Mars in natal house

Maja Lazić
January 30, 2021

Mars in natal house

House where Mars is located will be the place of increased energy and direction in our lives. This is the point that leads us to the realization of ambition and self-actualization when we learn to assertively express energy.

Mars in the first house * meaning is not the same if Mars is not in the sign of the ascendant

This is a person of youthful and sometimes even military appearance. There is a pronounced fighting attitude and great physical activity. If not, then it can go through crises and increased stress. Sports should be played regularly. Beginning of life can bring with it some kind of struggle or a challenge. They will be felt energetically every time we need to outgrow some previously built life phase. Quarrels with others are a sign that we are not clear about what we want. It is a sign that we did not set out to achieve goals with a plan.

Starting a business or a relationship can bring challenges or struggles. Traumas throughout life teach us to come out of everything as a fighter and not as a loser. This position suggests that we must take life into our own hands and fight for ourselves. It will also show how we solve problems. Depending on the ruler and natal position, in some cases it can mean difficulties and situations that test us.

Personal magnetism

We have strong sexual energy. Impulses can guide life because this is fast energy that responds to provocations. Women with this position can have very pronounced musculature. Physical body leaves the impression of impatience, so it is important that we move a lot during the day. There is a large amount of energy. We like risks and are considered to be fearless people who should start facing life in a very disciplined way. We need to fight for our place and learn how to manage stress.

Competitive spirit is emphasized. If they are not motivated or when they are bored then they can cause unnecessary problems, because they have no goal to devote their energy to. Imbalance at the level of Mars can be manifested here in the form of inflammation. This is reflected as redness on the face, pain in the upper jaw, acne or fever. We need to learn to express anger in a constructive way. Otherwise, we will go through life with ‘scratches and blows’. We may go through some misfortune that will bring us back to instincts and awaken the animal strength that always exists in us.

Mars in the second house

It is very important that we achieve financial and material success. We need to earn independently and have the opportunity to invest or start new earning channels. Sign of Mars itself will show the way to earn. We need to learn that we always earn according to quality and flow of our energy. We will make an effort to earn money and achieve business success with our will and perseverance. We will have to fight throughout our life to make our plans but not compromise our values. We can get into disputes over money.

Although we can earn a great fortune, we can also be prone to hasty decisions that will lead to loss and expenses that we did not count on. Competitive spirit is strong, sexual needs are emphasized. We are usually characterized by high energy and ambition. When we are stressed and nervous about money, then losses, quarrels and problems are possible. This means that we can carelessly destroy what we have created, too. That is why caution is needed when making decisions regarding money and investment so that we do not regret it later.

Conflicts within us

Impatience in life can cost us dearly, especially if we are quarrelsome in nature and if we start a lot and not pay enough attention. We want success quickly and will quarrel with associates who are not as prone to risk as we are. We are constantly overwhelmed by insecurity around external situations. When we are overwhelmed, we seek refuge through fast and unhealthy food, so weight problems are possible. There is something destructive here. It is important that we discover which belief contributed to the accumulation of stress that our environment will witness in our voice and words. We will always give more than 100% to achieve goals. We can gain enemies and hurt those who want to help us.

Our only goal is always materialization. If that is not the case, we will feel very frustrated. We are motivated to make money, because we want a sense of protection and security for the future. Stress due to money can be reflected as lower jaw inflammation, vocal cord problems and sore throat. That is why it is useful to eat less spicy food. We need to learn that creation and destruction do not go together. Especially if we want stability and longevity, and not just the excitement of another victory that can only make us happy for a short time.

Mars in the third house

This is a tireless mind that spends a lot of energy on communication. Need to move is strongly emphasized. Speech is energetic and we have a lot of activities during the day. We communicate with a large number of people. During an ordinary day, something always happens that throws us out of balance. Jobs in journalism, law, sales and marketing, media or administration therefore suit us. Also jobs where we need to make independent decisions and react quickly or come into contact with a larger number of people.

We speak quickly, often shout or quarrel. We can convince others to do what we want. We drive fast and when we are nervous we can have problems with electrical devices, breakdowns in the house as well as accidents while driving and traveling. Fast-paced life is further accelerated by frequent shorter trips. We like to go somewhere all the time and be out of the house. We react quickly and thus have no tact, which results in quarrels with friends and the environment, as well as at work or with relatives. We usually have more male friends.

Angry speech

We can easily get angry if others disobey our orders and instructions. We often struggle with anger that we must express verbally. So we may have frequent headaches or migraines that indicate we are mentally stressed. It is helpful to ride a bike or run if you can’t have a less stressful daily routine. Too much mental activity that is not accompanied by physical action is not good. We are impatient and must learn to cooperate with others.

Because we are mostly direct in our speech and aggressive in some cases, if others do not understand what motivates us so much to do something, we can have problems at work and get into unnecessary conflicts with others. It is useful for us to write because when we see on paper what we want to say to someone, we will see that it may still be necessary to soften the message and deliver information in a more acceptable way. Calming techniques, deep breathing and sport can benefit you. Most of all, you should understand that others have the right to their opinion, too and that all life opportunities are there to help you see how clever you are.

Mars in the fourth house

This is the energy that is manifested in the family and home. Pre-caution should be taken to avoid fire. There is stress in relation to parents. Family relationship is tense. We are overwhelmed with emotions of anger. A family member provokes an emotional storm. We don’t get along well with the family and that stems back from childhood. Frequent breakdowns, works or repairs are possible in the house or some difficulties with real estate and danger of house demolition. Of course, sign and aspects of Mars will say more about this.

We need to learn to deal with emotions and express them, especially repressed aggression. Feelings are changeable and reactive. We get into conflict because we have a need to defend and fight for ourselves. Insecurity is expressed through verbal attack. We quickly react and are often in a quarrelsome mood. Problems can also be projected onto the partner. This can spoil marital relationship. Competitive spirit and the need to do what we want is expressed. As a child, it was crucial to learn how to deal with this energy.

Relocation and home events

Frequent relocations are possible, a lot of events at home and possible damages. Family members can shout at each other for dominance. One of the parents in particular will be shown through this position. Accidents and physical injuries at home or health problems of a parent can indicate that there are emotional issues that we did not solve still. It’s as if we always have to fight and are impatient to finally move out.

Disagreement with parents may jeopardize creation of home that we establish with a spouse. Solution for this position is to be physically active and repair and tidy the house. It is necessary to have a lot of activities with the family. We must learn to express our energy assertively and not through quarrels.

Energetic manifestation

When we are energetically balanced then it is easier to maintain family life. Otherwise, we literally destroy and undermine it with our energy. If possible, it is good to have a home gym and play sports regularly. From an early age, children should be given tasks to do something at home, such as cleaning. Imbalance on this level can be reflected through stomach problems. This is always accompanied by poor diet and fast food choices as a way to deal with emotions and too much stress.

Mars in the fifth house

We need to express our inner child through adventure, sports and fun. We are characterized by impulsiveness and enthusiasm that especially awakens in love life. We are enslaved by passion. Adrenaline pumps up when we have the opportunity to show our talents and our personality. A lot of energy can be spent on going out and social life. It is essential to have a hobby and to be able to enjoy love. This contributes to the stability of our energy.

This position is common with people who are creative and artistically inclined. They love the stage and performances. They have a skill for physical activities in which they need to be regular, especially when they lack enthusiasm. They like to go to concerts, celebrations and move among people. For them, life is a game and they are always motivated by some drama that is happening. This is useful to channel into working with children or creative workshops and hobbies.

Love life

Strong sexual energy and competitive spirit exist. It is important to be outside as much as possible and move. We have been active and independent since we were little and our energy affects others as well. We have a need to win and excitement in love, but sometimes we take risks unnecessarily. Courage can therefore lead us into financial problems and injuries. Body is not strong enough to withstand great strain.

It is necessary to express ourselves through creative hobbies, dance or sport, too. We need to strengthen the spine and our back. In some cases, a hobby can become our main job because talent exists. Although there may be a problem with pregnancy, active love life and a partner who is there for us and who understands our changeable nature will certainly make it harder for us to cope with all the difficulties that can throw us off balance.

Mars in the sixth house

This position indicates that we have a lot to deal with in everyday life. Life demands that we embark on solving problems, not creating them. Every day our routine is fast paced and very physically active. If there is no healthy habit, body is susceptible to inflammation, acute health problems, fractures and injuries, and viral infections. Often, in the first part of life, we create problems for ourselves, unprepared to really tackle life’s adversities and challenges.

Court difficulties can arise and quarrels at work can be initiated. Problems with employees happen due to ego struggles and internal conflict that seeks expression. We need to engage in physical activity regularly. We need to learn how to be patient and calm even when nothing is going as we imagined. Relationship with colleagues is more aggressive in nature. There is a tendency to compete against others. Workplace is stressful, so that is another reason why health suffers. Burn out is a sign that we are insisting on something that is not for our greatest good.

Difficulties in life

Too much energy that is not directed to a specific goal leads us into conflicts and quarrels. If we have a physical job, we should be careful not to get injured. We must learn that conflicts in our energy cause more problems. We must resolve it within ourselves. We remember old rage and injustice and want to fight for our place, but we do it too much. We wonder why life constantly brings problems. The key is to learn to solve this and not fight against others and create enemies around us.

Mars in the seventh house

This position may indicate potential problems in marriage, which will be confirmed by ascendant. We are assertive and active at work. We can have a lot of contact with men. We enter into relationships that are based on strong attraction. Quarrels and stress and conflicts, anger and disagreement can manifest in relationships with others and with people with whom there is a business contract. Negotiation is energetic and combative. Getting into quarrels happens naturally because we have a need to defend ourselves even when we are not attacked. It is because of the emphasized competitive spirit that helps us reach the contract we want.

This position is found in lawyers. Mars must be channeled, so if it is not at work, it can be “felt” through problems in marriage. Partner is very attractive with strong muscles. Because of a powerful desire to fight for what we want, others may see us as aggressive. Aggression in relation to others is either projected or manifested through verbal attacks when things are not going the way we want. Argumentation and verbal power are emphasized through our attitude. Life usually brings excitement and challenges with important people.

Exterior projections

Partner will show our yang side, but quarrels could bring us closer in some cases. It is essential to learn to solve problems assertively and constructively. We should allow others to take initiative in relationship. This will result in the preservation of contracts and relationships with those who are important to us, at work and in family.

Mars in the eighth house

Although some old astrological books emphasize that we can link this position to accidents and loss, that is true as long as we do not become aware of ourselves and our psyche. For that reason, we have to face big problems and situations when we are asked to take control. Tension forces us to action, so it is important that we understand ourselves. Life brings resources through a partner or our own that we need to learn to manage. We go through experiences that expand our consciousness and enable transformation.

These experiences can be childbirth, the loss of a loved one, tax problems, other people’s money or its investment. Certainly danger can be experienced through psychological crises and traumas that are a result of some action. We go through extremes and that changes our attitude towards death and life. We have a large amount of energy, but it is tense because it is related to past life experience. That is why it is important that in these situations we gain power. We must find strength even during difficulties, such as divorce or a disaster that destroys real estate.

Strength and inner power

We must understand that we create life with our energy and learn to manipulate it. Still, one should stay away from occultism and magic. This energy can be channeled through surgeon’s job, for example, or through jobs that are “dangerous.” This position is also held by many who practice Reiki or energy healing. Financial problems will show that something takes away our energy. In some cases, we may go through frequent surgeries.

It is very important to get rid of fear, channel strong sexuality and dedicate to understanding your psychological imprint. After that, a new personality is born, which is a consequence of deep healing and regeneration after an extreme situation. We are always pushing something forward, but our vibration will show whether during our life we create what enriches our survival or we enter into a destructive way of manifestation that will destroy every bridge we hoped to build.

Mars in the ninth house

We may have a strong need to travel and move among different cultures, exploring distant lands. We are characterized by a passionate view of life. We experience energetically issues of religion and philosophy. However, it is necessary to analyze both Mars sign and its ruler. We regenerate during trips and give ourselves an insight into a broader perspective of life. This shows us how to unblock our natal chart at times when circumstances are not in our favor.

This position can show a person who puts a lot of effort into studying, getting a doctorate and writing papers. Professor can be full of enthusiasm to convey to students a love for a topic or a subject, but also can provoke conflicts with those who do not have beliefs or attitudes like him. We are fighting for our ideals, but we can also have a conflict abroad.

In natal chart of a woman, she can meet a partner or realize her plans in a foreign country. People with this position always believe in victory. This position is useful for athletes or anyone who fights or motivates others. We are going through a philosophical transformation. Adventurous and competitive spirit helps us to live life the way we want. In some cases, this position speaks of another marriage or injuries on a trip.

Mars in the tenth house

This position is found in people who are very brave and active at work. Their reputation says that they are somebody who is fighting for career and professional progress. We are very ambitious and committed to success. It is difficult for us to be in a static workplace. In some cases, high positions can be jeopardized due to quarrels with employers. Business can be in an area where authority is important or where we manage others.

Competitive spirit sometimes leads us into conflicts or makes it difficult to achieve a goal. Relationship with father or husband can be characterized by frequent quarrels or disagreements. Activity and achievement of goals are required all the time. In some cases, we may be known as someone who is causing problems or misdirecting aggression. We are suited for jobs where we encourage others to work or give tasks. Colleagues at work know that we are ideal if a job needs to be completed. We have a very combative attitude and can come into conflict with competition.

Mars in the eleventh house

Lots of goals and plans and contacts all over the social network and Internet are common. This position can be financially useful when we invest energy to fulfill our desires. We are active in groups, associations, organizations, sports and politics. We are motivated by the improvement of the environment and living conditions. We hang out with a large number of people that we can both lead and organize.

A lot of events and membership in clubs allows us progress because friends can connect us with those who will help us. That is why we gain great benefit through other people, but we also help them. Jobs or sexual relationships with friends are possible, but also conflicts on social networks. We are certainly socially engaged and have big goals in which we invest our energy and resources.

Mars in the twelfth house

Restless sleep and nightmares is common. A lot is happening that we are not aware of and that we can experience as hostility of others. What we do not see is manifested in an ugly way to show us that problems stems from our consciousness. This is seen more clearly in our environment and that is all our blocked energy. Problems happen indirectly or others are manipulated, which sometimes hits us in the head. We have to resolve energy conflicts and issues with others that go back to past lives. Otherwise we get into legal problems and debt.

Unconscious influence of this archetype is also seen through the open aura and synchronicity that carry messages. We absorb energy and motives of other people unaware of it. Then we begin to show their attitudes by fighting for something that will eventually hurt us. It is necessary to be aware of the beliefs that create life. To others, we may be like an enigma because a lot is hidden and our behavior is not direct. We waste energy in a destructive way or sabotage ourselves by running away from our true nature.

There are frequent problems with addiction or doing exactly what will hurt us even more. It is very important to learn that everything in our energy field must be manifested somewhere. Way out for these people is to use it in research and occupations behind the scenes. It can also be useful to move to another continent, which will metaphorically cleanse this energy of unpleasant traces of the past to which we are still attached and which seek forgiveness. Relocation will give us material basis on which we can finally start building our lives and achieve success.

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