Moon conjunct natal planets

Maja Lazić
September 4, 2020

Moon conjunct natal planets

This post is about Moon conjunct natal planets

Natal Moon and the aspects it forms in the natal chart show how much care and attention we have received during childhood. Planet it is in conjunction with is talking about dominant emotional reactions and character of a person. It gives us more information on how we behave in relationships, but also about life itself. Conjunction is about the fusion of two energies, which depending on the planet in aspect, shows how difficult it is for us to change the pattern of behavior that hurts us.

Aspects of squares and opposition, especially with Saturn and transcendental planets, indicate emotional needs. It can show a specific family life that carries with it challenging lessons that we are only aware of during a crisis. Multiple planets in aspect with Moon speak of different currents of a person’s behavior.

If there are challenging, but also more favorable aspects in the natal chart, we should learn to align our behavior primarily with the energy of the aspect which is ‘flowing’. Our emotional reactions are the basis for integrating all other aspects in our natal chart. That is why we really need to take this topic seriously.

Dominant emotional state

Each of us have a dominant emotional state that marks most of our life. Flowing Moon position can be any natal position if we learn how to calm our emotions and adapt to the environment and situations that life brings to us. In this text, I will primarily analyze conjunctions. Everything written in the case of opposition and square is more pronounced.

It is necessary to find an opportunity to unite the principles of planets without being pulled to different directions. Each of these aspects can be expressed in 12 ways according to the sign in which the conjunction occurs. Each of them can be reflected in another 12 ways depending on the house location and other aspects.


Moon conjunct Sun

All those who are born on the New Moon have this aspect. The feminine principle is weaker because Moon is almost invisible. Throughout life, we learn how to adapt emotionally and act with a prominent ego which is our natal Sun. This can interfere with emotions being expressed in their fullness. Sign of this conjunction will show how flexible we are which is always reflecting easier maneuvering with this energy. We can be prone to worrying and stress every time there is a change into something completely new to us that we face.

Nervousness and violent reactions are common, especially at a young age and when we cannot achieve emotional goals. Women with this aspect, as they mature, learn to ‘feel’ their emotions, to recognize them, and to identify how to express them constructively. Strong Sun can direct a person into a career. We can have a very clear life purpose to which we devote ourselves at the moment when we realize that we cannot achieve emotional fulfillment.

Possible difficulty with this aspect

While it is difficult to connect with our emotions but also with other people, when we strengthen our natal Sun through our business success, we begin to open ourselves to emotional fulfillment. Clear life purpose becomes an opportunity for great emotional satisfaction when we learn that our emotions are never hurting us. They are the fuel that pushes us to overcome ourselves. After Progressive Moon conjuncts natal moon around the time of Saturn return, we learn how to devote ourselves equally to emotional life to the extent that we devote ourselves to job and career.

Moon conjunct Mercury

We like to talk about our emotions and this is like therapy for us. Intellectualizing feelings and writing about what we feel or talking with friends help us understand ourselves better. Emotional life is characterized by changeability, because thoughts affect emotions and vice versa. Adaptability exists, but as words have a strong effect on emotions, just one word can trigger an emotional reaction. Playful emotional nature, asking questions, weak focus and rationalizing feelings characterize relationships throughout life.

This is showing us how to bring awareness to the quality of our relationships that comes from heart not the mind. This position is phenomenally channeled into journalism, imaginative storytelling, media and making emotionally-generated content. Friends help us through difficult times because talking to them is like therapy.

During adult age, friends are like family to us.  We may have a hard time when arguing with them. This position helps to deal with life challenges easier. It all depends on the sign and house where this conjunction is taking place. What can be problematic is decision making, because emotions change quickly. Thinking depends on the environment, so healthy friendships are the overtures that prepare us to make quality connections in adulthood.

Moon conjunct Venus

This position is about giving and receiving emotions and a nice family atmosphere in childhood. There can also be a dramatic expression of feelings at a young age and at the beginning of love life if love is not reciprocated. Pleasant emotional nature tends to please others. It is very important to us how those who spend time in our company feel. And everything is ok, as long as there is a fairness and equality of giving and receiving.

The ease of sophisticated emotions, however, is very impractical when it is necessary to make a decision and not just be fair and diplomatic. Mother may interfere with emotional life. We seek solace in food, shopping and beautifying treatments. Family home is decorated with style and taste and pregnancy strengthens love. There is an aspiration for everything to be light and easy, full of joy.

However, when it is not so then consolation is sought in satisfying the senses, where we often exaggerate. This aspect has a predisposition for happiness when we learn how to help ourselves through pleasant gentle music, a delicious meal, nice clothes, creative expression or doing something for ourselves instead of expecting someone else to make us happy and cheerful.

We can have a lot of energy and invest it in looks and style. When we are not satisfied with how we look we get very depressed. Emotional life brings stress if we are prone to an outburst of emotions in relationships. This will always encounter violent reactions. The key is to learn how to achieve an internal balance. After that all relationships and very often hormones, are balanced, as well.

Ways of working with this aspect

This is one of the aspects we can really work with in many ways on a daily basis through colors, fragrances, spices, jewelry. So the more natal Venus is in balance, the more the natal Moon is balanced and the feeling of happiness is greater. The problem is only if happiness is sought through other people and partners, because it will never be enough or last forever.

Moon conjunct Mars

This aspect is usually first experienced as the nervousness, irritation, and frustration that we primarily feel in emotional life or when we are unable to do something we want. In the family and during childhood, there could have been a tense atmosphere and quarrels with mother. She acted roughly and shouted at our tears. Emotions are energetic and powerful, so we react violently. Quarrels cause us to act even more so aggressively.

Sudden reaction makes it difficult for us to see the bigger picture and understand what our partner or people who are important to us are showing us by their behavior. Although directness is appreciated, change is hard for us to follow through. Until we learn to calm our own nature, there is a tendency to enter into conflicts. This aspect, in a business sense, drives a person to pursue goals. It portrays aspiring women who achieve great success and are financially independent.

It is important that we master little things which still annoy us and make us get out of balance. When we are angry we should go for a walk or play some sport instead of arguing with the environment. It is important that we learn to express emotions constructively. They should give us energy to accomplish goals, rather than precisely make us feel unable to achieve some big dream, whether emotional or professional. When we are furious, nothing is achieved, it just leads to more loss.

Moon conjunct Jupiter

Imagination and vision that allows us to approach life with faith and hope that all will be well. This is a really wonderful aspect that speaks about emotional pleasure and wisdom and warm emotions we give to others. Optimism and charisma with the acceptance of others enables us to walk with a wide-opened heart. We always find something that will make us happy so others like to be in our company.

This position preserves marriage, gives happiness in family and home and the opportunity to see from someone else’s perspective. Happiness attached to this aspect can be even greater if we turn to intuition. We may have a very open third eye and a strong 6th chakra. Philosophizing about emotions allows us to give others good advice in love and partnerships because we understand what it takes to be truly happy.

The more we learn to connect with the Higher Self and the more we find different ways to increase our sense of happiness through books, travel, different cultures, our faith that everything will be alright becomes the primary fuel. This enables us to embrace happiness which leads us to making our dreams in love, abundance and fulfillment come true. Gratitude brings new opportunities for growth and happiness.

Moon conjunct Saturn

While this is one aspect that may be felt as worries, fears, blockages and restraint of emotions, it by no means has to be a problem all our life and especially not an excuse. We deny emotions and are insecure in partnerships. Problems with mother are common because we perceive her as severe, absent and cold. This makes us feel that we are not worthy of love, that others will not love us. There is a feeling that we do not deserve to be loved.

All this leads to isolation from others who at the same time do not know how to approach us from all those walls we build around our heart. In a female natal chart this can indicate emotional pain in marriage while in a male natal chart it shows his wife. We feel we have never been able to get what it takes to feel safe, so we don’t know how to receive love. We are afraid of getting hurt. Depression very often occurs, especially when we get into the role of a mother when we always seem to be missing something to fully embrace that part of us.

Will this become easier?

However, this aspect becomes easier with age. It is important that we build a stable foundation in life that helps us allow ourselves to be able to earn love. This sometimes leads to difficulties in marriage, feeling lonely even when there is someone who really loves us. There is something in us that doesn’t seem to believe that we are beautiful, gentle, and that we can find fulfillment.

Problems at home, rigor and seriousness are combined with toughness we need to face and overcome challenges. Woman has to find ways to connect with her feminine energy. Caution is important when it comes to food because emotions are suppressed and negated by food. Even though being thin is common with this aspect it can also indicate some health problems with digestion and stomach.

Moon conjunct Uranus

Rebellion, volatility, indecision and headstrong distant emotions seek independence. We show our individualism in this way. Coldness in relation to others, even when there is love, and relationship with mother can be chaotic which is reflected in an unusual diet. In childhood, there was a strange situation at home or one of the parents had innovative interests and was considered kind of ‘strange’. This aspect is associated with divorce but can only indicate frequent relocation or lack of close relationship with relatives and family in adulthood.

Emotional relationships are challenging because partner does not know what is happening to us. We can distance ourselves from him and want some time for ourselves. This strange behavior and ascend into our own little world is accompanied by breakups and atypical emotional circumstances / inclinations. We seek to be given space and freedom and thus realize that others love us because they do not suffocate us with their presence. That is why it is much easier to maintain friendships instead of being in a relationship.

We are the world

We are attracted to foreign cultures, too. Uranus in this aspect hints at frequent changes in life that upset us. Relationship hardly reaches stability in the traditional sense even though we may be very faithful to one person. Pregnancy can be unexpected and the attitude towards children very free and completely innovative. Children are often very creative and have unusual interests.

We connect with others much more mentally than emotionally. It is much easier for us to find closeness with people who are a little strange or different than being intimate with someone who is an important part of our life. Nevertheless, intellectual pursuit and spirituality will help us to better understand ourselves and then be able to let others into our own little world.

Moon conjunct Neptune

This aspect is characterized by mysticism, musicality and refined emotions that are very sensitive and sympathetic to everyone. Feelings and what we are experiencing around us drain so much of our own energy. We need to have time for ourselves, to rest more and make space for ourselves where other people will not be able to find us. Fantasy world through books and movies is a way of channeling this energy instead of running away into addiction is advised. Instead of daydreaming that negates emotion and lethargy, it is better to devote ourselves to studying visualization or volunteering to help others.

We tend to fool ourselves as if we are not always with both feet on the ground, which can be sweet. But, it can also be very difficult if we idealize partners and thus hurt ourselves by the choices we make. Empathy can go beyond self-pity and the victim archetype. Painful moments should be an inspiration. There is inclination to write poetry, do art photography, explore spirituality and strengthen the connection with the universe and God.

How to balance this aspect?

We balance this aspect by spending time by the water, especially if overwhelmed emotions impede daily functioning. Family atmosphere can be weird. Something is pushed under the rug or hidden and obligations are ignored and problems accumulate. Blurred boundaries in relationships hurt us. We are not fully aware of what is OK and what is not, nor do we make it clear to others. At one point, we realize that there is too much of this, especially sadness and pain, and we begin to watch who we hang out with, whom we should let go of.

Such people are lowering our frequency and drawing energy from us, but are not there for us when we need the same. We are looking for a soul mate that would save us in the strong desire to keep everything soft, gentle, soothing, forgetting that only we can save ourselves and then help others. Often, healing talent arises, but only when we make our aura into a solid container for all that ocean water.

Moon conjunct Pluto

While this is an aspect that can have a manipulative character and require us to symbolically ‘temper’ our emotions by first heading toward a greater cause, this is first and foremost an aspect of great regeneration and new birth even after the greatest tragedies that can accompany our life. Intensity and deep emotions complicate partnerships and a question of trust that is never enough for us. Transformation is the basis for solving all the challenges that can be difficult at first, as long as the obsessive, powerful intertwined energies create storms and howls in us. This is followed by a period of intense control of emotions.

Childhood could be very stressful, where as a child we were controlled by emotions or even blackmailed. We suppressed feelings that kept us off balance. After the progressive Moon conjuncts with this aspect, we begin to unravel the secrets of the past. We are saying goodbye to tragic love and toxic relationships, though often long stuck in the past without seeing a way out.

No matter what, there is a great deal of power in us, which we can channel in helping others who need the same healing, through psychological counseling or different energy techniques. We may be clairvoyant, but that power is lost if jealousy, anger, hatred and extreme crises occur with the desire for revenge. Relationship with mother could have been turbulent. We didn’t learn how to achieve intimacy because we never had privacy at home.

Warning and a sign

Distrust and doubt ruin our relationships and violent reactions. Traumas and dark emotions that can mark one part of life, and the karmic connection we will constantly return to, teach us to heal ourselves first, after which we are given the strength and power to help others. After that, we become a completely different person, 180 degrees different from the “old self” who had to die for us to truly live.

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