Moon in astrology

Maja Lazić
August 7, 2021

Moon in astrology

This post is about Moon in astrology.

Moon is the reflection, not an influence. It reflects our being and natal Sun. This is how we see what prevents light in our lives. In this way, Moon helps us heal parts of ourselves and return to our Soul. This is our consciousness showing how we adapt to the environment. Moon shows our most intimate being. It is about emotional needs that are often unmet.

When you are really connected to Moon, you become aware of every aspect of it, with yourself and others. And that is the first step towards healing. In addition to natal chart, Moon is important in synastry and in transits. It can help us make the most of all our opportunities on a daily basis.

The cyclicity in astrology

Cyclical nature supports natural and fluid rhythm one enters in when squares, oppositions and inconjunctions are integrated. But without them there is no growth! That is why every month you go through transiting these aspects. The essence is always change, not stagnation.

You have “learned to be in a certain way” during your lifetime. Living is largely based on your habits. These habits are shown through natal aspects. In case of any problems we should always return to natal chart analysis. Natal Moon can have flowing aspects, but challenging transits and vice versa.

Moon shows unconscious actions and instincts. This could create an obstacle to marriage, long relationship or life together. We all want to feel fulfilled. We compensate for qualities that we suppress or do not express, by forming relationships with others. Aspects of Moon in synastry are very important for any long-term relationship. Relationship where Moon is not alligned usually lasts a short time or is very uncomfortable and painful.


We never fit in with others in every aspect of life. In that case there would be no attraction or passion. Others attract us because there are squares or oppositions. They arise when two natal charts or two energies come into contact. When we have such natal aspects, we can look for people who do not have them and where aspects of these planets are easy.

When natal Moon of both persons is not in an easy-flowing aspect, there may be understanding, if both persons have Moon in the same house, even if it is in a different sign. When two people do not see eye to eye with each other’s Moon, but if individually express their Moon at the highest level, misunderstandings disappear and squares/oppositions are neutralized.

Who do we get along well with?

You will get along well with people who have Moon in the same element as your natal Moon. If there are squares on that sign in your natal chart or challenging aspects then mutual understanding will not go so easily. Degree is also important. Even if you have Moon in the same element, there are not always aspects that ‘bind’ you.

Natal conjunctions with Moon as well as long-term transits will bring new changes in relationships. In some cases there is a timeframe when you go through a karmic test. This usually has to do with past lives because Moon also is about the Soul memories.

Where there is a transiting Moon, there is also focus. As everything happens in cycles, Moon ‘visits’ all 12 areas of your life during a month. You may have noticed that you experience a certain amount of stress every month. That has to do with the energy quality of the natal house and planets that are then activated by transit. It is possible that you have a problem with some zodiac sign and transiting Moon shows that.

Lunar one-month cycles

Since the problem is always seen in our body and each sign is associated with all the signs, during each month transiting Moon accumulates energy during one cycle. When Full Moon happens, that energy is emptied and in two weeks there is New Moon again and a new goal. With eclipses, this is intensified even more.

Each sign is connected to each house, so house where Moon is transiting shows what we are focused on during a certain day. If there is a problem in that house, our body can show symptoms that there is imbalance. You have probably noticed that you express your natal Moon in different ways throughout the year. Everybody will go through periods of challenge, stabilization and change during each season. This applies to every Moon sign.

Transits through cardinal points

On a daily basis, aspects of transiting Moon towards four cardinal points show our primary orientation. These cardinal parts of natal chart are the time of day when a conflict can occur. Especially during Moon conjunctions, because energy changes in us and around us. We feel it often as drop in energy and a lack of focus. Ascendant will show us how we start the day. It is necessary to align this energy with Moon.

MC shows what energy is like during noon. Descendant shows afternoon and IC the night if we talk about parts of the day. Of course, all this can vary according to the size of the natal house. Some people have a natal house that also contains three signs and not just one. This means that transiting Moon will stay in such a “wide” house for a week, instead of about two days.

Integration of the sign at cardinal points makes us stable and recharges our batteries at that time of day. Of course, if with any of these points there is a conjunction of the natal planet that has an aspect with Moon, we get a new level of meaning. In that case, we are talking about a different energy. Mars on the ASC certainly give the need for movement in whatever sign it finds itself.


If we percieve the natal chart as a clock, best period for exercising would be early in the morning after waking up if the person has Mars in that place. While the person who has it in the fifth house should exercise in the evening. Mars in the case of trine with Moon gives strength and reduces emotional charge, but in the case of square it contributes to stress. That is why it is always necessary to pay attention to entire natal chart, because this is different for each person.

For example, if Moon is in the 12th house, there can be a great challenge for a person if he has not learned to deal with his emotions. Whatever is in the 12th house will have an impact on natal Moon even when there are no natal and transiting aspects. 12th house often draws a large amount of energy, especially when there are secrets or parts of the past that we have not healed. Solution for everything is always bringing the light in and honest conversation, opening of the heart and getting out of the mental darkness. Everything that is suppressed exhausts the potential of life and our natal magnetism and is a sign of the repressed need of the Soul.

Fundamental life functions

Since each planet represents a fundamental life function, aspects of Moon with other planets generate and consume energy at different levels. Automatic, reactive and unconscious behavior should replace conscious, open and free behavior. It is useful to read about Moon in your sign, but the astrological language communicates with you through symbols even when you know nothing about your natal chart.

Through astrology, we introduce order and gain a broader meaning. Understanding natal Moon at first can arouse feelings and draw attention to what you need to solve. The fact that you have Moon square Saturn is not a proof that you must have suffered in life and that you must continue to suffer. It is a sign that you need to take responsibility for your emotions. But if you haven’t there will be suffering.

Astrological analysis is always influenced by transits, so some consultations are very emotional and some are very optimistic or full of charge for the client. You do not only listen to my presentation, but through conversation and also your energy, participate in the consultation and analysis of the planets. Everything can have a ton of meaning on the energy level and each symbol is an experience in itself. Moon in the same sign for each person has different meaning according to the experience that the person had in the past, consciously or unconsciously.

Emotional balance

If you are a stable person, if your energy is grounded, if you have learned to balance yourself no matter what natal aspects you have, then whatever happens you do not lose your balance, regardless of transits. However, understanding Moon, although it may seem simple, always includes some “dark” and “invisible forces”.

For example, can Gemini with Mercury square Neptune solve emotional problems with just talking? Not in this case, because these conversations would lead to even greater confusion (Neptune). This can be solved through silence, meditation and peace (positive use of symbols). Everything that seems very boring to Gemini, when they have to be alone in their world, which they do not like, because they like to be with people and talk, needs to be replaced by silence.

If the Moon is in Gemini, this person can be encouraged to speak a lot, especially because of unresolved emotional problems. This is often bringing even more confusion and wasting energy. There are ways that this person can deal with this and make it easier and at the same time solve problems. This is just an example and it is different for each person because it depends on natal chart and how we cope with it.


In the following, I will offer examples of how we can cope with energy of Moon and use it constructively. If transiting Moon is in Taurus, it does not mean that you should go to the bank, just as natal month in Taurus does not mean that you will get rich. Moon will show the best way, but not the events.


Moon in Aries is best channeled through physical activity, spending energy on sports, especially aerobics and all the activities we do with passion and enthusiasm.
Moon in Taurus is best channeled by being in nature and connecting with the senses. Also enjoying nice scents, gentle touch and delicious food.
Moon in Gemini is best channeled through contacts with others and writing diaries and learning something that will intellectually stimulate us and arouse curiosity to ask questions and search for answers.
Moon in Cancer is best channeled through nurturing emotional contacts, consuming teas and hot soups, staying at home and reminding ourselves of good family times.
Moon in Leo is best channeled through personal expression, creativity and fun through playfulness and going out with friends and love contacts.
Moon in Virgo is best channeled through nurturing healthy habits, dealing with details and correcting something that needs to be fixed and focusing on the practical side and purifying the environment in which we live in or our body.


Moon in Libra is best channeled so as to strive to establish balance in relation to other people or to pay attention to beauty and balance of the inner and the outer, as well as to enjoy art.
Moon in Scorpio is best channeled through emotional release of the past trauma. Energy therapy, transformation through psychology or retreating into silence and surrendering to something that interests us and that helps us find power within ourselves.
Moon in Sagittarius is best channeled through life adventure and learning through motivational lectures or sports activities, traveling and nurturing one’s own freedom and searching for the truth.
Moon in Capricorn is best channeled through a practical approach to problem solving and taking steps to achieve a goal. Respecting boundaries and rules are just as important as tradition.
Moon in Aquarius is best channeled through interest that helps us nurture our uniqueness and dealing with goals that have well-being of others on the first place but also show something unusual and new.
Moon in Pisces is best channeled through peace and quiet, meditation and prayer, staying by the water and listening to music or painting, drawing and photography.

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