisions.

Uranus conjunct Mars

This is a very impatient energy characterized by sudden “aha moments” which are then accompanied by stress. Nervousness and restlessness is especially common in childhood. Tense nerves are a sign of internal imbalance. This can bring problems, even nervous breakdown in extreme situations. High energy forces us to direct action into something and channel it. Still, we could fail to maintain motivation and interest. We start and then abruptly stop what we are doing.

We listen to an inner feeling that is incomprehensible to others. We seem to like being at risk or acting recklessly. When we direct our energy and philosophy of life towards a goal, an association or humanitarian movement, it can be very successful. Physically, we may have a tendency towards muscle cramps or accidents and injuries in sports. This is more common in squares and opposition, but it is also found in some signs in conjunction. Accidents are due to the risks that attract us and which we have not assessed carefully enough.

Different from others

We are very impulsive. We do not always think about consequences that lead us to the wrong decision and action. We need to show our uniqueness and authentic nature. Otherwise we are faced with a very unpleasant internal uneasiness which directs us towards revolution. This teaches us to listen more to our instinct.

Quarrels are common because of different life views. We like excitement, but sometimes life hits us harder than others. Not everyone will understand us and that leads to conflicts. We have a strong need to do everything to reflect our uniqueness and show how original we are. We are inspired by everything that is different. This can lead us towards challenges and disagreements with the environment. Others characterize us as rebels. Yet without us there would be no great achievements/progress. We could move others in an amazing way to innovation.

Neptune conjunct Mars

Strong ideals motivate us to act. We have a natural need to heal and help others by saving them from a problem. However, we often run away from our own problems and do not solve them on time. We strongly sympathize with others, but we also doubt everything we do. We are easily exhausted when we are physically active. Energy simply seems like being drained away. There are no clear boundaries or directions. This leads to disappointments.

We may have weaker immunity. If we learn to work with our energy through dance, tai chi or some kind of energy healing, it can be very beneficial. Art or some kind of creative expression will also be very useful. Yet, as in the case of any other aspect, it all depends on the person and how energy is being used. We could achieve our vision, but we should be aware of what our beliefs are and what we aspire to.

Energy quality

Energy is mystical, of confused quality, unfocused and lacks penetration. On the other hand it is very refined and gentle. We fantasize a lot and in some cases there can be insincerity. This will inevitably open us to the risk of fraud. It is necessary for us to learn to strengthen our will, to stay away from lies and manipulations. It is necessary that goals are not achieved in imagination, but through hard work. Since we are not used to expressing anger in a constructive way, this can manifest in various unhealthy ways. Women with this aspect tend to desire for their partner to save them. That is why they do not see his flaws, being prone to idealization.

However, we must be aware that we should not look for something/someone outside who would save us. That does not exist. Breakdown of illusions and deceptions and final light in which we begin to see reality clearly comes only when we wake up. We must give up the need to be victims. Vision, openness and transparency in relation to others and our actions will significantly increase the quality of this aspect. For people who are very spiritual and for artistic souls, this aspect will be much easier for integration.

Pluto conjunct Mars

This is a very controlled energy, powerful and strong. It can bring a lot of good, but also great challenges. We have inner power of transformation and regeneration. We show great physical strength in moments of danger. We understand other people’s psychological motives. We may have violent tendencies of which we are unaware of. The key is whether darkness or light prevails and how much we know to use our kundalini energy to achieve goals.

Desire always focuses energy, but can also have a destructive character. We may face someone who controls our actions. We may be prone to hatred expressed towards others unconsciously. Either we oppress or we are oppressed by someone else. Some astrologers call this aspect ‘dark energy of internal demons’ that lead to some kind of extreme behavior. This aspect is also present in those who struggle with ego.

Others see them as if something is not right, because there is so much control. We cover up the psychological part of  personality that we do not like. That brings even more problems that begin to come to light at key life moments. We must learn to express anger in a healthy way. As much as the energy in us changes, so does its manifestation on the outside. If our energy is negative and we are not aware of it or we blame other people, very unpleasant life situations could happen. We need to learn to let go of what has long been blocking us on the psychic level. This is connected to obsessive actions.

Ways of manifestation

For some people, this aspect can manifest as fever or severe illness due to toxins on the physical/energy levels that have accumulated in the body/mind. Now that becomes a way to finally get rid of these toxins. It would be wise to avoid occultism and everything which is ‘dark’. Blinded by rage they can make many enemies and do harm if this energy is manifested in its lowest form. When we make a big life change, it is always because we got out of a psychological crisis. We became aware of the shadow. This forced us to inadequate and destructive actions for a long time.

But, over time, we learn to be less reactive and not create more issues. It is useful to be physically active on a regular basis and to do energy exercises. Karate can also be very useful. It will help us get rid of psychological blockages on a physical/mental level. This aspect requires us to choose transformation over destruction. The essence is to heal our wounds, which leads us to hurt others and ourselves again. When we overcomes life’s challenges we become stronger. Then we reconcile parts of ourselves that led us to destruction and darkness.

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