Mercury sign

Maja Lazić
October 7, 2020

Mercury sign

This post is about Mercury sign in your natal chart.

Communication, speech, writing, learning, expression of ideas. There are the themes of natal Mercury that manifest through the vocabulary we use. Mercury is emphasized for people who are engaged in occupations where communication with others is important and can help achieve career potential. It will show how we express our personality and our speaking skills, how we think and what we think about. For a complete understanding of Mercury, we must connect the position in the sign with the house, aspects and ruler. This time I will talk about the sign of natal Mercury.


Mercury in Aries

Communication is honest and direct, speech is loud and the need to express opinions is very strong. Thoughts are fast and impatience is great. We want others to understand us and know what we want. We will give a short and clear answer. Thoughts and conclusions may seem incoherent and inconsistent to others. Quarrels with friends can be frequent and there is competitive spirit. We fight through speech. It is not easy to meditate or just keep quiet because the mental energy is potent. Learning is easy, but only if they are strongly interested in the field.

Attention cannot be kept for a long time because they can’t be held in one place, let alone have only one interest. They won’t even notice the mistakes and their anger passes quickly. Communication goes through body language and facial expression much more than words and thoughts force them into action. That is why it is important for them to have an area in which they can be successful, to fight for their beliefs and do what they want. Otherwise, they can get into quarrels because of their attitudes, which they still do not live the way they would like to.

How to get the best out of this position?

Short message has a better impact on them than explaining for hours, because they have no patience for that. They have quick reflexes and react violently if their everyday life is not dynamic. They learn through repetition on a physical level and are good at demonstrating skills. They have no tact for those who learn more slowly than them. They do not like to plan and it often seems as if they did not think at all before they said something. They may stop listening to you in the middle of the conversation.

However, they are great in situations that require a quick response. These pioneers of thought must learn how not to add stress through speech and at the same time remain assertive and true to themselves. ‘Osho dynamic meditation’ can be useful for them. They should always remember that the work much better under pressure, but only if they do not transfer that pressure to other people. They should stop and think about what truly requires their quick reaction and what should be completely ignored.

Mercury in Taurus

Communication decided by sobriety, method and sensitivity, a practical outlook on life, but also stubbornness. Thoughts are slower by vibration and they can manifest in reality. This is to help us become aware that everything we think creates our reality, especially if we repeat it day by day. These individuals are persistent in their goals. They have a pleasant, soothing voice and love to sing. It is important to have loyal friends they can rely on. They learn through repetition and they like to talk about what is tangible and concrete. Everything they can’t touch or see scares them.

It is important for them to slow down, to approach everything step by step because haste creates frustration. If you want to explain something to them, do it gradually. It is useful for them to have it in writing, too. These individuals are not completely open to abstract concepts (although transiting Uranus in their sign teaches them to do so). That is why it is important that everything they do can be practically monitored and their progress measured. This will make them feel secure.

What will help them?

Nature has a calming effect on their mind together with silence or conversations that are pleasant and relaxing. They will be happy to talk about food, music, cosmetics or rituals. Touch will always speak louder than words. If communication is pleasant or if not, it describes their mental energy and state of mind. Noise tires them down. It is useful for them to learn to play an instrument or a practical skill that is perfected by repetition. They are usually talented for hobbies in which they work with their hands, such as pottery.

They can be very skilled in making money because they know how much something is worth. Friends only count if they are there for them and if they provide them with concrete support. A friendly handshake and a hug mean more than nice words and promises. They need to learn to communicate with their body and listen to what it tells them, so massage or acupressure is very useful for them.

Mercury in Gemini

Interesting speakers always up to date with is going on, they have a cunning mind prone to quickly connect facts. They learn everything easily and combine what they already know with new information. They are always full of curiosity which shows what impression the environment leaves on them. They can’t miss anything, but they also spend a lot of energy on what is completely irrelevant. Their minds are eager for information. Strong need to verbalize their opinions makes them great journalists and teachers, as well as salespeople.

However, their thoughts are changeable because something completely new that attracts attention is constantly appearing. They are also fickle when it comes to friendships because their opinion often changes. They will animate you with their speech, always adding a joke. Usually they are easily learning foreign languages. You will never be bored with them! They often look younger. They are restless and need a lot of movement on a daily basis because they easily get bored of everything if there is nothing interesting going on. They like to read, write, multitask and they are by no means interested in those who just keep quiet. These people have a lot of friends because they connect easily with everyone. They should be careful how they use words and for what purpose.

Potential issues

Gossip and twisting of the truth can create problems. That is one of the lessons associated with this position to realize that words should be used to create new opportunities not issues. Superficiality can be another issue. They should try to choose an area and improve their knowledge and talent in it to thrive at work. They are resourceful and great drivers. They will always help you solve a problem or connect you with people who can help you.

Like a child who is just discovering the world, this position requires us to learn when and how to ask the right question. It teaches us to wait for an answer that does not have to come in the form of words but images, scenes, movements. Relationship with others will depend on the use of this position. Any problems with the lungs, asthma or cough should be understood as a physical sign that we still fail to communicate one important part of ourselves to the environment. We also should find time when we will switch off and be open to hear answers of the Universe.

Mercury in Cancer

Childhood friends and memories when we were little are priceless. Communication is intuitive and emotions strongly influence it. That is why everything related to feelings, family, past and memories is important to them. Emotions often overwhelm them and then they can’t think clearly. For them, calm energy at home is very important. Violent reactions from others can severely hurt them. They are offensive in nature and they need you to respect their (un)willingness to talk about some topics.

In order to be able to talk to others, it is necessary for them to feel relaxed in their company. They need to have trust in you and to know that they can tell you everything that is close to their heart. They are not direct in communication and a calm emotional state is the basis for quality talks with others. That is why they are not ready to dedicate themselves to business issues if they are in a bad mood due to a love or family situation. They will only confide in you if you always keep their secrets. They like to spend time at home, reading old books that remind them of the times when they were little or they can write a diary.

Emotional conversations

They have a gift for working with children because they show their emotions through speech. They can be very subjective. If you intrigue them or say something they didn’t expect, they may withdraw into themselves and won’t respond to your message. They are afraid to say how they feel as long as they are not sure how you feel. They like to take care of others and they do so through gentle words. They keep old letters and always remember conversations with those they loved. They are imaginative and will move you with their dedications in books and wedding toasts.

It is important to channel this position through writing and emotions expressed through words. It is primary for them to find friends who are also on their wavelength, as well as to have creative hobbies to which they will dedicate themselves. Conversation heals, but only if it is about emotions. The basic rule is that the mood will be shown through the communication.

Mercury in Leo

Creativity is huge and the need for interesting descriptive expression of one’s personality through communication. These are interesting people and talking with them will animate you. However, sometimes they cause drama where there is no place for it. They exaggerate problems and need everyone to listen to them. They will not like it if you ignore them in communication, if their voice is not heard. As friends they are a lot of fun, but they ask you to see them as an authority. The ego is very stressed and will get angry if you do not praise something they have written or expressed.

It is natural for them to think that they know everything the best. They are very talented to work with children and can do all jobs that require confident communication and which need dignity. They can have talent for acting and public speaking. They like to hang out with friends, but also talk a lot about themselves. However, they almost always have something interesting to say about themselves. They stick to their views, so you can learn from them how to believe in yourself more and express your opinion without fear. They are loyal friends and after talking to them, you will feel their enthusiasm and as if a part of their energy has passed to you.

Possible manifestations

In business, they need to be in a position that gives power. They will shine in any creative workshop or in jobs that require strong organizational skills. They can often be an authority on the topic, but the essence is that they have a place to show it. They inherited many of their beliefs from their father. If he believed in them, many life dreams are possible to be achieved. They are passionate about everything that interests them and they need to feel that you love them.

If you think differently from them, quarrels are inevitable. Be sure that they will not want to change their attitude. They learn that applause of strangers is not what is worth, but the love of their friends and loved ones. With this position it is very important to invest in development of talents. They need to have opportunities for dynamic activities during which they nurture their interests, pursue a hobby and, of course, have fun!

Mercury in Virgo

They like to take care of their daily routine, exercise and health and have a great knowledge of nutrition. They have knowledge that can be practically applied and a technical scientific mind to solve any problem. They do not like the abstract or too much philosophy. Their thoughts are arranged and such is the communication with them. One of their skills is analysis, evaluation and concrete improvement. They are very capable in everything that requires working with data that needs to be edited, corrected and checked. They are practical and work-oriented.

They always like to prepare in advance for everything they do and they are very accurate and precise. Their handwriting is neat, everything is planned and determined and they are great as job organizers. They are prone to criticism and strive for perfection. This can create a lot of worries for them on a daily basis. It is important to simplify and divide everything so that it fits in a perfect way as pieces of a puzzle. However, in life, it doesn’t always work that way.

Their rational, realistic mind, which likes to deal with the tangible and concrete, is confused. They are great to teach you skills because they will explain everything down to the smallest detail. As friends, they will be there for you to solve everyday problems. They like books and manuals on the topic of nutrition and ‘do it yourself’ techniques that will improve their existing knowledge and skills.

How to make the best out of this position?

The purity of thoughts and techniques that help them to solve a problem logically are pleasing to their analytical mind. With emotional problems they constantly come across a stumbling block because they do not understand that they will not be able to solve this in the same way. That is why they worry and try to act correctly. They will tell you exactly what they expect you to do, make a plan and write it down on a piece of paper.

They like to be given instructions, step by step explanations and enjoy tutorials where they are explained how to do something even better. They learn based on real-life examples or with instructors. They will solve the most difficult task if they dedicate themselves to it. Even though this is position is connected to hypochondria, it is true that they worry about their health. They are quite frightened when something is not right. They have a quiet nature and therefore notice what others would miss. Since they notice all the details, they always see what could be improved.

They mostly like to work with documents and writings. Their mind always works, but as they strive for perfectionism, they are often mentally exhausted and under stress. This is what is manifested at the level of their health. They are very frugal and know how to make money and value simplicity in life. That is why they can never be successful in environments where there is chaos and disorder, which they will certainly try to “clean up”. They need to learn to be content even when there is something that spoils perfection and to learn when their body tells them that it is necessary to stop and rest.

Mercury in Libra

It is crucial to learn how to maintain a balance of thoughts and emotions. These people strive for diplomacy in communication with others and are ready to do everything to reconcile the two opposing sides. They are very charming and know how to assess what needs to be said. They are polite, know about the etiquette and respect the classical norms of behavior. They have a lot of acquaintances and friends. They are sociable and like to express their opinion, but any kind of decision-making will be very difficult for them. They are fair, honest and will see into the both sides.

They change their mind a lot trying to please everyone, which can characterize them as hypocrites. They are always ready to hear other people’s opinion and love the challenge that discussion offers them. They will like the debate in which they will show their knowledge in a sophisticated way. They have a gift for interior design because they analytically assess what is out of balance. They love art and have a writing talent.

Communication with others

They enjoy talking about literary works and performances they have seen. Jobs that are centered on communication with others give them a chance to shine. They are reasonable people, but they seek equality and justice. How good their relations to others are show how balanced their left and right cerebral hemispheres are, too.

Their emotions should be creatively channeled through a song, story or music. They are not fans of quarrels and noise, nor do they like shouting and those who do not know how to behave in society. They know exactly what and how to say it. They choose words and will help you resolve any quarrel. They are talented for jobs in the media, as writers, in the field of culture and politics. The basic rule for this natal position is that the quality of communication determines what the connections will be with others, especially with the partner. This will furthermore be manifested in the quality of life itself.

Mercury in Scorpio

They will want to get to know you on a psychological level and pay close attention to what you are saying. They will not always be ready for you to analyze them in that way. Their deep mind often deals with serious topics, intensively investing energy to penetrate to the essence of a problem. They are focused, receptive, intuitive and convincing in speech. They do not miss anything and with a great concentration they analyze what has been said. Their dramatic speech sometimes instills fear or manipulates others. However, they do all of this because they want to reveal the secret of life and death. They like dealing with the extremes, with the occult and what others avoid to engage into.

If you play with them or take them for granted, they will hurt you with words. If you reveal their secrets to others, they will blackmail you. They will easily reach for the truth and will know if you lie to them. They need to gain trust in you and usually doubt your motives. Unresolved emotional storms bring problems into partnerships. They can be vindictive and jealous in nature. This is a sign of the ‘shadow’ that makes them look for answers to questions that scare many people. Taboo topics attract them and anything that provokes violent reactions when mentioned to others.

What to look out for?

They usually have a strong opinion and will listen to you closely, but they will also control you with what they say. The mysterious nature allows them not to reveal their feelings and attitudes if they do not want to. They are excellent in the work of psychology or where it is necessary to control a larger group of people. Friends can easily become enemies if the conflicts are not resolved, which is mostly due to strong beliefs that make them obsessed. They need to be made aware of negative thoughts that bring fear. They should learn that life has many shades and is never just black or white.

They need to realize that all the problems in their lives stem from their laser-like thoughts. A strong subconscious mind needs to be “cleansed” through meditation as well as hypnosis. Until they learn that the dark mind will not bring light, past burdens them, karmic relationships and deep unpleasant feelings control them. No one like them has as much power to transform their thoughts and they just need to not be afraid to really do it.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Through speech we show our attitudes and philosophy of life. They have an optimistic view of the world. There is always some higher purpose to the experiences they are going through. They like to “give lectures” and in that way show their knowledge. They are also excellent university professors because they certainly have something to say and have educational life experiences. They are excellent motivational speakers and lecturers. They have an interest in foreign cultures, history, geography and social sciences and will always tell you the truth.

The expansion of the mind through spirituality as well as religion attracts them because of moral codes and ethical laws. They are honest and very moral and usually have friends from different parts of the world. They love traveling to exotic countries. They see life as an adventure in which they are always eager to explore new landscapes.  A lot can be learned from them! They can give you great advice and encourage you because they believe that in the end everything will be OK. They don’t waste time on to many details and don’t have the patience to explain them to you in detail either. They are always in search of something new that will stimulate their inner fire.

What should be watched out for? 

They need to become aware of the beliefs they have about life, especially because those beliefs can support them or in some cases hinder them. They need to always say very directly what they think. They will appreciate freedom of opinion and they will strive for lifelong education and learning. That is why they always excel when their knowledge needs to be shown. They will not hesitate from engaging into some debate or competition in knowledge.

Through faith and beliefs, they become aware that they are creating their life and thus fulfilling their desires. They can be successful in learning and teaching foreign languages ​​or in publishing and reporting on sport and cultural-political events. Certainly, they are broad-minded and they know that their life experience can be helpful to others. Especially if they dedicate themselves to learning, complete their studies, continue their education and actively embark on the search for the right knowledge this will make them real life teachers, too.

Mercury in Capricorn

What we know must practically serve us. Mind is serious and thinking is focused on what is real. Thoughts can be depressing. There may be a fear of saying what we think because we doubt ourselves. Our way of communication was influenced by someone older and the traditional opinions of the life of family members. In order to understand something, we need to connect the cause with the consequences and gradually reach to a solution. We need to feel safe. We remember the facts and data that show our knowledge. Thoughts are focused on work and we are not interested in frivolous conversations. We talk because it has some purpose or a goal.

Parents significantly influenced our way of communication. This position is associated with forgetfulness in old age. It is certainly useful to write information down and have a routine when learning. Sometimes there is overwhelm by negative thoughts. We are too drained by planning and maintaining the existing structure. We work thoroughly and need more time for results because we demand a lot of ourselves. When we decide to do something, we should put it in the context of time and space and fulfill obligations and plans very seriously. However, never  in such a way that we get overwhelmed by fear.

Security of the mind

Knowledge gives them security and their list of priorities includes big goals. They often have mentors and invest time into the realization of plans. They usually don’t even know how much they know as they are very strict with themselves. A lot of time goes into planning, preparing and repeating what they already know. They learn from experience and like to give the impression of having mastered what they talk about. They are by no means someone to be taken lightly. They like to hang out with the elderly, but they also like to be alone, doing something that interests them. Over the years, they learn to trust themselves more. Mental fatigue is a sign that they are sticking to an old attitude that no longer serves them. This will manifest through ill health.

Mercury in Aquarius

Revolutionary way of thinking and connecting with others through ideas so far completely new and innovative. This position is characterized by a person with a fast, awakened mind who is focused on the ratio and not on emotions. Rebellious nature, intellectual observation of problems and a unique way of communication honestly shows that the time has come for a modern life outlook. They are always interested in everything new and unusual. With this attitudes tends to challenge those who are not inclined to an eccentric view of life.

These visionaries add to innovative knowledge through science, constantly channeling new ideas. Their thoughts carry a creative charge and “aha moments” that may seem strange to others. Their mental structure tries to understand others, but they forget to open up the heart. The current of their thoughts leads them to unfamiliar terrains. They are very often mentally overwhelmed and stressed due to too many thoughts that can manifest as tension in the neck. They love research and can achieve a lot. They are leaders of the New Age movement, IT world, computers and modern media as well as social networks.

What makes them special?

High perception helps them to bring liberation to new attitudes on a global level. They can have stomach problems if they do not have the opportunity to live their truth, which is seen in the imbalance at the level of the third and fifth chakras. They read a lot and learn quickly, absorbing new ideas. They have to learn to slow down their thoughts and be patient because their time is coming. They will always stand out in the group because of the approach to a problem that is not always clear to everyone because it is new. Thoughts are not linear, so they are characterized by an ‘out of the box’ problem solving that can help the progress of life for all people.

Emotions put in the background usually bring them problems in their love life and with friends. They are much more focused on some progressive idea that they see as a solution to the problems of humanity. However, friends are very important and from different groups with whom they can share interests. It is important to find a group of like-minded people who will appreciate them and respect their innovative view of the world with spontaneous and relaxed way of communication.

Mercury in Pisces

This is characterized by people who could talk for days. That speech will be distracted, chaotic and forgetful. Lost in time and space and thus in the organization of obligations, they need to learn to meditate and do visualizations. That will help them communicate with the unconscious parts of themselves. Imagination, vision of the future and overflowing with impressions coming from the world of the unconscious, the invisible, the elusive and the hypersensitive to external stimuli characterize this position.

They will be confused by too many obligations and verbal instructions. They think in pictures and usually have to overcome the “mental fog”. It is useful for them to learn more about symbols and their meaning. They will enjoy epic fiction, books and movies and many will say that they are clairvoyant. They feel what cannot be verbalized and if you want to understand them pay attention to meta-communication and not what they say.

They need to learn to channel their thoughts through writing. They are gifted with talent for poetry. They are not a very ideal choice for doing jobs that are extremely mental, focused on the deadline or with a clear structure. They are more suited to work in the artistic field. That is why it is important that they learn from an early age to perform their duties on time and bring order to their room or any personal space.

Potential dangers

This position can be manifested as insincerity or exaggeration. It is difficult for them to be in this world. They can distort the truth because it is too painful. They are prone to losing things and will not see messages or answer calls and forget where they have parked the car. For them, time is flowing. They do not always stick to the facts being under the influence of feelings. However, that is why they excel in creative tasks. It is important that they have some artistic hobby.

Faith is the basis of this position. Personal beliefs must be supported by moral and philosophical attitudes that fascinate them. Overwhelmed with daily obligations, they have to make up for it with good sleep. It is usually difficult for them to wake up or they must sleep more than others. They need to find what inspires them, talk less and listen more. They have great compassion for others and deeply understand their problems, but they are not always rational. It is necessary to pay attention to the content they are exposed to through lyrics and music, the movies they watch.

It is necessary for their friends and associates to understand that the time is always missing for them. They have a great vision. It is important that they learn to introduce habits into their lives that will help them to put their wishes into practice. Loss of faith will always manifest in their way of life. It is useful for them to learn the mindfulness technique or the Silva method. So that their life does not pass in conversations that lead nowhere and only waste time.

What lessons does natal Mercury in sign have for you? How can Mercury help you in your business or in your relationships?

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