Maja Lazić
August 27, 2022


Tenth house and MC talk about business success and reputation. However, it must be taken into account that MC degree can vary in different house systems. This is especially true for people with intercepted houses. Whatever planet is in X house, we learn how to work with it during our life. Planet in X house can represent challenges that need to be overcome and conflicts with father.

There are people who never activate aspects associated with X house ruler. However, natal chart should not be seen as a photo that does not change. It is just a beginning and your success depends on your willpower, discipline, effort and hard work. There is no natal chart that guarantees business success. Of course, the same rule applies to failure! Business success requires overcoming fear and not attaching to habits that limit growth.

If Jupiter is in I or X house, we attract business opportunities when we invest in ourselves. That is absolutely necessary with this position. Success from creative work will be shown by a strong V house. I’ve also noticed that there may be a great aspect that is activated by transits in X house, but if we don’t make effort nothing special happens. X house is cardinal and requires action, initiative and strong will.

Examples of manifestations

Sun in X house speaks of importance of business success for development of personality and self-awareness. If this success is difficult or easy to achieve, Sun aspects toward other planets will show. If there are planets on MC we must be seen in public eye. Planets at MC and in X house are very visible and need to be seen. X house ruler in VII house can also show a person known to public.

Square with ascendant may indicate that it is necessary to change our behavior and align it with goals for which trigger is relationship with husband/father. Person with Sun above horizon will consider business success very important compared to a person whose Sun is in lower part of chart. However, there are always deviations from this rule!

We take each natal house into account to analyze earnings from another house. Higher earnings from work will be shown by Sun in XI house, which connects us with people who support us. Emphasized 2nd house can show a person who has opportunity for above-average earnings.

Since transiting Neptune is in Pisces, people with 2nd house in this sign have more opportunities to increase their earnings. Especially with natal Venus in Pisces! Condition for that to happen is that your mind is free of negativity, self-doubt and unsupportive beliefs.

Impact of transit

It is necessary to understand that in addition to natal chart, we must also analyze transits that will activate natal planets. If this is not the case, natal potential may be in “hibernation” phase. Although we can calculate transit for each year of our life, what they will bring us depends on what we do and how we use it. Each transit can be used in a minimum of hundreds of variants.

I have often seen in my practice that people who have emphasized Sun in IX or X house cannot achieve success and find business happiness if they have not finished school. Reason for that is Jupiter as IX house natural ruler and connected to higher education, which could bring success. Saturn “limits” it and makes it mediocre if we did not put in mental effort.

Subconscious/unconscious attitudes we have taken from family and country of birth, how much we express our energy in general with various socio-psychological factors can block growth of planets. This directly reflects personal potential and it is our responsibility to work on it. For that reason, talking to an astrologer is important to assess where that blockage is and how to overcome it.

Business opportunities abroad

There are people who will not succeed as long as they are in country where they were born. That is why one of most frequent questions I get is whether a person should go abroad. Astrological opinion is that it is necessary for several similar natal factors to indicate symbolism of a foreign country plus long-term transit that activate this, too.

III house stellium, as a XII of IV, which is about home, indicates life in surrounding countries or close to country of birth or shorter trips for work. IX house talks about far away countries, while XII house shows islands and exotic countries. More than three planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), in mentioned houses, can indicate new beginnings abroad.

Ascendant ruler in IX or XII house and planets in IX house squaring ascendant can show the same. Of course, where we were born is still the most important karmic story! That is why staying abroad and whether we will succeed there if we move depends on whether we eventually escaped from something unfinished in our birthplace.

How does this look like in practice?

All this must be supported by your natal chart. As well as long-term transits that activate IX house and natal Moon. I have analyzed numerous charts with aspects for abroad, but still these people chose to live where they were born. Many of them moved abroad several times during Uranus transits, but eventually returned to their hometown where some disorderly relationship with family members awaited them.

Or they did not resolve conflict with an ex-partner from whom they “ran away”. This prevents business success due to connection of all houses. Change of country will not bring anything if we go there as same person. Just as job change will not bring anything if we do not change our work attitude. Also, it happens that a person can have a better business perspective only when married. This is due to connection of VII and X houses through dispositor.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius has been teaching us for the last two years about past consequences creating future. Karmic consequences appear wherever we are because today work is not limited to location. Whole world is available! This is especially felt by generation with natal Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune in Capricorn.

Check in your natal chart in which sign is your MC, VI house cusp and X and connect all three together. My post is for informational purposes only and to give you an idea of ​​this energy quality. We can see same job through each sign because it is always a combination of several factors. Therefore, whole natal chart needs to be considered to make any conclusions.

VI/X/MC in Aries

We need to have a lot of energy and learn to fight for our job. These individuals have a strong focus on business success. There is always something motivating them to start new business. However, they do not like to be bossed around, so they will always do better as entrepreneurs. Otherwise, they get into big quarrels and conflicts at work because they are not a team player. They need to start something new several times throughout life.

They are impatient and have problems with realization of plans. They initiated jobs easily, but do not always have motivation to finish them. They need jobs where they will be physically active, lead others and emphasize their skills. Jobs where speed, fearlessness and action are valued will suit them.

They may be interested in cars, surgery, military, police, sports and mechanical engineering. It is necessary to take into account position of Mars, which can deny all of the above written and give a different story. We will look at sign, house and aspects. Transiting Mars shows a moment for action while retrograde Mars inhibits or blocks initiative.

VI/X/MC in Taurus

We need to observe where Venus is and in which sign. Jobs in beauty, sale of high-quality items, jewelry, precious stones, perfumes and purses can be a form of income. AJobs focused on tangible and material, in art and music and singing can be an opportunity for success. Banking and finances are emphasized and jobs focused on senses, especially massage.

Traditional way of doing business during transiting Uranus in Taurus is done online, suddenly changes or stops working. Some people may engage in production of vegan and organic food or open bakeries and wholefood restaurants.

This position supports both cooking and food preparation. Transiting square of Uranus and Saturn has brought instability and job change to many because things cannot stay the same. If you want everything to stay the same, you could be faced with an unpleasant surprise.

Jobs that have always been considered safe are now being completely changed and innovated during next three years. As VI and X house show way of doing business, there is a tendency towards material stability. These do not have to be jobs that would be associated with Taurus energy. This is about the way of doing your job and your attitude towards work that strives for safety and practicality.

VI/X/MC in Gemini

Journalists, bloggers, drivers, translators, writers, social media jobs and telecommunications are highlighted. Also, jobs in education, sales, especially telephones and marketing and advertising are well suited. Connecting people allow them to show communication talents. Advancement is possible through contacts with others and in business where a lot is happening.

Mercury’s position will show more precisely area to which energy will be directed. Due to changing nature of life, they might change a lot of jobs. This will not be difficult for resourceful people who love diversity. Big career changes await them in a couple of years when Uranus starts transiting in Gemini, which will be characterized by a time of instability and haste.

VI/X/MC in Cancer

Jobs that are focused on providing care are well suited for them. They can be nurses being great in everything related to helping mothers, family business and homemade products. Jobs in state institutions concerning protection of children, workers and families are also emphasized. Occupations may include home security, nutrition, children and baby care.

It will be necessary to pay attention to Moon position. It is important for them to feel safe at work. Only then can they give their best. Transiting Pluto in next two years for last decade of sign requires focus on family and not so much on work.

VI/X/MC in Leo

Jobs that inspire and seek self-confidence or put us in spotlight are especially appropriate. Jobs focused on organizing events, celebrations and parties are also a great opportunity. Boss, manager, team leader, creative jobs and work with well-known brands suit their temperament. They need to have a job that allows them to be seen.

That is why they excel in private affairs or as managers where their personality can be fully manifested. Fame, spotlight and public affairs related to performances and media are a common form of manifestation. We need applause and attention.

With this position, we have politicians, musicians, actors and public figures. Praise and approval of other people is very important to them. This will especially be emphasized for one more year during Saturn transit, which forms opposition and shows shadow of glory.

VI/X/MC in Virgo

Mercury’s position will tell us more. Jobs in communication, organization, work with clients, help through social institutions, administration and office work are common. These people can be experts in a certain field, especially related to health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. There is a tendency towards perfectionism. They have great knowledge that they can practically apply.

Periods of retrograde Mercury teach them to think about what motivates them to work. They need to recharge themselves, their body and inner being with necessary rest. Tasks of correcting, monitoring and checking work done are great for them. Excessive work and health problems are common because these people are always doing something. They take on other people’s responsibilities because others are not as capable and thorough as they are.

VI/X/MC in Libra

Pluto transit in next two years for last decade brings seriousness. This brings greater responsibility to business relationships. First two decades of sign had to go through this in previous years. Jobs related to fashion, art or beauty, which bring harmony and order or deal with relationships, certainly appeal to them.

Occupations focused on other people, counseling, contracts and agreements are emphasized. Jobs in which a beautiful appearance is important, due to public appearance in media, enable them to succeed. Everything that implies association and partnership is a great choice.

VI/X/MC in Scorpio

They are not afraid of challenges and are ready to implement big changes. They have talent to discover truth and do “dirty work” that no one else wants to do. Their workplace enables and seeks power. Job has to allow that, so they work in fields that require a deep dive into core of problem. Pluto’s position will tell us more.

Psychology, gynecology, loans and mortgages, forensics, undertakers, regression therapists, astrologers and detectives may be appropriate fields of work. They are good at occupations that help others cope with crisis. Jobs focused on revealing truth or that enable personal transformation go through challenges. This is activated by transiting Uranus and Saturn square which can be reflected in earnings.

VI/X/MC in Sagittarius

Jupiter’s position will give us additional information. Jobs that involve motivation, inspiration, positivity and optimism appeal to them. They can be phenomenal motivational speakers, spiritual teachers, coaches, professors and tour guides or have a talent for law and advocacy. With this position, beliefs about work will always be manifested through opportunities and chances for realization of business dreams.

Strong faith guarantees that anything is possible. Job must enable a broader perspective and practical application of life philosophy. Job should involve some form of risk and allow to live life to the fullest as one wonderful adventure. This is possible only if we are completely honest in job performance and with associates/colleagues. Emphasis is placed on jobs that are performed abroad or on those where it is important to be physically active.

VI/X/MC in Capricorn

We need to observe position of Saturn. Focus is on traditional occupations that are always necessary. Especially jobs that deal with structure, discipline, responsibility, organization and hierarchy appeal to them. Less improvisation and more effort, because this position requires seriousness and not creativity.

Building, architecture, dentists, military, old crafts and corporations are seen through this position. Job must enable status and advancement that comes with age, hard work, knowledge and skills are necessary. You seem to can’t achieve success? This is probably a sign that you are on wrong path. Saturn will always prevent what is not for common good and what did not come as a result of real work and effort.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn in next two years activates growth, consolidation and profound change in work attitude. It needs to be taken into account during interpretation. Everything we want will not happen quickly, but only jobs in which we have invested years can grow now. Any “rule skipping” will be strictly sanctioned and success will be lacking.

VI/X/MC in Aquarius

We must observe Uranus which will tell us more. Working in large corporations, freelancers and humanity goal-oriented jobs are appropriate for them. Intellectual occupations that enable research and doing work in a specific, unique or non-emotional way appeal to them. Uranus in Taurus for second and third decades in next three years brings instability and tangled conditions at work. Everything can change unexpectedly or rapidly.

It is necessary to pay attention to nervous system. Due to work amount, they can experience burnout. Inventiveness and creative potential open them to new and unusual jobs in technology. IT and online business are especially recommended.

Saturn’s transit in Aquarius emphasizes connecting with groups of people, social networks and completely new rules of work. Job that does not help this individual, not taking into account all his needs and his human nature will not help humanity.

VI/X/MC in Pisces

It will be necessary to observe position of Jupiter and Neptune. We may have an interest in medicine, pharmacy, chemistry or work in volunteer and charitable institutions. Creative occupations, music, art, painting, dance, TV, film, video games and YouTube can be a job opportunity where they will be able to indulge their intuition.

They are visionaries who are learning to manifest their desires. They can also be successful in occupations related to beauty, alternative health, design and fashion. They also have talent for jobs that focus on healing, religious pursuits, spirituality and intangible.

Negative manifestation is unemployment or lack of work interest, escape from responsibilities, unclear business goals or too much work due to not setting boundaries. This leads to psycho-physical fatigue as a consequence. Neptune in Pisces emphasizes this influence. They can have problems to charge for work done or evaluate their talents adequately. It is necessary to learn not to waste energy and that money is also needed for spirituality.

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