Mercury conjunct natal planets

Maja Lazić
October 19, 2020

Mercury conjunct natal planets

This post is about Mercury conjunct natal planets.

Aspects of Mercury show the way we communicate. It is very important that we have them in natal chart and that they are flowing in order to express ourselves. It is rare when there are no Mercury aspects in a natal chart. In that case, there is usually a higher reason which is noticeable at the level of karmic lessons that a person should learn. If there are no aspects with other planets, we can be too biased and subjective. Communication then comes from the ego leading to conflicts with others.

However, there is a solution and that is a minimal emphasis on our opinion. This will always be clearly indicated by “quiet” ascendant sign. It is necessary to learn that we do not have to say/write in order to be heard and understood. We should learn how our beliefs can be communicated with orr energy and self-confidence without words. The Universe has given us what we need. It did not give us what we do not need. In this case, silence is very healing. A person only in silence knows himself.

Not having any aspects with Mercury?

The reason for the lack of aspects with Mercury is usually because the person probably abused his knowledge and power of communication in some past life. Then this has simply been taken away from him now, so that such abuse would not happen again. However, the sign itself will say more and nothing is ever black or white. Especially it is never something we can’t make better. Thoughts are fluid and today there really are a lot of techniques that can help us.

In this case, it would be crucial for these techniques to be focused on “cleaning” and ‘quieting the mind’ and not so much on “creating” through words or speech. Of course, there is certainly some longer transit that activates Mercury at some point in life. Then the way of communicating with yourself and others changes significantly. With Mercury, anything is possible, getting into trouble and causing problems, especially – because everything starts with the mind!

Squares and oppositions

It is necessary to find balance and learn certain lessons regarding expression and communication with others. Square may be related to a certain problem that exists in the way of communication. It can be seen through the type of friends we choose and the conflicts with them. Opposition speaks much more about the need to overcome a conflict with someone important to us. Planet in aspect to Mercury will say more about this.

All the listed aspects below can come in 12 different versions according to sign of Mercury and then each in another 12 different versions according to the natal house it is in. Since you have a unique and specific aspect of Mercury, this text is only intended to offer an understanding of the combination of the planetary energies. It does not have to specifically talk about the challenges or the position of this aspect in your natal chart. Aspects only make sense in context, not in isolation.


In some cases, the less we recognize ourselves in a given archetypal description or react according to the principle “it is not true / I do not agree”, the greater the gap between what we really are and what we think we are. Then shadow of our psyche prevails and brings problematic manifestations of the aspect. Astrology is always related to consciousness and how much we are willing to get out of the ego. Mercury aspects are very important because we use them constantly. It is necessary for you to integrate them especially if you have several squares and oppositions.


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Mercury conjunct Venus

Friendship will always strengthen love. This aspect describes a very charming person who expresses herself nicely. She delights others with what she says or writes. She behaves according to etiquette, enjoys reading and loves books very much. During school, she makes a lot of friends because she knows what and how to say to others to maintain a friendship. Words are characterized by beauty. This aspect is found in people who make jewelry, play an instrument or are skilled at various crafts with their hands. They often have very beautiful hands, soft skin and attractive voice.

They enjoy light conversations on the topics of style, clothes, make-up, cosmetics and are skilled in these activities. They are excellent sellers and can be great in business related to art. These people are communicative and always know what to say. They will know how to help their friends with advice in times of need. In some cases, if the ruler of the seventh house is Mercury or Venus, a person can have multiple marriages. What we say will help us attract attention if we do it with love.

Mercury conjunct Mars

These people learn very quickly, but lack patience. They can be aggressive in communication. Their mind is active and depicts the nervousness that can exist at the level of the physical body. Then it is manifested through speech. It is very important for them to have some kind of active meditation where they release stress through breathing or exercises. They can get into a quarrelsome mood with friends because they are very direct. They need to be aware that words can be very hurtful. In their case they are like a knife. Especially depending on the sign of Mercury there may be some kind of indecision so we fail to act adequately.

This position is common in natal charts of lawyers and those who give orders or direct others. A lot of mental energy accumulates and the action does not follow thoughts. This creates physical tension. Or they will not think enough, so the action is followed by remorse. They can in no way be expected to sit in one place for a long time. This is only possible if they have been physically active and on the move for most of the day so the mind is slowly relieved and body needs rest. A lot of things always happens around them.

Possible issues

Friendships break up because of arguments and their unwillingness to hear the other side.
Too many stressful events from the outside show their state from the inside. There is tendency to resolve internal conflict through disputes. It is by no means wise to give them orders. They need to be careful when driving and  handling sharp electrical devices and other machinery. Their computer and phone may often break down. Relationship with brothers and relatives can be strained. It is necessary for them to find a way and techniques to calm the mind and engage in sports regularly. A walk, not a quarrel, always wins.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

These people strive for higher ideals and have a great interest in spirituality and religion. They see the world with optimistic glasses and a broader picture. They are interested in the philosophy, ethics, culture and laws of the Universe. They simply love to learn and know how to give wise advice from an early age. This is a consequence of growing up in an environment that was rich in opportunities for learning. They have their own philosophy of life and naturally feel the tendency to seek answers to big questions. That’s why they don’t care much about everyday problems. They may lack a sense of practicality. They read a lot and have a vision of what they want to achieve.

They can accumulate a lot of knowledge because they are interested in many things. Details easily slip away from their mind and they will even overlook them if they do not fit into their philosophy. People trust them and they will be able to motivate you like no one else. They may be prone to exaggeration or lose the purpose of the task itself due to too much philosophizing about it. They are great teachers and always have the feeling that life will turn out good, regardless of the problems. Sometimes they doubt their beliefs prompted by a comment from a friend. They will not be afraid to ask questions because they can easily smell the lie.

Finding the truth

They read books that inspire them and have confidence in what they know. Exaggeration sometimes serves them to disguise what they do not want to see. They are great sellers who enthusiastically sell the product really believing in it. They need to learn to focus their energy on something concrete and make it successful instead of being experts on everything. They are learning to come to terms with the fact that there will always be people who look at life differently compared to them. Such people have entered their lives with a reason to they would know the truth in a non-subjective way.

Mercury conjunction Saturn

Although this aspect may indicate a person prone to depressive thoughts or self-criticism, it is necessary for serious conversations that will help us get rid of worries and fears. Hesitation to have these conversations reinforces the feeling of guilt and self-doubt. This then manifests in facing disappointments in friendships. They can be shy because they do not feel confident in their knowledge. They like a methodical approach, structure and concrete communication based on verifiable facts. A rational mind, pragmatism and the need for being quiet, even when we have a lot of knowledge, can originate from childhood. There is fear that teachers and parents brought to our aura.

Are thoughts karmic?

What we say has a certain weight. The way we think can make us sad, especially if we don’t even get a chance to express our opinion. We like to deal with facts that we can control and know exactly what true knowledge means. These individuals will make an effort to be educated at a high level although this must be supported by other factors as well. Disagreement with friends or colleagues comes because of the inability to connect at a deep level. They usually stick to some old belief. That belief can block them from solving problems.

It is very important for this person to learn to be flexible, not be negative and to replace fear with an assertive approach. It is advisable to learn mindfulness techniques and NLP. Although these people are strict teachers, sometimes can have a problem with the speech itself. The older they get, this aspect becomes much easier. With age they gain more confidence in themselves and their mental abilities. They should introduce regular meditation into everyday activities, dedicate ourselves to something that interests them and perfect it at a high level. This will help them gain more confidence in themselves and the power of their mind.

Mercury conjunct Uranus

These people have a very open mind and a progressive way of thinking. They can be characterized by a nervous way of communication. Some may have unusual communicative style, especially in their youth and while teenagers. They are thinkers who are attracted by everything new and strange which does not fit into the norm. They will try to express their views through the choice of friends they have. They are characterized by the power of innovation and are very creative. They like jobs via Internet or occupations that allow them to express themselves by shocking with their uncommon attitude. Many will see them as weird because of their frequent ‘aha moments’ that open them up to brilliant ideas.

In their search for the truth, they will always ask questions going into the yet unusual and non-standard. They enjoy suddenly embarking on a journey where they will explore different cultures. Everything that is different will always be more interesting than what they are used to. They like to make new friends and consider them as family. They have unusual talents and skills, but a lot of things attract their attention so their mind could be scattered.

How to initiate a positive use of this aspect?

Failure to achieve their dreams creates great stress. The need to express rebellion manifests in internal revolution often in an inappropriate way. Originality can also be seen in the way they move. They can have egocentric attitudes. They need peace and the opportunity to follow their higher selves. They learn quickly and know how to connect areas that have nothing in common because they want to introduce a different point of view.

It is very important for them to learn to direct their mind. Otherwise ideas just pass and none of them will materialize. Very often they become experts in IT or telecommunications. They also find themselves in ordinary occupations when they open themselves to cosmic consciousness. It is necessary for them to learn not to be stubborn because otherwise their ideas lose their force.

Associating with others who are equally revolutionary in their understandings can help them achieve their business dreams. What will stress them are the breakups of friendships and various energy disturbances that appear as negative thoughts. They need to understand that they need to ground their energy to use it constructively. If not it certainly creates even greater chaos.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

Sometimes these people say one thing but their voice leaves a completely different impression. They are very gifted for art. They have an empathic way of communicating that is much more intuitive than tied to the words themselves. They feel what has not been said. Their mind seems to be in a fog most of the time. They often seem confused or overwhelmed with thoughts which prevent them from focusing on everyday obligations. Forgetfulness and imagination, lies, playing with the truth, but also subtle communication when it is only necessary to show with our eyes that we are here characterizes this position.

They do not always know how to express what they think. It is difficult for others to understand them if they do not have such a great power of imagination. They do not always keep their promises and are prone to delays. Sometimes they even feel like giving up at the very start because there is no mental focus that is necessary. They need to learn to be more organized and to be aware that words are very strong and can influence others. Especially pictures and media carry a lot of impressions for them. They should be careful what content they are exposed to. They are very spiritual and creative. They will understand much faster if you show them a picture than to explain because the mind wanders easily.

What are the lessons of this aspect?

It is necessary to get rid of the habit of gossiping and be careful with whom they hang out with. They can easily pick up other people’s low vibration. They can be clairvoyant. In order to be able to help someone in that way, they first need to be “grounded”. If not, it can cause them a lot of problems and even a tendency towards mental and neurological diseases. They react strongly to music and artistic content. They are excellent in these occupations as well as in painting. They communicate telepathically with friends and have intense dreams. In certain periods of life, they are like a lost artist who drowns his grief in alcohol and vices.

It is necessary for them to remove from their lives everything that prevents them from seeing realistically what is true and stay away from lies and illusions. Movies and books that are sad and sentimental are better to be avoided. When sad, they should write their own story, which will be similar to a release on an energy level. They could have healing talents with hands and touch, as well as for photography. They can have friends who are not honest and who gossip about them. They need to be very careful who they trust.

Spiritual help

Spirituality and prayer are for them like medicine. Music and learning to play an instrument is also great to heal this aspect. They need to write down what they need to do as well as learn to deal with the details. For them, visualization can bring the manifestation of all dreams. It can also be a real nightmare if they do not understand that they are constantly creating their life with their mind. Then why would anybody create tragedy?

Mercury conjunct Pluto

These people must learn to transform their thoughts. They have a very deep and penetrating mind that scans and analyzes everything to the core. They manage to know the secrets and the truth that has long been hidden and inaccessible to others. In some cases it scares them a lot but also attracts them very much. They can be great psychologists/therapists and tend to deal with taboo topics. Research work is great for them or if they are engaged in detective work or in science. In friendships, this creates problems because they always have the feeling that something is being hidden from them.

They are direct and know immediately if you are telling lies. At the same time, they are not fans of being analyzed themselves. This is why people might not like them because they are not ready to be open. It also comes from the inability to finally solve their problems and face the truth. Manipulation and control through speech characterizes them and possessive thoughts that lead to paranoia and additional mistrust. Mystery finds relief in occult themes, but they can also hurt dear people with what they say or write. Not everyone is ready for such a deep level of re-examination.

Thoughts from some past life

They know for a long time to stick to old wounds and not forgive. This leads to psychosomatic illnesses and can stem from past lives. Death and sex are two topics that fascinate them and everything that is uncomfortable for most of the people. They know how to get to the root of the problem and they are very convincing speakers. They enjoy reading crime novels, thrillers and mysteries and always see something that others miss.

Blackmail, curses and threats, words that they will deeply regret, are a negative way of manifesting this energy, or any kind of manipulation of the minds of other people. Hypnosis can be useful for them, but above all, facing the fact that not everyone is looking for the root of the problem as passionately as they do.

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